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YouPorn Review

Who knew that some guys living in a basement could revolutionize the porn world. The name of course reminded us of the YouTube itself. I mean, it is as creative as “HotGirl” on Snapchat, or some other web site. Anyway, long story short and these guys sold YouTube to Google for billions of dollars and are now going places.

Let’s get back to the site now and talk free porn, or tubes especially. It is interesting to note that when I think of free porn, my mind no longer lists me some galleries or Google Images search, it is always tubes. Funny how things work these days. YouPorn has many positives and negatives but remains a solid site for those looking to get something for cheap. The initial impression is not that good, to be fair. On the right side of the site you have ads that were not disabled by default. On top of that, there is another header ad that says asks you to get their fucking membership. I did hide that thing immediately but not for long. Thankfully, while the site sucks with ads, it does redeem itself with the video content. I did find a lot of videos to be in HD, although after getting hooked to the main porn sites, it is nowhere near the level that I find acceptable. If all you do is watch free tubes, then the site is fine, it is great. There were no ads before videos for me, but everything does start at the maximum volume for some reason. Like, why? Layout is one of the stronger YouPorn aspects and I have found the sidebar to be great. It gives views, ratings and all the usual stats. However, if you were to dig down there a bit further, there are so called “collections”, which are basically same style / author videos, or scenes from same pornstars. A rather clever and interesting spin to discover new porn.

YouPorn is just your plan free tube site with regular porn. Yes, there are categories of bukkake, hardcore, cum swapping and all that. I do not mean that in a sense of their quality. Now, back to the site. There is one thing I would like to point out instantly: when you mouse over the video, do not freak out. You might think that it has one of the worst user interfaces in history but when the thumbnail changes, there is a jump to / seek line on every thumbnail! Now that is fucking cool. You can watch video without opening a video. That alone needs some sort of award, like AVN maybe, or something. My initial impression was that the suite just loads bad elements with random text when I mouse over, but after looking deeper, the confusion was gone. After reviewing many poorly designed sites and sites with bad content, I did find YouPorn very enjoyable. For better or worse, the content does not look that appetizing on their video player. It is as small as OPs dick, and that is not good. Ultimately, I think that the site has a lot of potential, the name and the super small player gives a rather bad first impression. If some of that could be fixed, at least the second part, it could go places. If you are reading just the last paragraph of our review… First of all, that’s fine. Secondly, go and check the one before that where I talk about the magical thumbnails feature. This needs to be implemented everywhere.

There are of course multiple categories, but they do stink. Yes, you can hit the categories page only and see all the pictures, but the menu is so bland and gray. Like, there is no differentiation or anything. At least add some icons near the most popular links or something. Also, it is easy to quickly navigate from YP to some other site. The ads are disguised as menu items, so there is another unpleasant aspect. But hey, it is free.


Minutes a bunch of ads, where some of them are more annoying that the others, we have found YouPorn to be one of the better free porn sites out there.


8.3 YouPorn - - Free Porn Tube
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  • No ads if you pause / skip the video
  • Shows popular with women material
  • Multiple thumbnails for every video
  • Seems to be a well-designed site
  • Index page lists today’s videos
  • No slowdowns when loading
  • Links to collection videos


  • Has a rather large number of ads even with blockers
  • More annoying ads at the top section for premium
  • Videos start at the full volume
  • We want more free porn


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