Top 20: Hottest Colombian Pornstars (2024)

The sexiest and our favorite pornstars from Colombia.

Top 20: Hottest Colombian Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

We are back with more pornstar top 10s, and this one is dedicated to Colombian pornstars. I fucking missed hot, sizzling whores that were created for sexual pleasures only. Our editors have also recently finished the top 10 Latina pornstars that might also suit your taste buds, so please be sure to check it out too. In case you are not a cheap fuck and want to support fellow adult performers, we do have a collection of top Latin porn sites too, reviewed and ranked by rating.

For this list, we have combined some of the best Colombian pornstars of all age groups and all eras. The biggest focus towards the most recent pornstars, where videos are crisp clear, and plentiful. I bet you are having a hard time sitting in your chair right now out of all the excitement. Trust me, we love Colombian pornstars just as much as you do, so let’s go.

20Jodi Bean

This is what happens when you let a female director do a porn movie; she has no fucking clue what to do. Applying weird coloring effects, garbage angles, and focusing too much on a dick. Can’t explain the “brainstorming” behind this scene, it’s too bland. I mean, she is barely moving. Initially disappointed, I had to look further, and things got slightly better.

Jodi Bean is one of the smaller pornstars, weighing only 48 kg or 106 pounds and reaching the height of 5 ft 1 inch (155 cm). Born and raised in Colombia, and judging by her performance in some videos, she must not be a true Colombian, because these women are passionate, full of energy and hunger. This girl could do better, so Jodi is among lower-ranking pornstars.

19Sara Blonde

In a rare instance, the fame only made Sara Blonde a better and much hotter Colombian bombshell than the version 1.0, previously seen only inside the amateur’s section on PornHub. It’s hard to get to know Sara on a more intimate level as the moment her mouth opens just a little bit, you’re already trying to stick your dick in, at least inside your head.

But does she even give good head? Sara is as close to reaching a professional pornstar level as ever.

18Veronica Leal

You get a video full of steam for the same price of zero and we have picked Veronica Leal, combining some of her best movements in this cut. Watching this Colombian fuck reminds me of old-school cheap TV soap operas from Colombia or Mexico. She just got that look. You know the girl is good when post-sex the first thing she does is take her fingers and lick your love juice. Solid wife material that won’t get boring too quickly.

Her hometown is Medellín, Colombia, and I know what you are thinking… How can she be so proactive in bed? Here’s the kicker, she is only 27-years old, which (as far as stamina goes) is close to a peak. I think that Melanie still has a few more years left before turning into a boring, lifeless starfish. Like many older pornstars.


17Summer Col

Are you bored of unknown pornstars that are yet to blow up? Then I’ve one just for you! But first, a trivia: what’s 5 feet high, takes in the ass, smells of expired tuna and still makes you hard? Your dad after banging your mom. Yes, we’re all jokers and comedians here!

Okay, now that you failed the first answer, I’ll give you an easier way out. What’s 5 feet high and is known to transform noodles into harder than diamond? Summer Col, a Colombian brunette with a stretched and welcoming colon space.

16Isabella Obregon

A public bus is so shit that even the windows are plastic, not glass. I have never been to Colombia so it’s unclear to me if with a few hundred bucks you could bang dozens of hot whores or if the sex is more expensive there compared to other countries like India or Russia. This girl is the shit; you don’t have to sugarcoat your intentions.

Just give her a few bucks, and Isabella will know what’s up your dick. This shirt tucked top always fascinated me, seems perfect for accidental boob slip scenarios and I am still hoping to see an actual wardrobe malfunction in real life. So let us know if you did and how it all ended. What porn taught me is that everything leads to hardcore sex afterward.

15Sofia Nix

Known for some of the greatest tits, Sofia did only a few videos before leaving the adult industry for good. I’ve heard she returned and retired again, but it’s still puzzling whether these are facts or rumors. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any newer videos.

Okay, not everything is doom and gloom and a positive outcome resulted. Sofia Nix turned to adult camera sites and used to hang out there.

14Anita Toro

Demonstrating her blowjob skills for all Colombian women, we have Anita Toro. Still not perfect but getting there. The best blowjobs I have had were with girls that suck dick and not just shove it down their esophagus and call it a day. Anita could go much deeper as there is not a single tear in her eyes, impressive. I feel sorry for women sometimes, they get choked, abused, and are treated like trash.

