Top 35: Sharon Stone Nude Pussy & Sexy Tits Pictures (2024)

Top 35: Sharon Stone Nude Pussy & Sexy Tits Pictures (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

To say we were gob smacked after learning about Sharon Stone’s pussy reveal would be an understatement of the millennia. If we were to rank the best celebrities of all time, including by popularity, Sharon would be in the top 10. So, how often do you get to say that one of the hottest, best celebrities has “shown” her pussy? Likely once in a lifetime.

That would be like seeing Leo’s cock or something except that we prefer women, but still… It’s curiosity that gets into you! With that in mind, I’ve started searching for more Sharon Stone’s nudes and this is where we start!

Disclaimer: We respect your privacy and consent! Please contact us if you want to get any content removed ASAP. All content comes from media sources. Thank you!

Top 10 Sharon Stone Facts

  1. Didn’t use body doubles for sex scenes
  2. Thought that her pussy wouldn’t be shown
  3. Sharon’s agents didn’t approve of a leg crossing scene
  4. Plowed through pain while filming Casino movie
  5. Is allergic to caffeine and has asthma
  6. Has auctioned a kiss for charity
  7. Worked at McDonald’s part time
  8. Had a cerebral hemorrhage (brain bleed)
  9. Miss Stone has an IQ of 154
  10. Says that it’s a skill to not feel shame

Sharon Stone Biography

Birthdate: March 10, 1958
Location: Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA
Zodiac: Pisces

Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.74m)
Weight: 120 lbs. (55kg)

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What About Love

Sharon Stone Nudes (Pictures)

36Kissing a Female Actress

It would look better out of context as if some paparazzi snapped Sharon Stone in a “lesbian moment” on a beach or something. However, by today’s standards this is nothing but a friendly kiss. Okay, maybe slightly better than that! Still, since we have dozens of much better and hotter nudes, let’s not dwell too much on this.

35Making It Better

If we bring more detail to Sharon Stone’s lips, I can see the kissing screencap being better, but it’s not much. I like the nature of this picture because it “freezes” Sharon’s emotion and it really seems as if our blond actress does her best.

34Sharon Stone’s Boobs, Nothing Else

Do you care what’s happening on her left or right? She’s holding a bar of soap, is in a shower, naked, and that’s it. I would argue that a cropped version is hotter because there are no naked guys. However, for all the right reasons, I’ll show you the original picture too.

33Wet and Naked

So, which naked interpretation of Sharon’s body do you prefer? Ladies will probably dig this one better because there’s a muscular guy on the left, but for me… Yeah, I’d rather place all my attention to a single spot only. Well, maybe one and a half spot if you know what I’m saying. Also, the dark shadows don’t show as much detail as the image above.

32Fucking Shanon’s Rear

I’m sure it was a vaginal sex scene and there’s nothing to imply anal, so by rear I meant rear pussy. Here, Sharon Stone is more mature although boobs, which you will also see, seem to be in better shape.

But did you know that there’s more to this picture than a naked eye can see? Look at the left boob and scroll below!

31A Nipple Slip

We’ve seen celebrity pussy slips and camel tones, but it’s always awesome to witness a nip slip. When you enlarge an image, don’t lose the detail, and play with image settings, it’s that easy to spot it.

Yes, this is one of those cases where an untrained eye seems and forgets while professional masturbators look to see what else can be “extracted” from the image.

30Sharon Stone’s Giant Tits

It saddens me to say it, but Sharon Stone didn’t “voluntarily” sign up for a boob job. Back in 2001, she had surgery and had benign tumors removed from her breasts, but then the surgeon suggested her boobs that are one size larger. Well, this is the result and yes, Sharon looks hotter. With that said, no one will ever top Paulina Gaitán, nor should people try.

29A Big Ass Wonder

It’s all pure butt muscle, rounded to perfection, pushing outwards and teasing the audience. Due to yellow mood light, Stone’s body look extra crisp and while I am against fake tans or tanning in general, due to skin cancer risks, the same affect can be achieved with yellowish hues. So, a big awesome ass, a tanned body, and Sharon Stone riding cock.

28A Perfect Ass for Blowjobs

You know when someone’s sucking your dick with ass up in the air and you can see a butt shape? In Sharon Stone’s case, her butt expands more than Frieza did in the Dragon Ball Z series. And larger is always better!

Thanks to a perfectly placed camera, you can enjoy a blowjob spectacle or an hourglass shaped butt.

27Squishy Boobs

There’s an ass crack in the right corner, which is wild, but I’m more impressed with the squishy boobs that Sharon’s partner had a chance to feel. Can’t wait until we get VR experiences that simulate a person hugging you. Probably will need to find a “wrap around” body suit that utilizes bags of sand.

