Top 20: Best & Richest Female Pornstars (2020)

A bunch of valuable, rich bitches that we’d love to bone.

Top 20: Best & Richest Female Pornstars (2020)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Not all porn actresses are dumb cunts who have no idea how to keep at least some of their earned money in place. When coke is gone and alcohol stores close, all you can do is put the spare cash into your savings account… Or just sign a million-dollar contract for some fuck doll and hope that idiots like me check their net worthwhile the money is still there.

So below, we are going to list at least ten hottest (since then we have updated to include 10 more), richest most savage female porn stars that know how to make some serious money. Hint: solid wife material incoming. For a male-only list, check this post.

20Shyla Stylez

The “poorest” pornstar among the rich, which I would not mind being myself. When you have over a million in assets and are called out for being poor, this world is a bit messed up. Shyla Stylez was 35-years old before passing away. Could have pushed past the “last” spot given the opportunity.

She was active from 2000 till 2017 and later was found in bed by her mom, dead. Who knows why?

Age: 35
Movies: 270
2018 net worth: $1.3 million

2019 net worth: $2 million


The most hardcore pornstar of them all and the richest in her category. Belladonna is one of those names that sooner or later will be in your browsing history, and for different reasons. I don’t find her hot or even cute, yet her porn scenes do drive me to the point of no return.

Look for her galleries and in every single one of them, she looks different. From fully bald to long hair, blond or brunette, she does not care.

Age: 38
Movies: 229
2018 net worth: $3 million

2019 net worth: $2 million

18Daisy Marie

I’ve been in the porn business for over ten years, yet Daisy Marie is one of those names that rarely crossed my dick radar. Color me surprised when upon research I’ve realized that not only is she one of the best pornstars but also rich.

I must be the only such idiot right here as Daisy has over 16 years of porn experience, which explains over one million dollars in assets that she collected. Beautiful bunny, 34-years old and with a bright future.

Age: 35
Movies: 334
2018 net worth: $1.9 million

2019 net worth: $2 million

17Jayden Jaymes

We’ve started the richest female pornstars post with ten girls only, and the exclusion of Jayden James (as well as Lisa Ann) led me to a decision to expand the topic and drop another 10 performers. I don’t know if she made some bad decisions or just does not know how to save money.

However, for such a popular name and many years in porn, I would have expected Jayden James to have at least three to five million dollars.

Age: 33
Movies: 245
2018 net worth: $2 million

2019 net worth: $2 million

16Maria Ozawa

Another Asian pornstar on the list and I am surprised just as much as you to learn that Maria is richer than Asa Akira. Both are well-known and respected actresses, yet I always thought that Akira would have more assets.

Maybe Maria just got that Japanese work ethic and is not wasting money on stupid items or procedures. Or maybe it’s because Ozawa has migrated to mainstream films, one of the very few pornstars to achieve such status.

Age: 33
Movies: 16
2018 net worth: $2 million

2019 net worth: $2.1 million

15Gianna Michaels aka Gianna Rossi (Terah Wicker)

Kicking top 10 off with Gianna Michaels and boy does she pack quite a punch. Having starred in more than 400 adult movies, she began her carrier with nude modeling and then transitioned to porn. Unfortunately, she is the most mysterious porn actress on our list.

Not many details are known about her carrier or any dramas that would get our dicks hard.

Age: 36
Movies: 289
2018 net worth: $4 million

2019 net worth: $2.7 million

14Tori Black

Tori Black is a jewel among pornstars and is one of the very few remaining veterans that are still fucking till this very day. I was surprised to see her not making to the top 10 richest pornstars of all time, considering her experience and years spent working in the porn business.

Sitting at the age of 30 plus now, Tori has entered the industry 12 years ago and snagged few XBIZ awards in the last two years. Not many old pornstars receive those anymore.

Age: 31
Movies: 272
2018 net worth: $1.4 million

2019 net worth: $3 million

13Asa Akira

If you are searching for richest pornstars then some of these (or most) names will be very familiar to you, especially the likes of Asa Akira and Sasha Grey. Both are in this top 20, with Asa having less money than her competing anal star.

Now retired, it’s more crucial than ever for the Asian pornstar to maintain her assets and use it wisely. Otherwise, you are looking at going back to porn, like Julia Bond did.

Age: 33
Movies: 326
2018 net worth: $1.5 million

2019 net worth: $3 million

12Audrey Bitoni

One of the biggest surprises for me personally is Audrey Bitoni. She is popular, has lots of fans and shot many scenes but to become one of the richest pornstars in such a short time is noteworthy. Was Penthouse Pet back in 2008, active since 2006, a stripper and even offers pornstar escort services.

This is how you make cash, through hard work and hundreds of different activities. Although all of them revolve around sex. Almost doubled her cash pond since 2018.

Age: 33
Movies: 185
2018 net worth: $1.8 million

2019 net worth: $3 million

11Sasha Grey (Marina Ann Hantzis)

With a face and asshole like that, no wonder she is a millionaire. However, according to James Deen, got quite a bad reputation in the industry. Not only did she proclaim that porn has ruined her life (after a major freak out in a meeting), but minutes later she was like: I’ll get the part now.

Oh, she was also dreaming of becoming a Belladonna. Guess you could say Sasha matched her in terms of money flow.

