Top 20: 18-Year Old Pornstars Born in 2003 & 2002

Fresh and moist, the top adult models from 2012.

Top 20: 18-Year Old Pornstars Born in 2003 & 2002

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Guys, I‘ve read your emails and this top 10 has been in the making since the beginning of the 2020s. So instead of introducing you to just a couple of 18-year old teen pornstars, we’ve decided to take another route hence the “waiting game”. This decade has only started and up until the first quarter of 2023, there weren’t that many 2002 born pornstars. Not to mention those from 2003. However, usually change by the end of the year, so sometimes closer to the Christmas of 2023, we shall have many more hot pornstars.

Nonetheless, my patience has its limits, and while I’ll keep adding new sluts as they appear, this is all you have so far. Some of them are amateur pornstars from PornHub and others have appeared in “the big league”. The worst part about finding the 18-year old performers from 2002 is a never-ending stream of lies. There are millions of videos with fake titles that promise fresh actresses and I’ve skimmed through them to give you the best.


The aspiring porn actresses aren’t ranked from best to worst, so lviravv could be the #1 for you, or someone else looking for new talent. Having cleared the air, I’d like to bring your attention to the Spanish model that has filmed at least 12 videos.

They often shoot scenes in a static angle with a conveniently placed phone. If there’s one, you get a zoomed-in shot of a creampie, which counts for something. Lviravv has a boyfriend or a fuck buddy and isn’t doing mainstream porn yet. I’d argue that these films lack passion and that raises a question. What happens when such a couple breaks up?

Birthdate: April 4, 2002


The stunning 18-year old MollyKelt claims to be from Canada, but the broken Germanic (or Russian) accent needs more convincing. Maybe they’ve just migrated, who knows… This girl is going places and countless videos on PornHub look promising! Picture an amateur couple shooting Brazzers like porn parodies with random porn scenarios and you get MollyKelt. The makeup is also exaggerated, while thin clothes show all the right things.

With a tiny butt, great looks, and promising scenes, this amateur is the one to watch out for. Let’s see how it all changes in the years to come. I’d suggest ditching the glitter, buying a professional camera, and waiting for the call from Brazzers.

Birthdate: April 20, 2002

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

19Leah Aloe

Do you know what’s so special about the pornstars from the 2000s? They’re slim, good-looking, have energy, are familiar with technology, and are here to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Maybe not all of them, but Leah Aloe sure looks great. Hopefully, they’ll get more fanfare from our post and maybe even thank us with one of their videos. You know, an eye for an eye, or something like that.

Featuring a balayage hairstyle and a decent collection of material (for starters), Leah loves dick more than she does life. Maybe even too much because almost every video shows her giving a blowjob. Nothing else.

Birthdate: January 31, 2002

18Andre Love

In good light, Andre Love looks stunning. There’s an occasional glitch where she stares at the camera and gets uncomfortable, but that will disappear with experience. The camera work is also great and follows the laid-out porn guidelines. The quality as a whole puts many other new pornstars to shame as well.

It’s incredible what can a good filmmaker achieve. Slap a Mofos or any other sticker of a professional studio below, and I’ll believe you. Great pussy, round butt, mediocre makeup, there’s a lot of potential and space for improvement.

Birthdate: January 1, 2002

17Mimi Boom

Sooner or later you’ll notice that many of the amateur pornstars have their birthdate set to January 1st of 2002. That sounds way too convenient, especially when there are dozens of such sluts on PornHub. That’s why we’re including only the PornHub verified women. Sure, these 18-year old pretenders could be in their early 20s, but there’s no reason to question the world’s biggest porn site’s credibility.

Still, if you know any of them in real life, hit that contact button and let everyone know if these pornstars are a fraud. Speaking of Mimi Boom, she passes our tests with flying colors and as far as we’re concerned, is a legit teen pornstar.

Birthdate: January 1, 2002


When passion meets life, love, cock, and all these ingredients end up in porn, you get a duo like BlondeAdobo. Wait, the blond doesn’t look 18? I agree with you! There’s something sketchy about how Adobo set her account. So, we will wait for your take on this. Maybe the couple could message us too?

