Top 20+: Pornstar Fucks Fan Scenes & GIFs (2019)

From awkward to hot, our best videos of pornstars fucking fans.

Top 10: Pornstar Fucks Fan Scenes

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. True Amateurs

Did you know that ten out of ten men want have sex with pornstars? I will assume that you are one of them. There are multiple contests where fans can fuck pornstars, but how many of us are going to apply? It’s a cringe fest and this is how I view all these “fans fuck pornstars” videos. It’s all but entertainment, where you have virgins trying to appear manly, only to disappoint her and make us all laugh. It’s that post type again, where we check best scenes and tell you what’s up.

Our choices for the best scenes come in a variety of flavors, from some decent fucking to awkward men that have never even touched or kissed a girl (future serial killers for sure). They must have been jerking off for months prior because I am puzzled at their ability to have sex for more than just ten seconds. Maybe I should not judge other people by my own experiences. If you are into amateurs (as most of these fans are), see our amateur pornstars top 10 as well as best paid porn sites that produce amateur porn.

21Pornstar Cytherea Fucks a Fan

There are more than few pornstars fucking this lucky fan. How is he not nervous is beyond my imagination, although to be fair, his dick is not hard. If he is just like me, the thought process went like this: let me lick on that pussy to stop focusing on a limp dick and just try to forget about it. Hoping for a miracle, John (we don’t know his real name) will have a story to tell, but unlike other men that fucked pornstars, he did not become a hero.

It is one of the earlier scenes of pornstars fucking fans if you are wondering why exactly it is listed here. Cytherea has retired in 2005 but then crowdfunded her return in 2014, even did few plastic surgeries to look better. I imagine that being a stay at home mom does not improve your looks.

20Jada Stevens Rides the Fanbase

The dude on the right is his brother or a best friend, as his face says it all. He is jealous as fuck and can’t stand sitting there. The guy that is having once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck a pornstar does not seem phased, at all.

This is how we describe a one-sided love. Jada is putting 110% effort into this and what you get in return? Nothing. He is probably thinking about all the nasty shit, just to not cum instantly and not get embarrassed in front of buddies. Also, I might be watching too may movies, but Jada Stevens appears to rock one of those tracking bracelets that you get instead if going to jail? Both of them are just starting at the operator and have no clue how to fuck properly. Step outside, boys, let me show you how to fuck a pornstar.

19Rachel Starr in Bangbus

Another victim of verbal abuse from the director. Rachel’s fan is just trying to enjoy the ride, but instead if always told what to do and what not to do. See how he is following all the instructions like a dumb parrot.

Rachel has a rock-solid ass that is too bubbly to pass on. He did good that time and fucked his dream pornstar like a pro. The most frustrating part was of him pushing that skirt up and not seeing anything. That’s why I don’t like having sex too, as the best angles are always invisible when you are then one in action. Want to see that ass bouncing? Switch to reverse cowgirl, but even then, it sucks cause the angle is different and not as fun as the regular cowgirl. Bang Bus videos are always of great quality, not sure how scripted on unscripted they are but as long as it looks fun, I will keep watching.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

18Jessica Lynn Interracial Fan Sex

One of the older pornstars, Jessica Lynn that might have ditched porn for music (unless it’s another woman with the same name). For the Asian dude, he has quite a dick, but considering Jessica’s thousands of cocks that went inside her, I don’t think that there is any feeling left inside that dirty hole. Heck, she does not even appear to be getting wet, has to stop, spit on her fingers and rub that Asian dong. He became the famous superstar of his country as having sex with a pornstar is already quite a big deal, but doing that as interracial couple? Now that’s stretching.

He seems to be a cool guy, without much creepiness inside him, just chilling on bed while Jessica Lynn does the rest. Just for the love of god, please shave your fucking armpits next. What’s up with Asians and the hairy pussies or for guys, ball sacks? It’s like none of them have ever heard of a razor.

17Aletta Ocean Kissing Her Fan

I will suck your dick dry, lick smelly balls, let you cum inside my mouth and swallow but please do not kiss me, that is too intimate. Does that sound familiar? Having fucked countless whores, this no longer surprises me, and it is actually kind of funny. You could fill a book with stuff like this and call it “Whore logic 101”. Few years ago, I have hooked up with a slut from the club that did not want to kiss but was fine with fucking.

That is not even the best part. You see, she had a boyfriend and did not think it was cheating because (drum roll) I was fucking her in the butt. The dude is creepy as fuck and does even get angry at one point, or so it seems while Aletta just started with the faceless expression. This bitch needs some slapping in the face.

