Top 20: Best Big Ass Pornstars with Bubble Butts (2022)

The top 10 white round ass list. These are the best big, pornstar butts of all time.

Top 20: Best Big Ass Pornstars with Bubble Butts (2022)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

There comes a time in man’s life when a simple jerk-off is not enough and he wants the premium ass breed. We are talking big, beautiful butts. Since there are over 3 billion whores in this world and God knows how many in the universe, we have picked some of the biggest, roundest, and curviest female asses there are. Yes, everyone has a butt and with a nice pair of heels you can fool a lot of men, but this is a true-to-life list. The most beautiful, pink assholes from all over the globe.

Not only that, but a lot of these do anal too. I mean, what is a point of a giant butt if you do not fuck it? This list will feature white female models only, if you are not into that, please check our posts on best Asian asses and best black asses. I have read that the reason for us (men) liking big asses is simple. It’s all about evolution and how gigantic, round butts trick our brains into thinking that these women are healthy and can give birth to many healthy siblings. Too bad that all of them are whores.

21Sybil Stallone

Plump breasts and a big ass wider than the Grand Canyon… Sybil would be a great tourist attraction for the seekers of the round, big butts. It might be hard to stick your cock down that fluffy pussy because of the angle, but then again… Only the greatest of male organs can plow this curvy babe.

Grill her with a dab of warm cum for this beautiful cut of American meat. Okay, pretty is not exactly the first word that we’d use to describe Sybil Stallone, but the sheer ass volume is enough to make us forget.

20Kelsi Monroe

Jesus fucking Christ, this bitch knows how to fuck, and she loves to get fucked. If you are looking for someone fresh and truly passionate, just look at the way she moves and all that. You know what you must do now, whip your dick out. Of course, she does anal, and as you might expect, her booty is bigger than a million watermelons.

The only downside that I can think of is the smallest tits on the planet. Have you also noticed that Kelsi is tanning too? Her sense of style might be out of fashion, but it does not matter when you have a big ass like hers. I have found that true with most things in life. You can overlook small issues if the bigger picture (which is her butt) is still there.

19Alena Croft

The scenario of this porn scene goes like this: an inexperienced brunette tries to steal some goods from the couple’s home and instead of calling the police, the big ass pornstar (Alena Croft) and her husband take matters into their own hands.

The best punishment is always sex according to the laws of porn logic. Alena’s ass is huge, and despite a few cellulite spots and orange peel-like skin, I’d fuck this sugar cube at any given time.


18Richelle Ryan

Some asses are big, some are bubble or pear-like, but the ultimate factor could be genetics. For example: compare Alena’s ass with Richelle Ryan’s. Both are huge, right? However, this one despite its similar size is way smoother. It could also be exercise as this one is a lot more muscular. The age difference maybe?

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a good butt, just wanted to draw a comparison between these two and show you why Richelle ranks higher than other pornstars.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

17Carolina Cortez

Isn’t it awkward to watch two other pornstars trying to figure out what the fuck to do in the scene? Like licking non-sensitive parts of the ass or whatever. The triple showing is cringe-worthy, but Carolina Cortez goes one step further. Having visited the social profiles, it looks like she identifies herself as “a motivational speaker”. Seriously?

Nude pictures, porn video trailers, and a tagline implying something extraordinary. I haven’t heard any of her speeches, but at least she can raise a cock or two with her mouth, which I assume is some sort of oral performance. If you live in Mexico, this is where she is from. Show us her seminars and drop a comment below.

16Loren Minardi

There is something alien-like about Loren but in the sexiest way possible. Could be the lighting or that tan, maybe all black make-up and tattoos. Looking at her you can immediately tell that Minardi is a pornstar and not a trashy whore like many. Just someone who bangs and hangouts with elite modes only.

A beautiful, sensual, and anal demanding, big butt pornstar from the Brazzers network. Is there even a name in the industry that hasn’t been fucked by their male actors?


15Sarah Vandella

I am thankful to see a fake dick of color different than yellow, so there are no tranny associations at any point. Guess it’s all about red alien cocks now that are on a thinner side. Another big ass pornstar, Sarah Vandella, and her thick bottom from the deepest layers of the universe. Has been in business for over 10 years and with hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitter. Of course, she does anal and most of you would recognize her in public.

It’s crazy how quickly she has grown. Some rappers that play for 10 years barely reach 1000 fans, yet this pornstar (albeit different profession) is as popular as hot dogs at the ball game.


