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Top 20: Hottest French Pornstars (2023)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. Chaturbate

While France has a lot of great things like food and vine, not to mention the best architecture in the region, things do not stop here. There are millions of French people worldwide and some women have decided to go with the adult actress carrier. We have prepared a list of some of the best and simply hottest French pornstars still working in the porn business. There are multiple lists out there, from top 10 to god knows what number, but all focus on pornstars that you can’t even find online anymore. What is the point of a porn model born and raised in France if you can’t even watch her perform? She could be over 80 years old, so who gives a rat’s ass?

Therefore, a new French pornstars list had to be born and RedBled is here to make you very happy. Not only will you find the most-popular whores from the adult biz, but each one is linked to a source for a full video. So, if you are ready, let’s climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, grab a computer or a phone and get ready to jerk off at the top of the world.

Clea Gaultier

Board the European train of nothing but hot sluts. Are you a man to handle them all? Does this remind you of anything? That’s how the “Witcher” TV-show was born! Rocking a truly French name and the finesse of one classy lady, Clea Gaultier is comfortable with many scenes. With Xander on the right and multiple sluts behind the camera waiting for their turn. This GIF is a perfect opener for our list.

Now, go to the kitchen and take those napkins! Things are going to get messy. The woman you are looking for is the lazy brunette on the far left, doing nothing Speaking of useless individuals, this fake blond needs to study cunnilingus.


Ivy Lebelle

For some sensual love, we have Ivy Lebelle, a 31-year old pornstar born in America, with parents and genes coming come from the country of fashion and class. But, unfortunately, this porn scene producer used Instagram too much, with a vintage filter pre-applied.

Some of the French pornstars you will see will have longer hairstyles, but Ivy goes for the more traditional short haircut that works on her well. With wet hair and ass bouncing all over the place, we can’t see this one getting any better.


Angel Emily

As we enter 2023, there are little to no new pornstars to add, at lease talented ones. I could have went with a one night wonder like Anastasia, but she looks like a character from a tier-B movie about transgender people.

Instead, I will introduce you to a little known mainstream angel, Emily. Born in Grasse, France, the curly charismatic blond has a medium-sized portfolio from 2017 to present day. However, since the latest uploads are of amateur quality, I advice you to go with professional shots like the one above.


Alice Fabre

Can this porn scene get any more French? A real French pornstar, with the finest clothing (including a blue hat that instantly screams France), and a dude that wears glasses and chews on frog legs. I’d chew on her pussy given the opportunity.

Sometimes I can’t help but be amazed at porn sites efforts. You used to have just a couple or more people fucking, and people were satisfied. Now they invest in scenery, outfits, scenarios, and other non-sense. A for the effort.


Eloa Lombard

For the previous generation of French pornstars, we wanted to include hot MILFs and this is where Eloa fits perfectly, like dick through the donut or saggy baguette. After these women get to retire and bury their rich husbands, this is how I would like to imagine their lives.

Tanning the whole day, drinking expensive alcohol, eating oysters, and fucking random strangers. Sadly, she has retired from the porn industry a few years ago.


Natasha Nice

One of our favorites and longtime awaited, Natasha Nice. We have skipped her in our first attempt at creating the best list of French pornstars (mostly because she is well-known) and then changed our mind.

That’s like making a list of the best Champaign and ignoring top brands. She is like a glass of great wine or a piece of refined cheese, minus the stinky part. Not all French girls love interracial porn, but I’d say that a lot of them do, including Natasha.


Mina Sauvage

I misread her last name and thought it was Mini Sausage, which is a topic for discussing the smallest dicks in porn or something. Another owner of the eliminated hairy beaver, but this one has the flattest tits on earth. Not even sure what happened to her but that does not look healthy. Sure, that can’t be good for you.

She is the mediocre slut and not the best French pornstar on the list. However, Mina is doing mainstream porn with one of the best porn sites out there, which is Brazzers. Let me wait till it sinks in. Her skills have impressed everyone so much that she got a visa and flew to the USA. Now, she only needs to learn how to use that hard-earned cash and put some implants.