For instance, they claim to be born in 2002, yet she uploaded the first video more than a year ago. How’s that possible? You tell us. Unless our team gets a confirmation, this pornstar might be gone in the coming months.

Birthdate: April 4, 2002 (Fake?)

15Royce Swells

Here’s proof that birthdates don’t matter, and you can look 18-year-old whilst being in your early 20s. Royce Swells is the opposite of this theory, but for different reasons. In fact, she gives me strong MILF despite living in in the category of a barely legal pornstar.

At least the bad news ends there because Royce is beyond unforgettable in bed. Not only does she smile and take dongs with a giant grin on her face, but the vibe reminds me of a hippie movement where all you had was love and peace.

Birthdate: January 5th, 2003



The Russian 18-year old pornstar has broken all the records on the internet. Unfortunately, even the high-profile hoes don’t collect as many views as Kimberley. The first video wasn’t even named properly and still amassed hundreds of thousands of views. Then, she got clever with the titles (stepsister fantasies, etc.) and pushed past the two million milestones.

Kimberley’s most successful upload has 13 million views! So of course, all the haters will disregard her skill. Mostly with claims that “such uploads must’ve been sitting there for ages” but that’s wrong. That was almost “overnight” by porn standards. As for the profile, she created it around seven months ago.

Birthdate: February 1, 2002


There’s too much information to digest but let me give you a summary. First, Dollscult has over a hundred videos on PornHub, which could appear strange to some. For example, the one with a dick has hair longer than some of the pornstars. Also, the bio itself tells stories about stepbrothers, stepsisters, first-time love, isolation, etc. It’s like reading a drama post on Reddit.

The unique character of this trio (I forgot to tell you that Dollscult is a combination of three people), attracts millions of views. But, that’s all we have to say since there’s no point in arguing about sex fetishes.

Birthdate: February 3, 2002


Just like how Chaturbate is oozing with Eastern European camwhores, so is PornHub full of pornstars from countries like Ukraine, Russian, etc. The latest example is ADOLFxNIKA, a colorful 18-year old babe from Sankt Petersburg. I can’t tell about all the talents but from the 50 videos we’ve watched, she’s good at moaning, deepthroat, blowjobs, and maybe cooking. Just kidding!

Her interests include sex and public fun. The videos are shown in the POV angle while titles use keywords like “virgin”, “cheating”, etc. Also, ADOLFxNIKA often changes her hair color, which keeps things from becoming stale. Hasn’t done anal yet, but that will happen.

Birthdate: March 15, 2002


Thanks to the curated censorship, Taya’s videos range from hot to awkward. Yes, it’s another shy, 18-year old pornstar from 2012 without any face. But, no matter the skill, publishing a good blowjob video is impossible if you’re not showing yourself.

The greatest TinyTaya asset is the round butt, where censorship doesn’t matter as much. From doggystyle to reverse cowgirl, these videos are so good! If you can manage to cum before they change the position, your days will be full of sunshine and semen.

Birthdate: January 1, 2002

10Britni Kitten

There’s something magnetic about Britni Kitten. The profile background, for example, shows her munching on a dick and smiling. The main profile photo brings me back to my college days while the impressive facial expressions make you want to click on every video.

The American-born fuck toy has been publishing new videos since early 2002 and is among the most popular new pornstars. Britni Kitten is a bisexual petite with great potential. Unfortunately, some amateurs prefer to work from home, so this might as well be the only reason why she hasn’t appeared on the very best of porn sites.

Birthdate: March 17, 2002

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

9Sophia Wolfe

Are you ready for the spicier things in life? Here’s one of my favorites, a tiny brunette with implied daddy issues, bondage porn fetishes, and choking kinks. Sophia Wolfe looks like an evil slut with a mouth that can’t be kept shut. We aren’t sure what she is like outside the Internet, but the submissive goth persona you can find on PornHub is worthy of a wank.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’ll be my strong cup of black coffee that kicks you in the nuts.

