Top 40: Salma Hayek Nude Pussy & Tits Pictures (2024)

Top 40: Salma Hayek Nude Pussy & Tits Pictures (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

To say that Desperado isn’t responsible for Salma Hayek’s success would be a massive lie. Sometimes it’s all down to luck and for a big boob, thick curve actress, the timing couldn’t have been better. Following a fine sex scene, Salma Hayek went to star in dozens other movies, some of which she undressed and was as naked as a mole. Now is the time to save all her naked appearances and show you what you’ve been missing out.

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Top 10 Salma Hayek Facts

  1. Salma’s name in Arabic means “peace”
  2. Speaks Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, English
  3. Got expelled from Catholic school due to pranks
  4. Her dream was to become a gymnast
  5. Chachi Arcola was her first celeb crush
  6. Hated doing Disney’s Jasmine role at 18
  7. Gifted a pet rescue owl to her husband
  8. Wore temporary butterfly tattoos
  9. Is more than good at Sudoku
  10. Has ADHD and is dyslexic

Salma Hayek Biography

Birthdate: September 2, 1966
Location: Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico
Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 5 feet 2 inches (1.57m)
Weight: 120 lbs. (55kg)

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Salma Hayek Nudes (Pictures)

40Straight to Pussy

Tits, side boobs, a pussy strip, why bother with foreplay or sexy pictures when there are more than forty naked artifacts to explore? Since the ocean is irrelevant, I’ve cropped all that out, so your eyes can stare and the sacred body of Salma.

39Two Pussies, One Landing Strip

Perhaps intentional, Salma Hayek didn’t shave the top part of her pussy, so it’s caught on camera. Alternatively, that’s her lifelong pussy style and it was all coincidence. For sure Salma knew that a fully naked scene will be filmed and instead of growing a push, like many celebs, she picked a far sexier alternative.

38Fucking in Desperado

The candles were too much as who has time to light them all up when a naked Salma Hayek is in front of you? Taking a condom out of a drawer, assuming it’s a new check, is already a risky move since there’s an awkward moment to “think” instead of “act”, so this… Yeah, skip the candles, just smash that pussy, champ.

37All the Best Nude Angles

Since nudes from this movie are so overused and have been seen millions of times, we shall combine them all into a single picture. If a smiling Banderas isn’t too much of a distraction, then there’s nothing else to see there, assuming you want Salma’s naked pictures.

36Salma’s Pussy Investigator

The next three pictures use stills from the grand butt reveal with Salma Hayek swimming away, all naked. These are frozen, brightened up, zoomed-in, all enhanced pictures, straight from the CSI files. Whether it’s a water bubble, her pussy, or a piece of clothing is a mystery, but make your own conclusions.

35Panties or Rear Pussy

With even more shadows removed, there’s a visible dark spot in the Hayek’s pussy area. I wish someone familiar with the scene could enlighten us. Either it’s the best “fake” skin or an accidental pussy slip.

34Third Time’s the Charm

Before water ripples masked Salma’s rear-end, this was the final picture I was able to capture. The water physics breaks waves making the entire thing a bit blurry, but the shape is undeniable vaginal looking. It’s the closest thing to a pussy money shot there is, all other full nudes appear from further way.

33Jumping into Pool

Swimming naked is a novel idea, but with chlorine among other chemicals inside a pool water, I’m clenching my pussy just thinking about it. The idea of ruining pussy pH, getting an infection… That’s no fun, so hopefully Salma Hayek didn’t suffer from any of that, and it was a pool of clean water.

32Backside Delivery

Even when experienced in real life, these “running naked” scenarios rarely provide anything but a brainfart. For sure, you think that you see something, but they disappear faster than your eyes can put focus on the pussy area.

31A Big Bubble Butt

Salma Hayek could’ve been a famous pornstar given her massive ass, gigantic tits, and a face worthy of a sin. But perhaps not all gorgeous women need to get nasty and take it in the ass or sign up for a gangbang. Just saying that most of the time, it’s pornstars who have the most pronounced curves, which is a compliment to Salma.

30A Rare Pussy Slip

When filming up-close, there’s always a risk of a pussy slip, and we see just that on the left side. We now understand why men watch beach volleyball and I swear it’s not for the sportsmanship. The same perhaps also applies to female tennis.

29Sandy Boobs

Among the best boob pictures is the one with Salma’s tits covered with sand. It adds a level of dirtiness without making Salma Hayek herself look dirty, if you know what I mean. Like flowers, Salma’s boobs always make me smile.

