Top 20: Retired Pornstars That Must Return (2024)

The hottest pornstars that must come back to porn.

Top 20++: Retired Pornstars That Must Return (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

I’ve spent more than two decades jerking off to thousands of pornstars, some better than others. However, as you get older and can no longer rub one out every few hours like in young days, the reality hits you hard. The saddest thing about getting old is that you get to see your favorite pornstars retire. It feels like breaking up. Some go so far as to disappear from social media completely.

With that in mind, I’ve spent the last few days researching and trying to remember some of my all-time favorites and now retired pornstars. The ones that the Internet misses the most. There is a very low chance that some will come back eventually, but don’t get your hopes high.
Retired doesn’t automatically mean dated; some of them went out of business relatively young. Others remained for a longer period to become the richest pornstars, ever.

22Hanna Hilton

Did you know that Hanna Hilton used to make close to $1,000 an hour fucking random dudes? Yes, she was an escort or hooker to be exact. Having shot softcore scenes for years, the famous slut had to start doing hardcore porn. You will never guess the circumstances that lead to this in the first place. Her boyfriend at the time refused to do more softcore modeling with Hannah. Oh, and he is a convicted rapist also. What a great and healthy couple!

Some men would fight wars for her, others are the exact opposite. For me, it’s a mix of both. A blond goddess with little to no passion.

21Iggy Amore

With the thinnest thong you can find in the trash market, Iggy is sadly no more with us. I don’t mean passed away but brainwashed with religion and other nonsense. We are not covering any diseased pornstars and speaking of, the #1 of our best pornstars of all-time still stands. Yes, she quit porn after getting married and becoming extremely religious. That’s kind of ironic. From sucking dick on knees to praying.

I do know more than a few sluts that (after fucking with pretty much everyone), transitioned to spiritual bullshit. It’s not always religion though. Some just went with the “power of the universe” or similar garbage.

20Sunny Leone

The name we all know, especially if you’re from India. This woman is responsible for a new era of pornstars coming from various poor countries. If you have beauty, aspirations, and talent, location isn’t a major concern. A major inspiration for sluts all over the ghetto.

Speaking for a 2019 interview and pornstar’s plans after retirement, Sunny Leone didn’t sugarcoat the adult business. Even called out some trolls and put them to place. Also, it looks like, despite the disappearance from porn movies, this sweet babe is still working inside other industries. Sunny built a brand name around herself and is now ready to push things further. That’s smart.

19Brooke Lee Adams

Rebekah Farris, better known as Brooke Lee Adams, was a breeze of fresh, chilled cum that has since been wiped off. Has retired this year according to multiple claims by the RedBled community. We had to double-check this, as pretty much every other porn site shows her as active. Sadly, there are no new videos and that confirms the suspicion. Also, her official page is long gone, and her Twitter account is also deleted. Do you need more affirmations?

Has reached the legendary porn actress status in the early 2010s, snagging multiple AVN awards for best scenes and best newbie.

18Katie Cummings

Some so many great pornstars have quit porn. Julia Bond, for example, could have been replaced with Katie Cummings, at least until the latter one also retired. A pornstar with one thick booty and curves greater than McLaren.

I’m not sure if these girls become dumber over time or smarter, but most retire at 30 to 32. Katie has just disappeared and that’s it, no mentions, interviews, or reasons. Used to have a strong sexual gravity about her that people were drawn into.

17Abby Lee Brazil

Retired in 2017 and gone from the Internet forever. Abby’s fans never got a reason or closure. That’s the worst way to quit porn. Waking up all happy only to find out that there’s nothing else to live for is daunting. As we watch her videos in the 2020s, it makes us depressed. So much potential wasted and flushed down the drain…

She’s not dead, just enjoying life without getting fucked by an entire football team. Abby might return one day since a lot of pornstars, after realizing that making money isn’t as easy, jump back in. The longer you wait, the harder it is to start.

16Tera Patrick

Men in their late 20s or early 30s will remember Tera Patrick; others are expected to shrug it off. Back then, free porn existed only in the form of low-resolution galleries and shady sharing sites. Was a celerity so famous that you could have included on pornstart lookalikes. Still manages her website, but don’t expect anything exciting from her. Just the awful scenes. That was the case since her retirement in 2008.

When pornstars were much less common, you could only choose among a few dozen hot ones rather than the thousands we see now. I don’t think that her performance could stand now, but you guys disagreed and miss her a lot!

15Jenna Jameson

By now, 95% of Internet users have seen Jenna Jameson at some point. Be it the famous pornstars with and without makeup posts (where she looks god-damn awful) or you know, porn. You can’t fight the process of aging. Even if she now looks as hot as an ice cube, you can’t ignore Jenna’s passion, looks, or achievements.

