Top 20: Pornstars with Sexiest, Thick Thighs (2024)

Women with sexy thighs; these are our favorites for thick thighs.

Top 20: Pornstars with Sexiest, Thick Thighs (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

We have slowly run out of the sexy female parts to cover, thank thankfully, there is one more that is arguably the best at least for non-nudity. We are talking about juicy thighs, sexy with well-defined lines, or just thick, tasty, and seducing. Men love long legs, not everyone but we do, but this one is about the upper part, closest to the pussy and the divine pleasure that these caves provide.

Instead of just dropping ten pornstar names, we have split this list into half, the first top 10 will cover amateur pornstars and their best scenes while the last ten is reserved for the hottest, sexiest professional pornstars that all of us love and adore. If you have any suggestions for other lists, shoot us a note and we will be more than happy to research your favorite fetish.

Amateur Pornstars & Models with Hot Thighs

22Julia Kul

Her Instagram is only ass and thigh shots, true attention, and amateur validation seeker, not a pornstar who gets dirty. You could benefit from having a better camera to get her to look at you or some mainstream porn studios. There is only one video of her that is sexually interesting, so while you see amazing thighs that not only shake but move well in tandem with that fucking A-tier booty, add it to your watchlist and forget for the next few years. She is one of those amateurs destined for big things in porn, for now just enjoy this amateurish attempt at getting you horny.

There are close to 10 videos on free porn sites of her just ass-shaking, clothed. How many times can you do the same thing again? Give us a better tease.

21Katnis Evergreen

Extremely pale skin to the point where Katnis would get lost in the snow, still young beaver, mini tits lifted by a push-up bra, and the thick thighs. Good to see fresh names in porn, and I am not starting to see trickery. Scroll through multiple GIFs and notice how the sexiest thighs always have socks. Could it be one of these “shape-enhancing” clothes?

Well, if my eyes are happy, I am happy and Katnis Evergreen appeals to me in more ways than one. I could learn a trick or two about applying makeup properly, but other than that, we’re including this amateur pornstar here too.

20Tessa Winters

Previously known as MissTTXO, a now professionally named pornstar grew as much as our cocks do as we watch her. Only the old-timers will even remember her old nickname, and that’s for the better. With new branding came other changes like improved looks, especially in the belly area. She was never fat nor chubby though.

Cute to the bone with thick thighs and slippery pussy. We haven’t seen any anal or double-penetration videos yet. Tessa is like a delicate flower that is still growing.


There are no other videos of her, which is a fucking shame. This is one of the hottest, cock resurrecting cuts ever. Most of you will likely discover a new fetish, which is thigh fucking, I know my friend and I did. We are only placing her in this spot because of a bland name and inability to find anything else. The following scene was sent privately via contact form, without any context or description. Replying did not result in any success.

If you know who Lucie is and where the rest of this incredible video is, please share it with all of us. Multiple dicks will be satisfied and some vaginas too.

18May Marmalade

A long-haired, ginger pornstar showing her real goodies, without the artificial lift or stockings to the pussy. That’s how you know who is faking and who can pull the sexy thighs look without special camera angles, clothing, or anything else. Pull her panties down and this is what you see: thick, fucking hot thighs. Damn, I am hungry.

Would spread this strawberry Marmalade on a piece of moist, butter lubed white toast, and drizzle cream on top after it’s all over.


Who said that cam whoring can’t bring happiness? Look how fucking happy she is. Must have spent all that cash on the butt exercise program and diet: nicely shaped thighs, open butthole, and mermaid-like hair. Smacking, spanking, Molly MFC is not a new pornstar here and knows how to make your dick hard and money rain.

I wish to see her outside the bedroom, with professional cameras, lighting, and hungry male performers. I always wondered how people cannot get bored of seeing the same thing. It’s like striptease but without booze or real action. However, this cute porn performer is a win in our book, especially with those thighs.


We all know Angelica, but many still consider this girl an amateur. We, too, think so. You don’t make it to the business until your name is among paid porn sites like Brazzers, RealityKings and Anal Acrobats, maybe last one is not a must. A lovely shape that you can’t help but kiss; the skin is softer than my dick post cumming and silent moans that make it dirtier.

