Top 20: Best & Hottest GILF, Granny Pornstars (2021)

Sexy and beautiful 50+ year old pornstars, with some being 60+.

Top 20: Best & Hottest GILF, Granny Pornstars (2021)

#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. TrueAmateurs

Because we already did the sexiest milf pornstars as well as hottest amateurs, the only next logical way (other than 18-year-old pornstars that we are planning to do soon), is the crème de la crème, GILFS, cougars, grannies, it does not matter how you call them, the only thing is clear: this is a list dedicated to the best of the pornstars that over 50 years old or just look that old.

Now, don’t confuse granny pornstars with someone extremely mature, who is about to die in the nursing home full of cougars. Oh no, these can outmatch a huge chunk of teen whores in no time as remember, we are not speaking just about any old pornstars, these are the GILFS and that stands for: granny I would like to fuck.

So here you have it, folks, the top 20 hottest GILF and granny pornstars that are as sexually active as an 18-year-old female performer. We have recently added more grannies to make this list appeal to everyone, from people looking at 60 or 70-year old pornstars, or those still transitioning from MILF age.

20Granny Alice

As bland as a granny name can be, this is Alice, our GILF pornstar in her late 60s that shows signs of aging but nothing else, which would indicate her loss of interest in porn. In just a few years Alice will be 70-year old, now that’s a granny that I have no trouble fucking. Incredibly long hair that every other granny is jealous of (unless this is a good-looking wig).

To give you some history, she has been working with the same network for few years and has first appeared on the “40 something” site (same group) although at that time she was way older than that. Visit her for some home-cooking and stay for the moist pussy.


Your grandmother tells you to visit an old friend and bring back home the handmade pie. You enter the bedroom and see this view… What’s your first instinct? Turn around and cover your eyes or act like an alpha dude and don’t get distracted? It will be a mystery about why older women become pornstars, but at least they have something to brag about at their Bingo evenings.

Would you like for your granny to behave in a way that Tigger does? For me, it’s simple. It’s a go if these old sluts have no kids and significant other or are desperate for cash. At that point in life, you have achieved the maximum that you are capable of, your body is slowing down, and things are just going to get worse. Not to mention the mature character that cannot be phased. If you are a teen, then certain things could push you to the path of a pornstar, but for someone who is in their 50s or 60s, it’s just not possible.

18GILF Molly

Not sure if it has anything to do with age or limited creativity, but as you will soon realize, a lot of GILF pornstars simply go by “granny x” or “GILFY”. Only the hottest GILFS tend to have proper porn pseudonyms, Merilyn is not one of them. Wrinkled skin and a bubble butt that shows signs of life. As you approach the end of car life, things are getting squeaky, you need more oil to keep parts lubed and an occasional rusty flake falls out.

Some of these truths are now a reality for Molly, but that’s not why we love granny pornstars. It’s their grandmother’s attitude, always warm and nurturing. How they make you feel safe and secure inside, and hard on the outside.

17Marina Beaulieu

Here’s an old lady that must smell like the semen of death or rainbows. By the time someone is done fucking her hard, she’ll be already in the ambulance to stitch that hole back. Evenly shaped tits, tanned skin (which is unexpected for someone that old), and gray as my life hair.

Here’s my take on Marina. She got dumped by her now ex-husband and instead of polishing just one cock (house cleaner is her occupation), Katia went for the kill. We need more women like her, those that do not care about society’s morals and don’t choose to stay at home, regretting their soon-to-be-ending lives or past events.

Source: (60PlusMilfs).

16Granny Jewel

It takes time for the jewel to form, which is why we are only seeing this granny pornstar appear on our list right now. Like the fine wine or diamonds. If you insist on watching her porn for free, I’ll go ahead and tell you that it’s rather hard to find Jewel’s videos. Search results are populated with unrelated content, so you are better off just heading to PornHub or whatever streaming site is your favorite.

Still rocking that GILF look and with more energy than younger pornstars. Maybe she is taking ginseng multis. Sucks dick with grace and since grannies no longer have any teeth, expect smooth sailing.

15Rita Daniels

While I am not sure what the fuck is going on with her music note tattoo, let’s continue. Must be some singer or whatever? The fact remains, Rita is one sexy cougar. Even without clothes and that’s a massive compliment. Black hair, multiple cocks going down any hole, a great sense of style surprisingly, great tits.

Could do well on any cam site, preferably Chaturbate as it has most free nudes. I know that Daniels is a favorite for many of you, just not my cup of old tea. In other words, not the best of the GILFS, but not the worst either, not by a long mile.


14Cammille Austin

Well, here is the first one for me: a GILF with pierced nipples. Imagine signing up for some “charity” work at your local elderly home, someone needs help undressing and you see a pair of fucking silicone tits with pierced nipples.

What the fuck? Well, going back to her body and just overall look, she does not seem to be enjoying sex in this scene. Probably thinking about some pension fund but goes in any way, any color, and any style.

Source: (60PlusMilfs).

13Annellise Croft

Now, Annelise is a true catch! Not only does she have trimmed pussy lips that look like someone who is like 20-year-old, and massive tits, but the body does not seem to be giving up yet. Still as lively as ever, still not enjoying anal and we love that. Wearing a choker and waiting for the cumshot.

She might not win any adult awards for the best GILF scene or any shit like that, but a hot granny is a hot granny.

Source: (50PlusMilfs).

12Erica Lauren

Well, what can we tell you about Erica? Minus the white teeth, she does look like your sex-thirsty granny that has just buried her husband. The thing we love about mature women is that they are fine with being fucked in the ass without any lube, from the start.

