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/r/4K_Porn Review

Having reviewed dozens of reddit categories, I am struggling to review something truly thrilling for me at this point. From what I can gather it is your average one with what appears to be the most active community of 4k porn lovers. However, don’t get too excited as despite 20,000+ users, the content updates are as rare as a virgin in a midnight club. Basically, it’s like a weak hit of 4k porn as you are constantly relying on other users to rip or cut some parts of the porn that they are paying for. How many of your friends do pay for porn in the first place and how many of them would then share the account with you? Probably none.

You see, while other subs can pretty much gather content from millions of videos on free tube sites, Ultra Full HD content itself is scarce. Not to mention the size and time it takes to encode these videos. Some porn studios do upload 4k demo content on their own, but then again, we are speaking few short videos in a month or even less. If you do want to experience the feel of 4k porn, then this might be it. Now, I do say that while shaking my head as it is not a true 4k porn. The one you get from various 4k porn pay sites is not compressed as much as in these posts. Still, I can confirm that the videos do look much better than compared to Full HD. Think of it as watching 4k porn while drunk. You might think that it is a real deal, but once you sober up and get to experience it all over again, something is not right. You can read all my reviews or just trust me on this one, I rarely tell people this but just buy a membership somewhere instead, it truly is that simple of a solution.


If you want free 4k porn and preferably in a form of reddit posts, then this is the best you can get. There are no more popular subs than this one. At this point we must look at the facts and here is my take: there are no awesome 4k porn subreddits and there won’t be for many years to come. If you had money to buy a TV or display that supports 4k, don’t waste your time on these random posts and make the investment into growing your 4k porn collection. Not GIF collection, but the actual videos with sound and from start to finish. There is more than one site with few bucks trial, and this amount is ridiculous compared to what you have spent on hardware and even worse, your time watching garbage 4k cuts.


7.4 /r/4k_Porn
Users score: 0 (0 votes)


  • Free, the only better option is you getting paid for watching videos
  • The largest 4k sub-reddit out there
  • Has an okay range of content


  • Don’t expect to see a true 4k content
  • Despite its size, updates are still rare


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