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/r/SluttyConfessions Review

People have secrets and some of these will never get told, be it adoption stories or cheating adventures. Sometimes the burden is so heavy that you need to tell someone about your issues or sins. This is why good Samarians have created a subreddit called /r/SluttyConfessions/ for nothing, but confessions related to sex life. Sure, some non-intimate stories might be interesting too, but people just take their lives way too serious. A confession about speeding is not exciting, nor time worthy to read. However, sex does make all the difference. As you might realize from the name, sluts confessing is the theme of this sub and before you go, please keep in mind that not all stories are real. It has a mix of fantasies and real stories that happened to OP or their friends. Today I have read of an 18-year old slut that got naked in front of the neighbor, just to see his reaction. It did not end like in a porn movie where both fucked, but if you are studying phycology, this is a great place to understand these women behaviors. As you will soon realize, all women are massive whores, perverted sluts and nasty individuals. They are constantly cheating, living double lives and even have few families. The top-rated stories always include pictures, so it a cherry on top of an already nice and very different sub, compared to anything else I have seen.

If you love long stories, there are many of these here too. I am more of a minute guy but seeing a post with thousands of comments and upvotes can make you read even the longest confessions. Minus the possibly fake story bit, I have enjoyed my stay on this sub and will continue to visit it once every month or so. Also, there are multiple women hating on guys, only to end up sucking them off afterwards and if there one thing I have learned is that when a female says that she hates the guy, sooner or later she will cheat on with you with him. Why? Because women are emotional creatures and hate is a very strong emotion.

I always felt that my ex had a lot of secrets to tell, yet she never opened herself up to me. Multiple times did I try to understand what the fuck was she talking about during her sleep (expecting to hear some juicy details), but this wild fantasy of mine never turned into anything worthily.


If you like fictional and real stories, /r/SluttyConfessions/ will be in your frequently visited sites list. If all you care are facts, then browse cautiously, the sub mixes both real and fake stories, without clearly tagging what is fiction and what is life. Once you are done with the text version of porn, visit some of the top sites that produce content you can consume with your ears and eyes, in a video format. You know, the 21st century stuff.


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  • Reading people secrets is entertaining
  • There are many whores out there
  • Long and short confessions


  • Not all stories are true
Sam Kingwin

Sam has been working in the adult business since 1997, starting from the bottom of the barrel as the director's assistant, thinking of transitioning to male performer only to resume behind the scenes work, which was the most rewarding creativity wise. As of the 2010s, Sam has been covering top pornstars and best porn sites. Everything I ever say is either a fiction or a joke. Anyway, sharing is caring and there is nothing like helping guys discover hidden talents or porn networks that deserve their attention.