Top 20: Best Redhead & Ginger Pornstars (2024)

The hottest gingers getting fucked in the ass and pussy.

Top 20++: Best Redhead & Ginger Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Ah, redheads, something about their hair just makes our blood and cock boil. So therefore, we have prepared a special list of beautiful, red-haired teens, MILFS, and sluts. Blowjobs, anal, vaginal, POV, you name a kink and we will find it. But like we always say (to avoid butthurt comments from annoying people), these models stand in no order. Still, I am sure that by the time you have finished reading this list, your cock will already be rock fucking hard, and hot like magma.

If you are looking for other top 10 hair colors, check our brunettes and blondes lists too.


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22Syren De Mer

Like a trusted and rusty old nail, Syren De Mer tops the list and is one of the more energetic sluts in the redhead GILF pornstar world. She has just turned 50 and is slowly transitioning from red to auburn hair color. However, we prefer the older scenes of Syren anyway.

Predictable like turn signals and traffic lights, women tend to dye hair with age, and you can guess already… Yeah, she’s going to be blond after five to ten years. In the meantime, watch a video or two and decide for yourself.

Just so you know, not everyone goes for teen pornstars and does cherish older sluts. Personally, that would not be my cup of red tea, but given an opportunity… Sure, I’ll take a sip or two.


21Maddy O’Reilly

I have discovered Maddy while researching curvy pornstars, and while you could question her hair color, it’s still a dark shade of red. We aren’t just picking light-haired gingers, right? Extraordinary or slightly different pornstars are always fun to jerk off to and Maddy does that with different outfits and an occasional glasses. Men don’t ask much.

It does not seem to be doing a lot of work, but a passive, yet open-minded girl is not always a bad thing. I wonder which of her holes has higher mileage, that pussy or perky asshole. Like the laws of porn require, you must always cum on her glasses. No exceptions.


20Lacy Lennon

Ah, these sluts grow so fast! I was introduced to Lacy just last year and didn’t think much of it. She wasn’t an 18-year old virgin, didn’t have round tits, nor did I find other special qualities. It’s a pretty woman without anything unique to offer, as if the world hasn’t seen that already… Not to mention the Shrek-like groans.

Well, hundreds of films later, after multiple gangbangs, double penetration videos, anal solo scenes, and so on, we’re having second thoughts. Lacy Lennon went from unknown to one of the most demanded teen pornstars in less than two years.

19Luna Lain

Taking off stockings or socks before intercourse seems to be the latest fad in the industry. Women are pissed at dudes that have a combination of flip-flops and socks, but that’s not the worst. Wear a pair during sex and you will get schooled. Seriously, what’s the fucking deal? I cannot understand this obsession, even hate. Is this the stink factor? I love fucking through clothes, so hopefully, this trend will not go even further, like always taking off a skirt or panties.

Luna Lain, a redhead pornstar that cannot offend anyone, does just that and proceeds to the more interesting things afterward. From the back, she reminds me of a secretary from Mad Men.


18Ella Hughes

Ella Hughes is another natural redhead pornstar quickly growing in popularity, be it through PornHub rankings or social media followers. Born and raised in the UK, Ella migrated to the United States in her late 20s and went straight to porn. There are millions of gingers in Great Britain, judging from my experience.

We fully support her decision, as with looks like that (let’s get real here) don’t improve with years, it’s only fair to squeeze all you can get from it before fading away.

17Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan has probably the most beautiful natural tits of any ginger pornstar, the way they bounce to the rhythm of her being fucked by a cock or something out of this world. But, let me tell you, if your dick does not get hard looking at her being fucked then you might need some help…

Okay, so by help, I mean big black cock in your ass because you are gay. Faye is a stunning ginger lady!


16Dani Jensen

Dani is a perfect contender if you are into non-shaved, hairy pussies with ginger hair all around clit and ass.

Big, beautiful round ass, a look that tells you immediately that she is a whore and a thirst for cock so big that all her three wishes from a genie itself would be: I want cock. By the way, have you tried eating out a hairy chick? Once it smells like piss and I just kicked her out of the house.


15Dee Dee Lynn

With a weird name like that, one must wonder if she was high or drunk when she thought of it. However, if you manage to ignore that, her tits are truly something that the scientists should show at the museum of best breasts.

Dee loves to suck, has freckles, she loves to fuck, and she loves when you cum on her big, round tits. One of those naturals that do not often come to the porn industry. Treasure while it lasts.


14Jayden Cole

The only missing component in a plot where Jayden and another dirty bisexual kiss is your cock down their throats. But if droplets of holy milk don’t leave a lasting impression, try hitting a secret brown button. Just go balls deep into them and convert them to our lord and Savior.

Fucking Jayden properly is a huge problem since you’ll have to twist your nuts to delay explosions, but that’s just an average Friday night for me.


13Jessica Robbin

Have you seen anything hotter than this? I don’t think so, if you did, please share in the comment section below. But seriously, Jessica takes that dick and rides it like a professional with 50 years of experience, the only thing is that she is young and hot, and without tits that are too saggy.

How can you not fall in love with this pornstar? Drop-dead gorgeous redhead with a personality of hot paprika.


12Misha Cross

A redhead pornstar from Poland is here to fuck you. There is something majestic about how this ginger beauty walks, behaves, and takes it in her ass and pussy. I am not sure if all polish women are like that, but we hope that Misha is among the very few promoting her country and attracting tourists from all over the world.