Age: 31
Movies: 209
2018 net worth: $2.5 million

2019 net worth: $3 million

10Jenna Haze (Jennifer Corrales)

Starting off as a stripper as soon as she turned 18, Jenna started her porn carrier one year later. What are the achievements? Has been on more than 500 scenes and slightly fewer movies. Unfortunately, in 2009 she has announced her retirement and we are not sure if she is ever going to come back, that was a sad day indeed.

Look at the brand behind her, it is Microsoft Xbox, one of the most popular home consoles in the world. If a pornstar can promote that, imagine how much money one must have paid her to do so.

Age: 37
Movies: 391
2018 net worth: $6 million

2019 net worth: $3.7 million

9Lisa Ann

Another rich cougar, Lisa Ann that is still doing porn, despite having more money than she can spend in her lifetime (will soon be 50). Maybe she just loves her job or has nothing else to do. Has the “exact” reported net worth of $2 million like Jayden James and Maria Ozawa.

I’d love to see the growth or decline of their riches in the timeframe of 10 years.

Age: 47
Movies: 335
2018 net worth: $2 million

2019 net worth: $4 million

8Katie Morgan (Sarah Carradine)

Now here’s a personality that made quite a progress in terms of her finances and just life in general. In 2000 she was arrested for trying to smuggle over 100 pounds of weed to Mexico and started sucking dicks for money to pay the bail.

Afterward, she has retired in 2008 and appeared in HBO’s Entourage, and over TV series. Not bad for someone who started from one of the most-hated professions ever. Despite mainstream success, Katie’s earnings aren’t as high as we anticipated.

Age: 39
Movies: 243
2018 net worth: $4.5 million

2019 net worth: $4.5 million

7Bree Olson (Rachel Marie Oberlin)

One of the Penthouse pets, Bree Olson was dreaming about becoming a doctor but have been dropped out of the college and entered the porn industry in 2006. After ditching porn in 2011, which was a pretty short run, Bree found success in non-adult movies and has since appeared in hits like The Human Centipede 3.

She must have been used to eating ass, so the role fits her perfectly.

Age: 33
Movies: 196
2018 net worth: $7 million

2019 net worth: $5 million

6Jenna Jameson (Jenna Marie Massoli)

Ex top bitch in our neighborhood is Jenna Jameson, born in 1974 and starting her carrier in 1993, she managed to make quite a living with a net worth of over $10 million. Old news: it is not $30 fucking million, which is the number as old as herself. Not the richest out there but made more money shooting porn that most of the humans will do in their whole lives.

Where did the money come from? ClubJenna porn company, mostly, which was bought out by Playboy in 2006 and then closed.

Age: 45
Movies: 126
2017 net worth: $30 million
2018 net worth: $10 million

2019 net worth: $5 million

5Maria Takagi (Yukiko Hara and Rika Inoue)

Now here’s some diversity for you, a hot Japanese whore who debuted in the porn industry in 2002. In fact, she was the best paid porn actress in her whole country the very next year.

Having ditched her whore personality, Maria has since been acting in various non-porn movies like Tokyo Zombie, Ghost Shout and more, her last video was released in 2004.

Age: 40
Movies: 19
2018 net worth: $8 million

2019 net worth: $6 million

4Traci Lords (Nora Louise Kuzma)

Now here’s a woman who was subject to quite a few controversies, in fact, she was fucking in the porn videos since she was 16 years old, only to be busted by the police later in her life. However, according to various reports, she was not charged for being a minor and instead was treated as a victim of a porn industry.

Not sure about you but let’s call it bullshit.

Age: 51
Movies: 169
2018 net worth: $10 million

2019 net worth: $7 million

3Jesse Jane (Cindy Taylor)

Being a star in the world’s most expensive movie (Pirates, with a budget of over $1 million) certainly helped Jesse to accumulate quite a wealth. She also launched her own brand of tequila called Diosa. Just confirming that she is not a dumb whore and knows how to make some decent cash, not to mention her fucking skills. Jesse was planning to retire from the porn industry in 2017 and kept her word.

Refreshing stats before the anticipated 2020 numbers, it looks like Jesse came back to the adult industry. Guess the decrease in finances did not look good.

Age: 39
Movies: 111
2018 net worth: $9 million

2019 net worth: $8 million

2Sunny Leone

The hottest of them all, and with $2.5 million dollars in assets that have since turned into a cool $10 million. Sunny Leone is such a diva, with body and face that does not age and which looks better than half of these pornstars that are in their early 30s.

Magnificent tits, hundreds of cocks taken, and trucks of semen eaten. Maybe she looks bad without make-up, but I don’t care.

Age: 38
Movies: 106
2018 net worth: $2.5 million

2019 net worth: $10 million

1Tera Patrick (Linda Ann Hopkins)

And the top bitch in this block is Tera Patrick. In 2013, Tera had a net worth of over $15 million but has since managed to turn it into a cool $17 million, that’s like at least a 10% increase. How many of you predicted Terra as the richest girl in porn?

Oh, and she is younger than most of these sugar babes, and with fewer movies shot.

Age: 43
Movies: 108
2018 net worth: $15 million

2019 net worth: $17 million

Hey, in the meantime, why not subscribe to us? Also, most of these women are available on various porn networks, and for lucky few of you who can afford memberships, I highly suggest checking the reviews before jumping in. I strongly believe that talent can only be judged by the first- or second-hand experience, and what better way to do that than to watch these female pornstars perform?

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