Source: Watch this awkward scene with PornHub Premium.

16Cora Fickt’s Amateur Sex Experience

Despite having a face that looks like it was smacked with a bag full of bricks, the virgin dude is at least trying to fuck her. Here is a tip for all you future wannabes: hire a pornstar escort before embarrassing yourself in front of a camera. They are not that expensive and only then fill these forms for a chance at winning sex with a pornstar.

If you drop few grand and fuck five or six escorts, imagine how fucking awesome the porn scene is going to look. You just go in like an alpha male, fuck her without showing any mercy and cum on her neck, leaving the present in a form of a pearl necklace. You can see Cora trying to squeeze something out of this sex scene and it is not going well.

15Pornstar Rio Hamasaki Visits Her Fan

Most of these videos were of pornstars waiting at their own places, studios or whatever for a fan to visit but count on Asians to show you how it should work. Rio is a cute little pornstar from Japan that is so fucking open that I am slowly falling in love with her. Very honest and supportive. There is no awkwardness in this scene, just honesty and her desire to fuck a fan. Not for the money, but to have sex with him.

How many other pornstars do you know that not only had sex but then drank their fans cum? Hamasaki is the only one as far as I know and if it wasn’t for the pixelated pussy, this video would be at the top 3.

14Pornstar Cameron Canela Fucked by Virgin Fan

Another princess of porn is joining the list of hottest scenes where adult actresses have sex with their fans. To be honest, I don’t think that most of these are even fans, and likely just applied for all the possible positions across different sites and porn stars. He is the dude from the thumbnail so if you want to watch the whole thing, it’s on PornHub. The movement is awkward, the pace is all over the place (it’s just one speed that is on loop), and he is clearly inexperienced.

This is now the second video where a virgin fucks the pornstar without cumming and without loosing that boner. It must be staged. Maybe he bought her fake pussy or something and practiced for years. Still, she is not enjoying the sex, always trying to change the angle, position and whatever.

13Mea Melone Fucks Amateur Fan

We are about to enter the territory of Mea Melone, one of the most brutal bitches in porn. We didn’t just pick many scenes with her for the sake of it, a lot of them are really fucking good, mostly because she tries to fuck guys up. I am talking about making them nervous, getting limp dicks or lasting below a minute, all while she intentionally tries to make you a fool in front of the camera.

Why? For the entertainment purposes. Basically, this amateur struggled to fuck her and kept getting limp, again and again. What does Mea doe? Laughs and tells him to get the fuck out of there.


12Mea Melone and Nervous Limp Dick

Another unfortunate soul that got laughed at by Mea Melone (we now bundle GIFs with sound, so hot that speaker button and have a listen). Throughout the whole scene not only was he limp, but his dick shrinks in size, making it too awkward to stimulate. You can see dude trying his best while appearing as nervous as a first-time pilot.

Should have brought few chopsticks and a bandage, maybe that could have kept his dick up. In another scene a dude just pushed finger down his asshole and boom, his dick was hard.


11Ava Devine Fucks a Retarded Fan

The awkward porn is never stopping, and we have a winner right here. Looks like he is in a coma or is pretty much brain dead. One of the cringiest scenes I have seen, and Ava must be so proud for having fans like this one. The camera man should be shot too as at one point all you can see is one fucking hand. Seriously, this one is smelling bad from here and that’s why it is so great.

I have not seen someone being so passive during sex, even starfish like girls do something. I rarely feel sorry for pornstars or women in general, but this is one of those rare times. We need a book written about her and how she managed to go through one of the hardest times of her life. Must have retired from porn right after this video was done. To get rid of the bad memories, see our best blowjobs in porn compilation.

10A Pleasant Pornstar Fan Fuck

The only time this cock enthusiast was pleased, and it all was with the help from a fat guy. Let me give you an idea about the whole challenge part. Basically, anyone can join apply to fuck Mea or few of her friends, as long as you do two things: subscribe to her site and agree to be on camera. I am not sure about the odds, but you should consider masking yourself as a loser for a higher chance to be picked up. No-one wants to see good fuck session, it’s all about awkward fun now.

So, any RedBled fans have been on her show already?


9A Fan Fucks Pornstar Near His Wife

This is not as kinky as the title sounds because it was with the blessing from wife. She was in fact the one who suggested his husband to enter the challenge. Guess it was all about validation, although after the scene was over, she admitted being one of those people that loves to watch her significant other fuck random women.

How did the husband with miles of experience do? It was a decent fan fuck scene, something you and I could match or top. No hardcore sex or screams of joy, just a longer than quick fuck.