The usual smile with lip biting, slow fucking, and beef flaps are the trademarks of Angelica. She is responsible for billions of sperm particles pushed down the toilet drain.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

Professional Pornstars

And then there are professionals; those are thankfully much easier to find and enjoy in the cold evenings.

15Ebony Mystique

There’s enough meat on Mystique’s bone that she can feed your whole family, including the kinky uncle who always ends up in trouble. Her delicious cacao sticks remind me of a Tiramisu cake, and just like with the food version, you can fuck this slut too. The way she’s on top of Jordi and rids that cock exposes all the greatest bits and pieces about her body.

You must also be wondering whether her fake tits are too obnoxious (big) and whether Ebony went too far? That’s my thought too, same, my brother, same.

14Kinsey Anne

We focus on the important things here, not the moist pink socks but an area just above. Muscular and fit thighs and extremely tight stockings, creating the lifting sensation to the most beautiful place on earth: her legs. Not much action happening here, it is just a thick stick going in and out.

That reminds me of a recent video I have seen on Efukt. A similar girl (could even be Kinsey) goes to her office bathroom, pops one of these jewels inside her butthole, and returns to work. In the end, she got back home and pooped that thing out. The rest I will leave to your imagination, but you know what comes out of the rear end. It’s not pretty.

13Mandy Dee

Bratty Belle is a true brat among pornstars with some of the largest thighs we have seen of any white woman. Beautiful camera angle and for an amateur, it’s even too perfect. I guess posing for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat was a great learning experience.

You just want to lift those legs and smash the pussy, or ass, leave the socks on for the mystery and go to town with your tongue. The plush bed that she is using would turn to dust and metal pieces once I am done with Bratty Belle.

12Molly Jane

Remember your first girlfriend? She wasn’t that good, but you loved her a lot. Now when you turn back, it freaks the fuck out of you that you could even fuck her. That’s how I feel about the first 10 girls on the list. We are leaving the amateurs with nice thighs behind and will now focus on nothing but high-quality whores.

Not the thickest thighs but this list covers both, plain sexy and nothing else. I like how locks cover her tits and the added mystery from the red silk bathrobe. Fucking thighs is the best way to protect yourself from accidental pregnancy, not condoms.

11Little Alice

By the intro you cannot tell that Little Alice is petite, her thighs are pushing the cock without any gap for a breath of fresh air. As we switch the camera, you can appreciate her real body type and it’s one of the tiniest we have seen. The rest of the thigh shots aren’t that great until the end when she sits at the top with her legs spread.

Also, look at how all that thigh flesh bounces with the ripple effect is sexy. It is by far one of the hottest scenes with Alice. Her thighs must be so fucking plush. Imagine her putting thighs inside my mouth and holding them there for a minute or two. Instant orgasm guarantee.


10Moka Mora

Moka Mora is performing a mating dance with a panda sweater, short skirt, same color g-strings, and a bra. There could even be a cum bracelet to unite all this fashion show together.

The most unfortunate part is dangle berries that you can see appearing as the cameraman zooms in, must be something in the window. As for her thick thighs, it’s almost hypnotic the way she moves and exposes them. From left to right, wrinkles and lines appear in all the right places.

I would love to grab her by these thigh highs and stuff my beef jerky.


9Brittney White

Another well-known name here, Britney White and she is the hottest ebony chick with thighs that good. To be honest, thighs were not at the top of my list before doing this top 20, but after reviewing close to 100 pornstars that were showing some potential, it is becoming a more important thing in my “porn diet”. Sort of like discovering vegetables for the first time, except adult content is healthier and has more cardiovascular benefits.

Thich, black thighs with rainbow patterns surround them and crispy pussy at the very end. I’ve fucked only one black chick in my life, and it was one of the best sex experiences ever.

8Gina Gerson

Switching from black back to white, we got another sexy thigh owner, the pornstar Gina Gerson. She is one of the more common names among the “thigh-o-holic” community, partially because of the amazing curves to leg ratio. However, you must learn to appreciate Gina as her figure is not exactly 90-60-90. It’s like pure, unfiltered thigh porn without anything else in between.

Beautiful long legs without any signs of aging, wear, or fat, and of course her wild card: thick thigs. For the way she has been built, her thighs are way bigger than the rest of her body, must have been doing squats and other exercises. This is a direct result, Gerson’s appearance in our top 20.


