Top 20: Underrated XVideos Pornstars (2023)

A must-see list of multiple stunning pornstars on the website.

Top 20: Underrated XVideos Pornstars (2023)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. BangBros

Can we all agree that I am a king of porn at this point? I have created more top 10s than anyone, from pornstars with different body types and hair colors to weird-looking sluts and girls with many issues. There are many places to watch porn, but XVideos always had a special place in my heart. Maybe because it was my first site for free porn. It’s not the greatest site by any means, as you have advertising spots everywhere, but the strength is in the numbers and I love XVideos for that. Millions of free porn clips earned them a lot of traffic and introduced new issues. For example: discovering pornstars is a nightmare.

Our editors are always here to help and you can count on RedBled. No longer will you have to spend days getting frustrated watching the same old pornstars. Instead, here are our top 10 pornstars from XVideos that many of you have never heard of.

22Asuna Fox

Among the least known pornstars on XVideos is Asuna! That’s a great thing for you though as this isn’t just the same old hole you’ve seen before. Despite a prolapsed butthole, Fox remains committed to the art of porn. With miniature facial features and interesting expressions, watching her is an unfergetable experience.

Whether you dig the looks is another question. Although we can all agree that if another one of her friends would be one point higher on a looks scale yet fat, we’d pick Asuna Fox. Ramming your cock into any of the moist caves can compensate for the rest. By that I mean a gigantic prolapse, looking and judging you all the time.

21Natalie Brooks

Normal people chew on bubble gum while Natalie blows bubbles made of cum. Not sure if her breath smells of death but who wants a boring girlfriend? Just cover your nose or infiltrate a throat full of black dicks with yours. Having discovered this sensational slut last year, I still believe that Brooks is among the nastiest of pornstars. Even her porn site nickname contains the synonyms for gross.

After the initial shock value wears off, you might view these videos through a pair of rose-tinted glasses. Just be careful not to invite her for a family reunion or people will be asking questions about a weird, cum socket-like smell.

20Xandra Sixx

While the first few segments of this scene leave us perplexed by disastrous tits, you must remember a few things. Xandra Sixx is one of the newest pornstars and plastic surgery is always an option. The bad news? She is a lesbian pornstar and refuses to do anything that involves real dicks. Fake cocks are good to go.

For the 24-year old pornstar, her wear and tear are at the extreme levels, something you would see while banging cheap ghetto hoes. That and female exclusivity make us question XVideos users’ pornstar ratings.


19Rosalyn Sphinx

Here’s the average day of any modern family. You have a freaky brother who identifies as a chicken, a hungry whores, and Abraham Lincoln’s wannabe. Rosalyn Sphinx is a pale pornstar who insists on eating any sausage with ketchup. More than half of this pornstar’s scenes on are of MMF threesomes, don’t ask why. Always involving stepdads, siblings or sisters. Rosalyn is trying to say us something. I wonder what her fetishes are.

Still a legal 18-year old slut, with tight and cute little pussy. According to XVideos stats, North Americans and Europeans are not digging her as much as US viewers.

18Demi Sutra

Yeah, work that filthy and cum soaked body of yours. Surprisingly, African American pornstars do not get much appreciation on the XVideos platform, but there are exceptions and Demi Sutra is one of them.

Her best quality is elasticity. You can stretch and bend her over like a boiled spaghetti, as thin as one also. Recently started getting into more hardcore stuff like choking and bondage. Hasn’t done anal yet, so if you haven’t thought of a birthday wish yet, here is one. Only a dozen videos, but this ebony sensation is rising quicker than my morning wood.


17Gracie Green

If my best friend ever has a daughter, you can be assured that after she turns 18, I will be the first to pop her cherries. This world is filled with creepy dudes who want to use women for sex or slavery. Me being a model behavior citizen, I’d fuck her through all the holes only to protect the innocence of my friend’s little slut.

Gracie Green has the best father in the world as he does just that, swaps his daughter with another one, and proceeds to town while their lazy-ass wives sleep on the couch.


16Amina Danger

My favorite male performer, Danny knows what’s up. When a woman tries to tell her opinion, you shut her up by shoving cock down her throat. The best part? Girls like Amina Danger love it. Don’t confuse her with Abella Danger. They are as unrelated as geeks and pussy. Born in Romania, the 25-year old redhead has lived quite a life, with the dough-like body and random tattoos.

Still, might be in love with Keiran which isn’t surprising. Not only does Amina constantly boast about him, but she also features his picture on her social profiles. I told you guys, this shit works.


