Top 20: Pornstars with Small, Tight Asses that Do Anal (2022)

Top 10 pornstars that do anal, with tiny, petite asses.

Top 20: Pornstars with Small, Tight Asses that Do Anal (2022)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Finding a nice, perky ass that is not as flat as this whore ridden Earth has been a real challenge. However, our team of editors is the best (it’s just me in my mom’s basement). And for all your perverted, hardcore folks out there who love fucking deep in the ass, we tried to find as many porn stars that do anal as we could. I would say that around nine out of ten are into dirty sex. Unlike in real life, you do have a rather great chance of finding someone perfect. My favorite body type is petite while small butts have been in my blood since my first girlfriend. When Redbled approached me and asked to do a list of nothing but pornstars with tiny asses, I felt blessed and can’t thank them enough for that.

Be warned though, not all of them have lost their anal virginity in front of the camera yet. The list was updated recently with more anal pornstars than ever. I am more than confident that this content will please even the pickiest masturbators.

21Patty Michova

The cum eating slut, Patty Michova is a great pick for indoor our outdoor sex videos. Reminds us of some streamers that now copy porn scenes and do same thing on Chaturbate. Despite busted face and trashy eyelashes, her fake tits and “no fucks” attitude remains magnetic.

It’s an accomplishment to rock a small lass when you’re as old-looking as Patty. The keyword here is “looking” since she is not even 30-years old. What the fuck is happening there? Are we blaming make-up, poor diet, or silicone? She looks way older! I don’t think it’s the Slovakian genes. Anyway, Michova enjoys anal and that’s why pornstars with tight ass triumph every other slut.

20Jessi Gold

She is small, cute, and made of gold. Jessi needs to learn a thing or two about properly sucking cocks as you get raw dogged from the behind, but other than that we do love her openness to all things anal. The thing about becoming a solid male pornstar is your attitude towards gay sex and things of similar nature.

I can never imagine myself maintaining an erection at the same time as you stare at another dude’s cock and balls. This must require not only talent but also not giving a fuck.

19Sophie Moone

Sophie is a very special pornstar and while tight ass is guaranteed (with a limited 2-year warranty), her pussy could stretch for miles. The only Hungarian pornstar ever to be featured on RedBled, and likely the best. To be fair, we are not aware of any other adult performer from this small country.

Going back to her not-so-tight pussy, it’s due to her age. Has likely given few births too and you got to see the result in front of you. Despite this tiny flaw, this pornstar loves anal and knows how to redeem herself. Another tight asshole female joining our top 10.

18Jane Wilde

Is this the world’s first small ass pornstar that was also born a ginger (now blond)? You can tell that Jane is not loving any of that, which is how men like anal sex. Tight, with a small hint of pain and asshole so small that it can cut your dick out of the blood and oxygen. Having anal sex with her is something no one forgets.

There is also an Australian DJ under the same name, which must be awkward for both. Perky breasts, a rather tall body, and as slim as the rest. She is not the best, but you can’t deny Jane’s charm.


17Alexa Tomas

You can barely fit two fingers down her pussy so sticking just one inside her ass crack should be challenging as launching a space shuttle. Alexa is a squirter too!

Born and raised in Spain, this European pornstar is among the oldest (33-years old now) out there. However, for some incredible reason, she has kept her ass small and without any signs of mileage. Her butt must have some Asian aging genes because it’s nothing short of a miracle. There aren’t many soon-to-be MILF pornstars that are as tight as Alexa Tomas.

16Anita Bellini

Everyone needs a pornstar like Anita Bellini in their lives. With the smallest of all butts that are open for anal. She doesn’t look tiny in videos, but camera lenses are misleading. Here, guess her height and I’ll prove you wrong! Anita is only 4’11” or 1.49m. Loves the pleasures of a brown hole and has continued filming in softcore as well as hardcore anal scenes. As far as I’m concerned, the love for anal makes every woman ten times as hot.

After the inspection, I maintain my position. Just as tight and good to go. Even though the competitive hotdog eaters have had fewer sausages in or out of their buttholes than Anita did.


15Teanna Trump

I know what you are thinking: show me small asses, this is not what I have signed up for. Well, you are wrong, her ass only appears big because of her small size. It is rather tiny and of course, beautiful. This is not a flat ass by any means and the tits are bigger than most of these on our list but still. We can do better, right?