We were fooled by her looks and thought that Anita was in her 40s. Instead, this Colombian whore has not even reached the 30s mark. Most of her scenes are a bit more dominant as she loves to take control and her extreme height (5 ft 10 in or 178 cm) does help a lot. According to the bio, Anita used her first earrings from porn to get herself a nice set of 36C boobs. That’s an investment I can approve of.

13Valerie Rios

With such long legs, it’s impossible to resist Valerie’s temptation. Heck, the operator is having a difficult time fitting them in a frame, now that’s awesome. A true Colombian woman with a hot personality and edgy looks. Valerie Rios was born in Medellin and has been in the porn business since 2010, which was also her most active year. In the last 12 months, this Colombian slut has shot close to 20 movies plus multiple videos.

Unlike most girls, this babe looks better in videos than in pictures, and that is a great feat to have. A naturally born beauty queen with smooth, youthful flesh opened pussy and a tiny butthole that you get to see at the last minute. No man in the world could deny her.

12Monique Fuentes

You can spot a Colombian pornstar from miles away, and once you add a few white trash girls in the mix, the contrast is even more noticeable. No, she is not the blond slut that does not even know how to properly stroke white shafts; it’s the MILF with a smile on her face and a burning desire. Just like Latin girls, Colombians are so much fun; they love sex. Watching this video makes me feel ashamed for the white race, that bitch is awful at everything, minus the tits.

Monique Fuentes is on a new level, working the cocks like a Kung-Fu master. Even men appear to have a much better time banging this Colombian fuck toy. These scenes are likely some of her last, where Monique still looks decent as the clock is ticking and she is not getting any fresher. It’s now or never.


11Lupe Fuentes

One of the youngest looking pornstars from Colombia, Lupe Fuentes and no, Monique is not her mom. You wish. Still rocking that tight pussy and innocent teen look. You can tell that Lupe is not a typical whore as every act is slow, with much care put into it. Even the cock stroking is as sensual and nurturing as your mom’s hands.

Another Colombian with your typical skin tone that is on the darker side and body weave hair. That cock is also beautiful, and I never say things like that. This scene looks more like teen porn, as the setting has a shitty apartment, awful interior, and cheap clothing line. Oh man, wish she was an escort or something, so much money would be spent on my new future wife, Lupe Fuentes.

If she reminds of you another pornstar it’s because her previous nickname was Zuleidy Lapiedra.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

10Candi Coxx

It’s rare to see a pornstar that turns men on as much as Candi Coxx. The unlucky male pornstar, which must have fucked hundreds of pussies, even he could not resist cumming pretty much instantly. This position does not seem that stimulating, so I am not sure what the fuck is happening there. Maybe the pussy texture is to blame? Or was she doing Kegel exercises to make that vag tighter?

Despite years of experience, Candi is still uncomfortable with the taste of other guys’ semen, which (considering the title “Milf Lessons”) is unacceptable. She is teaching the wrong thing. However, not everything about her is horrible. This thick cougar is among the top-ranking Colombian pornstars and has been recently baptized by two black cocks, one in the ass and another where the babies come from.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

9Natasha Teen

Invite your family before Thanksgiving since Natasha is superb at a single thing – turkey stuffing practice. I’m sure her asshole could give birth to a full-sized turkey inside the oven inside a house. Maybe she could work as an undercover FBI agent, recording secret conversations in saunas without bad guys realizing.

What about the drawbacks? There’s something “iffy” about ethnicity; we just can’t connect the dots. For example, how did a Russian named pornstar end up in Colombia? It could be just an alias since the appearance resembles an exotic female’s. And just for the record, Natasha’s last name is terrible.

8Melanie Jane (Melanie Rios)

When not sharing cum mustache with other beautiful sluts, Ariella Ferrera likes to bend over and wait for the entry. She is a Colombian pornstar from a few decades ago. Enjoys oiling up fake tits and won’t say now to some cunt smacking. It’s been so long since we’ve seen a mainstream pornstar with torpedo tits.

You know what those are, right? The oddly shaped, triangle (or torpedo) like milk-giving machines that can be seen on the right?