Now 44-year old, she went from pornstar to extremely fat beast to being skinny again. Does anyone still find her attractive? Probably. At least she made millions of cum smelling dollars.

14Ashlynn Brooke

The original Flash from X-Men is a pornstar with tits so beautiful that you forget about their size. If there is a pornstar that most people want to hang around with, it’s Ashlynn Brooke. Has that “not caring” attitude that is so magnetic. The more I watch, the harder it is for me to not get drawn into Ashlynn’s energy.

Seeing her retire devastated thousands of men on the Internet, myself included. Why did this pornstar retire anyway? Pregnancy. Whoever put that thing inside her should be ashamed. At least she is happy.

13Peta Jensen

A not-so-recent loss, albeit a painful one. Peta Jensen fucked like she was on steroids and approached every dick respectfully. Even if you had a tiny noodle between your pants, she’d hump and scream like it’s the best thing on earth. And no, this wasn’t some fake pretentious nonsense either.

Peta Jensen was stuck in limbo and would announce a retirement only to come back a few months later. So that’s why I see this cunnilingus mastermind coming back in early to late 2024. Maybe it’s the PMS or a new beginning of something amazing…


12Lily Carter

No one at RedBled finds Irish pornstars attractive, but when you mix some of the foreign flavors, the result is neat. For example, Lily Carter quit porn in the late 20s and did so more than once. A few years ago, she disputed claims about her retirement only to never shoot a single scene again. Judging by the GIF above, you can sort of see why one would stop performing.

I’m always reminded of Lil Wayne and his album “The Carter”, the only difference is that Wayne has more talent.


11Abella Anderson

This sweet goddess of all that is sacred and ass-related. Despite retiring, Abella continues to rank views in tens of millions and is one of the top 100 most popular pornstars still. She is doing all the right moves, milking that dick with her helicopter ass technique.

That’s how you lift your dick to the very edge of the universe. Her looks are also decent, and while none of that is showing in this GIF, you can be sure of that. Finally, a pornstar that is hot from the rear and the front. Next time though, get rid of that fucking plastic bag that sits on the door handle.


10Adriana Chechik

It’s not like we were massive fans of Adriana, but her mind-blowing number of followers speaks volumes. Unfortunately, the porn was just too extreme or bizaree for us with too many squirting, red rose rings for a butthole, etc.

Thanks to a Twitch event in the late 2022 Adriana had a massive back injury and is now in a limbo. To be fair, she did speak about wanting to leavee porn before, so it’s not like this was never on her mind before. So will she return to adult business or continue streaming on Twitch instead? The answer will become clear in 2024 or so.

9Rachel Roxxx

Hey, it happened! Siri is back at doing porn and I’m so happy to remove her from the article! Hopefully, forever. So, what do we dig out of the retirement home in hopes of a miraculous return? We’ll take one of the most popular pornstars of the 2000s and 2010s, Rachel Roxxx.

Ever since an introductory scene in 2007, this hot Texan kept on milking, cock after cock, up until 2017 when the final clip hit the site. Rachel had plans to return in the 2020s, but things got scrapped. According to rumors on now deleted forum posts, Keiran Lee demanded for all “upcoming” scenes to be with her only. However, Rachel hates him due to (allegedly) poor hygiene, roughness, and zero attraction. So, she said fuck them all; didn’t suck no one’s cock.


8Anna Bell Peaks

Wait, has Anna Bell already retired? She plans or will in the latter part of the year. So why not go ahead with the trend and include her now? Seeing that other sites haven’t had their lists updated in two years or so, let’s shame them! Not only with retired pornstars but also pornstars that are retiring in a few months.

Everyone will greatly miss thecolorful and inked porn performer, so be sure to consume as many of her scenes as possible. Assuming you are a fan anyway.

Why is she retiring? To focus on investments in the stock market. I kid you not. This is her real passion. No plans to ever come back either.

7Leah Gotti

You must have noticed by now that I am a fan of reverse cowgirl. Another retired pornstar blessed her fans with some 4k quality scenes. Having learned about Leah’s past, I don’t think that it’s possible for me to enjoy her porn anymore. You’ve been warned.

Her history is depressing with sexual abuse from her father, half-sisters, and so on. Gotti got kicked out from Christian home after solo modeling shots. Afterward, went on a drug rip to heal herself and met some random dude that convinced her to quit porn. This and the beatings from her black ex-boyfriend proved to be the last straw for Leah, and she retired.

Update: Leah is returning to porn!


