Top 20: Hottest Ukrainian Pornstars (2024)

Amazing Ukrainian babes and their porn GIFs.

Top 20++: Hottest Ukrainian Pornstars (2024)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Ukraine is one of my favorite countries to visit as a tourist, regions like Lviv, Odesa, etc. The food and services are superb and so cheap. With just a few hundred bucks, you will live there like a king unless the tourist traps get you. The food is Russian and Eastern Europe-inspired. Basically, with lots of pig fat (salo) that you eat raw while mixing with bread, onions, and vodka.

If you are from Ukraine, or love Ukrainian pornstars, see our Russian pornstars top 10. The countries are different in many aspects, but women are surprisingly similar.

Before we start getting hate comments on Russian and Ukrainian slut’s comparisons, let’s switch our focus to pussy and pornstars. So grab your Salo (the cured slabs of fat) and an old newspaper as we are about to discover some of the greatest Ukrainian pornstars.

22Cara Mell

Raise your balls for the banana-eating Ukrainian pornstar that loves the rain, Cara Mell. I have saved multiple videos on my PC with my previous girls doing their best to eat a banana, some with whipped cream. It’s one of the “greenlit” sex scenes you can also show in mainstream movies and get away with. Of course, everyone associates these feasts as blowjob simulations anyway.

Her last performance was in 2017 on Playboy Plus TV. If you want to find her, visit Kyiv and go through the strip clubs. Cara took a break from XXX movies but never managed to leave the adult entertainment business. We have also just learned that if you google “Cara Mell,” Google will show you results for caramel. A blue-eyed, ex-pornstar that will hopefully be our last when it comes to no longer performing cum bags.

21Victoria Zdrok

Why pick a softcore model from Ukraine when we can leave her at the dumpster fire and invite someone who is twenty times as fun? My dick barely works and jerking off to anything but hardcore porn, no matter what studio, is the only way. Don’t laugh, you’ll succumb to the same fate in your 40s or 50s.

Wrap your cock with a cabbage and place it inside Victoria Zdrok’s warm cavity for the ultimate meat dish. She’s a nasty, dirty MILF that will milk your balls to the point they produce plasma, not cum. Not even Satan knows what made Victoria apply lip injections or get a boob job in her 40s, but damn doesn’t her body look nice?


20Lika Star

You can already see Anna’s asshole twitching out of the excitement. This is how things work in Ukraine or most Russian-speaking countries. You push the girl on her fours, tell her to bend over and she knows. In Europe or the USA, these pornstars just assume it goes down their pussies. Well, here it’s the opposite. The first hole of choice will always be a brown, spicy button.

Lika Star is as adorable as any other Ukrainian performer, and the pink bright pussy around her lips is so attractive.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

19Alessia Romei

Join the gangbang train of Alessia Romei and her blond friend with fine tits. Hit that speaker icon to hear the moans in the Ukrainian accent.

Although, the annoying dude is the one trying to outscream the women. Maybe he is getting fucked in the ass too? If that’s the case and you just got a hard-on… Don’t worry; we’ve all had our share of experiments and mistakes. After all, we did cover gay pornstars too. Possibly of interest to you?

18Adele Adelia (Adelle Booty)

Let’s move from the thoughts of gay porn to the kind of performance we call family fun. Adela Adelia shines in this scene with such a well-behaved pussy and her two cheeks. No idea how our male pornstar can satisfy them all, but that’s not of our concern.

Beautiful Ukrainian bodies, all without much time or fat. Just natural breasts, thin layers of makeup, and girls nurturing one another. It’s the best Adele scene; if you can’t tell, it’s the slut at the bottom.


17Agness Miller

Enter the cave of brave Ukrainian women who do a better job at polishing male genitals than a professional sanding machine. Agness is a super cute amateur star with no intention to cause drama. Blast that pussy into the fourth dimension and she might as well, make you a batch of pancakes in the morning or you can smash hers.

So, while low quality trash “macho men” end up picking smelly cunts on the streets, Agnes spends quality time with real winners.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

16Alice Wonderbang

You can bet all two of your balls and a car that Alice is a wonderful pornstar to bang. Know what I’m saying? Did anyone else notice that these Ukrainian men just look awful? Not like homeless people, but just without any finesse. Hair is full of oil build-up and I don’t think that he took a shower in days.