28A Portion of Epic Tits

Delicious, perfectly proportional, likely with sweet milk, those are female titties all right. It’s hard to distinguish Salma’s boobs from the other actresses, so we won’t comment on the “ownership”, but the video below should give you an idea.

27Fuck Me or Get Out

That’s the gaze I get from my boyfriend who devours my harder than a truck of bricks. Since Salma already revealed the top of her pussy, there’s no reason to cover the area in this scene… But perhaps it wasn’t her idea?

26Pornstar Worthy Kiss

My friends ask me if I get tired of covering pornstars or celebrities since in the end, they all “look the same”, just different heads attached to different tits or pussies. That’s a simplification, but to answer your question, there is always a wave of new performers coming to porn while waiting for celebrity nudes, as a new movie hit the theaters, is always as exciting as it was the first time.

25A Joyful Gaze

Two stunning women looking at each other’s eyes makes us pause for a moment. Yeah, all the tits, nipples, kisses are nice, but a simplicity of love gaze is something on another level. It’s even rarer in porn where stars just want to finger bang any hole and get paid.

24Lesbians Having Sex

Even if through some pussy sticker, her pussy area is having visitors. Hard nipples, majestic boobs, nudes from the top or side… Why not? I wish my family was wealthy so I too could create “artistic” Hollywood films.

23Peeking Through Blouse

In the original scene, which is found some paragraphs below, Salma Hayek, by the looks of it, intentionally tries to expose her pussy (panties) area. But while the movie makes you think that there’s nothing beneath her shirt, Photoshop never lies and with lighting dialed up to the max, a tight black string appears.

22A Weird Upskirt

Added just for the fun of it, I couldn’t imagine anyone jerking off to the idea of Salma Hayek licking her legs. By the way, when you spread legs and someone captures a still, do you classify this as an upskirt? If Salma had a skirt, it would be, but now… Whatever, at least the feet fetish female community can flick their beans with this one.

Salma Hayek Nudes (Movies & TV Shows)

Movie Name:

Desperado (1995 Movie)

21A Love Making Scene

There are sex scenes and then there’s an artistic interpretation of that. Some go hardcore, including Angelina Jolie, who fucked like a maniac on drugs, and then there’s lovemaking. I remember being at the edge of my seat, waiting in anticipation of Salma Hayek’s nudes. Instead, you jerked off to hundreds of candles and a reddish view of her side boobs.

Scene: 01:11:00

20Full Frontal Nudity

Antonio Banderas is seen smiling, thinking god knows what, but while he got to touch and squish Salma’s tits, we got to see them upfront. Without question, I’d switch roles with Banderas, but in this case, unless seen naked prior shotting a scene, he couldn’t have his pie and eat it too.

Scene: 01:11:12

Movie Name:

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996 Movie)

19A Freakish Leg Lick

What the hell, man? Can’t we just go back to the old-classic nudes? Salma portrayed Santanico Pandemonium in this scene and if there’s a heatmap of where most men look at, it wouldn’t even be her legs. Nope, it’s the silent “upskirt” view of Salma’s pussy, that is, for the time, covered with black lingerie.

Scene: N/A

18A Sensual Dancer

Let’s face it, given that two actresses have similar acting skills, ten times out of ten, unless a butthurt feminist is in charge, a role will be given to the female with giant tits. Although in Salma Hayek’s case, she not only obliterates her competition, but has other desired qualities like a pair of gigantic tits.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Frida (2002 Movie)

17Fully Naked and Horny

Starring as Frida Kahlo, who was a Mexican painter with rich history, Salma gifted the world full body nudes followed by a crazy lesbian scene afterward. At that point, we were aware of Hayek’s curves and tits, but the cleverly covered pussy was still a mystery. That changed in 2006, but at the time, this movie was more than enough for “the books”.

Scene: 01:38:30

16Let’s Rub Salma’s Pussy

What a hardcore lesbian duo is this? The devil is in the details, so it took me a few times of rewatching, but it finally clicked! Perhaps at the heat of the moment and with a wet pussy, a female actress guided co-worker’s hand and placed it on top of that pussy! This is no ordinary acting, folks, but a lesbian scene in the making.

Scene: 01:38:50

15Sandy Tits

Having researched Salma Hayek’s nudes, it wasn’t until 2024 that we’ve identified the source of this naked masterpiece. A close-up of Salma’s tits covered in sand is something we’ve never asked for, but thank god, someone still delivered.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Ask the Dust (2006 Movie)

14Taking Off Her Panties

Given the boring plot and a film that you turn off just to burn time, watching Salma Hayek take off her panties, while interesting, isn’t mind shattering. That’s because there are no expectations. For the moment, you accept as the only “nude”, that plus semi-visible nipples, and move on. But then Salma Hayek nudes hit you like a ton of bricks.