Birthdate: February 14, 2002

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

8Ashley Barbie

Have you heard of the term “ABC”? Always be closing. Do you see the familiar logo in the video? That’s how these guys work. Ashley Barbie went from a naughty Instagram “influencer” to a full-blown pornstar. By that, I mean someone who didn’t just stop with the self-promotion videos on the free porn sites.

We’re running out of amateurs, for better or worse. So here’s the first “real” pornstar, an interracial sex adoring bimbo from the United States. Weighing 165 pounds (or 75 kg), Ashley is known for the gigantic 36DD-30-48 tits and swollen lips. The can of worms is now open, everyone. Expect more scenes soon!

Birthdate: January 1, 2002


7Samantha Reigns

Jumping from chubby babes to fragile cock worshippers, we land inside Samantha Reigns’ pussy. Don’t rush to Google for more videos because there aren’t many. As of now, just two videos exist. Heck, even the profile is missing from the database. In other words, she came out of nowhere and isn’t doing much to build the hype. Landing a contract alone isn’t worth that much.

Samantha was a good fuck in both scenes, miles ahead of many other newcomers. I’d rate her performance a solid 6 in the category of professional pornstars.

Birthdate: January 1, 2002

6Tasha Lustn

With one of the prettiest pair of small boobs, Tasha is a tiny miracle in the world of boredom. I don’t know why, but the attraction is too much to handle. It started with the VR porn videos by smaller studios that then caught attention of the biggest fish in the sea. However, the greatest achievement of Tasha Lustn happened on September of 2022 when Danny D invited her to “the casting session” and pounded the hell out of that pussy.

After such treasure, we are as optimistic as ever and can’t wait to find more, high-quality pornstars that meet our criteria.

Birthdate: February 14, 2003

5Angel Youngs

As more 18-year old pornstars come into the picture, so will our article change. We barely had any professionals just a year ago, but the plates are shifting. Gone are unconfirmed amateurs and whales with no selling points but a lucky birthdate! So, go buy a bouquet of flowers and welcome Angel, a hot slut with the uncomfortable to read last name.

But why is she special? Well, Keiran fucked her ass just a few months ago, there are dozens of videos already and then she signed an exclusive deal with Brazzers. Talk about recruiting (or finding) true talent!

Birthdate: January 15, 2002

4Kristina Lust

Sure, why not jump straight to the joys of anal fisting? But, unfortunately, Kristina Lust is a disappointing one-time adventure that will never appear on a porn set again. Still, she made it to the big screen! Hopefully, her family is proud.

There’s nothing attractive about Kristina. The masculine face is a turn-off and so are the nonexistent tits. The asshole is a loose cannon, so you can’t even have fun that way. But, hopefully, she has a magnetic personality.

Birthdate: March 15, 2002


3Luna Daniels

Ignoring the world’s ugliest tattoo as well as a tasteless nose piercing, Luna Daniels is a decent, slightly overweight pornstar. Good thing you don’t need much in the barely legal days. Showing up is enough to get some people talking.

Okay, maybe we’ll even place her in the cut range. Will Luna achieve great success? It’s too early to tell. Maybe after losing 10 to 15 pounds. What about the tits? In today’s messed-up world, these things are fixed with silicone.

Birthdate: February 6, 2002


2Malory Malibu

French or not, Malory Malibu is as classy as fuck. She’ll take dick down any filthy hole three-way with the elegance of Japanese origami or provide you with an unforgettable one-night stand. No, not the broken furniture from the Swedish company. You’d be crazy to marry a pornstar, but it’s hard to be logical here.

Screw it, you only live once, right? So get out of bed early, collect your miserable paycheck and get the world’s most expensive wedding ring on credit.

Birthdate: June 7, 2002


1Remi Jones

So far, Remi is the only pornstar that has reached the very top. For people unfamiliar with the matter, DaughterSwap is a bonus site of the world’s greatest site, Brazzers. When you speak high-quality brands, this is it. That’s like securing a contract with Playboy or Penthouse. Except here we get to see models choke on semen, get their buttholes destroyed, and not just in pictures but videos.

As always, the poorest performing pornstars of 2002 will be gone as soon as someone better comes. For now, enjoy all of them.

Birthdate: January 7, 2002


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