Top 20: Squirting & Wet Orgasm Pornstars (2024)

It's pee, and these pornstars love to squirt.

Top 20++: Squirting & Wet Orgasm Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

It’s easy to squirt, just stimulate g-spot hard enough and any pornstar can be squirting in no time, even regular girls or virgins. Is squirting pee? Yes, but the pleasure is much higher than peeing, you just end up building so much pressure that a women’s body has nothing else to do but release.

For non-believers, just lay your girl back and make her very comfortable, which is the key. Unless your girlfriend is a professionally trained pornstar, squirting might take a few tries to master. The hardest part is not getting muscle fatigue and stopping at the last moment. I love squirting girls and watching pornstars squirt is one of life pleasures. Unfortunately, some do that way too much where they’re just pissing. That’s why golden showers haven’t grown on me yet.

Not trying to push my tastes to you, so this top 10 list will include pornstars that not only squirt but also do that in excess. Some guys like girls with tiny streams of pussy juice, while others want to reach extremes. While I give you no promises about these pornstars squirting in every porn scene, feel free to download full videos in the sources below.

22Elena Koshka

We have long passed the forced peeing line, showing only the pornstars that naturally squirt. Elena is a sweetheart, with a great personality and qualities perfect to be your girlfriend. However, looks are not everything and I would dump my much better-looking girlfriend for her immediately. Her face is a bit messed up, but it’s not her fault.

Her body includes Kazan and Russian genes, which explains a lot. Another scene with regular, soft sex where performers not forcing anything, just fucking and having a blast. Guy’s dick is all wrapped with her pussy, which must feel fantastic. It also proves that men with shorter dicks can also fuck their girlfriends into oblivion and reach the squirting zone.

21Yudi Pineda

When it comes to wet orgasms, Yudi is not as aggressive as some other pornstars. However, she is a squirter and can make your dick moister than a jar of mayo. Yes, that’s a nun costume, and she has now cosplayed using the same outfit at least 3 times. We would go ahead and say that it’s a bit dirty.

Oh, and if you thought this GIF was already worthy of blasphemy, don’t even look at a full version. It has church songs and everything in-between.


20Emily Willis

There are different leagues for every sport. For example, you have lightweight and heavyweight boxing. If squirting games were a sport, Emily Willis would be among the heavy hitters. She’s intense, and that comes naturally. It does not matter if she is peeing or squirting, Emily always produces great results regarding porn. This is not her first time doing shit like that, and you need to watch more of her scenes.

Sadly, today’s wet orgasms are different from those have “occurring naturally” once in generation. Now, every amateur slut has learned to piss, ruining fun for many.

19Skye West

Leave it to a woman and let her handle her orgasms. All you need is a massive dildo, and here is one kinky performer that is up for a challenge. Meet Skye West, an alarmingly cute pornstar with French manicure and sexy feet.

Looks like that’s pee mixed with cum, but at this point, I am already finishing myself off. So, let’s watch these GIFs for pleasure and not scientific research purposes.

18Autumn Falls

Okay, this GIF is worth minor studying! It is your typical wet orgasm porn scene where she drinks gallons of water before the shot and acts like that. However, look at the butthole! It’s like that part of her body is as surprised as the viewers.

I know about queefs, but how do you call silent moments of air passing in the middle of an orgasm? Do we need to create a new word for that? Autumn Falls is writing history, guys. Now, let us know the acronym for this action.


17Alexis Fawx

Miniscule wet orgasms are also welcome, as demonstrated by Alexis Fawx and her throbbing vagina. Now, where did that pussy nectar land is none of our business, but come on… This one is a natural screamer, g-spot expert and just a fun pornstar to bang or look at.

Also, I didn’t know that fake tits could vibrate like that. Is there a cellphone stuck somewhere in her cleavage? Or a bunny from the famous battery commercial? I can’t understand why these sluts insist on hairy vaginas. The smell is not what’s attractive here, and we haven’t seen the majority of them in pee porn.

16Canela Skin

Public anal squirting sounds like the filthiest thing ever. Yet we can’t stop looking. So bring a boatload of towels, no paper napkins! Canela’s wet orgasms are as brutal as the spraying hose of a firetruck.

