Top 20: Pornstars Born in 2000 & 2001

A fresh, 2021 & 2022 list of an 18-year old, still young pornstars born in 2000.

Top 20: Pornstars Born in 2000 & 2001

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Sex with not overly used pussy is always the best and there is nothing better than a young pornstar that has just turned 18. That got us thinking, what are some of the pornstars from 2000 that you can masturbate to? There is nothing wrong with 18-year-old, legal women getting paid for porn if the law allows it. Earlier this year we have published a teen pornstars article that exposed unknown talent in their teens. On the other hand, this is a different list and focuses mostly on age rather than looks. I just look for new talent as fresh as an apple picked from a tree.

Sure, we did not add any inbreeds just because those pornstars were from 2000, but if a woman was 6/10 that just became legal, I think it should rank higher than someone that is 18-years old (7/10 in the looks department) and is already in 90 days in her teen years. Thanks to the goldmine that the Internet is, we have used many resources and scanned thousands of pornstars. With the list already decent, it was all a matter of eliminating the oldest and leaving only the best sluts for your eyes to see. Now, the list is still updated; from the beginning of 2018 to 2024, we have collected all known pornstars from the 00s.

22Alicia Williams

Ever heard of the mood or term “joy”? Enter Alicia’s soul, and you won’t find a drop of that. There’s no such for this 18-year-old pornstar of 2001. I have seen women in forced gangbang porn have more fun than this slut.

Sadly, this year wasn’t particularly good for new porn talent. So, even if it hurts to include this newcomer, no one else fills the spot.

21Britt James

One must train these 18-year-old sluts before they can be called legit pornstars. Acting semi-anxious at first and then getting the courage to finally take that thick piece of meat into her mouth. The hole is picture-perfect, almost new by industry standards.

Britt James is not the greatest catch, but a barely legal status makes up for a rather chubby face. The style, however, is trash and without a single sexy feat.

20Dixie Lynn

She’s in the middle, wearing a red cap and other cheerleader attributes. Gives blowjobs with the same “urgency” as your girlfriend. In other words, a lot to learn from this 2001 born pornstar. Guess you could say that flaws make us human…

Did interracial porn too and that wasn’t just the sensual kind. Got fucked harder than today’s elders. There’s nothing sacred for Dixie.

19Nikki Hill

Okay, don’t let the incredible cinematography fool you. This slut eats black, white, and probably alien dick, too, with this video being the greatest of them all. Why wait when you can already insert multiple objects down the butthole?

She’s a bit too boomer for our taste, although the main problem is her perceived appearance. Nikki looks way different in other videos and for worse. You are one search away from finding that out.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

18Chanel Grey

If it wasn’t for her age, Chanel Grey might as well not appear on any of RedBled’s list. With looks that resemble something awful, I’d dare every one of you, picky guys, to jerk off to this 18-year old pornstar, with horribly bleached hair and meh body.

There are so many better alternatives, even when it comes to old pornstars. Chanel would work as one of those one-time fucks that turn to regret the second you finish cumming. Or maybe that’s just me, and you find her attractive?


17Faina Bona

Born in Belarus, Faina Bona was our first pick for the pornstars born in 2000. We were also shocked to discover that it’s all just pictures for now, but god damn does she look fuckable. That was also my first time getting exposed to the Belarus pornstars. Straight from the prom dress to adult modeling. Third-world countries rarely have chubby girls, which is such a blessing. However, once they spend 18 years eating potatoes and startchy sugar cubes for their birthday, such behavior becomes default and gets stuck into their mind. Bring them to states and the risk of those rats becoming fat is minimum.

What worries me about her look is that Faina is too casual. Most pornstars show early signs of whoring, and this photoshoot indicates casual fun more than it indicates the future of her carrier as a pornstar actress. Hopefully, we are wrong. Faina Bona was born in 2000 and is 18-years old, making her another fresh pornstar (age-wise, without counting days or months).

16Stefany Kyler

Born on September 7th, 2001, Stefany Kyler is a Russian super model who has skyrocketed into elites faster than the speed of slight. She reminds me of Gretchen Morgan from the Prison Break series, which was my crash a decade ago. I didn’t think this day would come, so you can imagine my excitement once I’ve laid my eyes upon her?

