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Top 20: Best, Hottest Brazzers Pornstars (2022)


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. Chaturbate

We love and their hot pornstars, but since there are so many of them, how can one pick the best ones out there? Especially when you have thousands. So, what we have decided to do was browse through most of the girls that had shot at least 20 videos in the last 12 months and then rank them accordingly. While sexiness and skills are two of the important factors, we did not want just to go with the most popular names. Instead, it will combine the Brazzers community’s favorite adult performers and some newer, debuting pornstars. If you are missing a very popular, first-class slut in our top 10 list, this was intentional. You already know Nikki Benz, Asa Akira, and the gang, so there is no point in talking about these fuck dolls again.

Now, not only will you get to access all these whores for pennies, but we will tell you exactly how many videos each pornstar has on the Brazzers website, all for the best bang for the buck. Big thanks to Sean for making this one possible. You know who you are.

Lezley Zen

We might be stretching the limits of brunettes in this top ten list. I don’t know why, but most of these girls rock black hair. I was not the one to pull the names as it was heavily influenced by the popularity on the Brazzers website. To make up for that here is a scene of two cum sluts sharing the load, one is a hot brunette (Lezley Zen) and a dyed platinum blonde pornstar is an unknown pussy owner. When you put these two female performers together, it becomes clear why we only have Lezley here.

With much bigger tits, she is grabbing the guy’s leg to make him cum faster, has her mouth already open while the blond one is hating her life. This is what separates rookie pornstars from the sexiest and most attractive pornstars that you would bang, even if it meant sacrificing your life.

Number of videos: 32 (up by 7 in 6 months)

Kortney Kane

There was only a handful of updates in the late 2010s, but Kortney Kane remains committed to maintaining her position in our top 20. Who hopes for a comeback in the 2020s? That’s the least she can do. They might think that you fancy aggressive sex but nothing prepares you for the intensity of this pornstar. It’s worth admiring the spectacular (yet no longer) natural tits. The pussy or asshole might be wrecked beyond repair, but the rest of her body remains unaffected and without additional invasive procedures. There are no awful tattoos either, another plus!

Let’s enjoy this scene and celebrate a decade in porn with Kortney. The time flies by fast as she has been bouncing on dicks up and down since 2010. My balls need a scratch as soon as I’m done fantasizing about such a tiny butt. Maybe Kane can write a book about ass maintenance and inspire more sluts to look good.

Number of videos: 34 (up by 9 in 6 months)

Sienna West

Stand back and watch this. This is the equivalent of “hold my beer” for the guys. I don’t know how the producers come up with this shit, but flexible pornstars always spice things up in bed. Not even sure if you need a lot of flexibility to do the “bridge” exercise, and I would highly recommend trying this sex position twice.

First time to get a feel for it and then the second time to enjoy yourself. I must thank Sienna for introducing and teaching me about porn, even after so many years there is always something new and exciting. Minutes few meh tattoos, you got a perfect pornstar with big tits and a slim body. She is a girl from the American dream and while the quality of this video is not Full HD (in GIF), you know where to see the real, non-pixelated version.

Number of videos: 38 (7 videos were removed in 6 months)

Veronica Avluv

You must be thinking that this list sucks as we are yet to see anyone who is into humiliation porn, hardcore porn, or rimjobs. Not anymore, you don’t. A pornstar MILF veteran who is of over 40 years old.

How popular is she? Over 200,000 followers on Twitter alone. I know this is not the best representation of her, but we are doing a favor for Veronica. This will force you to open Google and search for her fucking pictures or other content (or just join Brazzers). I love open-minded pornstars and she seems to be a very genuine, loving person. After all, only a true woman who loves sex can lick her man’s butthole and get wet from doing so.

Number of videos: 40 (no new videos in 6 months)


Audrey Bitoni

I can immediately tell from her face that Audrey is not as experienced as VIP pornstars on the Brazzers site. She is not doing anything wrong and it is not a turn-off, but her soul is yet to be crushed by hundreds of dicks. The slick black hair does add a lot of value to her as other pornstars tend to have messy hair or just strands with split ends.

This dude, however, is not my type and thankfully, many others have fucked Audrey too. I strongly believe that she was or would be a perfect secretary, without any glasses or cheesy outfits. Her face is very attractive, a true fuck-doll. Also, since the network was our top-rated anal site, you know that she will be getting ass fucked too. That’s why I love this industry so fucking much. Sooner or later, the butthole cherry is always removed.

