Top 10: XVideos Pornstars (2018)

Just another top 10 of great pornstars on website.

Top 10: XVideos Pornstars (2018)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. I Know That Girl

Can we all agree that I am a king of porn at this point? I have created more top 10s that anyone, from pornstars with different body types and hair colors to some of the weird looking sluts and girls with many issues. Now, there are many places to watch porn, but XVideos always had a special place in my heart. Maybe because it was my first site for free porn. It’s not the greatest site by any means, as you have advertising spots everywhere, but the strength is in the numbers and I love XVideos for that. Having millions of free porn clips earned them a lot of traffic, but also introduced new issues. For example: discovering pornstars is a nightmare.

Our editors always here to help and you can count on RedBled. No longer will you have to spend days getting frustrated watching same old pornstars. Instead, here is our top 10 pornstars from XVideos that a lot of you have not ever heard of.

12Jodi West

XVideos crowd fascination with this pornstar is so puzzling. It’s hard to name a single quality that I find attractive about Jodi. She is old, does gilf porn and does not have looks or body. The gray haircut and her stupid facial expression makes already bad porn scene even worse. This is a pornstar from my nightmares, creepy eyes and everything. You can see her fat boyfriend getting a handjob, probably the first and last one he ever got. Her eyesight must be perfect as finding small dick under all the belly fat does take a lot of effort. I would not be surprised if these two are a couple, seems like a good match of grotesque people that people pay to watch.

11India Summer

Despite her athletic look and skinny body, India Summer is a gilf pornstar with bad associations. When you are jerking off, last thing that is on my mind is a country like India. What do both things have in common? All of them are trashy. She does look old one minute and then younger another. The tits are some of the worst I have seen. At her age breast are already saggy and unattractive, but not on miss India Summer. Her boobs are so small that even after getting stretch marks and moving all the way down, they are no bigger than a grape. On a positive note, her body tops not only the old pornstars, but milfs also. Still, I would not want to fuck her, but viewers at XVideos disagree with me.

10Eva Karera

A pornstar with the mouth always open, perfect for peeping toms and dirty neighbors that try to drop something extra into your drink. Eva is a dirty anal slut that does not even blink as you stick your shaft down her shithole. Want to hear something interesting? Eva used to be very popular on various reddit subs, with many praising her looks and skills. I haven’t seen enough footage of her to confirm or deny this very fact, but people love her, not only on reddit but XVideos too. I think that for most of her fans, it is all about Eva’s age. Everyone of us had a crush on the older woman, be it your best friend’s mom or your own aunt. Incest is not something that pushes my needle forward but enjoy her porn while it lasts.

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9Aaliyah Hadid

No self-respecting woman will ever wear fishnet style stockings, and this is why Aaliyah Hadid does just that. Don’t even try to pronounce or type her name, just copy / paste it to the XVideos search bar or any other free tube. Her eyes do carry Asian and ebony genes, giving that exotic pornstar look. I think that this combo is truly ecstatic. Black girls have biggest booties while Asians have tight pussies. Her face is sort of European pornstar like? Look at that smooth skin, tiny nose and wide eyes. All European qualities right there. Despite her name that suggests Middle Eastern origin, this impression is false. Aaliyah is half Vietnamese, half Native American. Just reading this description feels like we have traveled around the globe, making her one of the more interesting pornstars on the XVideos site.

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8Nicolette Shea

Seeing so many teen pornstars in the list, Nicolette Shea is here to bring you the balance to your home. She is not getting any love in this clip and is trying so hard to get at least a drop of pleasure from the outside stimulation. In the second part of the video, Nicolette tries to move her clitoris as close to dude’s leg as possible. I enjoy milf porn and her ass seems to be much better than the whore’s above. She is popular on XVideos and mainstream porn sites. The more I look at Shea, the better it gets. I think that the male performer is not comfortable with her as he is barely touching her and from what I can tell, might be even trying to avoid her? Shame on that, as this is a pornstar that is very pro-active otherwise.