Clea Gauthier

Punch my cunt and use a heart defibrillator to resurrect Clea Gaultier’s asshole because, due to all the traffic, there can’t be much life left in there. Regular people fart in blips, but this French pornstar must be blowing hot air through that flexible hole. It’s like an LED wind tunnel that can give you a prostate massage, which is awesome.

Research shows that fucking a French brunette is a lifelong dream of many people and damn these blessed Europeans who can drive there and have all the fun.

Tiffany Doll

I am sorry for this movie’s grain quality, but please use 10% of your imagination and imagine it is in Full HD. The French women are not known for their asses or tits, and I am not sure what qualities they have. It must be something about education or refinement. So when you finish clogging down bottles of cheap wine that your uncle brought you from France, this is the whore that you want to fuck.

Doll’s pussy reminds me of an alien, though this is how female beef lips join each other inside the panties. White lingerie and a cheap motel, are the things that I associate Tiffany Doll with, and shockingly, all are visible in the video too.


Jessie Volt

What is going on with French sluts and butt play? It’s like all of them are addicted to it. To be fair, now that I think of it my mind does associate dirty anal sex with elegant angels from France. I imagine banging them and getting turned on like no one else. We have American pornstars too, but these are for hardcore fucking and no brains. That is where my imagination goes when I dream of someone with a nice pussy and a great sense of style. She is not the most beautiful girl in town, not going to lie.

Jessie’s personality, for some reason, does make up for it, and the porn scenes that she submits herself to deliver good things to my erection. Do I even need to write about the video of this butt scene? The creampie at the end with her asshole still open is beautiful.



Yes, Asian women live in France too and Paris especially. Not everyone is a math genius or a professional whore but meet one. I never thought I would combine all these words in the same sentence, just so we are clear. Katsuni is your typical Asian pornstar with not so average body. Since she is French, you got the trademark bush line, all cleaned up and groomed.

Do you know you get these gift cards for massages or other crap that no one ever uses? If Katsuni was one of the masseuses, this would be the only gift I request. Be it for holidays, grandma passing away or divorce, just let me fuck her. Beautiful tits and skinny body. It clearly shows that she is a pornstar and a good one, not many women can play with a shaft and balls as she does. That takes time to learn.


Ava Addams

I asked a few of my friends to name a French pornstar or someone who lived there and all of them could tell me only one name: Ava Addams. She is the most famous adult performer from France. Sure, her age is not her biggest advantage, but the skills beat all that hands down. Yes, the tits are fake, and she might have some hair extensions, but who cares? I usually don’t like pornstars with tattoos, mostly because all have shit taste, but this one fuckable.

Your typical MILF French whore that everyone at the school wants to fuck. Good thing she is not my mom. In the video we got a black dude fucking her from behind and doggy style, even got some hair pulling going. A nice scene with much more from the same studio.

Source: ($1).

Lola Reve

Got to rev that cock and pump volumes. The best pornstar out there, or at least the asshole. It is too tight for anyone but me, so please back down now. You can search for her but let me save you some time and do that for you. Lola is around 27-years old and likely never has been fucked in the ass or has the best butt muscles in the business. She is blond and looks more like the Swedish or some pornstar from a colder climate.

Want more? Lola has been involved in 18 adult movies and is trying to make a living with her cock stroking skills. Only recently discovered by the global audience as most of her movies from 2012 and 2015 are of French nature


Sharon Lee

Surprise, another Asian porn star is on the list. We told you that these whores have spread all over the place. I don’t have a perfect vision tell see the private area difference between Sharon and Katsuni. However, you would not even care which one to fuck if you get quality pussy, especially if it is French pussy. She is not on my Christmas shopping list this year, but Sharon has proven to be a successful performer in the porn business.

A hard worker and of course when you are getting fucked by one of the best male pornstars, that should be enough. I enjoy her smiling and it does appear that Sharon is a very supportive and warm woman.


Jade Laroche

Could not even care who was in the scene, French or not the view is to die for. The amazing vista and ocean waves are some of the best out there, pornstar in the scenery or not, this is a paradise island material. Jade has short hair, which could be a turn-off for some people who imagine all French girls with long, luscious locks. The dude does not interest me.