8Mea Melone and Inexperienced Dude

Let’s just say that I would not want to be in this fan’s place, even if he got to fuck a decent looking pornstar. I must applaud Mea here, because she actually tells him how to fix the messy situation instead of being silent about it.

I just hate women that stay silent in bedroom and complain 6 months later. Bitch, if you are not happy with something, just tell me, especially if that can be fixed immediately. Still, I do love her bitchy character and the way these dude’s try to cope with a pressure.


7Mia Malkova Shocks Fan with a Blowjob

I’ve seen Mia Malkova sucking cocks in this position for a while now, be it on her homemade porn videos or for entertainment. Admittedly, my girlfriend isn’t even as good as my own hand or your mom, so I cannot comment much further. Would love to imagine that it feels so much different from a regular blowjob and from the reactions, I can tell that this fan is enjoying it.

Sure, when you get to fuck a pornstar, it does not really matter how or when, but it’s fun to see Mia trying to make it as worthwhile as possible.

6Wendy Moon and Creampie

As we’ve said already, there is more than just one girl on Mea’s Challenge show and Wendy Moon might be my favorite. I guess the age does its thing and I would take this girl over most on the list, despite the unfortunate looks.

I truly adore Wendy’s passion, she is like a horny teenager that just screams random (and hot) shit, to keep the interaction going and your dick hard. Even to fans that aren’t as good at sex. Now that’s how more pornstars should behave. Be fun and not bitchy, they are your fans after all.

5Wendy Moon Takes Fan’s Virginity

There are many stories on the Internet (or from your friends) about that very first time and a loss of virginity. Some claim to fuck for seconds (that was me) but more often than not, everyone claims to have had sex for hours, without cumming. Personally, I’m not ashamed to admit that my first time wasn’t even a first time, I jizzed after seeing a pussy, good thing my girlfriend did not notice, and we continued some time later.

This virgin fan on the other hand did a decent job and with praises from Wendy Moon, which made the whole experience incredibly interesting. I would have never expected that. Whoa thought that first time scenes can be so epic?


4Adriana Chechik Bukkake Fan Fest

The dirtiest slut, nastiest whore and everyone’s favorite, Adriana. How such a beautiful pornstar can even act like this? This girl has no shame and there’s no surprise that Chechik is the only pornstar that is not fucking one or two, but an army of her fans. Most of these dues are retarded or something. Yeah, I’d love to watch a documentary about her life and find out, what the fuck is wrong with her? She is a fucked up pornstar.

The scene is basically just a giant bukkake fest of creepy old dudes that stroke dicks, fuck her throat and cum inside. My dick would go limp mode as soon as it touches someone’s else semen. That is just disgusting. I’m sure that Adriana went on a nice date that evening and kissed a rich gentleman with the very same lips, talking virtues, love and family.


3Mia Khalifa Plowed by Nerdy Fan

It’s like watching a porn training video or something, the nerd is even afraid to look at the Mia’s eyes. The only contact he will ever make is with pussy and it looks awkward. Thankfully. Mia is trying her best at making this scene much better, smiling and just being open (no pun intended). From this angle it looks more like a fake porn video where they are just grinding bodies as the movement is way off.

I know it’s a real deal since there is also a badly applied condom, but still. Kuddos to this pornstar for working in sex education and teaching men how to have sex. It’s one of the less disgusting videos because she does not look like a bitch.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

2Bambi Blacks Fucks Autistic Virgin Fan

The cringe is high with this one and among few other similar reasons, watching virgins trying to fuck a pornstar is why I subscribe to these videos. Bambi is not a first-class pornstar, so this is okay with her, but holy molly is this brutal. The oral sex part is already bizarre where he does not even know what to do, sticking one finger and licking at random…

The pornstar is here to blame too as all Bambi does is lay there like a piece of meat that she is. Even seems worried at one point? Like worried for his safety. The porn producer asked her fan to stick his cock inside her pussy and get over it as soon as possible, and the rest is history. Too much cringe for me, even the intro had to be skipped as the small talk made it seem like this dude is autist.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

1Mea Melone and 15 Seconds Fail

This was the first pornstar fan fuck scenes I have watched, and it hooked me up immediately. Humans are into extremes and if you were to pick between 15 second cumshot or 30-minute regular sex video, which one would you stream?

It’s the most popular video on her site by mile with poor soul lasting less than cheap Chinese electronics. This was not an edit, he actually lasted that long, which must have been the most embarrassing day in his life. Hopefully, his friends and current girlfriend will never know. That’s a porn fail for you.



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