11Ember Stone

One word: Jesus. She loves to suck, loves when you cum, and loves to taste your cum. A girlfriend from your dreams that will leave no man unsatisfied. Seriously, a true artist, a beautiful woman, and just a pure goddess among gingers whom you want to protect from millions of dicks that are constantly hitting the back of her throat every single day.

Imagine the sheer amount of attention she gets in public, and that’s before taking off her clothes.

10Alex Tanner

Freckles? Check. Red hair? Check. Innocent, slutty looking face? Check. A ginger pornstar that pretty much has it all, a full package, and a true red head. If someone asks you to show them a good starting point for ginger fetish, it’s obvious…

Show them Alex Tanner, or better yet, this fucking post with 20 hottest redhead gingers from all over the fucking world.


9Karlie Montana

If you are into some red head lesbian GIF action, Karlie Montana is one of the many hot ginger pornstars who love teasing and know how to lick that pussy or asshole. The whole scene is a spectacular sight to behold, but don’t you worry. If you don’t have access to a full video, there are plenty more sluts below this one to pick from.

Alternatively, there’s always a way to watch the whole thing, if you know what I mean. Hopefully, VR technology someday will make you feel like you are whitnesing two hot lesbians in front of you.


8Penny Pax

For people that are into hardcore, BDSM and other fantasies involving rough sex, Penny is your queen. A perfect actress takes black and white dicks, goes for anal, painal, cream pies, and pretty much anything you throw at her. Seriously, she should get a Nobel Prize or something. If not, at least a simple AVN award.

Pax is refreshing ginger that needs no selling points.

7Lenina Crowne

In the late 2010s, when Lenina had short hair, people weren’t keen on ranking her anywhere but at the bottom of the barrel. However, the new decade brought some incredible changes as she went from an ugly duckling to a hot slut next door.

Have you ever been to a class reunion? Do you remember the shocking realization about the power of time? Highly popular women, cheerleaders, the alpha sluts went from slim to fat whale territory while geeky chicks got so hot it was impossible to recognize them. Well, Lenina is now one tough, loveable character that is red all the way, from top to bottom.

6Camille Crimson (Chloe Morgane)

Imagine washing all that cum from her hair if you are her boyfriend or a husband. But seriously, she loves that dick juice and takes it like a trooper in every scene. If you haven’t fucked a redhead before… Then I got some bad news for you, bro. Your life is a lie and you should do it ASAP.

Camille Crimson is spectacularly pretty, and that beauty is not skin deep. I could mention her genuine amazement or solidarity taking it all in, but why don’t you experience all that on PornHub instead?

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

5Abbey Rain

It’s all fun and games until someone gets fucked in the ass. Let’s just hope that it’s not your mom. I’ve been following Abbey for a few years and can finally mention her here.

Little known fact: Abbey Rain tried to tone the naturally red hair into a shade of brown, but that didn’t work. Now, she proudly rocks the long curly locks on her scalp and sees no reason to change that. A beautiful redheaded pornstar with pale skin and a slutty appetite for gigantic dicks. The looks can be deceiving, and that’s the case with her future work.


4Lauren Phillip

Smack those tits, squeeze the nipples, and ass fuck for the ultimate closure. Lauren Phillip is one of the recently added (natural) redhead pornstars that are into hardcore porn. Nothing particularly brutal considering today’s standards (unless gapes and showing hands down her hole are too much for you), but no vanilla bullshit. Her face is just too good-looking for the things that Lauren is into.

Phillip could easily pass for a nun in any teen comedy movies. She often gets compliments from fellow pornstars for her attitude and excitement. Add a few tattoos here and there, white stockings, greets with mouth wide open and her videos always improve my day.


3Veronica Vain

Miss Veronica is one of the few red heads that go batshit insane when it comes to fucking. Extremely lively, full of energy and one of our all-time favorites. Now mix all that with 100 grams of squirting, and you have a solid pornstar.

She loves to take that cock, and if you can’t finish the job, she will finish off herself. Check her out below.


2Nikki Rhodes

Kicking things (again) with Nikki Rhodes and a story from “Little Red Riding Hood.” This ginger pornstar loves to ride big dicks, has nice tits, is in decent shape with a bright red pussy and as you would expect, rocks red fucking hair. Did we also mention tattoos and swallowing cum?

The way her pussy lips surround that cock is also a pleasure of its own. A solid slut to join our list.


1Rainia Belle (Lilith Lust)

Lastly, the heavenly blessed red headed beauty from the heavens, Rainia Belle. God fucking damn it, I don’t even give a shit if she is bald, has one tit and a dick; I would still fuck her, hard, nonstop, for as long as I am alive or till the cops show up.

This one is extremely good looking, like, beyond belief gorgeous, beautiful ass, asshole, pussy lips, and wow, those magical eyes. I am in love.



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  1. As much as I like, no, love, Jessica Robbin and Alex Tanner, I think they both retired. They haven’t done anything lately in 2018. If they have, then I’m ecstatic cuz I love these beautiful gingers.

  2. I want a list of natural redheads. Dying your hair red does not make you a redhead. It is a blasphemy when you put fake redheads higher rated than the natural redheads on this list. Please for all that is is good and just, give us a list of natural redheads. A natural redhead is the most beautiful creature on this earth and should be respected and honored as such.


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