Top 20: Hottest, Best Russian Pornstars (2024)

Maybe some Ukrainian, Eastern European and Caucasian too, we are not sure.

Top 20+: Hottest, Best Russian Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

We are not sure what is going on with the Russian teens (their genes, to be exact), but it looks like most of them have a picture-perfect pussy to match their overall beautiful face. So, if you are into Russian pornstars, we can’t blame you.

Anyway, enough of this chit-chat and enjoy our hand-crafted list of the sexiest, most beautiful Russian women that shoot porn. It also includes porn stars of the Eastern European kind who live in the winter wonderland.

22Alysa Gap

We are not starting slowly, just like how your girlfriend would like. Instead, a Russian party is in full swing as we meet one of many Russian pornstars trained for rugged sex, hard-fucking, and burning asshole sensation.

The last name should already create more than enough vivid associations involving anal gapes and other nasty shit. It is one of the mildest videos we have found of Alysa. For hardcore pornstar hunters, this is a nice catch, for us (mortal ones), let’s get rid of her image with some bleach and move on to the 18th spot (the next one is even nastier).

Birthplace: Samara, Russia

21Isabella Clark

Why not turn this article into an educational piece? Here’s an exemplary Russian pornstar that will give you nightmares or wet dreams if you identify with anal roses. Don’t believe Hollywood since Eastern European women aren’t all saint beauties with passive personalities. Isabella Clark, for example, looks stunning and must have piles of dudes lining up in the club. Too bad they don’t know her deepest secret hidden inside the equally deep butthole.

You can, without a doubt, benefit from her abilities and superpowers. She’s like a portable pocket with enough storage for your car or a cargo ship. I cannot imagine how massive your dick must be to satisfy this blonde.

Birthplace: Velikiy Ustyug, Russia


20Crystal Rush

Jesus, I wish older people wouldn’t give up on life. Keiran must lose some weight to stay relevant in adult business throughout 2024. This comes from one of his biggest fans, too. For now, at least you have a hot Russian pornstar to make this scene bearable. Crystal is the latest performer to be included here, and there are already a few great videos for you to watch.

To be fair, Rush helped me to realize that all the recent actresses from the country of cold winders rock a somewhat identical look. At his point, it’s becoming a joke. Can you leave your lips alone for a moment and if you do surgeries, at least pause after tits? We hope for pure beauty and for now, enjoy the exclusive porn discount from Brazzers.

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia


19Alina Henessy

Uh, it’s like the list is getting worse for men that haven’t yet achieved the level of porn where it’s nothing but a bunch of loose holes. Alina is one of the last Russian performers with these talents. It must feel weird for her to get fucked by black cocks.

As you know, some could be racists over there (I’ve lived in Russia for a few years), and the following scene would never be approved in the country of cold winters if the guy was anything but white. For us who don’t care about skin color, it’s just another slut of Russian descent that wants to make money for a living. Not as impressive as other pornstars, but things are about to change soon.

Birthplace: Komsomolsk, Russia

18Angel Rivas

She is smiling more than your regular pornstar and will visit only to fuck and leave you without a trace. As soon as Angel turned 18, she got into porn, and now at the age of 27, still going strong, with an increasing fan base and growing rank. Swings many ways, did interracial porn, erotica, and plain fucking. Even her moans have a Russian accent.

Started with cheap make-up, badly made POV scenes, and whore’s look. After fucking hundreds of guys, she has since graduated to a professional pornstar that no longer has any of those traces. Just quality videos, angel face, and top-tier skills.

Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russia

17Elena Koshka

Did you know that Koshka means “kitten” in Russian? She is one sexy kitty, washing balls with a tongue like every cat. I am amazed at these pornstars figures, all are slim yet with great lines and asses. Asians could compete in the slimness department, but most are either flat-chested or just not that good-looking. For Russian pornstars, it’s the opposite.

Now only that but most of them have no issues with anal sex; I am sure that some of them would even allow that on a first date. That’s the beauty of a winter wonderland, and Elena is one of its citizens.

