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Top 40: Jennifer Aniston Nude & Sexiest Tits Pictures (2024)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. Chaturbate

The excitement is in the air and we’re finally covering the prettiest celebrity of an entire Friends crew. But while you got to know Aniston from a two-decade old show, she did more than just comedy. In fact, some roles even had sex scenes and epic slips. But before you ask whether there are Jennifer Aniston pussy pictures or leaked sex tapes, the answer is negative. Either way, Jennifer is such a hot commodity that we must collect all the naked and sexiest pics.

Spoiler alert: there are just a few naked pictures and even then, you are stretching the definition of a naked Jennifer Aniston.

Disclaimer: We respect your privacy and consent! Please contact us if you want to get any content removed ASAP. All content comes from media sources. Thank you!

Top 10 Jennifer Aniston Facts

  1. Was a chance that Rachel Green could’ve been written out of Friends
  2. Set a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach 1M fans on Insta
  3. Could’ve landed a Titanic role but Kate Winslet won over
  4. Terms of Endearment is one of her all-time favorite films
  5. Her highest grossing movie was Bruce Almighty
  6. Is trained in martial arts
  7. Aniston hates Rachel’s look
  8. Met Brad Pitt on a blind date
  9. Is a veteran in perfume
  10. Doesn’t like flying

Jennifer Aniston Biography

Birthdate: February 11, 1969
Location: Sherman Oaks, California, USA
Zodiac: Aquarius

Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.64m)
Weight: 117 lbs. (53kg)

Official Profiles


Latest & Upcoming Movies with Jennifer Aniston

Hail Mary

Jennifer Aniston Nudes (Pictures)

Starting with Crotch

Call it a frontal pussy if you will, which is a key to happiness and a healthy society. A frozen frame of time, a memory for the future generations, the closest thing to Aniston’s pussy reveal you’ll ever see.

Exposed Tits and Nudes

Hey, this picture is not from a porn magazine or vintage hardcore movies. Nope. You’re witnessing a modern Hollywood’s interpretation of a foursome with three chicks and a dude. By the way, they’re not clothed or under a blanket either.

Naked on Top

Besides a funny dog video, there’s nothing as heart warming as the feeling of your partner’s tits on your back. Assuming you’ve just had sex and she’s all well, you know. So, here you go, a naked Jennifer Aniston.

Kissing Jennifer Aniston

All these pixels, green squares and other garbage seen in picture is a result of too much tweaking. However, the extra brightness is required to open all the doors to nudity. In this video, Jennifer was either fully naked or naked from the top. So, what I tried to do was boost all the settings for a possible nipple reveal.

Let’s Squeeze Aniston’s Tits

Yep, the more mature they get, the funnier and more intimate the roles can become. Perhaps in their 20s to 30s, and I’m talking older generation here, women are more conservative about getting naked for the millions of viewers. But once standards change and they roll into the next two decades, god unlocks naked scenes like this where it’s not just pure nudity but some boob squeezing action too.

Sucking on Something

We forgot what object it was because in the dark, without adjusting settings, Aniston is barely visible, but you can take a guess. Yes, the details are all wrong, colors do not match, you name it. But I’m not going for the color accuracy of a plant here. Nope, just trying to extract as much sexiness as possible from this picture.

Fucking Doggystyle

Stiff as steel, hard as life of an average American, that’s the shape of a male’s dick at the moment. If not, that’s how it would work for many of men. Also, let me share you a secret with women! The hornier we are, the larger and plumper our cocks become. Although that happens in like 5% of cases only, so if your partner’s dick looks somewhat bigger today, that’s the reason.

Stuff Me Like a Turkey

Women don’t have dicks to stuff into men’s throats, but a finger or two will do. It’s not a leaked Aniston’s sex tape or a cut from hardcore porn. Nope, a screencap from a movie where Jennifer arranged things as if they’re fucking.

Cum to My Office

Given my abilities to sustain an erection for a long time, but not having a will to get rid of it, a naked Jennifer Aniston spells trouble to my heart. Call her a naughty boss, or a slutty adventurous type, but if bosses like these exist, I’ll be the first in line to hand over my CV.

Too Naughty for Office

During an argument with your jealous significant other, things can go south easily. You might let it slip that your boss (Jennifer Aniston) is super-hot, which raises some eyebrows. So far, it’s not too alarming, you glaze over it, say how there’s nothing to worry about, that’s your boss, etc. But then, a picture of a naked Jennifer leaks onto the press and you can spell game over to your relationships. Still worth it.

A Peak at Aniston’s Pussy

What’s that black thing on the right near Aniston’s white coat? Not knowing better, we’d say it’s a type of a sticker that goes behind transparent panties to hide her pussy shape and labia. Would love to be proven wrong because that implies a present of Jennifer’s black and hairy bush.

Getting Wet and Steamy

No matter which actress is chosen for a naked showering setting, we love to comment with the same thing. Yes, the females are getting wet, hair, boobs, nipples, ass, and probably pussy too if panties are not water protected. Obviously, a wet pussy from a cock is different than a wet pussy from water, but the definition is the same.

