Top 10: The Tallest Female Pornstars (2018)

Really tall and hot porn stars for your enjoyment.

Top 10: Tallest Pornstars of All Time (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

IIt’s amazing to see everyone with so many different tastes. Some guys prefer incredibly repulsive whores, while others tend to go for the hottest of all time. I am not sure exactly on what is going on with everyone’s brain and how your early years have affected everything, but I do know one thing: we are doing a new top 10 list of nothing but the really tall women. We are talking basketball player like heights here.

You got to love these angels, anyway. With legs that are longer than their upper part, or most people bodies. Unfortunately, the unlucky shorter dudes will never or just rarely experience the feeling of fucking someone that tall. Most will end up with small pornstars and that is okay too. I do love them on the smaller side, but that is the personal preference. However, today this post is all about you and your taste in porn.

I think it is only appropriate to rank them from shortest to tallest.

12Lauren Phillips

Height: 5 feet 10” or 177.8 cm

Perspective can be a tricky thing. Just take a look at this one. If you have a midget, Lauren does look huge, giant like. If you have watched or read a book about Gulliver’s Travel’s, then picture that. However, when your height is above industry average, this is how you get to treat your partners. With dignity and respect, of course. By that we mean the complete opposite and it is as good as it gets for the small whore.

11Madison Rose

Height: 5 feet 10” or 177.8 cm

Being the same height as the porn star above, she does look smaller, no? A giant ass might drop you some glimpses into her physique, but not by that much. What we like about Rose is that she does have a perfect package: great, beautiful tits and the butt that I have already talked about. Sure, there is some fat here and there, but no one is perfect. Also, imagine finding her in a position like that in your own bedroom.

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10Nicolette Shea

Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

We are slowly upping the scale and here is one that is an inch higher than the previous pornstars. She does look tall, look at the torso to tits height ratio. Also, what a beautiful pair of fake tits. You know when some whores rock giant melons that look ridiculous because of their skinny bodies? Well, this is like that, but it fits her just fine. Now, how do I motorboat these? Can be even covered with cum, I am not picky.

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9Alison Tyler

Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

Okay, this one is just ridiculous. I am not even sure how to describe this scene. It looks fake, but it is real! This is Pipper Peri and Alison grinding one another (and we love lesbian porn). You know how there are some disasters that are so bad that you just can’t stop looking at? I believe that this video is an example of that. Props to the producers for doing shit like that because I do find it how and I want more of the same.


8Holly Michaels

Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

One of my favorite pornstars, as long as the camera is not too close to her face. Who knew that she is that tall? Holly loves to stroke that cock while it is being gripped by her own pussy. These skills take time to develop and I can assure you that she did her homework. Also, this is like the third tall pornstar with the same height as the previous two. This can’t be true. No way. Thank god for the next one that is one centimeter taller. This changes everything.


7Paige Turnah

Height: 5 feet 11.5” or 181 cm

I love tall girls that love to take dick to the ass. I love anal porn, anal videos and pretty much everything that involves the rear end if it is not gay. Maybe someday. Not only is she tall, but also has freckles. It is a rather unique combination and you got to give it to her. I mean, sure, she did nothing to achieve that and it is all genetics, but hey, pornstars need some love too and we are giving away trophies like there is no tomorrow.

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6Angel Long

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

With the name like that, you would expect her body and legs to be long. Well, you are not wrong. We are about to cross the middle of our top 10 list (even thought there are more pornstars than ten). While not a giant, you can tell that she is no small girl either. In addition to that, look at her fucking hair. Was that hair dye on sale or something? I have no clue on why anyone would do this to their own hair, but then again… These are the pornstars.

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5Zoey Paige

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

Who would you rather fuck, missis Long or Zoey? It is a rather simple choice, at least for me. I love blondes, and good-looking ones especially. It’s interesting how both of them have a rather similar hairstyle, in terms of length, but look so different. Paige has smaller tits (if you can see them at all), but a better ass. Healthier looking skin too. Leave a comment below and let us know. It is important, do it for community.


4Elena Koshka

Height: 6 feet or 183 cm

We are at number four and the height remains the same. So, where the fuck are all the tallest pornstars. As it turns out, there are not that many really tall ones, which is a shame for anyone with this fetish. Moving to the Russian slut, Elena, we have one that too loves anal, has long hair, tits that are just ridiculous and above average face. So, a rather solid whore that is fuckable. There is something wrong with her tongue though.

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3Kitty Jane

Height: 6 feet 1” or 185 cm

Welcome to the underground, or the bottom part of the list, where all the tall girls lie around. Now Danica is a rather tall woman and if you understand numbers, you should know that too. Have you noticed how most of the tall girls that we have features so far have below average tits? Is this because of the perspective or just the fact of life? The taller you are, the smaller the tits. Hopefully, there are scientists reading this blog.

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2Danica James

Height: 6 feet 2” or 188 cm

First world problems: when you are so tall that only fake dildos can fuck and satisfy you. Maybe that is not exactly the case with Danica but fucking hell, that is one tall bitch. She is likely taller than like 80% of all you reading this blog, me included. Her pussy must be so deep, a true black hole. On a positive side, the boobs are somehow larger than most of these lusts, all but one. Who is she? Ah, and that brings us to the number one pick…

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1Ava Koxxx

Height: 6 feet 3” or 190 cm

Meet the princess of this list, the tallest female pornstar in the world. It really does not get any better than this (or taller), and we did a lot of research, trust me on this one. If, due to some miraculous reason, that is no longer the case, just leave a comment below. Not only is she massive but the tis are fucking epic too. She did invest into her look, and there are no major downsides other than her age. Unless you love milfs. I do.

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Top 10: The Tallest Female Pornstars (2018)
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