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Valentina Nappi Pornstar (2023)


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We have already written about Valentina multiple times. She was even featured in our top 10 awards, including best pornstars with natural tits. In the end, one must wonder, how did such a young pornstar achieve the highest tear performer status in such a short time?

Maybe some of the galleries and GIFs we have found and published for you will make the answer obvious. But, first, let’s discuss her biography.

About Valentina Nappi

Nationality and Ethnicity: Italian, Caucasian

Age: 32-years-old
Birthday: November 6, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 1.6m or 5 ft 3 in
Weight: 50 kg or 110 lbs.
Breast / Bra Size: 34C – 24 – 36
Tits: Natural

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette

Years Active: 2011 – Now

Social Media Accounts

Official Twitter Account: @ValeNappi
Official Instagram Account: instavalentinanappi

Official Site:

Real Name: Valentina Nappi
Other Nicknames: Valentina, Valentina Noon

Valentina Nappi Biography

Despite insane popularity, people don’t know much about this Italian princess, at least about stuff outside the working environment. Valentina has an art degree, is somewhat into philosophical debates and essays. These qualities earned her a spot in one of the political magazines some years later.

She entered the adult industry in 2011, which was all her fault. No agent found Valetina, and she took the initiative instead, emailing the porn director and asking for an opportunity. As the saying goes, you grab life by its horns (or balls) and squeeze hard.

Below are some of our favorites and the hottest ones we could find.

Shallow Blowjob

Let me show you a great scene that did not live up to its full potential. Even pornstars sometimes suck at blowing dick, no matter the experience. But, unfortunately, Valentina did have a lot of trouble getting even half of it down.

The rest of the scene was about fake board games that led to striptease and then some cardio action. My advice for her would be to learn how to properly suck dick.

Valentina Nappi Tries Thick Cock

If you are into hardcore porn or delicious thick dicks fucking hot chicks, this is probably one of your favorites. As for everyone else, just keep on scrolling. There are plenty of amazing GIFs out there. This one is about miss Valentina enjoying that thick and massive white cock larger than her head and both hands. You’ll need more than just good luck to handle it.

It does end before we have the pleasure of seeing the juicy bits. Presumably of white color.

Casual Indoors Sex

Now, this scene works for me when it comes to casual or closer to real-life scenes. I hope you get my point as we talk about regular sex. No, without much hardcore, anal gaping, or any of that shit. Something to get you hard no matter what.

This GIF has all our favorite sex positions followed by the facial cumshot and one of my beloved male pornstar’s.

Porn in 15 Seconds

Forget the overdue GIFs that show you just the intro. Here’s one that goes from A to Z and includes some of Valentina’s greatest moments. You got a curly hair guy that I would rather not see and the goddess herself.

We switch from feet licking to tits fucking and then some oral. Unfortunately, the money shot is missing, but it was, after all, a 15-second cut.

Valentina Nappi’s Massive Orgy

Well, this is a rather interesting take and earns a spot on our list. Nothing in the top 3, but man, was it hot. If you love cum eating porn, then this is probably the best video in the whole universe for you.

Starting with a massive cock sucking orgy in prison, which already exceeded our expectations. Then Valentina improves it even more by self-pleasing and fucking everyone. Finally, the GIF finishes off strongly and with a dessert, just cum instead of cake.

Fucking a Nurse

What happens when Nappi pretends to be a nurse and checks on some patients? First, one must measure his heart rate and blood pressure to see if the individual is healthy. Of course, the best way to do that is to stick his dick and see if everything is working. Technology can never be trusted and is so old-school, anyway.

The rest of this GIF is straightforward. Fucking, cumming, and that amazing ass of hers… Damn.

Valentina’s Nappi Erotic Anal Fuck

Some days, you get tired of the rough, brutal anal sex and want something a bit sweeter. This is where our pornstar comes to the rescue. Valentina is really into this kind of butt fucking. Also, that little asshole of hers and the look…

I would probably end up jizzing without even sticking my dick inside her. That is a shame since fucking her is a dream of mine.

Showing Her Skills

With a bit of luck, you can fuck. Honest pornstars or women are loved by everyone, especially if we talk about sex. So why pretend that you don’t want to taste that dick anyway?

Our brunette slut does not mind telling us as it is. Valentina jumps straight to the point, a win in our book. We also love her interactions with a camera operator and the messy ending. It sucks for her to clean that hairy pussy, but I would not mind watching.

Pounding Nappi’s Pussy

James Deen, a Jewish pornstar does get to fuck hot sluts too! Pounding her beef flaps hard that Valentina’s pussy her pussy will soon turn into a flattened roast. Is anyone else envious of these guys’ ability to fuck and cum on demand?