And speaking of eyes, could you, or anyone, resist her piercing gaze? It’s as if Stefany is fucking me with my clothes on. If it was life or death situation and we were stranded in a remote island with Stefany Kyler, I’d give away my food and water for an opportunity to bury my balls deep into her ass. She’s as beautiful as the prettiest actresses in Hollywood, and even more so because at least Kyler is authentic and genuine.

15Eva North

The only Canadian pornstar, Eva North, and despite her appalling face, this one was also born in the year 2000. I see so much wrong, and if it wasn’t for the videos, this babe would be at the bottom of the barrel among all youngsters. Let that be a lesson to Kate, Molly, and Faina. If you want more exposure from RedBled and more money, start shooting damn porn scenes. We are in the middle of 2018 and so far, there aren’t that many new pornstars, which is depressing.

I am being very generous here, and there is not a single positive thing or quality about this, maple syrup stuffed slut. Freckles are rarely hot, the outfit needs fire, sucking dick is not her best quality, the eyebrows gave my eyes cancer, and those triangle-shaped milk factories? Please hide them. To all future aspiring actresses, please get into the business faster.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

14Natalia Queen

Migrating from casual softcore to passionate hardcore lovemaking, Natalia has bloomed and has shown her true aspirations. But, even before a first appearance, the 18-year-old pussy was already rough and messed up. Like a slab of cheap meat that got spit out of the meat grinder. It’s a story of a great top and ugly bottom which is fixable by today’s medicine.

Whenever there’s a new object slammed into Queen’s overused hole, her fame increases, and followers grow. That’s the key to success! Just get more dick juice than you can swallow, choke on it, and beg for subscribers during your visit to the ER. Natalia was born on September 2, 2000, and is a “Virgo”. Now that’s funny!


13Aria Sky

The runner-up winner among fresh pornstars, Aria Sky. I have seen older pornstars that look younger than Aria, but that’s not the point, right? Born in the United States on March 6th, 2000, this party girl has already worked with a few porn studios, including FTVGirls. Still innocent, and with plenty of opportunities for the future. Remember how Aria looks now because, after five more years in this brutal business, you can expect tits surgeries, ass implants, fucked up face, and slutty makeup. This is the freshest she is ever going to be, boys.

Doesn’t look like this youngster is comfortable in front of a camera, but these things take time. The fans have gathered around her social media accounts, but it’s still innocent fun for now. I can’t wait for the first anal scene of Aria Sky, gangbangs and god knows what else. A small piece of advice for her: get rid of that ugly fat gunk on your stomach, it’s distracting and repulsive.


12Melody Parker

I was thinking about placing Melody in the second place, but then it all came down to the porn scenes and overall experience. RedBled has published an extended article on how to become a pornstar and this black cock babe did not listen to our advice. Starting with interracial and staying there. Not sure if stupid or extremely smart. A rumor is floating around that once you fuck a black guy (this excludes VIP pornstars), it’s hard to get into mainstream porn and earn real money.

I predict a quick end to our 2000-born pornstar, Melody Parker. Three years is the maximum timeframe; even then, it’s stretching her luck. She is already fine with easy butthole fingering and rimjobs, so expect anal scenes soon, then an interracial threesome and that is it. Her birthdate is a bit of a mystery, but some say it is May 15, 2000. Not the most attractive pornstar.


11Hannah Hawthorne

Now that’s what a pornstar born in 2001 should look like! Organic butt without any toxins, no stretch marks, or acne. Gorgeous lingerie and the tight secret that it hides. We are talking about all her holes, not just pussy.

In early 2019, Hannah Hawthorne was unknown, but we are now in the first half of 2024. You will find her in many videos, including PornHub and TeamSkeet sister sites linked below. Of course, you get to access the whole network as you join. Did not even have to become a Chaturbate model to be one of the more desirable newbies in porn.


10Lena Reif

Another young Russian pornstar that is universally beloved and is one of the best Chaturbate girls since the early 2019. Having watched her perform, she gives a genuine and fun person vibe, which is rare among teen pornstars as most do appear to be bitchy. Also, doing anal at 18-years old is a major accomplishment for her boyfriend, since at that age women usually are not keen on giving up their butthole virginities.

At least guys at Chaturbate got to enjoy her since the early days, which is why this top 10 article exists. We will make a list for 2002 born women too.