Showering Naked

Yep, the scene continues with Jennifer taking a shower naked. It’s an interesting angle which I rarely see in movies. A very intimate, up-close angle of Jennifer Aniston showering naked. Now, I believe that a direct glance at the camera would turbocharge this shot and make it extremely intimate.

Grey Blouse, Limited Makeup

What if you were to get rid of some (or all) of Jennifer Aniston’s makeup? She would look like this, a hot human with long curly hair, a visible nipple shape, and round boobs. Judging by her facial expressions, something horrible has happened, but at least we’re at peace knowing it’s a movie, not real life.

Poking Through Robe

Ah, a solid nipple poke, seen in dozens of pictures of Jennifer from all over the world. Like dude’s who can’t help but “get over” their hard-ons when speaking in public, she’s dealing with something similar. Perhaps it’s an embarrassment for Jennifer or just the way her body is, but we bless and approve of this appearance.

Exposed Aniston’s Tits

Like in the video scene below, I am struggling to get the backstory of this nude. Perhaps it’s a fan made affair, perhaps a real thing, but let’s add a few things for thought. First, the graphics are very convincing, as if they’re Aniston’s real boobs. There are no weird artefacts or other nonsense. Finally, her nipple size would explain the constant poking through clothing, as seen in other pictures.

Half Naked, Loud and Proud

Hmm, now this makes me believe that the previous “leak” of Jennifer Aniston’s boobs is legit. The shape of Jennifer’s nipples is almost if not the same. And yes, that’s our brunette actress, wearing nothing but semi-transparent lingerie, which exposes her nipples and real breast size.

Two Hot Asses

No, not the animal kind, but asses of Jennifer Aniston. Is she of a “brave” type who doesn’t care whether people on set see her pussy? Or perhaps Aniston is one of the more conservative actresses that wear skin-colored stickers on nipples, pussy, and other areas? Thankfully, a secretive butt crack is visible in either way.

Lingerie and Boobs

Call me a dog because I’m salivating all over these pictures. Having been tired of single frame uploads, it dawned upon me that combining multiple shots, all while cropping out the unwanted fluff is a way to go. Here, Jennifer Aniston wears a hot black lingerie, and you can make out her areola shape.

A Nipple Slip

The all-dark film scene made it seem as if there was no nudity, but when you pause and tweak settings a bit, I got this! It’s a fifty-fifty chance, either you’re looking at exposed Aniston’s boobs and a nipple or your mind sees an illusion.

A Petite Butt

Are these good genetics or a direct result of Aniston’s lifestyle? There was this craze in my neighborhood where all women tried to enlarge a gap between pussy and the thickest part of the thigh. Jennifer Aniston has all that plus a petite ass.

Jennifer Aniston Nudes (Movies & TV Shows)

Movie Name:

Friends (1994 – 2004 TV Series)

Poking Through Blouse

Who remembers Aniston’s nipples? Get used to them since dozens of scenes feature nothing but her hard nipples. Either that’s her default look oar Jennifer is that excited to act. Be it Friends, The One with Ross’s Tan or movie releases, it’s as if her nipples poke through, staring right into your soul. But perhaps that’s because she doesn’t wear a bra, or her nipples are that fierce that they poke through all clothing.

Scene: N/A

A Sweet Kiss

There are three girl-on-girl kissing scenes that I remember, one of which was with Rachel and Courteney Cox. The other, which I very much prefer since it’s more than a half second touch, is with Lisa Kudrow or Phoebe Buffay. As for the last one, it was Rachel kissing Melissa Warburton. Don’t panic if you can’t remember her, I don’t think people do, she wasn’t a main cast member anyway.

Scene: Friends S07E20

Movie Name:

The Good Girl (2002 Movie)

Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Scene

Yes, there are only two hot moments from Friends, so unless you have something else to add, let’s jump into a movie with full banging scenes. It’s not the last sex scene with Jennifer, but when the movie came out, the press fixation of sex acrobatics was intense. Instead of plain old vanilla sex, which is at least somewhat believable, this dude is fucking her belly button, like Johnny from The Room.

Scene: 00:25:00

A Ten Inch Cock

I know we spoke of pornstars with the biggest dicks, but this dude is just going. Like, is anyone even trying at this point? Watching this alone made my pussy is as dry as a raisin, so I’ll do my best to move on. Perhaps rolling it backwards, showing you the build-up with some intimacy will help? Hmm, there’s only one way to find out.

Scene: 00:25:11

Cute Kissers

Okay, now that we take a break and focus on a build-up, it doesn’t look as just bad. At least there’s a small chance of her audience getting in a mood. Now, I want to make one thing clear, the next GIF won’t be of the same quality. Instead, like a wizard who does good things, I present you a brightened-up version of Jennifer Aniston’s “sex tape”

Scene: 00:24:00

Glimpses at Aniston’s Nipples

Instead of hard nipples that poke through the toughest materials, you get to see something else. There are a few pixels of never-before-seen nudity that is only achievement through the power of video editing. Of course, no sane person would watch a film with brightness details set to 110%, but it’s for other purposes.