15Jodi West

XVideos crowd fascination with this pornstar is so puzzling. It’s hard to name a single quality that I find attractive about Jodi. She is old, does GILF porn, and does not have looks or body. The gray haircut and her stupid facial expression worsen the bad porn scene. This is a pornstar from my nightmares, creepy eyes, and everything. You can see her fat boyfriend getting a handjob, probably the first and last one he ever got.

Her eyesight must be perfect as finding a small dick under all the belly fat does take a lot of effort. I would not be surprised if these two are a couple, seems like a good match of grotesque people that people pay to watch.

14Lia Lin

Skinnier than your pencil dick, Lia Lin’s ability to consume jumbo jets is puzzling. Her butthole is like a magic hat that can hide ten rabbits, two birds, and your assistant. How did it all happen? The megamind behind our universe got lazy and forgot that humans aren’t supposed to be like that. Thankfully, we have the technology to save events in a video and there was no turning back.

So why do I show you a pussy penetration video and discuss the pleasures of another end? Because just like her brown cavity, that pea sized pussy is capable of the same tricks.


13India Summer

Despite her athletic look and skinny body, India Summer is a GILF pornstar with bad associations. When you are jerking off, the last thing on my mind is Indian fish market in the summer heat. So what do both things have in common? A smell of fish. She does look old one minute and then younger another.

The tits are some of the worst I have seen. At her age breasts are already saggy and unattractive, but not on miss India Summer. Her boobs are so small that even after getting stretch marks and moving down, they are no bigger than a grape. On a positive note, her body tops not only the old pornstars, but milfs also. Still, I would not want to fuck her, but viewers at XVideos disagree with me.


12Eva Karera

From Xvideos to PornHub and random adult forums, Eva Karera is a Porsche of swallowing. Her insides have been engineered to take as much cum as cups in the universe. At least that’s the legend! Even in the porn video you see above, Eva can’t help but eat it all up. It’s as if she prefers semen over pizza or anything else. We can’t argue with her taste buds and after all, she’s a dream pornstar for many of you.

So how exactly did we find her on Xvideos if she’s so underrated? We have a skill for discovering hidden gems and thanks to RedBled, many more of you will see her perform. She also fucks, sucks, licks, and slurps, and doesn’t just work as a cum swallower.


11Aaliyah Hadid

No self-respecting woman will ever wear fishnet-style stockings, and that’s why Aaliyah Hadid goes for a dress-only appearance. Don’t even try to pronounce or type her name, just copy/paste it to the XVideos search bar or any other free tube. Her eyes do carry Asian and ebony genes, giving that exotic pornstar look.

I think that this combo is truly ecstatic. Black girls have the biggest booties while Asians have tight pussies. Her face is sort of European pornstar like? Look at that smooth skin, tiny nose, and wide eyes. All European qualities right there. Despite her name that suggests Middle Eastern origin, this impression is false. Aaliyah is half Vietnamese, half Native American. Just reading this description feels like we have traveled around the globe, making her one of the more interesting pornstars on the XVideos site.


10Nicolette Shea

Seeing so many teen pornstars on the list, Nicolette Shea is here to bring you the balance to your home. She is not getting any love in this clip and is trying so hard to get at least a drop of pleasure from the outside stimulation. In the second part of the video, Nicolette tries to move her clitoris as close to the dude’s leg as possible. I enjoy MILF porn and her ass seems to be much better than the whore’s above.

She is popular on XVideos and mainstream porn sites. The more I look at Shea, the better it gets. I think that the male performer is not comfortable with her as he is barely touching her and from what I can tell, might be even trying to avoid her? Shame on that, as this is a pornstar that is very pro-active otherwise.

Source: Brazzers.

9Kylie Page

A butter-face-looking pornstar from the depths of XVideos. She is chubby and hot if such a combo is possible. Her tits do have the qualities of fat pornstars. They are much lower than skinny girls. Once she lies on the back, it is all pleasure from there. Kylie Page is not my favorite pornstar, but her passion is addictive. She is doing hardcore porn, as in the scene above it looks like this girl is falling asleep most of the time.

The dude’s dick is huge, yet Kylie is bored. Imagine making a pornstar or anyone so bored that she passes out in the middle of sex. Admittedly, I almost did that while fucking my girlfriend. She was on top and I just listened to the podcast as we were fucking. After zoning out, I did catch myself drifting away to the kingdom of dreams, good thing we had lights off and my GF did not suspect a thing.


8Sasha Foxxx

You can tell about a girl’s personality from how she sucks a dick. Good and bad blowjobs reveal different things and here is what I think of Sasha: she is a passionate and unselfish lover. Yes, her lips are only wrapping around the tip of the dick, but her eyes and slow suction must feel amazing.