7Emily Grey

A flawless pussy is the second-best thing about Emily since her thick thighs top of all the charts. There are far too many intense lines as if some Italian supercar designer drafted her out of Egyptian silk.

Not only do her thighs look as if they’re computer-generated due to perfect skin complexion, intense glow, and no fat, but finishing on them might as well be the best thing on Earth. Yes, even better than sticking your ancient dildo down Grey’s shaved pooper. I feel like God made Emily Grey for this exact sex position and there is no better way to fuck her than in this video.


6Harley Dean

The pornstars are only going to get better as we still have 3 more to cover, on the fourth place you have Harley Dean and it’s more than just her thighs. As you have seen, many of these girls only had sexy thighs and not much else, which is fine for men like us, but why not add something else to the table? You can’t stare at the legs; this is where we invite Harley Dean.

You can focus on any part of her body that will give you a boner or make your pussy flow with juices. One of the fitter pornstars and this brings a lot of benefits. Her butt is incredible, the tits are out of this universe and pussy is always well maintained.

5Cali Carter

We try to avoid the superstar syndrome where you add the same few actresses in all your lists. From the hottest blond or petite to pornstars with small tits. There’s no fun in re-reading the same names. Hence, many of the babes with massive thighs that I mention here are unique to this top 20.

However, sometimes, a pornstar is so good and gifted that exclusion could land your ass in hell. That’s how I feel about Cali, a must-watch superslut with thighs thicker than eggplants. But despite meaty legs, she fucks like an Olympian athlete, you’ll love it.

4Sierra Skye

Imagine a safe-for-work GIF on the RedBled portal, is the world coming to an end? I’ve done this just to make a point and give more attention to the parts we focus on today: pornstars with thighs, not pornstars with great pussies or butt.

Sierra Skye is a true winner in our book. Observe and enjoy her walking down the lane, with thighs bouncing, rubbing against one another, and making it hard to focus on anything else but her legs. You know that she fucks good, unlike some new adult performer. So, combine sexiest thighs with her skills and you got yourself one of the best future pornstars (and current models), Sierra Skye.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

3Kelsi Monroe

Our original post featured a few more amateurs, but we started having second thoughts. Are their thighs that much better than professionals? Shall we include these just for the novelty of it? Especially those that haven’t been active for a long time. Well, the decisions have been made and are being replaced with pornstars like Kelsi Monroe.

Massive thighs that will lead you to gigantic butt come as a single package of sexy legs. How can this beauty queen even do splits is beyond me!? Meaty is a word I’ve been looking for. Lots of great videos with Kelsi and our favorite is above.


2Lena Paul

Creating incredible lists like this is hard, and I am not talking about my dick, which is always in the hard state. Ranking pornstars with thick thighs gets harder with every spot so choosing between Lena and Julia for the #1 and #2 was quite a challenge. However, I think you can’t go with any of them and that it’s a tie. Lena Paul has thick thighs and is one of the most popular female performers. On the other hand, Julia has slimmer but more defined thigh highs.

We did not want to leave any stone unturned and are happy to place Lena as our second choice. So if you prefer thickness over curves, this is your number one pornstar.


1Julia Roca

When you rock thighs so good that it’s better fucking a gap in-between rather than a pussy. Think about that for a moment and let the reality sink in. Pussy is the symbol of sex, the driving force of this world, and what gives men their dose of motivation. How fucking epic do you need to be that something else on your body tops it? You can, of course, add asshole for the novelty of it, but thighs? Those are some sexy and slick thigh highs I must tell.

I wish I could borrow gallons of oil from the previous spot to feed this massive dick for the ultimate sex shot. Also, this hoe loves to leave a tiny pussy strip to make her look different than most pornstars. This is Julia Roca, the queen of sexy thighs.


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  1. Can someone please post the link to the video for this “Sierra Skye” walling gif in the Jean shorts. All I find under Sierra skye is a fat ginger pornstar and an instagram model.

  2. Where can I find this “Sierra skye” video?? Are we sure that’s her name? All I can find is a fat ginger pornstar and an instagram model.

  3. Okay okay, if you haven’t seen Cali Carter’s thighs moving her tight-as-fuck body up and down a cock, I don’t know what you are doing with your life


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