Whether these purposes involve me flicking a bean, rubbing something else, or pushing a finger down my pants is another story.

Scene: 00:25:15

Movie Name:

Along Came Polly (2004 Movie)

With Shorts and Translucent Blouse

A special thanks goes to the presence of strong dark spots around the nipple area. Could be due to video compression, the way lights are arranged in the apartment, or other reasons, but it’s as if you see Jennifer Aniston’s boobs in their entirety.

The imagery is so vivid that even with my eyes closed, I’m 97% confident of my skills to redraw them on blank canvas.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

The Break-Up (2006 Movie)

A Fully Naked Jennifer Aniston

This video has been floating around for quite some time, and the origins remain a mystery. It’s either a perfectly stitched CGI of Aniston’s boobs based on someone’s else tits or a real deal. The latter, as some say, comes from a movie set, before they cropped everything. Also, as far as I know, it’s the only “full” clip of Jennifer’s naked body.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Just Go with It (2011 Movie)

More Nipples for Your Viewing Pleasure

A naked GIF above pretty much summed up the entire thing. The rest of films, in which Jennfier was a star, never materialized beyond ass shaking in lingerie or so. But if you want to dive deeper and go “all in” with celebrity nudes, there are always other posts to check. For example, the recently published article of a naked Bojana Novakovic or her coworkers.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Horrible Bosses (2011 Movie)

One Kinky MILF

My hairstyle knowledge is as good as yours, so combining all the powers and knowledge, my guess this is the one with bangs. But you know what rhymes with bangs? MILFs! I’ve met a lot of women in my life, some of which love when you call them MILFs while a small percentage feel offended. Hopefully, Jennifer Aniston takes it as a compliment.

Scene: N/A

Squeezing Guy’s Nipples

Why couldn’t the roles be reversed for equality and so on? Seriously, why is it okay to squeeze, twist or turn nipples of a male but do the same with female in front and it will be a NSFW material? The idea is still majestic, so perhaps we should sustain ourselves from preaching and do something better, like jerk off to the sight of Jennifer Aniston licking male’s ears.

Scene: N/A

A Hot Boss without Bra

Did Jennifer wear any nipple stickers or let it go and went hardcore? You know, fully nude, then dressed in lingerie and wore a white top. Like the movie name says, she’s a horrible boss, at least if you’re rewarded for productivity.

Alternatively, if your boss pays you to stare at her tits, then my wage would be sky-high.

Scene: N/A

One Half of Boob

Take half of Anistons’ exposed tit, screenshot that part, then do the same with the other, combine in Photoshop and you have yourself a full boob. Then, take a picture of your own nipples, do more editing and have fun jerking off to a monster that you’ve just created. It’s all fun and games until you realize that your crush is a shemale or your dad.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

Wanderlust (2012 Movie)

A Naked Lesbian Orgy

There’s no better PR than showing nudes, especially if naked bodies are epic celebrities. It’s a trio of Jennifer Aniston, Malin Akerman and Kerri Kenne. Even if not all tits are visible, there are some of them! Be it on YouTube or video platforms, the “preview” of this clip generated hundreds of thousands of views. The movie, on the other hand, has a rating of 5.6 on IMDB, where 5 points go for nudes.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

We’re the Millers (2013 Movie)

A Sensual Ass Shake

Wearing the sexiest and most expensive lingerie on Earth, Jennifer Aniston created quite a legacy with this dance. The movie producer filmed it all, including a seductive butt wiggle from up-close. Every frame, from Aniston touching her boobs to smacking a firm butt is memorable. Perhaps if entire move had nothing but her dancing, it would be in the “must see before you die” type of list.

Scene: N/A

Jizzing Sparks of Fire

The yellow particles behind Jennifer sums up my feelings towards teasers with lingerie. Even in her 40s at the time of filming, the hot MILF actress has more fire and passion than the “motivational” midtown dumpster fire influencers.

Now, open your eyes, hit the play button on the “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty” song by KC, and let Jennifer’s ass do the rest of the work.

Scene: N/A

Movie Name:

The Morning Show (2019 TV Series)

Her Latest Sex Scene

A couple years ago, Jennifer began filming in a decent TV series, which continues to this day. Then, this sex scene happened and like in multiple cases, pictures are better than a video. The original cut features black background, shadows, and nothing to see besides kissing. Yes, it was a missed opportunity.

Scene: N/A

Hiding in Shadows

Welp, still better than sex scenes from the 80s and with a solid boob grab too! If I could turn back the time and incorporate similar fucking clips to the old films, there’s only one logical choice… I want to see Al Bundy fuck Peggy.

Scene: N/A

Naked in Bed

After an afternoon of fucking, Jennifer Aniston rests naked in bed, end of story. Boner alert would be my default nickname on set because the second her tits reach my naked back, I’m hard.

Scene: N/A

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