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Top 50: Miley Cyrus Nude Pussy & Tits Pictures (2021)


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There hasn’t been a more controversial celebrity than Miley Cyrus. Maybe Lady Gaga could be thrown into the picture, but that’s for the next day. Known for amazing songs, bizarre personal life, and acting, Miley Ray Cyrus exposed herself in so many ways that it’s hard to keep track.

Hence our article with the greatest nudes from Miley that have been leaked or posted yet. Straight from our TheFappening blog, just so you know.

Note: Due to database error, some pictures could have wrong titles, sorry about that.

Pressing on Nipples

The luckiest finger on earth is touching Miley’s nipples and we don’t object. Maybe it’s her own considering the smooth nature and tiny build. Did she get a boob job or there’s some camera trickery? Look from further away and these tiny puppies shrink into few sour grapes.

My mind can’t get enough of the pointy tongue, just imagine what she could do with the tip of your cock.

Climbing Out of Pussy

From one of the recently shot videos, Miley takes the concept of inspection and reenacts it all with the help of female organs. Climbing out of a pussy while barely covering her own. Don’t try to crop this photo just for a sneak peek, Miley has dozens of full pussy shots and that means we got them too.

Caught Tanning

Celebrities are often tense or act fake when they spot a paparazzi and that’s why we love natural shots so much. Miley is one fit chick that has minimal amounts of fat! Abs on the side are already showing, which is admirable. Name more celebrities with the flat stomach. What’s that? You can’t find any more of them?

Miley’s Pussy Slip

At first, everyone is shy and try to mask their nudes only to realize the ironic nature of the said gesture. Nudes give you free press talk, name boost and headlines. That’s when they turn from saints to exploited models with “accidental” sex tape leaks and so on. A rather old picture of Miley.

Exposed Breasts and Cock

Never ask an artist to explain their art because it’s unreasonable. I can picture Miley discussing the best way to shock the audience without getting banned from stage. You can start with uncovered breasts, but it won’t do much. Especially when you are known for such tricks in the first place.

Yeah, let’s add a giant rubber dildo, that’ll do the trick.

Taking a Bath

Cozy and happy, just chilling in the middle of a night… Has the natural aura of Aubrey Plaza, with same cute smile and wide eyes. One of my fuck buddies used to send me very similar pictures. Revealing enough to awaken you on the inside, but not good enough to masturbate.

Thankfully, we have many follow up photos.

Cyrus’ Asshole Photo

Guess Miley’s age by the number of anal rings on her butthole. Is there a brown streak too or that’s something else? This is the only photo showing arguably the most private part of Miley Cyrus. Everything else was or will be revealed, from tits, nipples to pussy and clitoris.

Shot from Behind

One of many pictures with Miley dancing and shaking her ass. No idea what the giant red mushroom on the left is for, but there are many other spots to focus on. Doesn’t wear the lingerie as thin as in the shot above, so zooming-in won’t do much. Nonetheless, that’s one sexy position.

Public Creep Shot

Stalkers or paparazzi, these people don’t have much to do other than to hunt for about to be exposed to celebrities. Miley covered her pussy just in time and even shoved the drink for the extra coverage. Can already picture what the conversation is all about. Can I call you later? This creepy guy is taking pictures of me.

Eating Plastic

Don’t give up just yet because we’re almost done with the weirdness. From Miley’s work titled “Plastik”, this photo might not have the most nudes (if any), but you can switch white liquid plastic with something else. You know, stuff that is sticky.

Caught from Side

Hiding in the shadow, Miley Cyrus is without any bra nor panties. That’s a fully naked shot with perspective creative enough to not reveal everything. Who else dreams of becoming some celebrity fingers or hands? Just so you could touch and cherish the amazing curves, soft tits and moist pussy…

Transparent Dress and Boobs

Guess we haven’t seen everything yet… Celebrities that want to leak nudes go with side-boob shots or pussies without panties and here we are, looking at dyed areolas. Cannot even comprehend the thought process behind Miley’s decision to paint them black. It could be a plastic cover of some sort, but that doesn’t make it any better.