7Ariella Ferrera

Colombians win you with their warm attitude, cozy environment, and not to forget, incredible women from round asses to incredible tits and limited tan lines. Ariella Ferrera is one of the hottest pornstars from Colombia that doesn’t age.

Bring a bottle of organic oil and pour it freely… Sometimes good tits are more fun to fuck than your boring pussy, and this is the one!


6Canela Skin

Nasty is such an overused term, but I can’t think of anything else. Having scratched my brain just a little bit, I’ve come up with two words that should decently describe this Colombian freak. These would be distasteful and buzzworthy.

Do you know who Nacho Vidal is? The former boxer and face of extremely hardcore porn. In one of her scenes, Canela Skin squirted due to brutal ass fingering, ate his saliva and I haven’t even scratched the surface here. No need for bleach since there are more videos to choose from for our GIF collection, including the one from RK.

5Jamie Valentine

Have you noticed how the porn quality tends to increase once we go with Brazzers, RealityKings of few other key porn sites? I am not talking video pixels, but the action itself. Jamie Valentine was lucky to get a scene with this guy, which rocked her world back and forth. He also had abs, that’s the quality I approve of.

Another Colombian with hairy pussy, which makes me think that Colombian women just prefer their bushes trimmed instead of shaved. Beautiful big breasts, solid pussy that tastes like Chicharrón, and just slightly fatter body type than I have hoped for. Unlike white girls, I believe that Colombian pornstars do look better without any tattoos. There is something magical about their bodies that are already perfect as it is.


4Isabella De Santos

We are reaching the territory of professional Colombian pornstars, those that get all the checkmarks, from booty shaking to facial expressions and “fuck me” eyes. Isabella was born in Bogota, Colombia, and is only 30-years old. One of the more interesting pornstars to watch, mostly because of the energy and chemistry between her and male actors. She has no trouble connecting with pretty much anyone, so once you get a new porn scene with Isabella De Santos, it always turns into a pleasurable time.

That smirk at the end tells you all you need to see and know about her. She is good, she fucks great, and still has solid looks. The long hair is also perfect for pulling and fucking hard, preferably in both holes simultaneously.


3Franceska Jaimes

Born in Bogota and residing in Los Angeles as of the 2020s, Franceska Jaimes built her legacy slowly. Downloading her videos feels like a history lesson or, for lack of a better word, time travel. You see your favorite performers age or disappear completely from the scene. That’s what you get with sex archives dating back more than 10 years.

As she slowly approaches the MILF age of the early 40s, Franceska’s popularity is still growing. Blame that on magnified sexual experience or sexy mom looks.


2Bliss Dulce

Our final anal-loving Colombian scene from my favorite porn site. Speaking of anal, am I the only one that prefers pussy texture over the anus? It just feels much better. I do enjoy anal sex and it’s my go-to position, but the feeling itself is not great, to be honest with you. Maybe I just haven’t found asshole good enough. Bliss Dulce seems like a fun chick to have in bed, doing all the work while you can sip a cocktail or browse RedBled.

I would have never guessed that a chick like her would turn to porn; she could do much better. Fucking in the bathroom is not my ideal end-date location, but sometimes you must make compromises. With the green top covering her figure, you can bet your ass off that she looks as incredible while naked as she does with clothes.


1Esperanza Gomez

Another Colombian MILF, and a true pornstar, Esperanza Gomez. Everything about her spells trouble just looks like a woman with a ticking bomb of an attitude. Some camera angles could be adjusted because, in certain lighting conditions, Esperanza is not the most beautiful pornstar. The beginning for example with all shit properly aligned, makes her look 10/10. Fuck, she even got pussy hair trimmed in the shape of a heart, which is fucking adorable. Mister Danny (the male performer that fucked her) in the end could have given a better facial and landed a few drops in her mouth, but whatever.

Nowadays, I prefer fucking 20+ pornstars, but this miss future Colombia has cornered the whole market and is taking everything for herself. She looks straight from the porn magazine cover.


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  1. Dude, you must be smoking crack if you think Esperanza Gomez is only beautiful under certain lighting conditions. She is pretty flawless and deserving of top spot on this list so good job there…


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