Top 20: Pornstars with Trimmed Lips, Most Beautiful Pussies (2023)

The most beautiful pussy owners with extra skin cut-off.

Top 20: Pornstars with Trimmed Lips, Most Beautiful Pussies (2023)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

It should not come to you as a surprise that a lot of pornstars do trim their pussies. The procedure is called labiaplasty and they get that extra skin removed under the knife. Women have their complexes and when you cut the pussy lips (labia minora and labia majora), a transformation can give you a much more youthful look. A change from one with 160,000 miles to the most beautiful pussy that is in mint condition. Wide beef flaps, camel toes, meaty curtains, or the extra meat around the vagina, aren’t sexy. Hopefully, this trend catches on with more women and we will see as many trimmed, adorable pussies as we see fake tits.

It is a myth that women with larger lips have been fucked by more guys. Yet, society no longer cares and still associates trimmed pussy lips with pureness, sex on rare occasions, and other bullshit. I have not seen a beautiful pussy that had large labia. So, we are smashing two birds with one stone with this top 10. Dear readers, this is the ultimate list of trimmed and most gorgeous pussies in the adult industry.

21Emily Bloom

There are no mediocre beef curtains in this post, just the prettiest pussy pornstars of all time. You can tell that we will have a good time as even at the “last” spot, Emily Bloom’s pussy is magnificent. As pretty as the universe allows it. Can you think of any tweaks that could make it go from 10 to 10+? Because I cannot. Pretty much every other pornstar is like that. You think you know perfection, but then it’s stopped by the next girl on the list and another one after that.

Going back to Emily Bloom and her vagina. It’s soft, with a tiny opening, nicely matching butthole, and the cleanest shave I have seen. It is like a piece of art you would not even want to match because of how exquisite it looks.

20Evelyn Claire

Some pussies stretch more than others and Evelyn’s has the bubble gum as the main ingredient. It has a fluffy, almost fleshlight quality while cold, but things change drastically after a mile of dick. Just like her personality that works well for the softcore and brutal porn scenes, the pussy also goes from that of a virgin to the world’s biggest whore. After that, it becomes almost unrecognizable and I still question the world of physics.

Take in small doses, Evelyn’s moist vanilla cake is best enjoyed in a lesbian setting where the “most extreme” things are tiny fingers and similarly sized dildos.

19Ani Butler

Hands down the most beautiful pussy among amateurs on adult cam sites! If we were to only rank natural and non-trimmed female parts, this would be in a much better position. Also, since it’s hard to catch these shows online pornstar content is way more attainable.

Other than that, Ani is one magnetic performer who is generous and friendly towards her audience.


18Makayla Cox

What do you think about MILF pornstars with trimmed pussies? Is this something that only looks good till a certain age, or just like tits (unless you are talking GILFs) always enhance the women’s appeal? Makayla does not have the tightest pussy, but it still is pretty. The bleached asshole could also work on this adult model as it shows signs of aging.

Not only the color is brown, but the tightness and anus rings don’t inspire confidence. Some men consider the clitoris part of the pussy while others just focus on the overall appeal. I think that Makayla has one of the biggest clitorides, and it’s not something that I consider to be sexy. Now, as far as older pornstars go, she is in a league with the top 10 for the pussy looks, as trimming adds many bonus points.

17Evelin Stone

You would not believe the number of videos we had to see where Evelin Stone had a good pussy shot. It was either a few seconds or the whole video focuses on other girls getting fucked while Eve just stood there, doing nothing. It is not as trimmed as a few other pornstars (she is with magenta dress), but looks so fluffy, like American packages full of syrup, fruits, and other sweet goodness.

Her best pussy qualities show up from the rearview. Yes, where another lesbian is licking her asshole. I think that if you were to bring Evelin from the club, thinking that she is a regular slut) you would truly appreciate that beautiful pussy of hers. This is what I learned from my one-night stands. Many women just don’t have decent-looking vaginas, so once you see something like this, tell her that.


16Amia Miley

Looking best when approached from the back, Amia’s pussy is plush, with very little meat in the lip area. It’s a perfect cave to replenish the strength of your dick or nourish it with its minerals. Like leisure time in an expensive SPA salon.

Indulge in passionate foreplay and she’ll be at the perfect temperature in no time. This is where the analogy of “sex feels like fucking a warm pie” must come from.

15Georgie Lyall

What an adorable pussy. It’s almost as if God applied a soft filter to make it look smoother than it is. She went for surgery to trim her pussy but did not put effort into reducing these fat rolls. Heck, even her earrings on the belly are pretty much invisible, drowning in the fat. She looks like a barbie doll, with great eyes and long fake hair, so maybe she feels entitled enough to not worry about anything but the face.