Number of videos: 45 (1 video was removed in 6 months)

Jayden Jaymes

The only reason why I have included Jayden and no other popular Brazzers pornstars is simple: she was rarely mentioned in our other top 10 posts. It also felt wrong to have a post about the greatest pornstars without her. I never really liked her, and the looks did nothing for me, but this list is more for you than it is for me.

I went ahead and watched the whole scene just to get a feel for it, and to see if my mind has since matured enough to enjoy Jaymes. We would be more than happy to jerk off for the rest of our lives, but if I had a choice, there are other alternatives out there. That’s with my top 5 appearing above and beyond Jayden.

Number of videos: 47 (13 videos were removed in 6 months)

Kendra Lust

Back in 2018, Kendra used to do a scene every two months or so. Since then, she took a short hiatus and filmed just four more videos in the last year. Guess after a certain point, MILF pornstars begin to age at the speed of light. We don’t expect frequent releases from Kendra Lust from now on, yet with close to 50 videos on Brazzers already, there’s plenty to watch. You got stepmom fantasies, personal trainers fucking her in the ass, and teen orgies.

This girl can handle multiple dicks as shown in the video above and will allow anyone to take turns. Perfectly open mature butthole, great curves, and my favorite tits of any performer.

Number of videos: 50 (up by 1 in 6 months)

Lisa Ann

Working in porn for decades now, Lisa Ann has been in every man’s or women’s fantasy at least a few times. Not sure if she is a cougar or a GILF now (nearing that 50s mark), but her face and body are still well maintained. Must be servicing it well.

You might not like her migration to black cocks or gangbangs, but no one can shoot the same scenario scenes for tens of years. Her moans do look fake by now, wonder if there is any natural moisture left in that pussy.

Number of videos: 50 (9 videos were removed in 6 months)

Kagney Linn Karter

Brazzers community love beautiful butts and Kagney is one of many pornstars that swim with the top talent. She is so hot that even MMF threesome does not look bad or unappealing, could take ten dicks in a row, drink the creampie and I’d still French kiss this babe any day.

Men love good pornstars that go for the creampie ending, swallowing, and facials since hotness alone are getting boring at this point. This is how Kagney Linn Karter found herself under the radar of many males watched, and that includes me.

Number of videos: 50 (10 videos were removed in 6 months)

Chanel Preston

A Brazzers pornstar that is also a home broker? Now that’s a twist. On a side note, after watching so many porn videos, I did consider getting a circumcision, mostly to the last longer. However, from what I have gathered it also has a major con. While you get to fuck your female for more seconds or minutes, it takes her much more time to reach orgasm too. Would you do it?

Speaking of passionate sex sessions and Chanel, I would agree to anything if she is the prize. Her face is very skinny, but the ass is not, which is perfect. The greatest tits in a porn title will never belong to her, but there are many others to strive for. For example, the hottest whore in porn.

Number of videos: 54 (1 videos were removed in 6 months)

Britney Amber

A bug-looking creature, at least in this video is Britney Amber. Her hair seems to be brown and ginger at once, but that POV view is what makes this shot so great. You can imagine yourself there (with the cock size adjusted) cumming all over her face. The right eyelash is falling off, and her hand position is fucking weird, which might make a few dicks limp (if you are a homosexual).

You can see that she got a load in her mouth and tried to spit at the last minute, but then changed her mind and decided not to ruin the scene. Her teeth are so fucking huge that they blocked the rest of it though.

Number of videos: 55 (5 videos were removed in 6 months)

Nicole Aniston

Push this slut to the edge and beyond, slap that butt, and enjoy the view. The ultimate fantasy and a celebrity look-alike, Nicole Aniston. A very passionate individual that infects other people with her energy and charisma.

She needs to do more scenes but is getting there. Always a joy to watch and she truly enjoys sex, like honest to God’s enjoyment. None of that fake shit, bad moans, or acted-out orgasms, Nicole is as real as my erection right now.

Number of videos: 55 (1 video was removed in 6 months)

Rachel RoXXX

Rachel is your fuck bunny-like pornstar with sexy pink lips and French manicure. The flagship tattoo on her arm spells “Meow” and let’s add pierced nipples as another bonus. She does have quite a personality and is a character on Brazzers. Fans love her, male pornstars enjoy fucking her and I can hardly find any cons.

Maybe her age could become a problem in a few years, so this one is perfect for the saying: get it while it’s hot. The fakeness is visible on every part of her body, from fake tits to fake eyelashes. I look at these beauty trends and we dig them, right? Now, imagine how will the fashion change in the 2020s or 2040s and if men of that time will even be able to get a fucking boner.