Birthplace: Omsk, Russia

16Sandra Luberc

Trying to simulate the world’s most passionate sex scene and failing, we have Sandra and a guy that almost broke his dick (that shit must have hurt). The ending is epic, but the rest of the scene has too many fake emotions for me to enjoy. Nonetheless, it’s about the pornstar and not the scene itself. Overall, I am okay with Sandra’s performance in other scenes, especially her willingness to taste cum.

My tip for her is to stop making facial expressions that remind me of a fish, just opening and closing the mouth and staring with that dumb look.

Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russia

15Katya Clover

This woman probably has one of the most beautiful pussies in the industry and is from Mother Russia. Yes, she does fuck scenes (male and female) too, and will soon get into anal as well, since there is already a video with Katya fucking herself with a black butt plug.

Hardcore is just a matter of time. Also, you must appreciate that Eastern European-like look that is as rare as pornstars with no makeup. Perky little tits, a petite body, and a good attitude.

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia


14Gina Gerson

She can teach you Russian and can show you how to fuck. If you don’t think she should be on the list, you are pretty much insane and should get help or just turn gay. Gina is one of the seven fuck wonders everyone should see and masturbate to.

Nice and healthy blond hair, mini bouncy tits, and as usual, a figure that is a result of either starvation in Russia or the perfect and healthiest diet in the world, or both.

Birthplace: Prokopyevsk, Russia


13Melena Maria

Look at her legs, any legs! Look at her pussy, now put your hand on your dick and get back to work. That is all we are going to say about another hot Russian pornstar, I mean, either their flaps are all cut the minute they turn to porn or it is a miracle. Who knew, maybe radiation is good for you.

Eastern European teen slut with her friends makes into our best Russians list and we are happy with the results. She is appearing rather often on various porn sites. If you did not like her, leave a comment below.

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia


12Milena Devi

When it comes to magic, Milena Devi is a true wizard (in this case) as she makes multiple cocks disappear. One dick, two dicks, three dicks? Gone! Two dicks into one ass? That goes, too, and many other hardcore, sick things you can think of. Well, maybe if this fetish is your thing… We are glad to be of service.

If you are into hardcore Russian porn, then the Devil Girl (yes, I intentionally mistyped that) is something that you could abuse in a good and gentlemanly familiar way.

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia


11Anna Polina

Okay, teen timeout! Let’s bring some good old Russian pornstar-like housewives to the party. A real-life squirter (and it is from Russia, so the juices are likely pure vodka), a highly-skilled cock sucker with tits from heaven, I mean…

You can’t go wrong with any of that. Even cum makes Anna super happy, which is the one and only (organic) superfood. All women should take this supplement. Also, the fact that she is a Russian MILF makes the whole thing even better and hotter.

Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russia


10Nikita Von James

If you are into cougars and MILFS, then Nikita from Russia is probably already somewhere in your pornstar browser history. If not, you have been missing out. However, she does look slightly American with tanned skin and blond hair that is not exactly the longest.

Okay, maybe that is a good thing. Considering the amount of oil that always covers her massive tits and that Russian-like physique, the amount of washing would be mind-numbing. Anyway, let’s move to the teens again!

Birthplace: Smolensk, Russia


9Foxy Di

A naughty girl with a cheeky smile and poorly cut hair. Still very young, hence perfect-looking tits. It might not be the largest, but the shape and stiffness are rock solid. One of my personal favorites. She has no slutty qualities and could be your dream girlfriend from Russia.

Anal sex is like second nature for Foxy Di, rides his shaft without showing any discomfort or dissatisfaction. One of those girlfriends that is okay with everything if you don’t act like a dick. Slim body, pretty face, and well-maintained figure.

Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russia


8Irina Bruni (Meggy / Ashley)

Okay, she is likely a secret Russian pornstar/nun as her face is just too innocent for anything else. But, thankfully, she does have a nice ass, beautiful perky tits, and just seems to enjoy sex in general. So if you are into naturals, this one is for you. Enjoy.

