The Ugliest Pornstars of All Time (2018)

The Ugliest Pornstars of All Time (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

If you are into ugly, beat pornstars that need to be covered not only with the paper bags but a silo, preferably, or you are practicing to fuck someone extremely fat and ugly, and need to learn how to get your dick up even in the most unfortunate situations then buckle up, trooper. We have prepared you a list with some of the ugliest whores on the planet, picked by the community of Body Building and IGN.

Oh, and if you want some fair comparison, we did the hottest whores post too, which you can only visit after you managed to get your dick hard and complete the Navy Seal training program.

Good luck.

10Kara Price

Kicking things off with someone who is not really that ugly, at least as far as physical beauty goes, it’s more of her expressions of a corpse. I mean, she looks fucking brain dead to me in a lot of videos that I have seen, either it was a bad luck on my part or she is just lost in this world. In any case, the face itself is better than the majority of these whores there so consider yourself lucky and blessed for discovering Kara.

9Carmella Bing

Kicking things off with someone who is just fat and unattractive as a result. Basically, I might still fuck her if I were as drunk as three monkeys drowned in a beer can but the next morning there would definitely be a long awkward silence and my mind running with the thoughts: oh god, what have I done with my life. Please have mercy on my soul. If you gonna do it, do it for the karma, nothing else.


She might used to be hot a long time ago but as of now and from the scenes I have seen, she is one of the uglier ones out there and most likely it has all to do with the fact that some of her hairstyles are fucking trash, sometimes she wears no make up while taking massive black cocks and all in all, just a pornstar that is as far from my type as the Sun, the Venus and Uranus. Next, please.

7Audrey Hollander

Well, I am not even sure what is going on here, but I am not into curly hair, gingers and old females. So, this combination has pretty much all of it covered, also, this is probably the first time ever I see a redhead with curly long hair. She must be the unicorn of some kind but unfortunately for you, not in a good way. Unless you are into ugly scenes like the one above, in that case… To the chopper!

6Naudia Nyce

Please do not confuse her with Nadia Nice, this one is just mediocre in all fronts, weird ass tiny tits, an okay looking body, which is a plus, at least, the hairstyle that is as ugly and disgusting as a shit on a plate, at least for me, and not okay looking teeth. So not the worst and beat we have seen but I definitely would not want to introduce her to my parents or even see her in real life. Thank you.

5Ryan Conner

She used to be hot, I give you that but good god, please just stop. Despite still having a nice looking body (minus the shitty and god awful tattoos), the face is absolutely ugly, even disgusting if you ask me. She looks like someone from the nursing home who just learned how to buy and use make up, and hint: she is not that good at it. Personally, I would be embarrassed to look at her but that is just my own opinion.

4Ava Devine

Well, just take a look at the video above and it should be pretty self-explanatory. Basically, this is what happens when you eat whatever the fuck you want and use as much make up as possible to cover it all, stop going to the gym or just taking care of yourself, and basically, just living your life with the mindset of Yolo. Or maybe that is me and she is one of the better looking pornstars out there? You tell me.

3Nina Hartley

Well, get ready to see a shitlaod of comments defending her, and even more butthurt people who just left the site and never came back. Sure, I get her appeal as far as the sex teacher and just personality, but actually fucking her? The thought alone makes me sick to my stomach and I can’t even think that my dick would work after seeing the ugly body and pretty much everything that defines old cougars.

2Gianna Michaels

Personally, I never understood how did Gianna become so popular, it has something to do with her looks or me being a complete, fucking idiot, right? I mean, to me, she is fucking ugly, yet the number of fans this pornstar has is staggering and my mind is fucked. The butter face, forehead that is as wig as her gigantic tits, weird ass expressions that make no fucking sense to me and all in all, just fucking beat.

1Sara Jay

Well, I am not sure what is worse, her body that I am not a fan of, which is fine I guess as you can’t do much about the aging. Unless you are into grannies, then this might be a hot catch for you but all in all, it is just bad. I think the ugliest part of the whole thing is these shitty tattoos, I mean, good fucking god, what the fuck is that all about? Please stay away from me and if possible, from the whole porn industry.

And here you have it, to be fair, not all of them are the ugliest and it is most likely just the age, diet and whatever the fuck is going on with their lives. Also, the really ugly ones don’t even have names and are just basically crack whores who deserve no mention. Still, you wanted some bad looking ones, we delivered.

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Have a beautiful day.

The Ugliest Pornstars of All Time (2018)
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  1. It’s not that she’s monkey’s ass ugly, but lisa ann has just never done it for me. She looks like one of those high end $2000 sex dolls you buy come to life. A way too smooth face. Giant tits. Big butt implants. Zero facial expression


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