Top 10: Hot Pornstar Galore Pornstars (2018)

The best PornstarGalore girls and top rated female models.

Top 10: Hot Pornstar Galore Pornstars (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

One of my passions in life is the process of finding new pornstars and PornstarGalore does appear to be a decent way to do so. The most pleasant, yet biggest issue is always quantity. There are just too many options and with fresh meat dropped to industry every day, discovering new talent as harder than ever. Instead of following other porn sites and doing more of the same, let’s look at the Pornstar Galore girls that have been under the radar. If you think that the reason for that is their own fault, or lack of sex skills, that is true. However, I was able to find few exceptions and listed them all there.

These are my favorite pornstars from the galore website that have already appeared on various top porn websites like Brazzers, Twistys and many others. I have struggled to come with a better title, which would describe the subject yet also tell you that most of the whores are good at fucking, and on that note, here are your hotties.

12Yumi Kazama

I can see myself getting into Yumi Kazama, mentally and physically. The biggest issue is the censorship part, so I can see why pornstar galore visitors are pushing her to the popular girls list. When most of videos are blurred, people just open all of them and see if there are any with her pussy showing, resulting in more clicks, views and so on. Japan used to be my dream country and this pornstar is from Japan. Why only used to? Because after learning about the costs of living there, cramped apartments and thousands of dollars that would cost me just to get there, I have lost any hope. Unless this site gets acquired by some multinational porn company like Redtube or something, but chances of that are slim to none.

11Rei Kitajima

Why is she better than the pornstar above? We have bigger tits with more tissue and less body fat, and better looker too. These are all great pros, but the biggest you have already seen, and that involves no censorship. I like Japanese pornstars, just like every other guy and their love for creampies is undeniable too. Asian girls always look much better than their birth certificates say. This girl for example is 35-years old. Wish that white girls had these genes too as be it American or European adult performer, once they reach the age of 25, it’s all downhill from there. Rei is very active in the porn industry and did hundreds of scenes, with most uploaded on PornHub and other tube sites.

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10Tarra White

If you find this slut ugly, then you and I must have a nearly identical taste. In her defense, the face does get better with professional make-up artist, but holy cow is she disgusting. Some women are fat and losing weight does make them prettier, some wear glasses and those geek girls are fixed by taking them off. Tarra on the other hand can’t be fixed in any way, even with the plastic surgery or by going blind. I would describe her face as one resembling burned down pizza. Why is she here, you ask? Her Twitter account is exploding with over 50,000 fans. That I could only explain by her Photoshoped galleries dumps on the Internet. Either I have just lost my mind and she is good looking, or most of these fans are bots.

9Angel Wicky

The blonde anal whore, Angel Wicky, with pussy piercings and mouth larger than your own fist. Great for rough sex and hardcore porn. How old is she? I thought that she is a gilf or something, but that bitch is only 27 years old. Compared to Asian girls or even white chicks, she looks nasty. Not sure why pornstar galore visitors enjoy her that much, but here you go. The shocking facts don’t even end there. Some of the pornstars above and below have like 75,000 followers, and the hottest ones reach 150,000. What about Angel Wicky? It is at 200,000, plus multiple nominations and awards. Heck, she was even rated as the Playboy Playmate, not once and not by accident, but six times.

8Jelena Jensen

The Asian pornstar galore has been depleted and we are back to white whores. This is just a tease, but have you seen girls undress in such sexy manner? Both rocking black hair, and the producer who thought of this scene is genius. I do imagine myself instead of the other pornstar, as we slowly undress and cuddle with one another. Don’t have a personal preference in this case and could fuck any of the two sluts, with Jelena maybe getting a priority. The butt is bit loose and has some traces of cellulite, but nothing too bad or limp dick worthy. I wish there was a better way to show you these girls fuck, but that is reserved only for the members of our favorite lesbian porn site. You are free to register for a very small fee.