Foxxx knows that you want her and understands the value of a naked female body. There are some tattoos on her sleeves, something with flowers and hippie bullshit. Maybe she is enjoying the present moment. The most insulting thing a slut can do is to think of something else while sucking your dick.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

7Veronica Leal

List pornstars by the most popular of 2023 and Veronica will sometimes pop to the top, beating every other whore. Yes, including the phenomenally successful models that make millions of dollars. How can that be? It’s due to anal or extreme gangbang videos, which always get the views going.

We’ll get back to her in 2023 and see whether Veronica continues to be a fan favorite or has since disappeared from the radar. Just like thousands of other overnight sensations before… Also, you’re welcome, that’s a new XVideos pornstar you have just discovered.

6Aidra Fox

Aidra reminds of Riley Reid, which is one of my top 10 pornstars of all time. There is something about her energy and the easiness of having sex that is very erotic. Facials always make men horny and this scene just hits the right spots. The kinky smile after the orgasm… So much sexual tension that you can cut it with a knife.

By the way, some pornstars in our top 10 also look like best friends. Going for same panties and hairstyles, even their body languages become identical. It’s like starting in the mirror. However, Aidra Fox does have a very bright future. Having only recently crossed the 20s mark, this US-made pornstar is a perfect girl for our XVideo girls list. Devilish face and sinful smile, what a combo. Good luck to her.


5Gia Derza

One of my personal best discoveries of 2020 is Gia Derza continues to overpower in 2023. Such an unmistakable pornstar with the whore’s personality and behavior. The dirty short outfit works perfectly, fits like a glove on a hand. Would not even take her clothes off.

My first instinct was to search for her latest scenes and to my pleasant surprise, Gia Derza has already done an anal scene with one of our community favorite anal sex porn sites, EvilAngel. For the pussyholics, she treats her cunt like a gem. Always cleanly shaved at the bottom, aromatic, and with a small mustache on top.

4Victoria June

The worst runaway criminal of the 21st century. Let me just hold onto the metal fence and hope the chaser has no common sense, hands, or height.

She gets caught with a pink blouse, netted socks, and a short black skirt. It does not exactly bring you confidence, but Victoria is much better in bed than at being clever. If there was a competition between her and the porn actress with glasses, June might have an upper hand here. It is one of the more interesting scenes that does not just include a bed or a pizza delivery.

Speaking of the girl with glasses, her pussy is super loose, so sticking your dick in water might be better. Props to the male model for keeping his dick and fucking the crap out of both sluts.

3Valerie Kay

My hands would be too weak to hold a big ass like hers, and even this athletic-looking guy cannot keep her up in the air for that long. This is Valerie’s biggest curse and blessing. The way her ass cheeks bounce and ripple like sound waves is hypnotic. It also just dawned on me that there aren’t many pornstars with curly long hair. Not sure if you are aware, but if you were to straighten these locks with a hair iron or something, her hair would reach her ass and look much better.

Valerie is a Latina pornstar from the US and has started professionally shooting porn only in 2016. However, her Twitter boasts of her winning the most epic ass award from a fan, which means nothing.


2Amia Miley

I have an embarrassing story to share this porn scene provoked that. Let’s travel back to the 90s, me being a horny and drunk teenager, I did arrange a party and invited some girls to come over. We have decided to camp in the woods and crashed together in a single tent. Both sluts were so drunk that they could not even control themselves. My friend passed out and I went to work. We are making out (this is me losing virginity), and I try my hardest to find a hole big enough to stick my tiny dick in. As soon as I do, the urge to cum takes over my body and not knowing what to do, I pull out and jizz all over my friend’s face, without waking him up.

The next morning, he was super awkward; from what I can tell, he was never asleep. We haven’t talked about this incident ever again. Props to Amia’s husband who is sleeping next by for not having the same faith. The person fucking our Californian pornstar is Keiran Lee, one of the best male pornstars out there, richest too.


1Marsha May

Some of the best porn scenes always come from sites like Brazzers. For pornstars to get fucked in public while unsuspected people approach her is the ultimate treat. Multiple communities do nothing but look for public porn of this caliber. The original video has started it all, with more on our top-rated site of this decade. Marsha May does look like a bad saleswoman, a waitress with no dreams or aspirations, perfect for a role like this.

Slightly fat, still young, and with exposed boobs. Her client buying lunch must not only be stupid not to notice anything but also deaf. The sound alone hints that something nasty is happening behind that curtain.

Source: ($1).

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