Siri Pornstar (2024)

Siri the pornstar and her history in adult business.

Siri Pornstar: Bio & Top 20 Porn Videos (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

You’ve already talked to her differently on your phone, and here she is. The incredibly busty pornstar with tits as natural as your dad’s cum droplets. Not only shall we cover her retirement, but I will also show you some of the best scenes and more. Siri is one of the no-brainer types of performers that has a mention or two in any pornstar database.

About Siri Pornstar

Nationality and Ethnicity: American, Caucasian

Age: 35-years-old
Birthday: June 20, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 1.75m or 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 66 kg or 145 lbs.
Breast / Bra Size: 30H – 27 – 38
Tits: Natural

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Years Active: 2012 – 2016; 2020 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: N/A (Deleted)
Official Instagram Account: N/A (Deleted)

Real Name: Unknown
Other Nicknames: Adrienne, SiriXXX, Sigrid

Siri Pornstar Biography

Born in Minneapolis, United States, and with Scandinavian roots, Siri is a retired pornstar who became famous for one reason: Apple’s Siri. Sure, the look and talent helped after that, but let’s be honest, there are many cute sluts that never broke through. Her nickname comes from the Swedish word “Sigrid,” which means beautiful victory.

In her early 20s, Siri worked as a cashier and got a communications degree, although her dream job was that of a pornstar. Siri is a natural swinger and has said multiple times that monogamy is not for her. Entering the adult industry in 2012 at the age of 24, she shot her first scene with Reality Kings Studios and only grew in popularity from there.

Siri’s first BDSM scene was released in 2013, followed by a first anal scene in 2015. That was also the year in which Siri collected the most AVN awards. However, a busty brunette retired from porn one year later, stating that the industry wasn’t as fun anymore. Among the last videos of Siri are interracial ones that we didn’t feel either. It’s unknown what she’s up to now, but Siri said her next dream job would be as a make-up artist.

21Casual Doggystyle

This scene occurred when Siri was just a casual porn performer, testing the waters and trying different styles. Imagine skyrocketing in popularity overnight, all because of Apple’s announcement. Siri is still having fun and getting fucked in one of her favorite positions.

Burgundy hair color, bouncy tits, oily skin, and cheap apartments are your only ingredients for a good porn movie.

20Siri’s Facial

Testing facial waters, pornstar Siri is afraid of cum and feels uncomfortable in front of a camera. Asking him to cum, only to have a face of regret afterward. That would be a moment for any pornstar to quit, but Siri plowed through, and it paid in spades.

I wonder if these small studios regret pushing Siri or any other performer into great waters, only never to hear them say thanks afterward.

19Bouncy Tits of Glory

In 4-years of porn, Siri has tried every color there is. Starting with red or brown hair and then transitioning to blond and back. Did you know that people pressured her into losing weight? She even got tired of being classified as chubby.

Siri went to compare average American weight, etc., but looking at these fat rolls near her stomach, you don’t need stats and graphs to see the truth.

18Football Games

Meaty butt, large breasts that some never believed were real and Siri the pornstar. Dressed in a football coach outfit, good at handling balls… That’s a recipe for success, and Siri kept riding it. Following the argument on the playing field, this couple asked to be kept private for a few minutes as they argued in the guy’s house.

The arguing involved cock jamming down her throat, getting his dick smuggled with her pussy, and the confetti of cum as they agreed on all points.

17Blowjob to Titjob

The United States has Niagara Falls, Egyptians feature pyramids, and Siri has plump breasts. You’re bound to enjoy all these, which we see in this scene. Switching from oral sex to titty fucking, Siri got to nurture some of the greatest cocks in the adult industry.

It hurts to fuck dry tits, and this pornstar was a true professional at making sure you feel great. Hence a sloppy blowjob beforehand.

16The Sexiest Pornstar

There is no intercourse in this GIF, folks! Posing in broad daylight, squeezing her tits, and moving at a perfect pace, Siri was a master of all teasers. Best fans will know it’s an earlier scene because Siri’s right arm doesn’t have a heart tattoo.

Damn, this pornstar is a true beauty, such a captivating diva. Who wants a sequel to find out what happened next?


15Siri in Lesbian Scene

While not common, Siri did some lesbian porn scenes, including the one with Angela White. There you see two great contracting pornstars with red and blue clothing, inverted and regular nipples, and different hair colors. Fans would’ve loved a lesbian threesome with Ava Addams too!

These are like two slutty sisters, and all of them look evil. I love their tiny smiles and eye contact; it helps to build sexual tension.

14Siri Grinds Dick Hard

Siri is a pornstar of many hair colors, and every porn video is different. One day, she will come with long blond hair, while the following video has them trimmed and dyed differently. Perhaps the brightest red tone I’ve seen, and it’s distracting.

Hard to watch this one unless it’s doggystyle, which this GIF doesn’t have. Thankfully, there’s always a source with an entire scene.