14Demi Lowe

With all-natural booty and no implants, American Demi Lowe is entering the realms of bubble-delicious pornstars. There’s plenty of meat around her pussy too, which is a massive turn-on. Her thin pink panties can’t cover even half of her curves.

Some facial moles don’t improve her look, but there is nothing that cannot be fixed by a layer of make-up. Her only sin is that Demi did not do many scenes outside the Monster Curves site. That’s an RK exclusive for you.


13Alexis Texas

You can’t begin a list without mentioning one of the all-time favorites, Alexis Texas, the blonde super star. Over the years, she has made a name for herself and is now considered to be one of the most skilled, ass-riding pornstars on the market.

Being born in Texas, you know that you can expect at least some of the skills, and her ass is a piece of art. Thankfully, she does it all, from deepthroating to anal and the old-school vaginal. We are getting a bit tired of her. So, only this spot, at least for now.

You can see how good she fucks in the video above, really pounding that cock, be it to the ass or pussy, and not taking or slowly either.


12Valentina Nappi

Another famous ass that must be included on our list is Valentina Nappi. If you haven’t fucked her ass at least once in your imagination, I have some bad news about your orientation. Yeah, we are doing a porn rhyme. Her juicy butt and oily body always fascinate us, it’s like you have died and ended up in heaven. A godly place where the asses are served fresh, with buttholes super tight and bodies worthy of an Oscar.

Peek at that round butt. Premature ejaculation is guaranteed. Even without the oil or extra lube, it looks like a piece of art that should be preserved. Great curves and cock bending booty. You can see she is cool about it too, fist-bumping with a fellow male pornstar.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

11Ryan Conner

Now that’s a fucking big ass owner, the star of the show, and the gem in the ocean. My balls are swelling just by the thought of me fucking her in the butt. Not only is she a queen of round butts, but also the king and the princess.

One of those thick booties that look too good in real life, causing premature ejaculation. I did almost cream my pants just looking at the GIF. Now for a full video…


10Alura Jenson

My shoulders are too broad, making it a pain in the ass to buy clothing. Case in point? Alura Jenson has so much ass that it bends gravity. Shopping for panties for sure is a nightmare. Her L-shaped meat cannon is so wide that small to medium-size dicks will not penetrate through. That’s like 90% of the world! Do you accept the challenge? Pull out those cock pumps from the drawers and start training.

The big ass pornstars require equally sized assholes to unify the look. Otherwise, they’ll look like the circus clowns. She has all bases covered!

9Dani Daniels and Eva Lovia

Originally, we wanted to include just Eva Lovia, but these two asses just can’t be separated. Think of this duo as a freezer and a beer. I’ll leave it for you to decide, which one is which. Curvy, with sexy assholes inviting you. Plus, yoga pants should be mandatory to wear in public. The pussies don’t look like they have a lot of miles on them, which is a bonus.

The butts do look rather tasty, like a fresh cup of orange juice or morning pancakes. Lick it, taste it, anal fuck it. This is exactly what these two pornstars are doing in the video above. See how Eva licked Dani’s asshole and then made out? This is the epitome of the highest quality porn, and the most beautiful butts out there, adding to our top 10 list just makes sense.


8Iggy Amore

If you are into pale white, non-tanned asses then this video will blow your head off, and we are not talking human head. No, it was a penis joke. Anyway, just let her ride and keep quiet. She must have some sort of ass implants, right? I mean, is it humanly possible to even develop the ass like Iggy’s without hormones?

I don’t know, I don’t care but if the opportunity comes, I would love to ass fuck her. One of the best butts in the market. If you care to know more about Iggy, she is from the US and started doing porn while only 21. You can’t see from the scene, but her belly is also pierced, which adds another shiny toy to look at while you are fucking her from the other angle.


7Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse? More like ass muse. Her round ass is massive, and I am not talking about fat, disgusting massive. This is a true jewel to look at. Hopefully, one of you, brave souls will have an opportunity to fuck her in your dreams.

Bubbly round ass with some curves but not too much, the asshole that is well hidden and is waiting for a cock, and few tattoos indicating that she is a true whore. Perfect. Also, an interesting choice for her first name. Is it some sort of joke? I know that this top 10 is all about the biggest asses, but what do you think about her pussy?

It might be too small for me if such a thing is even possible. At least the flaps are not hanging

6Annika Albrite

Visiting the bigger asses’ territory, we find Anikka Albrite, who does pretty much all of it: anal, interracial, and of course, vanilla sex. So, if you have a very specific taste or niche this fuck star is for you. Happy fapping. If you look at the video above, the ass is just massive, and it is not just tons of fucking fat. It is the epitome of winning the asshole and butt gene lottery, making Anikka one of the luckiest pornstars on the planet.