6Jessie Wylde

Some of the retired pornstars are so sweet and lovely that you fall in love with them. Jessie Wylde was one of those rare beasts. Always with a wide smile, reminding us of Jessie Jane or Riley Reid. Two of them are now retired, by the way. Speaking of Riley for a moment, this pornstar is now on Snapchat and with scenes that make you go crazy.

Jessie Wylde never provided a reason for her retirement, but some suspect an unplanned pregnancy or a spouse. Whatever the case is, we miss her a lot.


5Remy La Croix

Man… How can such a pornstar retire and leave us with painfully blue balls? The hypnotic toad of ass jiggling, and the queen of anal porn. Remy La Croix announced her retirement only recently, which means that you can still find her on some 4k porn sites. Trying to scramble the last bits of her legacy in the best quality possible.

You must have played with your dick or pussy already while dreaming about her. Unless you have just discovered the joys of porn. She was and still is pretty much everywhere, on every porn site and network.

4Lisa Ann

I mean, everyone expected her to be on our greatest retired pornstars list, right? The moment you start thinking about mature pornstars, Lisa Ann pops into your mind. She is a millionaire, a hot MILF, and a pornstar with the charisma of a dolphin.

Would suck that tongue of hers after it was pulled out from Jenna’s butthole. She had a very solid career that is hard to top. With the incredible number of scenes under her belt, Lisa is one of my go-to pornstars from Brazzers. We prefer her with a slightly lighter skin tone than in the last videos


3Bree Olson

Bree Olson was likely a scuba diver before entering and leaving the porn industry. She knows how to use an oxygen tank and is a master of holding her breath. Took deep dives before deepthroating was even a thing. Good for her as Bree became one of the richest pornstars doing so.

A magnificent scene with great action, tiny drops of bodily fluids running down her lips, and slow blowjobs. Thank god to Brazzers for keeping her for as long as they did. Imagine if she decided to retire five years ago. You’d have to watch this art form in SD.


2Jenna Haze

One of the most badass pornstars of any generation. Look at how willingly she takes that dick. With painful expressions and a lot of discomfort, but not for a second does Jenna ask you to stop or pause. That’s how we prefer our performers. Another millionaire and at least with Jenna Haze, I can see why people miss her. For many, she will be remembered as of the best Brazzers pornstars.

I don’t think that there are many pornstars (retired or not) that could take the beating as she did. That’s excluding skanks and trash performers that are as low-life as an addict. Talking about beautiful and refined performers.


1Sasha Grey

Some of you will expect Sasha to be number one. Even if you don’t like her videos, her involvement and passion can’t be denied. One of the most popular, famous pornstars of this generation has retired. Not once did she complain about her job. Fucking and orgasms were always genuine. It’s a matter of taste, but she is not exactly the hottest (looks-wise). However, what makes her one of the most beautiful, sexiest pornstars is the attitude and a level of freedom rarely seen with other pornstars.

I do think that some of the retired pornstars are bitter about their life choices. Sasha Grey, on the other hand, has left the porn industry smiling and with a bag of cash. Not only will we miss her for the best anal and hardcore scenes, but her attitude and personality.

That’s the ultimate compliment.


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  1. Leah Gotti! <3

    And spot on with reverse cowgirl being the best position, its my favourite too! Only thing that beats it is standing reverse cowgirl, which is just so hot, whether pussy or anal!

    • i heard genisis thought her BD was somoeone she did a scene with turns out it was just another performer’s BF HAHAHAHA sucks to be her

    • Did she it? I wonder if she ever told the guy and if she knew who it was? This and stds are two of the big issues that i will not force hte issue of condoms but do think they should be used for anal and vaginal

    • She has been talking trash about many studios, claiming they owe her money, some didn’t pay etc but when the documents came up showing REAL sums sent to her account, she shut up. Then shew talked about abuse and other garbage, which also turned out to be false. She’s the worst, no thanks

  2. When sunny Leone return to porn industry ..did there is any chance have
    to return…?…I waiting to see her new looking of pussy and ass hole and hard fucking by black cock

  3. Did leah gotti have an issue with a black gang bang? I saw a faebook profile and do not knokw it was hers but it had a scene with her ( sorry twitter facebook dont allow porn) having sex with like 4 black guys and something about how her body was used and abused but then its mentioned she had a black boyfriend that turned out to be abusive. I guess that extra half inch on average might not be worth it ladies.

  4. You forgot Faye Reagan. And you don’t want Katie Cummings to come back. She went from a tight thick Julia Bond type of body to…. well… she would definitely be doing BBW porn now. She gained like 200 pounds.


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