9April Aniston

Move over, amateurs here’s a trio of professional sluts that entered this world in 2000 (with the #1 spot reserved for a pornstar born in 2001). How can you tell these performers are good? They all work with big guys, none of the niche or not-so-popular porn sites. We are talking industry leaders and April Aniston is first among them.

After getting moist from all the sensual kisses and earlobe licking, April feels at home. Maybe she was a pornstar in her previous life also?


8Diana Rius

Another professional adult performer, Diana Rius that got to play with best male pornstars from EvilAngel, (they have black and white dudes, just so we are clear) one of the leading porn networks.

I enjoy her pussy and enthusiasm, but that asshole needs to be bleached. Still has a lot to learn, but the way she sucks dick (considering her age), catches cumshots and rides does look promising. Maybe one day she will get hammered by one of the biggest dicks in porn. I’ll pray tonight for that to happen sooner than later.


7Aubree Ice

So far, we have only covered pornstars born in 2000 and 1999, but what about fresh 18-year-old pussies born in 2001? There can’t be that many performers, right? Correct. There is only one pornstar as of 2019; her name is Aubree Ice.

When is her birthday? January 1, 2001, which means that Aubree just turned 18. You can’t get any younger than that. Sadly, other girls have since turned 19, which is just disgusting. How can anyone fuck someone that old? I am joking, of course. We have a list of 20 amazing teen pornstars also.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

6Gabbie Carter

In the spring of 2019, we had a few new faces to add, including Gabbie Carter. She is just 18-years old and already takes it in the ass. Entered the adult industry just yesterday and we already have her here! So, if you are re-visiting our site, welcome back. You know that we keep updating every one of our top 10s.

This one looks even better with her hair black. Just wait till you see more of her videos in 2022. So far, pornstars born in 2001 are shaping to be exceptionally slutty. Who’s in?


5Kylie Rocket

The NASA might have designed rockets that reach the moon and beyond, but can you fuck them? The interracial meat lover and a mega slut Kylie Rocket is for your service. Born on April 11th, 2001, a 5’3” spinner got bored one night and switched things up. Why go for a boring job when it pays you cash to have an acne-free skin from constant facials?

Kylie is a total crowd pleaser, and her energetic videos justify the last name. Even better, you don’t have to be a scientist to smash that fat pussy. Any accidents that happen in your pants are okay too.

4Lulu Chu

A new Asian spinner weighing enough for her not to be blown away by your gas, Lulu Chu. She grew up in America and was born in January of 2001. I had a lot of success filming on amateur sites, and it’s only beginning. If she doesn’t leave the porn industry early, we predict for Lulu to become the companion slut of Piper Perri.

Small dimensions don’t stop Lulu from eating massive dicks or shoving them down her pussy. She is the boss of Asian pornstars, the tightest and smallest of them all.


3Mackenzie Mace

We had to ditch one of the “pornstars” born in 2000 and replace her with Mackenzie. This is a hotter version of a similar woman with more scenes. Unfortunately, Molly Haze didn’t shoot many videos yet and we’re at the end of the year.

Mace could be one of the new superstars as she has the two most important things. A pleasant vibe and incredible looks to pull it off. Small tits that need some nourishing, a bush of similar size, and, again, an attractive personality. Remember the old movie about a pornstar next door?


2Aria Lee

This girl can act, and she is only 18-years old! Think of her future in porn and the potential that Aria Lee has. She was born in 2000 and made her debut in a random adult video where she only gave a blowjob. You can’t make a living sucking dicks in porn, hence her transition to other niches.

Having tried the pleasures of lesbian love, this is Aria’s first straight sex scene, and it was an epic one! I would not be surprised to learn about some nominations afterward. We can’t wait to see more of her work.


1Autumn Falls

Stealing the number #1 spot from Gabbie Carter, Autumn Falls is coming here. Only recently did we add her to the list as in early 2020 she was nowhere to be found. This girl is a fucking diva (on the right). You don’t get many pornstars at the age of 18 to sign a contract with Brazzers, one of the highest-quality porn studios ever.

All-natural and full of bodily fluids inside her pussy. Her pussy must taste like heaven, fresh out of the oven, without any nasty smells appearing with age. But, Jesus fucking God, will someone let me fuck her?


What are your future predictions for all these pornstars born in 2000 or 2001? I was yet to see someone truly extraordinary that moved me. Maybe next year will be better?

Don’t forget to bookmark this post, as we always update this list.

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