Yes, you read that right, we heard you and the next listing will make your dick even harder. Rocking a black thong, yellow shirts, and those extremely tight jeans, Teanna is a dream come true for many people. I will say that watching someone squeeze ass into jeans is as satisfying as watching someone taking them off.


14Taylor Rain

Now, here is another asshole that belongs here. Sure, in this video it does not look that appetizing, but the looks can be deceiving sometimes. I highly recommend searching for more of her on the Internet. Taylor Rain will make it rain, and we are not talking about water, no, a pure, 100% concentrated jizz straight from your dick hole.

Also, it is interesting to see more and more pornstars trimming their pussies. That is a bit off-topic, isn’t it? Consider that we are talking about small, anal-ready asses, not dirty and gross vaginas. She is into gangbangs and might look like a male for some of you, but it’s just the angle. Also, we are covering the smallest asses out there and you can’t deny this very fact: she was a tiny one.

13Jillian Janson

Jillian Janson’s, the 19-year’s old asshole has been wrecked by pretty much anyone in the porn industry. From real thick dicks to fake dildos and strap-ons. Maybe even your father or a stepdad. Anal threesomes, two dicks in the ass, gaping roses, and much more. All that has already been experienced by the young star. At least we hope so!

The only question that remains: what else can she possibly do before everyone gets bored of her? I imagine a romantic scene that involves pouring milk down the brown hole. There is a universal belief that the asshole feels tighter than pussy. Can’t tell from the 1st hand experience if that’s the case with Janson. Although watching her videos, it does not seem to be as loose as jelly, yet.


12Piper Perri

There can’t be a petite asses list without the inclusion of Piper Perri. While I would personally bleach her asshole, the rest of her body is a ticket to the fuck-on marathon. Just don’t finish in less than a minute. Thank you. Also, it looks like Piper Perri might be soon doing anal from what I heard. Nothing is confirmed yet. Even if you do not believe in God, let’s all pray and send as many requests as possible.

Ping Brazzers, Reality Kings, you know them all. I know what I am asking Santa for Christmas, Perri’s first anal scene. This girl has gained so much following in the last few years that fucking her in the ass is mandatory. It’s the porn version of a quote “grow a tree, build the house and raise a kid” quote.


11Kira Thorn

Are you starting to notice a trend here? Small, tiny assholes with over 80,000 miles and brutal gangbangs. This is what the porn industry has turned into. The best part? Some virgin will fall in love with her, raise 5 kids and never know that her miss saint took more dicks than cheerios for breakfast.

The asshole is not as tight as some others out there. Therefore, she is at the top of our list and not the bottom. Kira probably does not even feel a thing anymore, you can shove there a baseball bat and she won’t notice. Not sure about her dreams but the future looks very bright and clear: more cocks down her butt.

10Capri Anderson

Now here is a tight little asshole that you should add to your watch list. While she did not do anal yet (at least at the time of publishing this post), it is only a matter of time and boy are we ready. The faster she becomes popular, the sooner we are going to see her first hardcore anal video. I will ask you to share this post and spread awareness on the most important issue: the lack of anal scenes. Fuck the world’s peace and happiness. Maybe add a few black cocks down the line.

Speaking of big docks, a threesome with two cocks into her butt does sound great. I would love that. Tiny, petite body and most importantly, not flat-chested. Count me in.


9Kendra Lust

There is nothing more beautiful than a girl who knows how to work that ass and Kendra Lust is one of the very few who have earned the master’s degree of dick riding. Sorry for the quality but hey, you know her name now. Also, the way that cock slides into her butthole is just perfect, and she seems to be enjoying anal too? This might be a dream come true for many and I too have the very same fantasy.

If you were not happy with our previous choices of small asses, get ready for more. Things are only going to get better. I wish screensavers on a computer would still be a thing, as this GIF is perfect for the endless loop of nothing but anal sex.


8Victoria Tiffani (Stephanie)

Yes, she does anal, yes, she has the smallest ass and body we have ever seen, of any pornstar (that does anal). Her scenes are hot, she loves it deep and a name you want to keep. With hair on a shorter side and still a petite look, it can only get a little bit better than that.

