Sofya Curly Pornstar (2024)

Belarus, Italy and Czech Republic pornstar, Sofya Curly.

Sofya Curly Pornstar Profile: Top 20 Free Videos & GIFs (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

The first time we heard of Sofia Curly was in early 2018. As shocking as it sounds, this is when she also got into the porn scene. While most pornstars that enter the business are in their early 20s, Sofia decided to switch things up in her late 20s.

Instead of going vanilla, she seems to be already doing anal gapping, orgies, and other hardcore shit. There are mixed opinions about this approach because selling yourself like an open book is not a good idea. This slut speaks Russian, among other languages, and appears to have mixed genes intact.

About Sofya Curly

Nationality and Ethnicity: Italian, Caucasian

Age: 34-years-old
Birthday: October 2, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 1.75m or 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 72 kg or 188 lbs
Breast / Bra Size: 38E – 20 – 34
Tits: Natural

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown

Years Active: 2018 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @CurlySofia

Real Name: Lisa Ann Corpora
Other Nicknames: Sofia Curly

Sofya Curly Biography

Sofya was born in Belarus and is of Caucasian ethnicity. Her Italian parents don’t know what she has been up to, so it will be a shocker later in life. Looking to expand her horizons, Sofya Curly moved to Prague, where she shot her first porn videos. I’ll remind you that Miss Curly entered the adult industry in 2018 at the age of 28, so she was fully aware of the consequences.

Describing the first experience as surreal, Sofya is best known for a gangbang and anal porn videos and is yet to be honored by AVN or other adult industry awards.

Not much stuff yet, but at least you get to experience a full spectrum, from two cocks inside her ass to good old fucking.

21Two Dicks Inside Sofya’s Asshole

I mean this while being a bit on the short side. I am talking about the dicks, not the GIF… Anyway, this is still a rather interesting scene.

I mean, holy fuck! Is her asshole as flexible as a piece of gum, or is this a sign of true talent? In either case, we are digging this one.


20Nice and Slow Cock Riding

If you are into classic sex and want to see more of regular fucking, then this one is for you. Just some old-fashioned cock riding in a cowgirl position.

You can see her pussy gripping the cock and grinding in and out; what is there not to like about this one? We have another one with a slightly extended intro if you are curious.

19Anal Gaping and Orgy

For our next appetizer, we have the cream of the crop: her anal orgy scene has it all. It starts with a single dude fucking her doggystyle, but fast forward, and you have multiple males entering the party!

With every one of them smashing her brains out, mouth, ass, pussy, you name it, not to mention the anal creampies and gaping asshole in the end. It reminds us of that song by Linking Park because it does not even matter.

18Trying Interracial Anal

I’m sure she will get married in the next twenty years and have a great life but look at her now. One of the biggest cock hungry whores in the industry, if not planet Earth. Go big or go home, and Sofya decided to push the limits.

Who can blame her? Men love dirty sluts, and this brunette will meet everyone’s expectations. Changing cocks as often as we change socks.

17Glamour Photo Shot

That is how our pornstar looks with some clothes on, and it’s hard to recognize Sofya. I mean, we got used to her gaped scenes and hardcore stuff. But now, it’s like she turned into a saint! It looks like she is having a blast here, too.

There are no cocks near her, so this GIF is as fresh as that pool water. The way she bends her butt is fucking glorious.

16Kinky Anal Whore

We have more GIFs of her anal scenes than the vaginal ones. Can you believe it? Logically, I cannot explain why Sofya is so attractive to me. No matter how many times I go, my dick wants more.

For our Italian pornstar, this is a relatively light scene since there’s just a single dick without ten more waiting outside. Some performers generally have a rough time with anal scenes, but for Sofya, it’s nothing. Best of all, she still feels something; at least, that’s what her facial expressions indicate.

15Let’s Do It

It’s a similar GIF we have had in the top spot, but it is of better quality and intro. Guys, we need to raise awareness and demand more videos of her! Otherwise, all we will be left with are a couple of videos.

Thankfully, her Twitter account reveals some promising plans for the future. There are now multiple top porn studios that show interest. These include EvilAngel, Mofos, and others. The minute Sofya hits Brazzers, it’s game over for everyone else.

14Fingering Her Butthole

Dear buddy, you will need more than two fingers to satisfy this hardcore porn queen. Grab your fist and push it until your elbow disappears in her chocolate cookie dough. If this were a cartoon episode with Sofya Curly, you would have people climbing inside and outside her asshole.

Some whores shout obscure things as you smash them hard, but this girl has some class. Of course, it depends on porn producers but look at that simple smile. She is genuinely enjoying this whole experience. That’s the template of a top pornstar.


13Annihilated by Spanish Dick

One of the rarest porn scenes ever, and by that, we mean non-anal sex. It feels bizarre to watch, mostly because every other one has hardcore elements. Is this the pornstar we fell in love with? Two years ago, Sofya was so unknown that her bio was as empty as my ball sack.