Miley Let Fans Touch Her

Glide your hands through Miley Cyrus thin thighs, gently rub on pussy or cherish from five feet away. Loving her fans and indulging in the most intimate performance yet. A white tongue doesn’t look too healthy, but decent tits and hairy pussy that is barely visible helps.

Sexy Cyrus and Thin Thong

Invented in the 1970s by Rudi Gernreich, thongs have transformed the world of photography and erotica forever. How often do you get to see closeup shots of nude celebrities or sexy ones with thin thongs? Round butt with the nice gap for the thighs and pussy does make our mouths water.

You could remove the top part, portray this is a leaked nude and no-one would suspect a thing.

Epic Round Ass

At least Miley has the decency to sing for her fans and face them. Unlike other celebrities that turn around and shake their butts that is. Videos are so much better when it comes to ass shots or boob bounce, so this works more as a tease than anything.

Yes, you’ll get to see plenty of sexy Miley moves down below, just have some patience.

Younger Herself

Nudity isn’t a new thing or invention by Miley. As an example, we have a photo from decade ago where she played female strengths (tits) and knew how to sell those expensive records. Just some perspective, so you know it wasn’t Hollywood that ruined her. One could argue that fame didn’t do much to the character of Cyrus.

Fully Naked Miley Cyrus

Shaved pussy in its full glory, nice natural tits and zero care in the world. There’s a tiny strip of hair near clitoris, but it adds to the character. Does Miley Cyrus look sexy here? For me, it lacks a certain element of surprise. Some posing would help too.

It’s like taking a picture of someone without sexy clothing or makeup and right as they wake up.

Miley’s Hairy Pussy

This woman loves hair on her pussy and this photo proves it. Unlike some previous pictures where it’s just enough to make that an element of fashion, Miley went all-in with “the man, the legend” t-shirts and pulled her pants down. Judge all you want, but I’d still eat her out, hairy or shaved.

We could even sell Miley’s pubes on the auction, raking nice profits.

Tiny Boobs Uncovered

You’d have to have an enormous dick to titty fuck Miley Cyrus in the early days. I’m happy to see how she’s not ashamed of natural albeit tiny breasts and exposes them on every occasion.

Would you ask your girlfriend to get a boob job or are you happy with many sizes? Thinking long term, I can see myself getting attracted to other women that rock larger busts.

What’s Inside Her Panties?

Shemales and trannies aside, there appears to be some foreign object stuck inside Miley’s underwear. On closer inspection, I’d say it’s either an electric razor or a thermometer.

Still, no matter how hard she bites those lips or how tasty the little boobs are, my dick remains limp. These unshaved armpits need to go, it’s disgusting.

Filming a Music Video

Maraschino cherries on top of the nipple, some semen reminding confetti all over Miley’s face and shiny lip balm. That’s all you need for an epic, sexy and trending music video these days. Whatever you lack in talent, compensate with nudes. In Miley’s case, she has both and exposes herself for fun.

Hopefully, the trend of naked celebrities catches on and we get to see more great pussies.

Pics from the Underground

The weirdness comes naturally for Miley Cyrus, which is why we can’t say much about this half-naked photo. Surprising? Not really, at least at this stage of her career. It looks as if cum has exploded all over the place.

Could make for a great gangbang or bukkake video. Maybe with the help of a check featuring seven zeros…

Natural Titties in Full Glory

With the vibe of vintage porn, you could add Miley to your collection of the greatest pornstar pictures. Penetration is out of the question, but these neon lights or post-processing filters does make this gallery standout. Maybe for all the wrong reasons, but that raises a question…

What do you think would Miley Cyrus be like as a pornstar? Underrated with impressive skills, overrated or somewhere in the middle?

