Top 10: The Hottest German Pornstars (2018)

Top 10: The Hottest German Porntars (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

Having dominated the first part of the World War 2, manufacturing a shit load of awesome and pretty reliable cars, Germans or “Made in Germany” is sure one of the most respected tags you can put on anyone or anything. Having developed their expertise in many different areas, one might have to wonder, how exactly do German pornstars stack up against the competition? Especially against Dutch.

Well, below we are going to answer your question as we are about the proceed with the hottest and sexiest, or ultimately the best German pornstars of all time. This was not an easy task, trust me, but hey, less talk and more porn. Enjoy.

11Annette Schwarz

If you are into hungry, cock sucking German whores who can take multiple dicks into their arse, mouth and maybe vagina, then meet Annette. She seems to be one of those sluts that can be easily abused, punched, and instead of calling the cops from the Deutschland itself, she will thank you and maybe treat you nicecly with a dinner on her. Or maybe not, I have no fucking clue, but this is one of the more known German pornstars that you might want to check out.

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10Sexy Cora

Well, we have some good and bad news for you. The good news is that she is a truly beautiful, one of the best looking German pornstars we have seen in a long time. And the video above does make our dicks hard. While the site is now long dead, there are still some of her videos available in Full HD at PornHub and we are giving away free premium accounts for 7 days. So, what are the bad news? She is dead, RIP and no more. During the cosmetic surgery in 2011 she did not get enough oxygen and died few days later, the doctors are doing fine.

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9Katja Kassin

Anal doggy style? Or how do you say that in German? Well, in either case, Katja sounds like some Russian name but then again, I have no fucking idea what some of the other names in Germany are. Anyhow, what we love about this pornstars is that she seems to be true German? Like, I am not talking about the genes or any of that shit but the way she looks, if you were to ask where does this pornstar come from, I would probably get it right. How about you?

Source: Brazzers, register at a lower price now.

8Shyla Jennings

While playing Wolfenstein and killing all these Nazis, Shyla loves to get her asshole licked or banged both ways. She seems to be a gamer or some kind of shit because there were more than one or two scenes where the is rocking the controller and is getting fucked, licked or whatever at the same time. As for her looks, it is below average or average at best but what I found hot about her is the way she performs during porn scenes, it is rather passionate and makes my dick hard, so a solid German pornstar.

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7Nina Elle

If you prefer old and wrinkly or at least milfy German pornstar rather than fresh and young pussies, then start typing Nina nudes, fucking scene or whatever you do into the Google. Alternatively, just join the site below for the full-on access to uncensored and full-length videos. She seems to be doing all of it, from regular porn, anal, vaginal to something rather extreme or not so popular: interracial anal sex. I guess there is a market for everything and this still hot German pornstar is taking it deep.

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6Lexy Roxx

Now correct me if I am wrong, but there aren’t many hot German pornstars that are rocking red hair, so I was surprised and very much pleased to find Lexy Roxx. After watching multiple videos, it dawned on me that is really loves sex and her scenes are a joy to watch, probably because she has her own site, and no one is forcing to do shit that she does not want, resulting in hot, “Made in Germany” softcore and hardcore porn. There are more than just solo sessions, trust me, facials, good old fucking, etc. all there too. Also, she does have a banging hot body and the face is free of wrinkles, acne or other crap.

Source: Lexy Roxx home page.

5Madison Ivy

Now here’s Madison’s Ivy very first anal sex scene, straight from the RedBled vault, all thanks to the good guys at Brazzers who were generous enough to share it, not to mention paying her in the first play to take it to the ass in the first place, and by the time you are old enough to know how to read, you should be old enough to know who Madison is and that she is one of the better German whores in the whole industry.

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4Victoria Sin

Well, here is a thing. She used to be a rather ugly pornstar, or average looking at best. However, as it turns out, make up can do freaking wonders to one’s face, self-esteem and popularity in porn too. If you are into hot German porsntars that have been “Americanized” then I guess Victoria should work for you. Not the hottest of them all but definitely at the higher part of the ladder. Fake eyelashes, bold make up, nice fucking skills, round beautiful ass and lips that should wrap around your German cock rather nicely.

Source: Brazzers, register at a lower price now.

3Lucy Cat

Oh boy, if you are into public sex all over the Deutschland then meet Lucy that seems to be a cat? Having been featured in one of our top 10 lists already, Lucy comes back to claim one of the better spots out there, all thanks to her outgoing lifestyle, outrageous sex scenes in places like super market, and obviously, a rather cute body. Not the best face, ass or tits but I guess for the first time in my life I can understand women when they say that it is a personality that counts too. I guess. That’s gay though.

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2Anny Aurora

Meet Anny Aurora, a cute slut from Germany that can be both, a good girl when meeting your parents and a complete slut in bedroom. Seriously, she is fucking adorable, like, holy fucking shit you just wont a million dollars in gene lottery kind adorable. And the best part of all this of course is, that she does do porn. I am not into gingers (most of the time) but with Aurora in my bed, I would be more than happy to fuck her, marry and plant as many babies into her as possible, just so we could be together, forever and ever. This is not a psycho behavior at all.

Source: Brazzers, register at a lower price now.

1Amy Reid

Miss Amy used to rock ombré hairstyle while she was young and hot, and after that it was a mix of all kinds of shit, including the black above. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, she moved to Los Angeles to work at a pharmacy company, which was probably not the best decision, resulting in her first debut in porn videos back in 2005. She did anal with Jules Jordan, is now over 30 years old and from what we understand, has already retired, still, you can find some of the hottest scenes out there, thanks to the natural tits.

Source: Jules Jordan.

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Top 10: The Hottest German Pornstars (2018)
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