No matter a slight pain, making every anal scene that much hotter, and Erica Lauren is no exception. Curly blond hair with stretched asshole and French nails.

Source: (60PlusMilfs).

11Chery Leigh

It is surprisingly hard to find videos of various GIFLs getting fucked by only one male, more often than not it is two or more, and we are not sure whether that it is a producer’s choice, or they are just that hungry for as much cock as they can get.

Now, Chery is beautiful, with silky smooth skin (yes, we know it is makeup but whatever), nice curves, and a rather sexy physique in general. A worthy contender for our best grannies list.

Source: (50PlusMilfs).

10Auntie Lexy

If you are into feet fetish or just love good-looking, slim GILFS then check out the blond Auntie Lexy. With a name like that, I would not expect her to have hair shorter than your average Swedish “male”, but as long as she is hot, I guess it does not matter that much.

A particularly nice pair of tits also do not harm, probably one of the better ones to be fair. Slim body and just overall, a pornstar that does live to the GILF acronym.

Source: (60PlusMilfs).


I bet you have never in real life seen a GILF with tits this big, or even twice as small. Most of the time they are already saggy and look like shit, but this is not a problem that Deauxma must deal with. A well-maintained body with barely any wrinkles and giant fucking tits of epic proportions.

Deauxma has the drive for sex and facial expressions that either tell that she is about to have a heart attack or an orgasm. In either way, hot.

Source: (60PlusMilfs).

8Persia Monir

Now, don’t let her looks trick you, she is about to hit the 60-year-old mark. Surprisingly, she looks much younger, more of a MIF than a cougar or granny. It must be all that extra weight that is stretching her skin, who knew that fat women look better than the skinny ones?

Well, at least when you are as old as the majority of these GILFS there. Overall, a must-watch one, it is like the best of both worlds, the looks, the age and the body with the massive tits.

7Ava Devine

At what point does a MILF pornstar become GILF? It is when they have kids and their kids got kids or it’s more about that granny look? Ava Devine could be both and with slowly approaching birthday 50th birthday, you got a beautiful pornstar all around.

She tends to shout at me in porn videos and this one is no exception. Her tits are getting square for some reason so expect to see smaller tits in the next few years, unless you want to risk losing them all. Hot and annoying at the same time, one of these cum and dump kind of grannies,


6Janet Mason

You have too much to drink and wake up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by four horny GILFS, or a few MILFS and grannies, depending on your definition. He is a bingo winner of the night. It must be tough for Janet to appear on the list as she has recently entered the 5th decade and is now over 50 years old. Thankfully, there are plenty of mature women porn viewers that will carry her into the next decade too.

Janet Mason is the redhead GILF pornstar in the middle of them all, with tits so big that when the sad time comes, people will have trouble closing her casket. What a fucking time to be alive. Thank Jesus for surgeries and enhancements, and things can only improve with time.


5Gina Milano

Now Gina is a true, professional GILF whore. Judging by her soon to be a gaping asshole, and the size of this dildo, I am sure she has fucked more cocks in her lifetime than there are hair strands on a wig. We are not sure what kind of example she is to her grandchildren if there are any but anyway…

I would not mind banging her. Surprisingly, despite rocking shorter hairstyle, Gina does not look that bad, in fact, she is rather hot.

A true 60+-year-old pornstar from the United States, with the naturally gaped asshole.

Source: (60PlusMilfs).

4Farrah Dahl

Now in the transition phase, Farrah Dahl does look like a GILF pornstar, yet she is the youngest of them all in this top 20. If the nurturing look is here, I am fine with that. No-one gives a damn about the age on the passport, right? If you want to rate body parts, her pussy looks like the oldest piece of the puzzle. Probably because a lot of pornstars have trimmed their beef flaps already and Farrah does not fit into your average pornstar frame.

If you have trouble telling these two sluts apart, Farrah is with blond hair and blue dress.


3Darla Crane

When you are as old as all these grannies on our “best of the best” list, and Brazzers invites you to start shooting exclusive content with them, what does that say about the pornstar? Probably that she has both, the talent and the looks.

Also, she is fucking hot and I am not talking about just the looks but also the whole aura of energy around her. My dick is getting hard without any explanation and that earns her a spot.


2Nina Hartley

Now, if you have ever searched for a video on how to lick pussy or get someone to squirt, then there is a 100% chance that you already know Nina. Not only is she a well-respected GILF pornstar but also goes above and beyond to teach the younger generation about how to fuck, lick, flick and just pleasure yourself and your partner in the best way possible.

Let’s just say that if Nina were to tell Holy Mary about the pill, Jesus would not have been born. Imagine that. She does seem to enjoy sex.

At this age and point in her life, I doubt that Nina Hartley even remembers most of her partners as there have been so many. I have trouble remembering girls I fucked too, mostly because I am bad at numbers lower than 1.


1Sally D’Angelo

Is it better to be a somewhat appreciated MILF slut in your “prime years” or the hottest granny pornstar near your death bed? Okay, maybe it’s not that bad just yet. Here’s a GIF where we see her asshole stretched and licked by every stud. That’s Sally, the insanely popular GILF. She’s a template of a perfect granny with decently tight pussy muscles and fake tits. How many late age cougars do you know of that have silicone implants? None.

Not sure if her asshole needs a diaper from the nonstop stream of hardcore ass fucking, but that’s not our problem. Sally is the golden standard and an ideal aspiration material for future granny pornstars.


And these are our best and sexiest cougars of all time. Now, some we could not include because the content was simply missing, but all in all, still happy with the list. What now? Browse our other lists or join any of the porn sites with great discounts.



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