No Bra Here

Remember this picture since there’s another take right below this one. Great colors and superb lighting revealed the greatest asses of Miley, and that would be tits. Enjoying tan lines and even green eyeshadows look acceptable here.

Sadly, Miley’s yoga pants aren’t translucent, and we can’t see what’s happening in the crotch area.

Same Scene in New Filter

It’s mind-blowing how a single filter change could transform the same picture or scene into something else entirely. You have a great shot of Miley’s boobs, no bras nor any covers for the nipples. Lovely leggings blend well with the wall art behind her too.

Miley’s Hairy Pussy and Tits

Hundreds of nude shots later and we still can’t get enough. Admittedly, Miley’s nudes aren’t as exciting as of those celebrities that have had a single picture or two. However, ask and you shall receive and if one gives, we must take!

Not enjoying Miley’s pussy shots is like refusing charity.

Another Bush Photo

Dog’s reaction sums up our own! Miley is wrapped in some plastic cover while the greatest part (clean pussy) is in full view. I’ve seen some photos that are cropped and enlarged but wanted to show you a full perspective instead.

Let me stroke your ego a little bit. RedBled readers are the smartest of the bunch and you know how to do that on your own.

Riding Giant Cock

Just like with our Bella Thorne nudes, there’s a lot of wordplay here. Miley knew what every sneaky headline would say, and we can’t do much but repeat them. This picture features a giant cock and Miley rides it. That got your attention, right?

Call that immaturity or randomness, but people will never be bored with silly headlines.

Cyberpunk Fantasies with Miley

Naked ass on the left, tits at the center of your screen, it’s like a theme park for adults. Which one would you rather fuck, Miley Cyrus or guy on the right? Search for behind the scenes footage on Google if you want to dive deeper into these pics.

Another Pussy Shot

Censoring pussy with what appears to be a slab of meat, Miley Cyrus goes above and beyond with music videos. Let’s hope it was just a decoration and not real meat. Imagine risks and possible infections that pussies can get from such acts…

No Care in The World Here

Adorable picture featuring the fully naked boobs of Miley Cyrus. Imagine if this was the first time seeing someone as famous as Miley naked! Most of us are rotten on the inside at this point and spoiled by hardcore porn or pee porn.

Do you know these books of body language? Let me read her nipples! They either tell that she’s horny or that’s cold out there.

Miley Sucking Black Dick

Black dick pornstars have some of the largest dicks in industry and Miley has found their boss. No real flesh this time, just pure silicone. How many inches? It must be close to 15! That’s how large your cock needs to be for you to be able to suck on it.

As an alternative, just invite Miley Cyrus and give her a rubber one.

Swimming in Filth

There’s nothing nastier than the smelly pussy hair! It’s like the collection of pee, sweat and bacteria. Not sure what’s the point or idea behind this photo, but you get to see Miley’s pussy and tits. Man, she would make for a great petite pornstar. Someone needs to give her a billion dollars and push her into the XXX industry.

Miley’s Pussy Gap and Tan Lines

This is the cheat mode of erotic pornography. Who knew that you could film or picture someone fully naked and don’t reveal anything?! When pussy is hidden from the eye of a beholder, other things come into a picture.

For instance, what the heck is happening with Miley’s back? Is this glitter or some nasty acne?

Demonic Obsession

Sure, just show us your tits and call it art because you have your eyes changed. No, wait, we truly mean that. I demand more nudes! Lame jokes aside, this is another picture that could be interpreted in a million different ways.

Is that supposed to be cum on her neck? There are dozens of pictures with Miley and white good, just saying…

Juicy Cyrus’ Boobs

Demonstrating the irony of less is more, this shot of Miley’s breasts is so much sexier than the one above. Yes, it doesn’t show nipples, only the top part of the cleavage, but come on… Which would you rather set as your wallpaper? Okay, not having demonic eyes helps my case as well.