13Riding on Top

Guess who loves to take control? Siri, the pornstar! Those who regularly watch her scenes should already know that. It doesn’t stop at the riding on top, though. She goes one step beyond, choking the guy as she grinds on his dick and edges to an orgasm.

It’s a sensual video that started as a massage. Not sure about the male pornstar here; looks like one of those Jersey Shore guys.

12Fucking Siri’s Ass

There’s more to come! You’ll see an early butthole entry below, but here’s the first of a few Siri anal GIFs. Rubbing her pussy as she tries to forget the uncomfortable part of anal sex, Siri takes it like a champ. There are some painful facial expressions and nothing but joy from the male partner.

Well, that’s what anal sex is supposed to be about, right? For a female to feel like a male is in complete control, using her just for his pleasure.

11Messy Titjob

Spit on my dick and make your tits work! It needs more saliva, lube, plus pussy juice to make it a comfortable fuck. This GIF is a testimony to Siri’s breast size. Guy’s dick isn’t even small, yet it has disappeared from the shot, drowning in the pornstar’s tits.

Siri is a white version of a Japanese pornstar, Hitomi Tanaka that too is known for the most enormous natural breasts in existence.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

10Going for Doggystyle

Chubby sluts have some prettiest pussies, especially from the rear end. They look smooth and fluffy, like pancakes that you can fuck. While I don’t get the point of fucking with one leg lifted (maybe someone can explain?), it doesn’t deteriorate from the rest of this GIF.

Again, Siri was a pornstar of phenomenal talent, and I’ll keep saying that till the cows go home. Do you prefer a blond, red, or brown hairstyle? What about hair length?

9Siri’s Tits from Heaven

How hard is it to focus on Siri’s mouth when you have bouncy breasts hypnotizing your eyes? It’s harder than balancing on a unicycle with your legs broken! I’ve seen this trick many times where sluts pretend to play with your balls or shaft, but the end goal is the same.

They don’t want to choke on your cock nor for you to push their mouths deeper. Add a hand down there, and the issue is solved! At least until you push her fingers away and smash her throat hard.


8Interracial Games with Siri

Before quitting porn forever, Siri shot a few interracial porn scenes, and we have them all. Some fans speculate that this was the reason for her retirement, but we aren’t conceived. She’s still smiling, enjoying huge loads, and initiating more of the same.

Why did Siri retire? Share your theories in the comment section, and let’s end lousy theories or speculations.

7Redhead Slut and Her Tits

Manuel Ferrara is one of the 5-star male pornstars that fucked every slut on the market, including Siri. Look at the excitement level and everything else happening in between! She jumped on a trampoline and played with a water hose, building up the anticipation.

You can see what happens next, and it’s beautiful. Throat fucked, cum drowned, then returned to the pond with a satisfaction rate of 100%. Thumbs up to Manuel.


6The Glorious Angle

One of the greatest moments in porn, for sure! This camera angle did a phenomenal job of capturing the best pornstar qualities. Phenomenal lighting, bouncing tits, and Siri’s facial expressions remain in our memories.

Want some interesting facts from a pornstar’s life? These sluts have sex during their periods too! To stop their pussies from bleeding out, they stuff make-up sponges down their vaginas. Not making this up.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

5Siri’s First Anal Scene

In an old interview, Siri said that there were only three things down her butt, and she was never passionate about anal. However, the mesmerizing pornstar also said that she’d do it when the time was right, and that time did come along with thousands of watchers.

Tight tiny butthole, trimmed pussy, yellow bracelets of a cheap slut, and as magnificent as ever breasts. Also, Siri looks skinnier here, and these epic facial features pop much more.


4Fucking Siri’s Brains Out

Near the end of the rapid porn marathon, Siri, the pornstar, was fucked hard. Sensory overload, soft filter, proper camera work to show both tits smacking, and more. God, do we miss her! I always had a thing for pornstars that weren’t pure American. It was as refreshing as a glass of freshly squeezed breast milk.

Imagine a GIF with sound effects and ass-clapping sounds! But wait, you don’t have to imagine, as we have a full video below!

3Siri’s First Threesome

As explained in our biography, Siri switched from vanilla to BDSM, and it looks fun. Getting slapped to her face, eating ass, licking jeans, sucking two cocks, and getting mouth stuffed with meat. Don’t feel bad for this pornstar or any for that matter, it’s a turn-on for them. Some women get wet by extreme fetishes, and this is as much or more fun than for the guys that fuck them.

The irony is that Siri can’t satisfy them orally because of slaps. The dude’s logic is fucked.


2Pounding Siri as Redhead

Explore Siri’s beautiful figure before the inevitable retirement in 2016. It’s crazy how people still search for her and how many fans beg for a pornstar to return. But, compare this GIF to her older scenes, and the difference is drastic.

She no longer looks like a casual amateur. Now, it’s expensive make-up and hair dyes, proper lighting, among other things. Yeah, this career won’t end happily, though.


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