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7Capri Cavalli

The hot pornstar from our galore at last and I promise, no more uglies. She could be much higher in the top 5 instead of 10 if not for one thing: that ending. I only respect pornstars that swallow. If you are just starting, that might be excusable, but this slut is milf and must have tasted hundreds of different cum combinations. She spits and that does not fly with me. Some positive qualities of Capri are her blonde looks and pornstar like body. You know, larger than average tits, few tattoos and shaved pussy. If I was her father, watching her like this would be embarrassing, because of the reasons mentioned above. My daughters will swallow, because I am a good father.


6Zoey Holloway

We have age and experience versus skill and stamina. Who would win? Friendship and love in this case, and for the less aware, Zoey is on the left. American pornstar born and raised in California with her trademark tattoo on the upper part of the tit. Reminds me of the Julia Bond, just uglier and older. The only reason for me to watch and get turned on by lesbians is if they are into scissoring. I find it strange how some pornstars refuse to do that. They are fine with taking ten cocks down her asshole, or two feet fisting them but if you want to rub two pussies, it is suddenly the end of the world. Which one of these two girls is your top pic? The younger slut is the one doing all the work and Holloway is just lying around, barely moving.


5Diamond Jackson

The worst trend in this day of age is equality. Every single presentation, company workspace or Hollywood movie must have an equal percentage of black girls, white women and Asian mathematicians. Thankfully, porn industry is dominated by Caucausians and only the top whores of different ethnicity do make it. One of these black pornstars is Diamond Jackson, who was proven again and again that talent beats racism or any stigmas. Incredible body and just look at that face or ass, my favorite part. This brown bunny did many anal scenes with and without creampies, interracial lesbian shots, etc. I can see her reaching even higher levels of popularity if the trend continues. Diamond’s performance is always something you can count on too.

4Lena Anderson

One of my girlfriends was named Lena and what a giant lying whore that thing is. Not sure how Anderson’s values compare to her, but she is a pornstar. I like the scenery more than the girls, as it is just in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by plants, trees and dunes. Having finished sipping the sparkling wine, three girls switch from chill to horny. I always said that alcohol does make them thirstier for sex and this video is a proof of that. Forget the research, porn taught me much more than schools or universities. I like Lena for her simplicity, amateurish look and personality and for that reason we got a lesbian threesome scene. The only pornstar galore slut that I can imagine as my girlfriend.


3Alexa Grace

I could not leave you without introducing to the Alexa Grace, and if you are a member of TeamSkeet, then you do know why. Here is a short clip demonstrating the amazing pussy of hers. It’s like molded silicone of the softest kind. Yes, she enjoys creampies, a very rare sight for today’s white pornstars. That pussy is so fantastic that it does not look real to me and reminds me of a flashlight. Imagine the texture inside and how great must it feel to stick your dick inside that warm and moist hole. Not the greatest breasts but that does not even matter when your pussy is that of an angel. Unfortunately, she is not the best in the pornstar galore, and that is a darn shame. No matter what other people tell me, Alexa will always be my number one whore.


2Cathy Heaven

We did plan to feature Cathy in our tube pornstars list, but since that compilation was already full of hot whores, the pornstar galore one was another logical choice. Not the best spot, but second place is also very respectable. In early 2000s, if you were playing a video game and someone closed the laptop, all progress was pretty much lost. Times have changed and so did technology. Danny does not seem to care about his progress as soon as his was touches the pussy. I would not forgive her so easily, as video games are much more fun than whores, no matter how hot. Cathy is a kinky pornstar, and with above average body too. Her mouth is always open though, like ninety percent of the time. This habit is great for facials and cumshots.

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1Rebecca More

The perfect PornstarGalore girl, rated as the best pornstar in multiple lists, including ours. Very playful, full of teasing and interesting videos. I know that some of you guys don’t like this male performer, but just focus on the scene, he is perfect for it. It all starts with the fitness workout and if that was my female instructor, the term “cheat day” would not even exist. What else should I add? This is still our favorite network for hardcore sex videos and funny videos like this. The porn scene would be bland and boring without Rebecca or guys at Brazzers. She is a milf pornstar, but that does not even matter. Look at that energy and enthusiasm. See how she moves and how flexible the body is. If there was a spot higher than #1, miss More would be placed there instead.

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Top 10: Hot Pornstar Galore Pornstars (2018)
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