Loud and proud, always with a smile as her pussy gets filled with beach sand. This freak knows how to organize a perfect first date. In the end, you’re left with a great first impression full of memories and some fragrance too. Pet your dick harder as you stream a full video.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

15Leya Falcon

Don’t mistake Leya for peeing pornstars as this is real squirting, even if the liquid coming out is the same, the way it’s releases is not. However, she did use her whole hand to reach the inner depths of her vagina and that’s how I prefer my pornstars, squirting, and not pissing.

Watching him fuck Leya Falcon afterward does give my dick a bad feeling. Because water is a bad lubricant. If you haven’t had sex with someone who squirts as you continue, it feels like you are fucking the insides of a wet balloon, with the same sounds and sensations. Thankfully, her butt is there, too, so you can switch the holes while the pussy dries up from squirting and refills itself with the natural lubricants.

14Lena Paul

Let’s pretend that the girl on the left (not Lena Paul) did not know what the fuck squirting is; now she does. That was the sex education lesson by another squirting pornstar, although here is a secret: notice how the bottom area of her pussy opens at the last minute. It is another peeing pornstar.

The release is here, the leather sofa is soaking wet, marking all the checkboxes for a squirting pornstar. I do prefer lesbian scenes when it comes to wet orgasms, there is something about two girls sharing juices that is so much better than in regular porn. Thankfully, this lesbian porn site has much more than just one lesbian porn scene that is as hot as this one.



The exorcism or soul cleansing fuck and the possessed pornstar, Cytherea on the right. Her facial expressions are fucking hilarious and bizarre, like she had a small coma or something. I wish you all to experience something like that in real life, resulting in a giant smirk on your fucking face.

Although assuming you are a guru of squirting porn and know pretty much every pornstar, chances are that you already know this famous girl.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

12Lindsey Cruz

Take that finger out and watch Lindsey squirt all over your body. Damn, how she plays with her tits and slowly eases off is mind-numbing. I want to trade places with whoever is filming her and experience this babe’s warm, wet pussy. It is a softcore scene that could happen in real life (unless you lock your girlfriends in a basement and fuck them with machines), just sensual human beings enjoying sex.

You can judge her enjoyment from how Lindsey relaxes post-orgasm, it’s a real deal. Remember the last decade when pornstars would pretend to fake orgasms? Now we have fake squirting pornstars, but that should also disappear as newer pornstars come to the market and bring the real deal.


11Janice Griffith

Janice is so sexy, and the pussy is one of the greatest in this top 10. With a solid patch of hair that appears in 5 out of 10 scenes and enhances her look, without making it look tacky or disgusting. On a downside, she needs to shower pretty much immediately post squirt. The smell evaporating from the soaked hair is not pleasant, it more repulsive than the sounds of your parents fucking.

Thankfully, Smell-O-Vision did not reach the mainstream status and we don’t have to stuff our noses with cotton. The gaped pussy might not appeal to some of you, but everything else about Janice rocks. Butt stimulation with a finger, aggressive fingering with hands and foreign objects, has all the bases covered. Punishing petite girls is always fun; they just seem so fragile and helpless.


10Tiffany Fox

For the hungry hardcore folks, let’s combine the video from one of our favorite BDSM porn sites that created Fucking Machine series and a pornstar Tiffany. I remember trying to find all their videos for free, as paying for porn back then was a foreign concept. But, see that happy face in the end? This is how you know that she had a great orgasm.

Tiffany Fox has a small, petite body, which drives me wild. The interesting thing I have found about myself and squirting girls is that it helps erection. Do you know how your dick just gives up after 20 minutes of fucking and no longer wants to do anything? At first, I would stick fingers into my slut’s ass but watching them squirt works much better.

Your fingers don’t smell, and the boner becomes rock solid in seconds. Sometimes you need to wait for it to ease off, because otherwise, you risk cumming instantly, assuming instant intercourse action.


9Dillion Harper

What’s up with chubby girls and squirting? They are harder to satisfy it seems (unless your dick is made of chocolate), so to compensate for that Dillion took orgasm fate into her own hands. Not sure how she can squirt without shoving a few fingers and stimulating the g-spot, but that’s fine too.

Look at the angle! The cameraman knows all the tricks in the book, picking the angle or camera equipment to not reveal the truth: she is peeing. But, of course, that’s a turn-on for most of us anyway, and clever editing makes this porn scene much better than it would have been. Has anyone tried masturbating in class before? I have only heard fake stories of people “caught, ” but it was fiction. I remember my school and all the horny 18-year old teenage girls that wanted the dick, not once have I seen any signs of them doing it in the class.