26Ass to Remember

It’s interesting how different celebrity’s sign-up for different nude scenes. Those with giant tits and tiny butts prefer to show just the top while flat-chested performers do nothing but covered boobs and naked rears. In Sharon’s case, she mixes it all up with plenty of top and bottom area nudes, the best of both worlds.

25The Best Picture of Sharon’s Butt

We have the technology, ladies and gentlemen! From the back, Sharon Stone makes for a solid Pamela Anderson’s impression although it’s questionable whether such impression is required. Like, why bother impersonating someone who’s not as hot as you, right? That’s a compliment thrown to Sharon’s garden.

24Riding and Grinding

There are thousands of nudes inside our fappening category, some of which show sex scenes identical to that of Sharon’s. When you think about it, pulling a naked scene like this is super easy and is somewhat safe. The actors are naked, the implied cock inside a pussy is there, but the factual nudity is kept to a minimal. Probably even the more conservative actresses would be okay with this.

23Six Natural Titties

Here’s the best look at Sharon’s natural titties in three different angles. In the near future, someone will be able to model them and create a real-life sex doll. Now, I’m not keen on such feature as it sounds creepy, but it never stopped geeks from inventing fake porn with celebrity face overlays and other nonsense.

22A Collage of Nudity

Boobs, lesbians, nipples, kissing, all but scissoring! It would’ve been funny if movie’s name was “Scissors”, which Sharon also starred in. Still, have fun spending some time with this collage since there’s a lot to see here.

21Natural and Bouncy

Pointy, erect nipples, combined with a petite body makes me scream in joy. There has been a lot of talk about body acceptance, which I’m fine with, but no one ever compliments petite women’s figures. Yes, everyone says that this actress is hot, but why not acknowledge the achievement of staying petite? Kudos to Sharon Stone!

20A Babelicious Ass

The reason I started researching Sharon Stone was, of course, the no underwear scene below. However, thanks to high levels of confidence and not giving a damn, she has dozens of epic ass and boob shots too, one of which is in front of your eyes. A naked rear in a position that exposes a desirable butt crack, we’re all in for that.

19Full Pussy Reveal

There’s no beating around the bush, it’s not a CGI or a stunt double! It’s a real, true to the core pussy of Sharon Stone. The video is not as good since she uncrosses legs so fast, but wow…

It’s a sweet victory for the world of cinema and Sharon Stone who was brave enough to show it all.

18Sharon Stone’s Pussy Close-Up

Yes, there’s a way to see even more! If rumors are to be believed about Stone’s pussy scene, then this is how her natural self. A slightly shaved beaver, but that’s about it. Perhaps if pussy reveal was more “coordinated”, we’d get nothing but a square of hair. Thankfully, the universe smiled upon everyone, and we now know what that precious pussy looks like.

17Aging Gracefully

No matter if in her 30s or 60s, Sharon Stone still is stupendously hot. Sure, a filmmaker would’ve utilized a few more sources of studio light, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Also, if you’ve read all the image descriptions between every nude, then you’ll appreciate Sharon’s boobs even more.

16Sharing a Kiss

To cool you off, here’s a bit of Stone’s naked skin, which will help you stay on the edge of cumming, especially after her pussy reveal. But what comes next is perhaps even more shocking, and these will include clips from movies where Sharon Stone went rogue.

Sharon Stone Nudes (Movies & TV Shows)

Movie Name:

Irreconcilable Differences (1984 Movie)

15Undressing for You

Perhaps you thought that we’d start like a weakling, but when it comes to Sharon Stone, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Around forty years ago, the sexiest woman alive filmed this scene and it blew everyone away. Perhaps some guys blew other things, but yes, that was a long time ago. For unaware, Sharon Stone is in her 60s and we wish her well.

Scene: 00:56:00

14A Full Boob Reveal

Usually, cropped GIFs are so much better because they skip the nonsense, but this one is an exception. Yes, there are video improvements too, but the added background and a peek at Sharon’s figure in bed right before nudity ups this naked marvel by a few points. I couldn’t imagine that Stone was so “innocent” looking and I don’t mean “she’s slut now”, nope. It’s more about looking like a hot woman next door, like in that pornstar next door movie aka “The Girl Next Door (2004)”

Scene: 00:56:00

Movie Name:

Scissors (1991 Movie)

13Top Nudity Three Years Later

At the beginning of a movie, Sharon Stone got naked again and as far as boobs go, they’re pretty much the same. I’d argue that they looked better before due to superior lighting, but it’s not like this is the last time you’ll get to see Sharon’s boobs. We have lesbian scenes and other delicious clips in store.