Anyway, enjoy her performance through the other equally exciting hole: multiple positions, facial, and an always-open mouth.

12Sofya’s Facial

What’s warm, hated by most women, and full of nutrients? It’s facial, of course! Sofya still hasn’t learned to love what is given, but let’s hope the future scenes are better. Swallowing loads, after all, is one of the requirements by many.

Not much else is happening in this GIF. She can’t wait for this scene to be over! Also, she does not immediately swallow the juices that this black male pornstar provides.

11First Mainstream Scene

For one of the defining moments in Sofya’s history, it’s Mofos! She has almost made it to the “mainstream porn” sites if we can call them that. She must have been in awe before and after the shot.

Do you know how many amateur pornstars want to appear on video? Half of them could do it for free. It’s like a silver ticket to propel her dreams and become a genuine adult performer. The platinum ticket is Brazzers, of course.

10Shaking that Ass

Reminding us of Sasha Grey, Sofya Curly is at the adult expo, shaking her money-maker: signature curls, petite butt, and black clothes. If you look at other GIFs, this is her preferred appearance and default color. But does she not like anything but black underwear? At least her variety is wider when it comes to dicks.

Hopefully, it’s not a sign of depression because we’ve already had a fair share of dead pornstars.

9Sofya Curly Tries BDSM

In a bondage scene of “do whatever you want,” Sofya experiences what it is like to be a true fuck toy. She might have gotten used to extreme stretching, but nothing prepared for a BDSM show of this magnitude.

She starts with nipple clamps, simulated hanging, and a switch to a real fire. Is this when you drop a towel and quit? The smell of her burning bush quickly occupied the room, and these sick fucks got excited even more. Again, this is not my favorite video, but this is not my fetish to begin with.

8A Twin Sister of Tori Black

With straight hair, Sofya is the exact copy of Tori Black. You could never tell if it wasn’t for her usual dark lingerie and gaped asshole. Are they twin sisters or something?

We need a threesome video with these two pornstars! Holy fuck, I did not wish for something to happen so hard as I do now. Just do it! Hopefully, it’s classier and without much nastiness. Whoever wants to win an award for the best AVN scene must sign these whores up.

7Chubby and Hungry for Cock

It could be a weird angle or a bad month for Sofya. Some women get fat due to contraceptive medicine messing up their hormones. One of my fuckbuddies, for example, went from skinny to chubby in just a few months. Thankfully, most of that weight ended up next or on to the swollen tits, but that’s a story for another time.

Still maintaining that charming personality and “all holes open” policy, Sofya welcomes another cock.

6Private Blowjob Experience

From brown to black hair, Sofya looks like a goth chick with daddy issues. In other words, we have already pulled our pants down. Gargling and choking noses make this GIF even better, and you can turn the sound on with the icon on the right.

I didn’t realize how tiny her tits seem in a position like this, which is a boner-killer. But, truthfully speaking, I prefer Sofya in this outrageous outfit. It looks like a professional pornstar that has seen it all. Maye even reminds me of Julia Bond.

5Slutty Maid Scene

At some point, guys will have a sexual fantasy involving maids or secretaries. That’s why so many porn producers pick an easy way out and try to recreate it. Why think of something original anyway? That’s not a negative, though, especially when you have a hot pornstar in the scene.

The only remaining thing that needs dusting is her pussy, and there are plenty of recruits to do so. It’s one of the sexiest intros, with plenty of teases and great body shots.


4Sofya Polishing Balls

Making any male happy is as simple as ordering junk food from your local chain. Next, you shower, grab your sluttiest outfit, and enter the room. Let him undress you, or do it yourself. The rest you can figure out, but it involves upper or lower lips and one cock.

How good is Sofya at giving a blowjob? Much better than most have expected, considering her two-year experience in porn. Going from the bottom of a shaft to the very top is always a no-brainer. The masterminds behind this scenario included a few ball licks, and that’s it. You have a pleased partner for life.

3Two Beautiful Butts

The decision will not be easy if you are allowed to fuck only one of these two hot pornstars. In the left corner, we have Sofya Curly and a mysterious blonde on the opposite side. Dink them together, and you have one of the best GIFs.

I’ve already jerked off twice today and have reached my limit. Yet, this scene is so good that my dick remands another release. You know when you fuck your GF, and your second head does not want sex anymore? Yet if her friend comes over, it’s as hard (if not harder) than before; that’s Sofya for you.


2Swallowing It All

If one must end the list, it should be with something worthy. So, instead of the hottest GIF in general, I am choosing this one. For me, Sofya Curly is still a new pornstar awaiting her official inauguration.

Well, as soon as that load hits the inside of her stomach, consider Sofya one of the porn party members. I’m not sure when we will see more of her work, but keep your eyes and ears open. For now, let’s finish it with a salty note.


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Stay tuned for more.

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