Artistic Erotica

Beautiful, that’s it. Let’s have a small break in the streak of Miley Cyrus nudes and pretend to be more than horny men. All joking aside, in this gallery of close top 50 photos (or videos), I’d pick this as my favorite. It gives me sensual vibes and makes me feel all warm and happy inside. Miley’s pussy is the ultimate comfort food.

Stretching Miley’s Pussy

Just tell me, how does one find a job like that? Where your goal is to touch Miley’s pussy and superglue random objects on top of the bush. She is extremely comfortable with being nude. Admirable, I would say!

As a result, Miley likely has the highest number of random photos showing tits, pussy, or both.

Full Pussy Shot from Behind

Ass hair aside, this is one of the best nude pictures of Miley. Pussy lips, labia… All the juicy and private bits have been revealed! This is an enhanced photo from one of the Miley’s photoshoots where it was published without much investigation.

Basically, these people have underrated the lengths people are willing to go to see their favorite celebrity fully naked. Some would say it’s a sign of desperation.

Miley Cyrus’ Full Pussy Slip

Get those lottery tickets because this is your lucky day. The greatest and full pussy slip of Miley Cyrus! Not only do you get to see that clean pussy in action, but the photo wasn’t taken with potato. In other words, the highest possible resolution picture of Miley’s pussy and clitoris.

This photographer is a hero!

What if pictures make your John a tad sad? Let’s close this epic article with leaked videos.

Miley’s Sexy Moves

Fit chicks are often great at sex which makes this GIF way more exciting. How bad or good do you think Miley Cyrus is in bed? We will ever see her sex tape? Let’s hope so because there’s no hiding from the depressing aging process.

Ass in Action

Does this video add anything to the scenario? No. Should we high-five director for including it into the final product? For sure! See Miley’s ass move and use your enhanced vision to remove these ever so tight shorts.

The Slutty Outfit

Celebrities often try to shock the Hollywood with the crazy dresses or outfits. This is by far the sluttiest Miley Cyrus outfit I’ve seen on grand scale. Must have paid tends of thousands of dollars for few pieces of fabric and a string.

Grinding that Pussy

This GIF gets better with every loop. Just a simple cut of Miley rubbing her pussy through the thong. Yes, she’s just adjusting the lingerie, but imagining such things isn’t as fun.

Add some sensual music, random moans from slutty pornstars and you got yourself a show to behold.

Social Media Teases

Mastering the art of social media and ways to boost her follower base, Miley went for the typical, safe for work tease. Great looking body should be cherished. There’s nothing wrong with some nudity either.

Miley and Lesbian Friend Kissing

The only time when you need the 100x optical zoom to sneak on celebrities. Could be fake or real, but still as much enjoyable. In this video, you can see Miley talking to a random friend that we guess is a lesbian and then spicing things a notch.

You’ve seen Miley grind or suck dicks, but when it comes to kissing… This is the world’s first!

Fucking a Sex Doll

Miley Cyrus brought back her sex doll and fucked it… How is this not considered porn? These GIFs make me want to listen to Miley’s music. And if music isn’t of your liking, there’s the magical mute button!

That’s how I picture her live performances. I go to jerk off while listening to sounds from PornHub.

Taking a Shower

From the uncensored video clip of Miley Cyrus, you get to enjoy the full (and high-quality) cut of this attractive individual. Ten more years and censorship will be a thing of the past. It’s funny (or bizarre) how nudity is hated on the media, but violence is glorified.

Like, shouldn’t that be the opposite?

Awesome Nudity

Here’s how to make porn less controversial: change the color scheme to black and white. No matter if you suck dicks, show tits or finger yourself, it will look erotic without other colors.

We wonder if that’s the logic behind this video too, except where erotica is diluted into something far more casual.

Rubbing Miley Cyrus’ Pussy

As it’s now a routine on RedBled, we’ve saved the best for last and this video is pure porn. She let her fans rub her pussy through clothes! This is the coolest thing ever. Maybe one day we will migrate to fan fucking.

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