All in all, a worthy contender for one of the most beautiful and tightest assholes on the planet. Maybe a plastic surgery could give her bigger tits, but we are not complaining. She should get some fake tits and make herself a goddess among tiny butt owners. I am not even sure where the cock goes as there is just no space to find anything but the tiniest of the fingers.


7Nessa Devil

Nessa Devil is so tight and with an ass so small that even the smallest sex toys are hard to push inside. This is the opposite of what I would expect from the devil. Despite the tanned body, Nessa is not fooling anyone. It’s another Czech pornstar (full name Nikola Jirásková).

She does anal, has been fucked by lesbians with strap-ons, has fucked herself with massive dildos, and had her anal virginity taken by a random dude on the porn set. Watching that tight asshole stretch is a sight to behold.

6Angel Smalls

My asshole has clenched and arranged the appointment with a psychiatrist. Then, I’ve booked one for Angel Smalls to discuss the anal incused brain seizure. This is your typical pornstar to have fun with. Either fuck or do some BDSM. Also, the angle makes her body look so much better. Is this real life?

We feel violated for her ass but in a good way and the end of this article is far from our sight. What other surprises will you discover? Let’s keep on going.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

5Natasha Shy

Contradictory to her last name, she does not seem to be shy in front of the camera at all. Nice little ass and petite body. However, at least for me, the best two features are her evil-like smile and the eyes. Is this the gayest thing you have ever heard? Her butthole seems to be just at a perfect angle for that good old anal action and who knows.

Maybe we will see more of her asshole fucking videos in the upcoming future. I also like pornstars that look more amateur than professional whores. Just adds a different kind of flavors to the already populated industry of stupid sluts and hardcore sex workers.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

4Krystal Boyd (Anjelica)

Now here is an offer that you can’t refuse. With its debut at the First Anal Quest, Krystal Boyd has made quite an impression on us. Especially with the ass of that size, and by size we mean it is pretty much nonexistent. She should be grateful for that.

This is the exact thing you came here for in the first place. Anjelica was my number one choice for the smallest ass pornstar and the first girl to come into my mind while writing this post. Maybe it is too flat for some of you, but we love tight asses, and judging by the multiple videos we have seen, this is as small and still as sexy as you can go. Okay, so what is that offer we were talking about?


3Alyssa Cole

Did I not promise you to deliver the best, tiniest butts ever? Well, this ass is just that, bubbly, round, with a pussy that is still low on mileage, just like your car. Still, realistically speaking, who cares about that when you can pound and eat her asshole like a pound cake?

The one thing that I would change is probably tits that need to be bigger. For us to be watching her anal and deepthroating scenes is almost too good to be true. The gods must be smiling upon us for giving us a girl to fuck like her. This is the top 10 pornstars with the smallest and tightest asses list, right?


2Dakota Skye

We are nearing the end of this awesome list and instead of going with just another ass fucking video, we have decided to add a soft note with Dakota Skye. Before you ask, she does anal and there are plenty of her videos on our partner’s site to check out.

As you can see, Dakota rocks short blond hair and one of the smallest butts on the planet. The whole shape and her build are just stunning. The asshole has seen better betters long ago but at least for now, it seems to be holding up just fine. I also think that creampies are the ultimate form of “soft” hardcore porn for men. Girls have erotica and our version of romantic is cumming inside her pussy or ass.

Source: ($1).

1Sasha Grey

Some people love her, some people hate her but there is no denying the fact that her ass is perfect. Also, if you have had your computer for at least a few years, there is a high probability that you have already jerked off to her. There is a good reason for that! Sasha has a small ass and does anal.

The asshole is still tight despite taking multiple dicks and I can’t think of a better candidate for the top ten list. Can you? We could name tens of sex scenes with her that brought her thousands of fans and multiple awards. My dick is already hard just watching this GIF above. She has shot a lot of scenes with all top names like Reality Kings, Brazzers, etc.

Source: ($1).

We’ve added top 10 anal sites. In case you aren’t done with the butt business.

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  1. yes piper perri does. missing are geizer, skin diamond, doris ivy, ivana fuckalot, nikki darling and other slim and petite types who live for anal

  2. Can’t wait to see piper Perri doing it!
    Riley Reid did the most amazing scene I’ve ever seen.
    You can also add Holly Hendrix!


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