If I would ever wake up to the view like this, not sure if I would bang her instantly or just scream and run with tears of joy. Small, round ass and tits of a similar size. Her bones are showing on the chest so maybe an extra glass of delicious French wine would help. Then it is all about the pancakes and pounding them hard with the secret ingredient: buttermilk, beaten by myself.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

Lou Charmelle

Lou looks more like a French girlfriend than a pornstar, possibly a virgin with no idea how to hold a cock. Probably one of the sexiest porn names on the list. It is also to see someone with curly or body wave hair. I am unsure which one she is as it could be all the sweat that made the hair look like this.

Small tits, the pussy strap featured multiple times here, and that look… She looks very erotic, divine-like. For some of these pornstars in the top 10 it’s hard to tell if they are from France or not, but not Charmelle, the typical girl from Europe. This dude got lucky to fuck her, this is probably the biggest cock she has seen too, so both individuals got something for their time.

She can be found on PornHub Premium.

Chloe Lacourt

Lou is the owner of the tightest asshole in the list and the only white French blonde out there (another one was yellow). Posing in front of a German car might not be a scene that most people want to see, but the French cars are shit. You got all the electronics breaking down and with value plummeting hard, by the time this porn scene airs, it would be next to worthless.

We love Charmelle’s appearance! She looks like a prostitute or someone who is always cheating, so not a wife material. The nose is very small and that confirms her French traits and ancestors. This anal video is the sexiest one I have seen, must be the angle and black gloves. Great lighting, beautiful outfits, and a legit sense of fashion.


Claire Castel

Surprise! It’s another anal whore and you know how much we like pornstars that love anal. Another video with multipleguys, but wow. It also popped in my mind that Claire is just one of the two older French pornstars, so mad props for that. I appreciate her style and clothing, even though it’s lingerie only.

The earrings are well selected and there is even a small tattoo with some text on her thighs. Fucking this pretty pornstar would be once in a lifetime thing and if the wine and a cheap car are all that she requires, then I am the guy. This scene is so French that it is trying to surrender. Good choice for the place of cumshot – her ass.


Nikita Bellucci

What a beautiful young lady. Nikita sounds like a Russian name and Bellucci could very well be Italian. Maybe this is a result of inbreeding or a weird choice for her pornstar name. Nikita is a hot French woman and just you watch that asshole… It’s the tightest thing in her body, and no lube got to give it to the guys at Mofos. There are multiple tattoos on her left and right arm and the pussy has some juicy lips that require succulent action.

The male performer ate it like it was the last piece of pie or something. However, I love the expression and her spirit for taking a cock down her asshole, not backing down, and just expressing her frustration with the situation. One of the better if not the best first-time anal scenes.


Joseline Kelly

Now that’s the ass to end all other asses. Such a round, muscular, and cute little butt, with curves and roundness of an apple. The pulled panties on the side make this one of the best porn scenes of Joseline Kelly I have ever seen. Her butt is the sole reason for me signing up on TeenFidelity, which was the best decision I have made this year. Well played and well done.

When I become a famous rapper, expect to see Joseline in most of my music videos, shaking her ass and exposing her jewels for your enjoyment.


Liza del Sierra

As my French friends said, Liza is “numéro un” and while there’s another classy lady that is irresistible, I can see why she is your favorite. Miss Sierra genuinely cares whether you are receiving pleasure from sex or not. It’s a great pick when you can’t decide between French and Asian pornstars because the latter are known for nurturing nature.

The way she takes that cock before sticking everything down her asshole gives me tears of joy. Oh, and there are many videos of nothing but the delicious ass fucking. You have a nice pussy too, which I guess is another plus.


Anissa Kate

If she is not one of the pornstars with the best tits out there, then you are fucking crazy. However, I think she deserves the best pornstar title of this year. It does not matter if Anissa is from France or not, of course, she is. Almost everything about this GIF smells of elegance, high-quality perfume, and prestige. I mean, these are the words that French people would frequently use and be associated with, right? The whole scene is surprisingly hot!

I have never seen a fucking video where someone is jerking off a dick in a position like that. But, then, these cock juices go all over her tits, which is freaking sexy as fuck.

Source: ($1).

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