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Hairy pussies and weird looking moustaches, these are just some of the things that you will find the VintageClassicPorn website. Retro porn is their racing horse and with so much stuff to chose from, we are adding it to our recommended vintage sites list.

About Vintage Classic Porn

With very few vintage porn sites out there, VCP does not have much competition to worry about. However, what we found is that they actually care and does offer user friendly access and features to consume the retro porn.

Adult Content

After a rather disappointing review last week of another vintage porn website, I came with the low expectations for this one. It did look like some of these pages were just trying to bank on the vintage trend, but without commenting to the platform full time. Were there site issues and just shit content. Vintage Classic Porn on the other hand, made me a believer again. The minute you open the site, it welcomes you with a large dosage of content. You know how some will just push a trailer or two, show five most recent updates and be done with it? Heck, some won’t show you anything and just ask you to pay. VCP is different and there is a lot on the table for them to offer. You got access to almost 180,000 vintage photos, which is more than you can chew. I do enjoy porn sites with content that is larger and broader than you will ever need. It just adds more variety and selection to the whole membership. If you have 100 pictures, it is obvious that most of them will have to be accessed, no matter how bad. That’s the thing with VCP, you don’t have to watch shitty or bad parts of the content, just because you have paid for it. You can be as selective as you want because the pictures or videos will last you for a long time. Covering the video part now, there are close to 4,500 of them out there, all of vintage porn.

Unlike other vintage networks that focus on one or two decades only, VintateClassicPorn has videos (and pictures) that range from early 20s to the wild 80s. I have watched black and white porn scenes of the earliest porn, and foursomes that are very different from today’s mainstream porn sites. The whole experience was eye-opening to me and showed me things that I did not think were even a thing back then, but people have been fucking for thousands of years. The women do fuck different and giving blowjobs while still maintaining this innocent look. Some are sluts and it shows, but you can tell that porn was not as popular as it was today, probably only the richest few percent got to watch these sluts sucking cocks in orgies.

So, the pictures and videos are awesome, but there is another thing too: DVDs. You got double oral penetration and hundreds of others there, with names that still sound funny today. For example: bodacious tatas or coed fever. VCP does allow you to browse through most of their titles without any limitations unless you actually want to watch the content. These movies were probably the second most interesting part of the site to me, mostly because the curiosity got better of me. I just can’t get over at the amazing collection that these guys have for the earliest of the porn. In fact, I imagine that millions or at least hundreds of thousands of such videos were lost during wars and will never be discovered. Still, it is nice to get to experience at least some of the history in the best way possible: through porn.

Features and User Interface

The usability features are on a better site and even though one of their bonus sites is absolutely trash (due to vintage theme), VCP seems to be doing better. You don’t miss main features and don’t even think about them until they are removed. There we get all the goodies back with search through all their porn sites. On the sidebar there is also a best rated section, which is a great way for newbies to quickly access community’s favorite content. Paging is not limited to first few pages and if you want, you can open new tabs of five or ten new pages, without much trouble. Adding to favorite is also there, so are the sorting options.

There is ability to rate every movie, but the community comments section is missing. I would have loved to chat with other vintage porn enthusiasts and just see what’s up. Not it feels like you are bit lonely on this awesome journey and that is a missed opportunity. On separate page links to bonus sites are also thrown away. These are My Sexy Kittens, Seventeen Live, Retro Raw and few others.

I do think that Vintage Classic Porn is one of the better deals, and one of the better retro sites out there. Yes, a huge chunk of videos will never be consumed by you, but at least you can browse through all of them and just be really selective about the porn you are going to watch. I did not find there any downloading limitations either, and since you get access to multiple sources (and sites) of content, this is a good deal. Some of videos videos are truly spectacular and easily beat your regular every-day porn.

Vintage Classic Porn Network Statistics

Number of videos: 4,500
HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p): No
4K Content: No
VR Content: No
Streaming: Yes
Downloading: Yes
Average length: 10 minutes

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Vintage Classic Porn

Vintage Classic Porn Review and Coupon Codes
Rating 9.1


  • Beats other retro sites with features
  • Free bonus sites are always great
  • A lot of truly awesome videos


  • Can’t comment under videos
  • Not all content is exclusive
  • Rarely updated


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