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EroHut Review

When my dick gets sore from all the different pornstars that I have jerked off to, the only logical thing left to do is to look for more pornstars and more porn. Thanks to various porn sites and blogs, my job is much easier these days than it used to be. In the 1980s I would have one pornstar and stick with it for a year or two, always re-watching one or few videos, again and again. Now, I can pop a pill of cum enhancing magic and cum so much that I can spell all these new whores names on my girlfriend’s face. While surfing the site, I have discovered few new pornstars that met my criteria: hot, skinny and with enormous tits. The writer is doing a nice job at bringing much variety, always covering new topics and girls. For example, I did not even know that I was into Chinese porn, and EroHut was the site that introduced me to that shit. I will have to grab some chopsticks and a duct tape my girlfriend’s eyes near the ears, so she looks more Asian. One of the greatest things about this blog is a lack of aggressive ads. These fucking sites are the worst of them all, the ones that fuck your PC up with pop-ups and other bullshit. During my review, there were no slowdowns or anything that caught my attention as “bad”. Basically, it is as nice as a porn blog can be, just needs more posts and maybe showing some love to RedBled, if you know what I am saying.

The problem with a lot of adult blogs is that they end up dead, sooner or later. Making a dent in the porn industry is one of the hardest things you can do, so it comes as no surprise that after half-year of no traffic or earnings, webmasters jut give up. Thankfully, this site works just fine and having re-visited it six months later, it is far from forgotten. I have spent years filling my own blog only to see bills and nothing else, not a single penny was earned and even these days it’s hard to make a sale with something that you are giving away for free. Now, I am not complaining or anything as there is so much more in this world than money, just doing it for the sheer passion of porn and from what I can tell, the EH site is also following my roots. You might also wonder, why do I even talk about my competitors? Well, I ma just here to help you out man, finding top porn sites and it does not matter if some of them compete with me directly or not. RedBled is so much more than that and hopefully you can all appreciate my efforts.


EroHut offers a nice combination of content and quality, combined with great design and no awful ads. It might not be the biggest site for the niche, but sometimes it is not the quantity that counts.


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  • Clean design without many ads
  • Fast loading time
  • Mobile friendly


  • Needs more content
Sam Kingwin

Sam has been working in the adult business since 1997, starting from the bottom of the barrel as the director's assistant, thinking of transitioning to male performer only to resume behind the scenes work, which was the most rewarding creativity wise. As of the 2010s, Sam has been covering top pornstars and best porn sites. Everything I ever say is either a fiction or a joke. Anyway, sharing is caring and there is nothing like helping guys discover hidden talents or porn networks that deserve their attention.