Well, as for Alice Wonderbang, this is a keeper. Could get used to her tiny titties, even. Love her screams and non-stop moving in bed. Seriously, despite a flat chest, I am very much attracted to this babe.

15Merilyn Sekova

The Ukrainian pornstar with the biggest boobs on the list and no other slut comes close. She is retired and has already reduced the size of her fake tumors to something manageable. But, yes, some nasty things found inside Merilyn that could have been cancer growth and the doctor told her what was up.

This scene dates back to 10 years ago, so some of you might have lived in your dad’s balls at that point. If you have ever touched a silicone, it does not feel as good as the real deal, but most of the time you would be looking at them rather than feeling, so a compromise worth taking in my book. This kitten did some cam whoring post her retirement, but it does not count as active unless you are getting fucked in the butt by ten dudes, all in 4K and 60 fps.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

14Mila Azul (Eve Green)

And the award for the world’s best acting performance goes to… Mila Azul. You might be googling her as we speak, but please be warned that this babe and the French actress Eva Green are two different things. She was born in Ukraine in 1990, and her birthday is in just a few weeks. The lower placement is mostly due to very few scenes shot and her constantly changing appearance. For example, now blond and not brunette.

That was likely the only time any pornstar made a correct life decision. There is a tiny little ass hidden under that white sock, which is another redeeming quality. A glamour model that still has her pornstar career in from of her, and we don’t mind changing her rating once she knows her place in this male-dominated world.

13Anita Sparkle

Finally, a pornstar from Ukraine is a bit more refined than your average teen performer. You can still find extreme scenes with Anita, but this girl prefers passion over brutality.

Another anal-loving girl that can shove as many as five fingers up there. Thankfully, her relaxed attitude and worth ethic landed Anita in the hands of better porn networks. Those that pay more and give them at least a fraction of fame.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

12Karina Grand

I can tell right away that Karina is 100% Russian / Ukrainian. Her specific facial aesthetics and qualities are identical to the multiple girls I banged in these countries. Most have no degree or brains, but that is not required for a pornstar. So what’s her excuse for not having one? Says she was too busy studying sex books. There is no hope for her returning to university. Not because of the IQ, but because of her already ingrained lifestyle choices: porn.

Karina Grand might have an angel face and look like she could not even hurt a fly, but this gaping girl is more than most can chew when it comes to her porn scenes. Eastern European pornstars will do much more for the same money than the US or Canadian pornstars, and her double black cock penetrations are a direct result of not saying no to money.


11Bonnie Shai

At last, a brown-haired, chubby cum napkin from Ukraine and a well-known studio too. There is a giant Easter egg in this shot, and it took me multiple tries to notice. There are three other people on this public transport, and they are so bland that my eyes pretty much ignored them.

It could be a scene from the US considering the Mofos logo. However, I did ride Ukrainian buses and railway-free trams that look very similar to this one. Also, multiple Soviet-inspired countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus (even Estonia if you travel to Narva) have these lifeless gray buildings that you can see in the view. Still shooting scenes (not many exist on tube sites for free, including this one) and active for now.


10Vittoria Dolce

Regarding paying and nasty sex, these sets are dominated by girls from poorer countries. This is not bad as we see plenty of really hot chicks that would otherwise be accountants, schoolteachers, or do other boring jobs. Vittoria (this is her name, there is no typo) is currently our favorite Ukrainian pornstar for hardcore porn.

One of the sexiest MILFS from all over Europe too. Are those things fake? Most likely. Does that matter? No. Few photos of her ruin the whole thing for me (with Dolce wearing glasses), but it’s the overall picture that matters, and, come on, just watch her play. Do I need to upsell this Eastern performer?

9Abrill Gerald

Let’s compare Abrill and Karina. Which do you think does a better job at sucking dick? One shows much more passion and tastes the cum, another is a mechanical jerk-off machine. Considering the sacrifices that she had to go through (the world’s ugliest dick), you learn to appreciate these pornstars. However, you can also see how Abrill is unhappy with her job. Or at least this scene; probably thinking about getting him to cum faster so it all ends.

Maybe it’s the faulty dick? Streamed a few other porn videos of her where it was black dick plus anal related and this slut could not stop smiling. Ukrainians are usually not keen on fucking black guys, so this white trash is odd. Oh, and there are dozens of anal videos featuring Gerald.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

8Nikki Waine

Since you can’t jerk off multiple times, choosing a perfect pornstar and scene for the day requires some effort. Could this be it? One of the hotter pornstars and not just for the Ukraine. Nikki Waine is, of course, the sexier of the two (on the left and with non-curly hair). Our first threesome, too.