Scene: 00:13:05

Movie Name:

Basic Instinct (1992 Movie)

12A Famous Full Pussy Reveal

It happened! Sharon Stone, without wearing any panties, uncrossed her legs and exposed a full pussy. She had a tiny bush, but due to superior camera angles, the pussy is as visible as your screen in front of you. According to many reports, Sharon Stone was asked to remove panties as they were too bright and messed up camera lighting although allegedly, she thought that pussy would be censored.

Scene: 00:27:02

11A Full Bush, Ass and Pussy

Filmed from further away, here’s another cinema marvel. Honestly, the entire movie was a goldmine of Sharon Stone’s nudes and likely contributed ten-fold to movie ticket sales, DVD sales and other media. I assume that everyone, including your grandfather and dad wanted to see her fully naked. Good thing our wish came through and who knew that dreams become reality?!

Scene: N/A

10Nude and Bending Over

Is there such thing as “too good to be true”? When you’re standing there with a bare ass and have to bend over to grab something, including a soap bar, things may get wild. Thanks to a mirror on the left, Sharon Stone’s ass looks mesmerizing. There’s a tiny reveal of her pussy too, if you look closely, but we’ve already seen it.

Scene: N/A

9Sharon’s Natural Tits

There are just a few more naked clips from this movie, so it’s like saying goodbye to your best friend. In this case, there are two best friends in a shape of boobs, which are natural. For some reason, Sharon’s tits remind me of the 60s or even 70s adult films. More precisely, the triangle shaped bras that pointed towards you.

Scene: N/A

8Giving a Blowjob and Fucking

In our trivia about Sharon Stone, we’ve mention that (allegedly), she doesn’t use sex doubles, meaning that it’s all real. The acting out of a blowjob was her own doing!

Was there ever a movie as good and generous in nudes as Basic Instinct? A full pussy reveal, tits, ass, dick sucking, it’s like a softcore porn.

Scene: N/A

7The Final Sex Scene

And the sex continues! Some say that Sharon’s call to get a boob job was a right one, but we beg to differ. However, no one ever argued about her stunning, round and curvy butt. Trying to picture her in a doggystyle gives me goosebumps. That rear end is truly straight from the top pornstar’s list.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

The Specialist (1994 Movie)

6Showering Naked and Rubbing Breasts

Uh, seeing someone rub a male’s chest is giving me creeps as if Silvester Stallone insisted on this “plot twist”. The scene should’ve had roles reversed where it’s a male who’s rubbing a female’s tits. Just the idea of seeing Stallone aroused doesn’t sit well with me, but at least I can stare at Sharon’s naked body.

Scene: N/A

5Kisses and More

While these two didn’t fuck, the passionate kissing whilst being naked could raise a boner or two. Also, it’s nice to see both actors “involuntarily” placing hands in such places so you can’t see much of Sharon’s tits.

Assuming Silveter Stallone was naked here too and without trousers, did his dick get hard and poked someone?

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Diabolique (1996 Movie)

4Just Fuck Me Already

Sharon Stone has filmed a lot of sex scenes, and in the late 90s you got this one. It didn’t top the Basic Instinct, but a mention is a must. It’s more of a kissing scene with some motor boating, but even then, the sexual moves are limited.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000 Movie)

3Lesbian Sex Scene

Who cares about the prequel if Sharon Stone is not fucking her lesbian friend? Sadly, celebrity lesbian sex tapes sound better in your mind because there’s nothing to see there. Just a few seconds of a nipple, some kissing, and passionate rubbing of non-intimate body parts.

If this was the only nude scene if Sharon Stone, fans would go bonkers, but for now… Yeah, it’s just meh.

Scene: 00:56:58

Movie Name:

Fading Gigolo (2013 Movie)

2Sharon Stone After Boob Job

Starring Woody Allen, the Fading Gigolo movie might not be the highest rated on IMDB, but it did bring some nudes. Also, since Sharon Stone was older at the time and with a possible boob job, her naked body looks blissful.

She became a hot MILF, someone whom we all dream of fucking, like your friend’s blond mom.

Scene: N/A

Other Nudes

1Banging the Devil

The final nude scene that I’ve discovered is from an unknown source, but it’s from “before the boob job” era since Sharon’s tits are still nice and natural. Perhaps it was edited to make it seems bizarre for but now, it’s as if she’s possessed by the Satan, fucking air or getting fucked by an invisible devil’s dick.

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