Her pussy looks a bit strange for some reason (must be due to multiple dicks and continuous fucking), but the butt is all we need. At least she knows how to move it, bouncing and exposing the best ass curves without taking a sweat. Albrite seems to be a hard-working pornstar too that I am happy to add to this top 10 post.


5Jada Stevens

Sometimes a picture is worth thousands of words and in this case, the GIF above is worth thousands of hard-ons. What can I tell, I like big butts and I cannot lie? The way she bends over, exposing her beautiful pussy that has lips trimmed…

It is a perfect thing to look at pound hard. It is worth noting that due to massive ass proportions, the vagina appears to be very small, which I think is due to perspective. Judging from the video, the asshole has seen some cocks in its lifetime. Probably not thousands but we are getting there. Bite the pillow, because I am going in dry. Hopefully, it will hurt a little too. The last few seconds are just fantastic, look almost inhuman.


4Ava Rose

Want to go even bigger? Ava Rose’s ass should satisfy even the most spoiled assoholics. Big and round, just looking at it can hypnotize you for hours. Oh, and before you ask, yes, this is real life, welcome to masturbation heaven. I would love to stick my cock into that tight asshole of hers and just brutally fuck for as long as I can.

Sadly, judging from the looks of her and my past experiences, it would be in tens of seconds, if not less. I like girls with round butts that start at a different angle (not sure how to explain that), where the ass itself is not covering the asshole and you can get your cock for easy access. Her massive but is already red from all the spanking, I fucking love that.


3Julianna Vega

If you are tired of women with big, beautiful asses that just don’t know how to shake their moneymaker (or how to use their gift from the gods at all), then Julianna is here. If you are new to the scene, let me tell you one thing: this is one of the porn star names worth jerking off to. It looks like instead of practicing math or social science, she went to the stripper’s university and spent the last ten years doing nothing but shaking her butt.

Haven’t seen a pornstar (or anyone in real life) that can twerk that big ass as Julianna does. Must have taken years and a lot of hard work to reach a level like that. I wonder who was her practice target and how many cocks did she fuck? You can get a glimpse of her nice butthole too.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

2Bella Bellz

The heavenly blessed beauty with the ass worth millions. If this is what heaven looks like, I am prepared to go to a church every single Sunday. Show this GIF to your atheist friends and they will be instantly converted.

Sure, some people might not be into pornstars with tattoos, but one can still learn and know how to appreciate the true beauty of slow motion, anal fucking, and ass bouncing. To tell you the truth, Bella was the inspiration behind our top 10 list of pornstars with the best big asses. It all started when my friend asked to give some recommendations for the big-ass adult performers. Sharing is caring, I strongly believe that and with such a sweet message, it is a perfect way to end this post. You are welcome.

Source: ($1).

1Lela Star

You can feel the sexual tension between Keiran and Lela. Maybe they are friends in real life or it comes naturally. The disappointing part is some of Star’s anal scenes. One in which he got to poke her big ass for a moment and that was it. At least other Brazzers’ male pornstars smashed the virgin butthole real good.

Due to newly installed, big ass implants, it will take some time for Lela’s back scars to heal. That means mid-2022 is when Lela Star will go from 9/10 to 10/10. One of the biggest and best asses in porn, even if you don’t like fake ones. For the last two years, Bella was the queen of this top 10 and the touch has now been passed.

Source: ($1).

What a journey. Did we miss anything? Let us know. We are constantly updating the compilation, so don’t be shy.

Also, can’t get enough? Check our best anal paid sites list. It was a non-sponsored post, so I can guarantee that we are not just pushing bad sites to get paid. All reviewed using our own money, with no free access or anything.

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  1. Number 1 is Kelsi Monroe, not Alexis Texas. Where is Anal-Superstar Bobbi Starr? So sad, she retired. The older she got, the hotter she was.

  2. Lela Starr has an insane ass. She looks like Kim Kardashian now. It’s totally an implant but damn! She had a banging body before all the surgery though I don’t get it

  3. It’s true Bella Benz (#1) has a massive ass. However, she has covered it with unattractive tattoos and she often she a weird punk Mohawk kind of look. It’s like someone took a Rolls Royce and then spent two grand putting on Yosemite Sam mud flaps, a decal of Woody Woodpecker smoking a cigar, and painted flames on the fenders. She doesn’t belong on the same list as Alexis, etc


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