I would be ashamed to show her nude to my friends unless Georgie stood up. The pussy looks very soft, with a tiny bit of skin for that extra grip. As you perform oral sex on her, you can suck it up and down to increase the sensation. Georgie Lyall looks better with clothes on than off, which is a saddening fact.

14Kristen Scott

Kristen did trim her pussy, yet it looks of a regular size. What makes this queen special is the lips that simply wrap around the cock. It’s like a hungry gold digger does around rich men. Shorter pussy lips don’t mean sexier pussy as it’s all about the complete package. Age does help her a lot. Despite multiple dicks and undeniable experience, this dark cave still gets wet without any lube, nor did it lose its elasticity.

This pussy does fascinate me and here’s a thing… I never stare at the pussy while watching porn, but this one is so pretty that this is where all my focus is. Hard to tell why, as when you break it down piece by piece, it’s not appetizing. The clitoris seems too big. From the rear it reminds me of a horse or something and the pussy hair strip is not my thing. However, combining all these features, it goes from yuck to yummy.


13Marry Queen

There’ve been a lot of discussion about the innies and outties, but most men will be happy with any shape. As long as she’s wet and doesn’t smell of a rotten octopus, I’m happy to fuck any pussy. However, and don’t say this to my wife, when it’s time to rest, not many humans can top Marry Queen’s puffy pillows.

If there’s ever a pussy beauty contest, a now retired Marry should apply. It would be interesting to see how aging affects everything, but nonetheless, it’s tough to last in bed with someone as pretty as Marry Queen.


12Kira Noir

Just to give you a sense of how spectacular Kira’s pussy is… I need to tell you some things about myself first. Not a fan of ebonies or black girls. Their vaginas do not appeal to me and look yuck. So I haven’t decided to like them. Taste is subjective, but listen, Kira Noir has something about her that draws you in.

I don’t know what that is, nor do I care to find out, but this pussy is so inviting. You just want to pull your dick and start jerking off. She is also the only African American pornstar featured here, beating thousands of other white trash whores. I don’t know what kind of trophies (if any) she has on the wall but getting listed on RedBled should be one of them. Watching her porn gives me pussy munchies.

11Maria Ryabushkina

Our sad word needs more of Maria’s stunning pussy. She will cheer you up no matter what’s going in with your life! Like, even hardcore emo chumps would suddenly stop cutting and appreciate. Forget peaches and other synonyms for vagina. If Ryabushkina’s inner bits were a fruit, that would be persimmon, also known as the food of Gods.

Exquisite pussy doesn’t even do justice when it comes to description. Imagine what it’s like to stick your dick down that blessed hole.


10Tina Kay

Judging by the number of positive comments about Tina Kay, we had to add her to the list. We are about your opinions and can’t possibly cover every female. I’ve seen her without makeup in one of the older videos, and it wasn’t good. It takes a special angle for this pussy to look extremely beautiful, so here it is.

You’ll need a flat surface and Tina laying on the side. Now bend those knees and voila! Wouldn’t call this woman my favorite. Still, save this one if you care about natural beauty and pussies that weren’t trimmed.


9Selena Stone

The terms innie and outtie pussy weren’t even a thing a few years ago. Now, everyone is obsessed with innies and filters pornstars by a pussy shape. It’s another point to argue as if we didn’t have hair colors, boob sizes, etc. Just don’t let fat angry feminists to organize a movement to change people’s mind. You know, how they now do bikini shots with chubby sluts that are beat, as if repeating wrong opinion helps. Sorry, but men have preferences, we don’t like flat chests or male haircuts.

Anyhow, Selena’s magnificent marshmallow best shines from the rear, hence fucking her doggystyle will challenge your lasting abilities. Her pussy looks so soft it almost melts.

8Texas Patti

For comparison among MILF pornstars, we have included Texas Patti and I believe her pussy is picture beautiful. It shows you that aging does not have to be a factor if you were born with nice enough pussy and great genes. While Makayla could not compete with younger pussies that were cut, this pornstar can.

The anus department is a different story. Texas is as far from the competing stage as African countries are from building a space shuttle. Butter soft labia, with clitoris on top that is not too big and not too small, some hair just for the sake of it, and fake bazookas. If she lost 5 pounds, Texas Patti would go from solid 6 to 7 with a plus. Her pussy is in my “to do” list, so keep your eyes open for more.

7Gabriella Paltrova

Yeah, even thousands of bucks won’t buy you a ticket for an entry here. Not only is this one sexy pussy, but the tightness is on a new level of awesome. Trimmed lips result from surgery, yet tightness is much harder to fake.

Could there be surgeries to do so? I mean, it’s known that some women pay to have their virginity restored yet fucking Gabriella Paltrova feels like you’re smashing a virgin constantly. Just with experience and no tears of regret.