Number of videos: 58 (14 videos were removed in 6 months)

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Isis Love

A pornstar with the most unfortunate first name, and the last one too. Someone has told me that she was pressured into changing it but decided not to do that, likely a misleading rumor, but just saying. In the Brazzers scene above you can see her on the left, with black hair and fake tits.

I love brunettes as much as I do blondes for the one on the right would be getting a taste of my dick too. This inspired me to try anal in the sauna at least once in my life, with someone else watching (hopefully my girlfriend). She might not be the prettiest pornstar, but her deepthroating skills and ass make up for any of her flaws. Going back to the Isis Love (it feels weird saying that, especially if you pronounce her last name first), give her a try, it does not cost you anything.

Number of videos: 62 (up by 1 in 6 months)

Peta Jensen

Unrelated to the animal protection agency, Peta Jensen is relatively new in the porn business. At the age of 24, she has shot more scenes than competing pornstars and is just getting warmed up. Loves to change her hair color, going from blond to brunette and so on.

Some pornstars look like sluts, others like casual girls or known seducers. Peta for us looks like a true princess, with her long white hair and beautiful braids. If you ever played Mario and had a fantasy of banging the princess, which was always in another castle, grab this scene from Brazzers and go to town.

Number of videos: 68 (no new videos in 6 months)

Ava Addams

We are entering MILF territory and for the hottest anal scenes, Ava Addams is here to fill the demands while her asshole is getting filled. Enjoys anal a lot, probably prefers it over vaginal if Brazzers videos are any indicator of that. Had a boob job in 2012 and since then exploded in popularity. Has been doing porn for only ten years (which is a lot by industry standards but not when it comes to Brazzers pornstars).

You’d think she has been there her whole life considering the age. However, the French pornstar only became active in 2008, and in 2018 it was the 10th anniversary.

Number of videos: 85 (9 videos were removed in 6 months)

Ariella Ferrera

Boring people read books about motivation, others watch movies and listen to songs. I simply watch porn on Brazzers and get my dose of inspiration. Ariella came from Colombia and every American stud has been cumming on her ever since.

But you should bring a gift to date, right? Of course, hence why I enjoy cum mustache on women and giving them a pearl necklace made of my juices too. Instead of you letting Ariella suck off the precious juices after an orgasm (which sucks since dick becomes too sensitive), go with my idea.

Number of videos: 86 (9 videos were removed in 6 months)

Rachel Starr

Want to see a porn Easter egg in this Brazzers scene? Have a peek at the painting on the left, near the entrance. That is fucking funny and creepy. I should not even brag about Rachel as the expressions of Lee (the dude) shows you how great she is at riding and playing with the dick. It’s nice to see a brunette pornstar on the list as when most people think of whores, they think blond.

The Starr is so committed to pleasuring her lover (I know, it’s a fucking reenactment) that when both get caught by a real wife and a daughter, she does not even give a fuck and continues her work.

Number of videos: 87 (up by 9 in 6 months)

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Madison Ivy

This is not a porn scene! That’s an exorcism through the power of holy cock. You know how women try to top one another, competing in every aspect? Madison is trying to show her co-worker how it’s truly done. Not sure if this is the best way to suck any dick, but at least it looks interesting. A lot of action, but little to no friction.

A single scene does not define a pornstar and you got to give it to Madison. She has done over 60 high-quality porn scenes with Brazzers alone and is getting only the hottest with age.

Number of videos: 93 (3 videos were removed in 6 months)

Phoenix Marie

The second most popular pornstar on Brazzers, Phoenix Marie, with hundred scenes under her belt. Has started at a similar time as Ava Addams yet fucked so many more men. She has a weird-looking pussy, and not the greatest boob job, but people love her. Was also a penthouse pet back in 2010.

When asked to describe herself in 5 words, she said “big fucking dork loves anal”, that’s pretty much it. Keeps on shooting videos and stretching that booty beyond limits.

Number of videos: 105 (up by 36 in 6 months)

Monique Alexander

We are finishing our Brazzers pornstars list with a clear winner, Monique Alexander. She has surpassed almost every other adult performer and better yet, is yet to retire. She does appear to be one of the most active out there too, which shows by tens of thousands of 5* ratings from the new and old fans. Look at the scene above and it becomes clear, this is a nymphomaniac slut. For some this could be a blessing but having dated one in my teens, I would never recommend it to anyone.

I had calls from my ex where she would threaten to cheat if I did not come back home and fucked her. Her beautifully round butt and the willingness to get ass fucked are hot. I don’t usually like chicks with dyed hair (unless they are of normal colors), but Monique could polish my cock every day of the week.

Number of videos: 112 (up by 2 in 6 months)

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