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Having written about Valentina multiple times now and featuring on our top 10 awards, including best pornstars with natural tits, one has to wonder, how did such a young pornstar achieve highest tear performer status in such a short time?

About Valentina Nappi

Nationality and Ethnicity: Italian / White
Age: 27 years old
Birthday: 1990 November 6

Height: 1.6m or 5 ft 3 in
Weight: 50 kg or 110 lbs
Tit / Bra Size: 34C – 24 – 36

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette

Years Active: 2011 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @ValeNappi

Official Instagram Account: instavalentinanappi

Official Site:

Other Nicknames: Valentina, Valentina Noon

Best Valentina Nappi GIFs and Porn Videos

Below are some of our favorites and hottest ones we could find.

10Valentina Nappi and Black Cock

If you are into interracial porn or black dicks fucking hot chicks then this is probably one of your favorites. As for eveyrone else, just keep on scrolling, there are plenty of amazing videos out there. This one is all about miss V. enjoying that thick and massive black cock that is larger than her head and both hands, good luck handling that.

9Casual Car Sex with Pussy Licking

Now when it comes to casual or closer to real life scenes, well not really but I hope you get my point, I am talking just about regular sex, without much of hardcore, anal gapping or any of that shit, this scene works for me. It has all our favorite sex positions followed by the facial cumshot and my favorite male porn star of them all.

8Valentina Nappi Massive Orgy and Cum Eating

Well, this one is a rather interesting take and earns a spot in our list. Basically, if you love cum eating porn then this is probably the best video in the whole universe for you. Beginning with a massive cock sucking orgy in prison, followed by self pleasing and fucking only to be finished off with a desert: cum instead of food.

7Ass Kissing and Nurse Fucking

Well, what happens when Nappi pretends to be a nurse and goes to check on some patient? In order to see if the individual is healthy, one must measure his hearth rate and blood pressure and what’s better way to do that than to sick his dick and see if everything is working accordingly. The rest is pretty straightforward. Fucking, cumming and that amazing ass of hers… Damn

6Valentina Nappi Erotic Anal Fuck

Some days you are just getting tired of the rough, brutal anal sex and want something bit sweeter. This is where our porn-star comes to help as she seems to be into it. Also, that little asshole of hers and the look … I would probably end up jizzing without even sticking my dick inside her, which is a shame, since fucking her is a dream of mine.

4Spreading Asshole and Ass Fucking

I swear to god, Valentina has one of the best asses and assholes out there, oh and a juicy trimmed pussy too. The video above is fucking hot, where a rather thick cock goes to her without much lube but some pain is guaranteed. Seeing her in that doggy style position, I would be confused and unsure on where to stick my cock first. Decisions, decisions.

3Asshole Licking and Hardcore Fucking

This bitch is horny and is hungry for cock, look how quickly she goes from the coworker to nymphomaniac that wants nothing but sex. Nice scenes all around with her riding slowly, watching her in some lingerie, balls licking, followed by asshole licking and then just holding her by the throat as the dick pounds her pussy hard. Love it.

2Slow Doggy Style Scene with Mirror

Oh god, every time I see a porn video with someone fucking in front of a mirror I immediately want to try this at home only to remember that my mom is not into that and that my father is dead, so sucks to be me but at far as this scene goes, holy fuck, the way she slowly moves her hips and ass, bouncing on that cock… Is a teasing miracle.

1Valentina Nappi Oily Hardcore Anal

First it is all about her amazing booty and curves, oily and in the sunshine… What we get next is something even more amazing, which is her getting ass fucked hard, with shouts and screams, pain in her face and it makes my dick as hard as the titan. Wish I had a longer dick so I could try some of these positions, that sucks.

Where to Watch or Download Valentina Nappi Porn?

Since she has shot porn pretty much everywhere, it was a rather tricky decision to pick some of the favorites. However, after some digging around and just “research”, we have determined that Ava does shoot most porn with Brazzers, as well as few other networks, so sorting in that order…

#1 Choice: – – Our number one choice is rather obvious for the most hardcore fans of the Valentina, since it is her official page with less commerce and more personality. We got a special offer that gives 25% off too.

#2 Choice: – – Having shot so many scenes that it is getting too hard to count, you can expect to find the majority of these on the Brazzers that sells membership for $1.

#3 Choice: – – For access to over 60 scenes of Valentina getting fucked, check this page.

#4 Choice: – PornHub Premium – Want something for free? This one gives 7 days of free access to PornH Premium. Have fun.

We will keep list updated.

Top 10 Valentina Nappi Picture Galleries

Thank you and have a good day.

Best Valentina Nappi Porn GIFs, Full HD Videos and Pics
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