6Tia Cyrus

A pussy so amazing that you can’t even keep your dick inside it without cumming immediately. This chump got to experience it all firsthand. Her exotic flavor plays nicely with the complete package too. Now, if you wonder about her ethnicity, Tia is of Puerto Rian background… Weighing just around 90 lbs (or 41 kg), this pornstar has most bases covered. Extremely skinny, without any disgusting rolls of fat, giant tits that suit her nicely, hot face and that pussy of hers.

We did see her before boob and pussy surgeries, and she looked kind of meh. But, having invested in the looks department, Tia Cyrus became one of the hottest pornstars out there! Also, a beautiful pussy owner too. Since she is perfect at this point, it’s sadly only downhill.


5Eliza Ibarra

Is this not one of the best cowgirl porn videos you have seen? Eliza nailed in this scene and we had to share it with you all. She has one of those pussies that move when you fuck them, which is a major turn-on for many men. Out of all 12 pornstars we have covered for today, this one is the most enthusiastic and genuine. I mean, at least that’s my impression.

None of these factors contribute to the pussy look department. However, with trimmed pussy surgery completed, Eliza is ranking well among competing pornstars. Even if you came here just to discover new pornstars or porn and don’t care about pussy aesthetics. I do suggest checking Eliza Ibarra porn scenes anyway. You will be left impressed.


4Christiana Cinn

Without going to extremes, Christiana has trimmed her pussy just enough to maintain the natural look. Her lips are popping out and are angled perfectly for the good old oral sex. I can see myself playing with my tongue, spelling the alphabet, and sliding a few fingers in for hours.

Pornstars with fully trimmed vaginas I imagine are less fun to play with than this one. There is just enough meat to chew o and, push it around. However, not enough to expose Christiana Cinn for what she truly is, a whore with thousands shoved cocks down that ass. She is also a squirter. Looking at her older photos, you can instantly tell that labiaplasty was only done recently, and obviously, we have picked a video of all these pussy transformations already visible.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

3Athena Palomino

I keep saying that these pussies are beautiful, but would you look at Athena… It’s miles free, trimmed beyond repair, and full of elasticity. My new kink is looking at the small pussy hole that slightly moves when you fuck them in the ass. I imagine putting my dick inside that wet dungeon and going to town. Her gorgeous face, platinum blond hair extensions, and long eyelashes turned Athena into a true goddess of love. A small enough ass to reach the deepest spot without rocking an 8-inch cock, swollen clitoris, and smooth skin.

Pause this video for a second and look at our featured image again. If only she was a pornstar escort… Her pussy is very photogenic! It hides all the miles and seriously, from this angle you could trick anyone into thinking that she is a barely legal pornstar. Now that’s an experience that no one wants to miss.


2Karmen Karma

Karmen’s pussy is a perfect combination of soft and pink flesh and is picture perfect. It’s the shape, the puffiness, and most importantly, it’s so fucking pink. You could fool most into thinking that this beauty is a fleshlight. Honestly, if I was specifying my ideal fleshlight, this pussy would be very close to my ideal. It all comes to her face and whether the sacrifice is worth the reward. With lights turned off, you would not be able to see her pussy anyway (and her face).

That’s the thing with Karmen Karma. If you are not looking at that beauty profile, it’s fucking to the max. it could also be the ego thing because the dick does not care much about the looks if there is a warm and moist hole to enter. So given the chance, I would fuck Karmen Karma only for the aesthetics of that beautiful pussy.


1Bailey Brooke

Now, this is a pussy from dreams. The most beautiful pussy of all time without any flaws, not even one. Bailey either paid tens of thousands of dollars for a great surgeon or got lucky. When God messed up her face, he had to compensate through other means. It’s not as bad as Karmas though.

This pussy is so beautiful that I would not even mind her other features. Fluffy as a cloud, soft as a marshmallow, and Jesus fucking Christ, it’s simply stunning. Even when you finish fucking Bailey, it does not gape and remains as tight as before sex. Say what you want but this is the perfect vagina, and it cannot get any better. You can stare at it from any angle and it’s still gorgeous. God bless that kitten.


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  1. In my opinion Brooke has the best looking pussy in porn. She is always my go to when I need to relieve myself in a hurry.

  2. Trimmed pussies are the biggest turn off and look like 18year olds. It’s fucked woman in society now a days, thanks to porn company’s like yours think this is normal and how it’s suppose to look. Real men like real lips.

  3. There is a Chaturbate model I have found that she has the most amazing vagina I have ever seen to top it off she has large breast and perfect puffy nipples you should check her out

  4. Trimmed pussies are a sad thing for everyone involved… pussy lips shrivel with age, the smaller the lips, the dryer the pussy… no fun 🙁 sad sad pussies.

  5. Trimmed puss is the best. Saying real men like lips is like saying real men like fat chicks, it just makes you look stupid and unable to get someone attractive.


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