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7Kylie Page

A butter face looking pornstar from the depths of XVideos. She is chubby and hot, if that is possible. Her tits do have the qualities of a fat pornstars, like them being much lower than on skinny girls. Once she lies on the back, it is all pleasure from there. Kylie Page is not my favorite pornstar, but her passion is addictive. She is doing hardcore porn, as in the scene above it looks like this girl is falling asleep most of the time. Dude’s dick is huge, yet Kylie is bored. Imagine making a pornstar or anyone so bored that she passes out in the middle of sex. Admittedly, I almost did that while fucking my girlfriend. She was on top and I just listened to the podcast as we were fucking. After zoning out, I did catch myself drifting away to the kingdom of dreams, good thing we had lights off and my gf did not suspect a thing.


6Sasha Foxxx

You can tell about girls’ personality from the way she sucks a dick. Good and bad blowjobs reveal different things and here is what I think of Sasha: she is passionate and unselfish lover. Yes, her lips are only wrapping around the tip of the dick, but her eyes and slow suction must feel amazing. Foxxx knows that you want her and understands the value of a naked female body. There are some tattoos on her sleeves, something with flowers and hippie bullshit. Maybe she is enjoying the present moment. The most insulting thing a slut can do is to think of something else while sucking your dick. I like her red lingerie and black yoga pants. A sublime XVideos pornstar that you have just discovered.

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5Aidra Fox

Aidra reminds of Riley Reid, which is one of my top 10 pornstars of all time. There is something about her energy and the easiness of having sex that is very erotic. Lesbians always make men horny and this scene just hits the right spots. The way these two girls kiss… So much sexual tension that you can cut it with a knife. These pornstars also look like best friends, with same black panties and hairstyles, even their body language is identical. It’s like starting in the mirror. Aidra Fox does have a very bright future. Having only recently crossed the 20s mark, this US made pornstar is a perfect girl for our XVideo girls list. Devilish face and sinful smile, what a combo. Good luck to her.


4Victoria June

The worst runaway criminal of the 21st century. Let me just hold onto the metal fence and hope that the chaser has no common sense, hands or height. She is the one getting caught, with pink blouse, netted socks and short black skirt. It does not exactly bring you confidence, but Victoria is much better in bed than at being clever. If there was a competitor between her and the porn actress with glasses, June might have an upper hand here. It is one of the more interesting scenes that does not just include bed, or a pizza delivery. Speaking of girl with glasses, her pussy is super loose, to the point where sticking your dick in water might be better. Props to the male model for keeping his dick and fucking the crap out of both sluts.

3Valerie Kay

My own hands would be too weak to hold a big ass like hers, and even this athletic looking guy is not able to keep her up in the air for that long. This is Valerie’s biggest curse and blessing. The way her ass cheeks bounce and ripple like sound waves is hypnotic. It also just dawned on me that there aren’t many pornstars with curly long hair. Not sure if you are aware, but if you were to straighten these locks with a hair iron or something, her hair would reach her ass and look much better. Valerie is a Latina pornstar from the US and has started professionally shooting porn only in 2016. Her Twitter boasts of her winning the most epic ass award from a fan, which basically means nothing.

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2Amia Miley

I have an embarrassing story to share that was provoked by this porn scene. Let’s travel back to the 90s, me being horny and drunk teenager, I have arranged a party and invited some girls to come over. We have decided to camp in the woods and crashed together in a single tent. Both sluts were so drunk that they could not even control themselves. My friend passed out and I went to work. We are making out (this is me losing virginity), and I try my hardest to find a hole big enough to stick my tiny dick in. As soon as I do, the urge to cum takes over my body and not knowing what to do, I pull out and jizz all over my friend’s face, without waking him up. The next morning, he was super awkward and from what I can tell, he was never asleep. We haven’t talked about this incident ever again. Props to the Amia’s husband who is sleeping next by for not having same faith. The person fucking our Californian pornstar is Keiran Lee, one of the best male pornstars out there, richest too.

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1Marsha May

Some of the best porn scenes always come from sites like Brazzers. For pornstars to get fucked in the public while unsuspected people approach her is the ultimate treat. There are multiple communities that do nothing but look for public porn of this caliber. This is the original video that has started it all, with more on our top-rated site of this decade. Marsha May does look like a bad saleswoman, a waitress with no dreams or aspirations, perfect for the role like this. Slightly fat, still young and with exposed boobs. Her client buying lunch must not only be stupid not to notice anything, but also deaf. The sound alone is a major hint that there is something nasty happening behind that curtain.

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Top 10: XVideos Pornstars (2018)
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