8Veronica Vain

When you see a redhead pornstar, things can only get better. These girls are fire, and my mind cannot even comprehend what a Latina redhead could do to a mortal. People used to laugh at my bent dick in the dressing rooms, but this helps stimulate the g-spot and give your partner a wet orgasm. You have intense movements along with a wish to cum.

My ex-girlfriend was such a bitch that she stopped me at the peak point, just seconds before wet orgasm. I tried to ram that pussy with my fists and with no effort. The result was always the same: her begging to stop, grabbing my hands, and putting the break on it. It’s true what they say, the best girls in bed are sluts.


7Tiffany Watson

That is fucking hilarious, epic, plus extremely hot. Watching reactions of girls squirting, dudes having fun, and LOL at him trying to cover that shit up. Fucking a triple AAA scene that you need to watch in your lifetime at least once. Meet Tiffany Watson and my favorite scene of hers. I never cared about becoming a pornstar, but Jesus, let me become the exclusive performer at Mofos.

He did not even have to pop his dick out, which is perfect as I am an early ejaculator. Wish more girls were as fun as Tiffany, just doing whatever the heck they want, and without acting like a dick (or pussy in her case). The girl on the right is Adriana, so once you get a membership on this porn site, it should be easy to find this video in their archives. Worth only watching in the best possible quality.


6Christiana Cinn

What a brutal, euphoria-inducing squirt orgasm from the always-fun pornstar, Christiana Cinn. Some women are hard cummers, while others shove it under the rug as if nothing happened. The preference for most of us is obvious here, as getting validated by orgasm is like winning millions in the lottery, it never gets old. Even without squirting, this would be a nice scene, but man…

I can feel the warmth of the pussy cum running all over my Adonis belt. It is likely one of her favorite sex partners; if Christiana ever gets a boyfriend, he will be able to top this one anyway. Shaking thighs, brutal convulsions of pleasure, and a happy pussy, for a squirting pornstar, it does not get much better.


5Veronica Leal

What the hell is happening there? Veronica squirts so hard that her bowels lose the sense of time and space. Thanks to RedBled and the team behind this video, you now know the secret to a happy female: serious pounding. Ernst Gräfenberg might’ve invented the G-spot, but Veronica is responsible for discovering a pussy juice tap, which, as it turns out, is inside the butt.

When you plan to stay in the desert for days, don’t bring water, bring her! She’s the source of life, a youth fountain.

4Honey Gold

We could not do a top 10 squirting pornstars list without including at least one Asian performer, but not just anyone, meet Honey Gold. She is so fucking fun to play around, fuck, or even watch. Lots of crazy, mixed with trained to squirt pussy and hunger to drink all of that. Can porn get better? It’s hard to top Honey Gold unless you are not into Asians.

Porn does not have to be all serious, and here’s why this sugary pornstar is our number one pick. No fakery, just real orgasms and oceans of cum all over the floor. Her dehydration levels are at an all-time low, and it’s all to make the viewer happy. Watching this scene makes me thirsty and I would not mind making her some lemonade, with a dash of my precum.


3Adriana Chechik

I can see Chechik transitioning to the Mortal Kombat series, where her fatality involves drowning the opponents or blasting their faces off the skulls. There’s no right combo because every twitch provokes this walking piss bottle to squirt, so it’s like cheating. I guess it also counts as talent? As not every adult actress can pee at the peak of an orgasm.

What makes this one even hotter is her assistant at the top of the shot, trying to drink the pussy juices flowing out of her vagina like Niagara Falls.


2Marley Brinx

Let’s give the benefit of a doubt to Marley Brinx because I believe it’s her actual squirt juice. The last few droplets aren’t yellow or crystal clear pee. Instead, it’s the thick white lube known as female cum.

So much beauty in this GIF. If it was any longer, most of us couldn’t take it. Perfect intro, outro, and cross-section. Marley isn’t shy about expressing her sexuality by oozing juices from a hose covered in textured hair. I wonder what it would be like to have sex with someone as open as Brinx.


1Kleio Valentien

Is this one of the best porn GIFs you have ever seen, or is it the second best? What a time to be alive, seriously. I am extremely happy to see the peak of human progress, all thanks to Kleio Valentien and a male pornstar.

It is the hottest, dirtiest, sexiest, and one of the most fun things you can do with your partner. Now, I wouldn’t trust a random whore from the street with this fetish, but what about your wife? Why not, maybe even your best friend’s girlfriend.


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