The more GIFs you watch, the sooner you discover all her dirty tricks like the constant play with the balls.


Valentina Nappi Joins Gangbang

Well, this one is hot! Who knew that getting stuck in the elevator can be so rewarding? This scene went from my biggest nightmare to my biggest dream. Imagine a scenario like this! Where you and your buddy get to ass fuck Valentina.

With doors closed, you stick two cocks in her ass and jizz all over her face. A few minutes later, she is your lawyer, and you meet her in the office. What.

Messy Cumshot on Tits

Just a GIF full of nurturing and care from Valentina Nappi. She seems to be genuinely interested in his orgasm and the semen itself. The horny Italian then tries to get as much moisture out of it as possible, spreading it all on her tits.

I am a bit confused by the male look because he looks geeky. However, he got to fuck her, and no one of us did. So, who is beta now?

Spreading and Fucking Her Asshole

I swear to God, Valentina has one of the best asses and assholes out there. Oh, and a juicy trimmed pussy too! The video above is fucking hot, where a rather thick cock goes to her without much lube. Some unpleasant sensations are guaranteed, plus the pain.

Just Seeing her in that doggy-style position… I would be confused and unsure about where to stick my cock first. Pussy, ass, mouth, or use my hand? Tough decision.

Licking Valentina’s Asshole

This bitch is horny and is hungry for cock. Look how quickly she goes from the coworker to nymphomaniac that wants nothing but sex. Nice scene, all-around with her riding white cock slowly. I like to watch Valentina in some lingerie as she licks balls and gets her asshole licked.

Then you have hardcore stuff. Guy holds her by the throat as the dick pounds her pussy hard. Love it.

A Happy Facial

Who else enjoys finishing on their partner’s face or receiving one yourself? So for the second question, I do ask women. Not sure what it feels like for them, but it can’t be that bad. Otherwise, they would not be so keen on receiving cumshots again and again.

She needs to move cock closer to her lips, so the previous liquid is not wasted. Especially these days, when we talk about renewable energy and preserving our resources.

Grinding Lee’s Boner

Valentina Nappi is one of those naturally beautiful pornstars that looks great with or without make-up. Apply red lipstick, and she turns from casual into a hardcore slut. Now almost 30, this wild bunny shows few symptoms of aging.

You have slightly saggy tits and fat wrinkles that don’t look pleasing. However, one does not even notice these things while horny. I must be obsessed with meaningless detail.


Switching Roles

We’ve seen nearly 20 GIFs of Valentina Nappi now, most of which she is in the passive mode. Did you know, though, that she can be an aggressor too? Give her a strap-on, and a tiny pornstar, something like Riley can work too.

It must be epic to fuck someone without fearing premature ejaculation. Nor be worried about breathing and other nonsense.


Slow Doggy Style Scene with Mirror

Oh God, every time I see a porn video with someone fucking in front of a mirror, I immediately want to try this at home. Only to remember that my mom is not into that and that my father is dead. In other words, it sucks to be me.

However, at far as this scene goes, holy fuck, the way she slowly moves her hips and ass, bouncing on that cock… It’s the ultimate teaser, and her performance is close to a miracle.


Busy on The Beach

If your girlfriend invites you over to the beach, accept it and don’t ever think about lame activities like tanning or swimming. Valentina Nappi has demonstrated the best way to spend time in salty water and on the sand.

In the end, you even had a few visitors. Sadly, they did not get to fuck her, but I can only imagine that view in real life. Shame we have no idea when her next public sex scene will be.


Shameless Fuck

Valentina is not the most active pornstar regarding hardcore sex, anal, and gapes. She makes up for that through her nasty scenes, though, for different reasons. Foremost, having sex in a living room must be exciting, especially with someone else nearby.

Have you ever been awakened by your friends having sex next to you? If so, what did you do? Some pretend to be asleep while others tell to get the fuck out of here. I am in the latter league.


Valentina’s Sex Tape

Fuck the bad quality and vertical videos, it’s still one of the best scenes. The ass at the bottom is of Mia’s, but we have Valentina here in the cramped top. These two pornstars take turns to screw the shit out of that cock.

Imagine having friends with these features. Maybe this GIF needs some sound to make the fantasy easier to picture? We’ve got you covered.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

Valentina’s Nappi Oily Hardcore Anal

First, this scene is all about her amazing booty curves, oily ass, and the sunshine. What we get next is something even more impressive. This GIF is a tribute to her ass as it gets fucked hard, with shouts and screams of joy.

Tiny expressions of displeasure can also be visible on her face, making my dick as hard as the titan. I wish I had a longer dick to try some of these positions. But, unfortunately, life can suck for some of us.


Top 10 Valentina Nappi Picture Galleries

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