Also, she does look pretty amateur in the video, and not this one only. For some, that is a turn-on; for some, we have more Russian porn stars below and above. Enjoy responsibly.

Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russia


7Anjelica Ebbi (Krystal Boyd)

This Russian girl knows no limits and is as open-minded about sex as everyone should be. Lesbian? Check. Deep throat? Sure. Anal? Check. Threesomes? Yes. Bondage and tears? Why not. Double penetration? Check.

Other hardcore porn stars are joining our best and hottest list. Can you blame us for including Krystal? Also, here’s a friendly reminder to her: Can we please use one name only so half of her content does not end up lost?

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

6Marina Visconti

You could leave Marina as the only Russian pornstar on the list, and 99% of all readers would be satisfied, including our team. A truly fascinating girl with the world’s greatest tits. Loves ass to mouth, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and even missionary. If you’ve ever googled VIP escorts or anything similar, then women like Marina would be there.

She reeks of high quality. Watch at least one of her videos, and you will see why she is so popular. Super excited about sex, non-stop moaning, finger stuffing into any hole, and so on. Marina is like a Northern star, always shining and always the brightest.

Birthplace: Stavropol, Russia


5Veronica Heart (Lucy Heart)

When I talk about fucking young Russian porn sluts, her facial expression is what I have in mind. The look of her being fucked and choked should replace Mona Lisa or other famous paintings, as this is a true work of art, not some dried paint on the paper; or if you are painting, paint with cum, it’s more fun.

The full red lips possess a well-crafted shape suitable for one thing only: yes, cock sucking and the face… It is as pure Russian pornstar as you can get without gene modifications.

Birthplace: Saratov, Russia


4Luxury Girl

The outcome was obvious when we’ve laid our balls onto the latest Brazzers performers. It was all a matter of placement, and from what I’ve experienced firsthand, Luxury Girl will go to the moon and back. She is as fresh as TikTok and already trends like a superstar.

First, we’ve had Generation X Russian pornstars, then millennials, and now the earliest Generation Z (zoomer) sluts have joined the ranks. Finally, some fresh new faces and not only fresh, but stunning. Every latest beauty trend that you see on Instagram exists on Luxury Girl. From thick eyebrows to puffed lips, have fun with this one.

Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia

3Liya Silver

What I’m about to say makes so little sense that you’d think it’s April Fools. According to rumors, Liya Silver is a lesbian in real life hence some of her scenes feature a pussy that’s dry as fuck. But how would you even sign-up for a straight porn scene if you aren’t into men? Like, I get it if Liya was bisexual, but that’s not what I’ve heard.

Whatever rumored sexual preferences are, Liya’s bouncy tits make me ejaculate just from the trailers alone and like any good Russian woman, she also welcomes cocks deep down her curvy ass.

Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia


2Kayla Green

The only time we have seen Kayla with her mouth shut is when there are no dicks around her. Other times, she is always ready for some cock; judging by the video above, it must be her favorite activity. Ass fucking, vaginal, riding, facial…

All the classic scenes are there. She seems to be a true Russian escort or a professional whore because the planet we have seen her demonstrating is truly hot and eye-opening. This video is as fucking hot as the lava itself.

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia


1Alessandra Jane

Alessandra is the last pornstar to join us here, and we could not help but place her as the top Russian pornstar. Beautiful looks, spectacular body and sex skills, addicting facial expressions, cum swallowing, and more.

I truly love Russian girls, they have been training for hardcore anal sex since becoming legally fuckable, know how to make any man happy, and rarely become fat. Combined with cooking skills, there is no better wife material.

Birthplace: Veliky Novgorod, Russia


Which one is your favorite? Be it Russian, Latvian, or Ukrainian.

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  1. Thanks, interesting and (imo) largely spot-on list. However, including Alessandra Jane is an insult to the natural beauty of all the others. Her fake tits and botox lips are grotesque! What were you thinking!!!

  2. Gina Gerson’s body is a triumph of evolution. I’d pay serious coin to growl her and experience her little tummy quivers. A true artisan of the caper with my only criticism being she honks when she bonks.


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