A girl from my dreams that does perfect massages and is not shy about going to bathhouses naked. Her anal scenes always drive me to the point of no return, and I cannot recommend her enough, at least for this audience. We did write about multiple anal sites already, and since Nikki is featured on many of these, you cannot go wrong with our top three picks. I now prefer pornstars that stick it in themselves and then ride cowgirl style.

Last Chance: Watch all these videos for free with PornHub Premium.

7Adel Asanty

Good thing they covered Adel’s nipples because that would be too much! Am I right? She doesn’t care who or how someone fucks her! If you throw US dollars in the very end. That’s a pro, and a true example of a dedicated pornstar.

Interracial porn with dicks larger than her head, multiple trashy tattoos, and trained asshole.


6Anna Rey

It’s just one of many gangbangs you will be exposed to if you switch to Eastern European porn. Anna Rey is neither shy nor has objections to threesomes, gapes, etc. She is the blond one, the one taking all the dicks.

Three guys are like a bare minimum that Anna requires at this point, and I mean that as a compliment. Not everyone loves hardcore porn, but if you do… Stare at this bitch’s performance. The playing field level has been just increased.


5Veronica Clark

Girls who squeeze a smile while their assholes stretch to the absolute limits deserve random applause. Depending on multiple factors, you might fuck her without any lube. Witnessing a painful expression that, for some, is the ultimate turn-on. This babe’s footage, when it spins around straight and not lesbian sex, as shown here, is on a different level of hot. She is aware of her limits and is slowly easing into the thought of enjoying the pleasures of the rear end.

Veronica Clark has very defined tits (see those lines and shadows), and at the time of watching, I could not think of a better Christmas present (which was the theme of this shooting) than this Ukrainian pornstar. For natural beauty and simple, average-looking girls, Veronica is a great one to go with.


4Ivana Sugar

Don’t worry, you are not getting a yeast infection from fucking this sweet pornstar. Born in Ukraine, with naturally small love apples and a wide butthole. The funniest synonym I have heard for breasts is “love warts”, which could work for some uglier performers but not Ivana Sugar. That is such a sweet name, no pun intended.

My biggest sexual fantasy is having a threesome and fucking at least two my favorite princesses from the list that are hopefully good friends. And, of course, it must go into the butt. That’s just the starting point of it! I would bang one slut and force my dick into another’s mouth. Then, repeat the process with holes switched. Each of them tasted their best friend’s asshole and I’ve ejaculated afterward. Maybe even fighting for who could eat my cum, I hope to turn this fantasy into reality.


3Josephine Jackson

I mean it in the nicest way possible, but I hope Ukrainian women find piece in their own or foreign countries and live happilly ever after. Who knows what Ukrainian pornstars will this war bring, but I pray there are zero victims. All we care about is that they enter adult industry at their own free will and not because of money shortage.

In the meantime, enjoy the newest, Zolochiv, Ukraine born stunner with natural 30D boobs, curves more impressve than her positive attitude, and a majestic smile.

2Angelika Grays

Not a single fucking cut of this whore featured anything less than her stretching the pussy or asshole. Was it because there wasn’t anything else cool? No, there are plenty of good things. Is this all she can do? A stupid-ass bracelet says all you need to know about the luxury apartment Grays is in.

The advice I could give anyone is simple. if you want to buy such a place, we need to see some penetration, preferably not just into the pussy hole, but other places. Grays’s face is magical, almost hypnotic, a shame that this is all we get to see from other bimbos. I don’t understand pornstars that start with shit like this and never take a second step. You have already proven to be a whore, so why stop at the critical point where the pay is lowest?


1Aria Logan

There are “pornstars” and real pornstars, like Aria Logan. Those with a true slut face and the look of a 10/10 elite actress. Seeing pretty women in porn always makes me smile, so I thank this Ukrainian performer for making my day better. You can see the quality spike when we compare the top and bottom pornstars.

Some are trying to make a few bucks, and others have long perfected their art. One of the better-looking pussies who always shaves and smells of roses. Add ink on her sleeve, and gigantic boulders to top it all off. Aria Logan is a full package, a cherry on top for this top 10 and there is no other pornstar on the market right now that could outrank her. Just dirty enough to give you a boner, but not loose enough to turn your dick into a bowl of mashed potatoes.


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