Scene: N/A

13Salma’s Pussy Reveal

Masterfully cropped so only the top of a pussy, where the hair lives, is visible, Salma Hayek shocked me with full body nudity. I wasn’t expecting any of that. Her tits are live spectacles 24/7, seven days a week, but when there’s a chance of seeing Salma’s pussy, the top part of a naked body doesn’t even matter.

Scene: 00:33:30

12A Cropped Full Body Nude

Perhaps the previous GIF is better since it’s of better quality, but you can’t appreciate the “improved” version without seeing the original. I mean, is there anything else to say other than that Salma’s entire body is visible? Look at the giant waves blasting her tits, pussy, ass… And she’s having fun too.

Scene: 00:33:35

11A Fully Naked Salma Hayek

When you’re done running around naked, it’s time for someone else to join you. Not sure if our audience cares whether the dude was fully naked too, with his dick swinging, but if it helps to finish you off, then let’s assume that’s the case. Personally, I’ll continue watching and re-watching this GIF for hours.

Scene: 00:33:55

Movie Name:

Bandidas (2006 Movie)

10Vanilla Booty Shaking

The entire Bandidas release didn’t yield any interesting scenes other than this tricky ass shaking and/or grinding shot. Even a hot Salma Hayek wasn’t enough to net this rating more than five points on the IMDB. Good thing the quality in the late 2000s was good enough that a lot of details remain preserved.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Ugly Betty (2006 – 2010 TV Series)

9A First Big Boob Reveal

A couple falling in love and staying in love forever is a more realistic scenario than that of Salma Hayek being an ugly Betty. Why don’t they take a genuinely ugly woman and do something with her instead? And if she has tits as large as Salma’s, the rest of facial qualities don’t even matter. Am I right or am I right?

Scene: N/A

8Show Me Titties

Like puppies, all tits provide an endless wave of joy, which is why I’m bringing you this “sex scene” GIF. It’s more of a boob mashing, touching, kissing, and undressing, than exposing, but due to brilliant lighting, there’s nothing left to imagination. The rest you can imagine on your working break in a bathroom.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Some Kind of Beautiful (2014 Movie)

7Nude Again

Getting naked on camera for the first time must be a big deal, but now that Salma Hayek had sex scenes, full nudes, you name it, this scene is peanuts. She looks happy, relaxed, and knows that every man will be jerking off to her butt reveal. If your dick or pussy is already full of pressure, then just wait for the next GIF!

Scene: N/A

6Slowing Down a Full Body Reveal

When God gives you two seconds of Salma’s nudes, take his creation and utilize “devil’s technology” to have more fun with it. We’re not missing out on Salma Hayke’s full ass, rear pussy, and thigs reveal. Now, how much pussy you see is up to your imagination and eye strength, but this GIF is juicy even for the blind.

Scene: N/A

5Naked in A Pool

Among all naked in pool reveals of Hollywood, we’d rank Salma’s attempt somewhere in the top. My favorite is probably Alison Brie’s since wet hair makes everything even sexier. And while I’m in love with Brie, Hayek’s majestic butt is too big to ignore.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Everly (2014 Movie)

4Salma Hayek’s Upskirt

Japanese movies, porn or regular, are full of upskirt angles and the way Salma shows her pretty, likely covered pussy is far too obvious. It’s not an accident but a direction from a movie producer. And if not and it was all her own doing, there’s room for improvement since the “accidental” element isn’t there.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Magic Mike’s Last Dance (2023 Movie)

3Eating Out Hayek’s Pussy

Fuck me or let me fuck a celebrity if I’m wrong, but is this a pussy eating out scene? What a bizarre, creepy and confusing material. This is all American made, IMDB claims. No weird Japanese fetishes, no unnecessary surrealism of Eastern Europe, nope. All this weird shit is straight from the USA. It’s not a third world country film with limited budget or funny special effects from an Indian movie editor.

Scene: N/A

2Turning for Ass Now

Just so you don’t end up not sleeping at night guessing what was going on there, I’ll show you the rest of the scene. It was a foreplay, you see! Because a regular human being lifts their partner to the glass and hold them by pussy or ass too, you know… Despite Hayek kissing in the end, I’m saddened that it’s one of her latest performances.

Scene: N/A

1Finishing with A Kiss

The grand finale has Salma Hayek kissing a half-naked man while she herself continues to wear a tight red dress. As I said, hopefully, there are more hardcore sex scenes and extreme nudes in the future because Salma’s body deserves all the attention and appreciation it can get. Also, Hayek’s brain, that too.

Scene: N/A

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