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Top 40+: Unholy Sexy Nude Selfies & Hottest Naked Selfies (2021)


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. Chaturbate

Wait for your parents to leave the house before you shove your fingers down your pussy. Alternatively, play with your dick. Sure, there are thousands of galleries of nothing but girls taking nude selfies, but… How many of them have truly sexy pictures?

For the record, our amateur pussy selfie post was really appreciated by the community. So, while we are at it, why not continue with more of the same, but hotter? That one was limited to beautiful vaginas. This one, on the other hand, will cover it all, from boob selfies to MILFs or teens.

There are no limits, finally! Also, we did try to add some creative shots as well rather than the usual and “boring” ones. Those you can find on other and awful lists.

Playing with a Selfie Stick

I guess you can use a stick this way too. Although we all would prefer some penetration pics. A married amateur MILF with purple nails and extremely soft bed sheets. I’d ask her to take off those high heels If that was my house.

You can almost see a contour of her pussy. If you squint hard enough, one can imagine that tasty flesh. Lovely magenta nails and slightly toned white body. Spread her legs and show who the real boss is!

Cheeky Nudes

A horny college slut with an old phone is here to show her magnificent breasts that do appear natural. Remember duck face selfies? Before that women used to take photos with their tongues out. Why? For the same reason as with duck faces. In other words, no-one knows.

I’m sure it’s something sexual, like showing how she can suck a dick or something. That’s what women do anyway. At least the room is partially clean.

Cum and Smile

This is not a photo after the shower. Look at her again! It’s a load of her husband’s or boyfriend’s love juice. Let’s all jump in and help her to cover that necklace with our pearls! Just kidding, please do not call the cops.

Women, if you tan with your bikini top, this is the result. Pale-white skin and a pair of boobs that look like angry eyes.

Amateur Attempt

This is your typical selfie from a random chick that you are about to bang. Nothing extreme, awful, or super sexy. However, it’s the thought that counts! If you are on the receiving end, the situation changes completely.

Then this turns from 6/10 to the best picture of your life and a marriage proposal. She has an interesting tattoo on her right side and great pecks. Add slutty belly piercings to the pot, hover hand around the pussy area and you have a keeper.

Public Nudity

Some of you go to nudist beaches for one reason only, and that’s to get your dick hard. There’s nothing wrong with that since it’s all about the female body celebration. That’s if a female is happy with what you are doing.

Two pairs of amateur tits, some pierced nipples and a bunch of lifted hair locks. No idea what that achieves, but who am I here to complain. It makes me miss the summer times and 18-year old sluts with bikinis that can fall apart at any moment.

Mirror Selfie

Force me to pick among many different selfie types and mirror pictures will be my ultimate pick. You can see women in a new light and that’s exciting. Having a fantastic figure helps too!

Finally, only Koreans would take a selfie with a semi-professional camera. Everyone else is fine with the iPhones. There’s a hidden tail vibrator on the right side and bunny years to top it off. Surprisingly beautiful breasts for an Asian.

Sad Eyes, Happy Dick

See that area around her nipples? Guess someone applied too much bleach on this area or a piece of whitening toothpaste. It does not matter in the end when you can suck on these!

Slightly sad eyes for reasons we can’t know and here we are, she still made a selfie. This is a perfect, “girl next door” type of girlfriend. Who would not want to bang or date this one?

Celebrating Holidays

What can you tell about a person from his or her bedroom? This girl loves videogames, anime, manga, and Asian inspired art. Her phone case gives it all away. However, you also have a ghost as her pillowcase and other things.

Sure, one hide charging cables before snapping a picture, no?

Selfie from Behind

Are you frustrated by the front-facing selfies already? Let’s hit the reverse gear and park right into a butt. Slightly puffy pussy lips, a golden bracelet, and the ass-crack that hides so much joy. Can you figure out how did she take a picture in the first place?

Don’t even care how she looks; my dick is ready for some motion.

After the Shower

Who wants to volunteer as her towel or a hoodie? Stand in line, it’s longer than before a new Apple’s product release. I can’t believe how many times I have praised the boobs of all these women who took selfies.

You are the goddess, the oil for my engine. Now get on your knees and stick my dick down your throat. Also, I love you.

Amateur Ginger Snaps a Photo

Well, guess I am not buying a Motorola phone to take photos again. This is a rear-facing camera and the quality is just meh. The girl itself seems kind of fun. Her body is among the sexiest out there. The hair however sucks. She needs some conditioner and a decent mask, preferably squeezed out of my balls.

For her age, the achievement of maintaining such a figure is adequate.

Fully Nude and Horny

That’s how you take a fucking selfie! You lift one leg to reveal the juicy flower garden, and with a superb camera too. Flash does add character to this photo, and I would not take it any other way.

However, the trick is photo transfer. You don’t just snap a shot and send it to your friends or family. First, one must take the SD Card out and transfer all that dirty shit to the PC. That’s some extra work and effort.

Creative Ass Selfie

Why wear high-heels to make your ass stand-out when you can just place it on the bed? You must admit that her butt stunning, either due to the angle or genetics. She is happy with herself and why wouldn’t you?

Guys take random selfies and don’t give a shit. Women, on the other hand, appreciate the details. Did you notice that her phone case matches the underwear color?

Dreaming of You

Stay strong, my men! I know that her eyebrows are trying to take all the attention away from the amazing bust. Hopefully, these are not permanent tattoos. Whoever did her make-up should get a few years in jail, if not more.

Mother nature single-handedly created her with the most epic bottom of any college girl in the last 50 years. What a monstrosity! That’s a compliment.

MILF Takes a Selfie

Fully naked yet covering all her privates. Ripped as a professional athlete and with beautiful boobs. Okay, we have exaggerated the first part, but she does look extremely healthy and that’s sexy.

Must be using one of the Instagram filters also, as it looks bit “vintage”. Guess this MILF has some nostalgia for the 80s or the decade afterward.

Ass Up, Head Down

It doesn’t matter what you think about her looks! Just admit that this one is a much better choice than millions of random selfies. A unique individual with freckles, pierced nose, short-hair, and a tattoo near her tits.

Just so you know, this position is best viewed from the rear.

Needs More Modifications

That’s one fucked up selfie, and I am ready to fuck. Wild girls are everyone’s dream and this one is crazy. That’s a weird way of saying “I like you”. Anyway, you have pierced nipples, multiple tattoos, and a thick pussy strip. Reminds me of Chaplin’s mustache.

As a bonus, you get to fuck her thick winter socks. The great color effect, perfect color match, and superb proportions.

Another Mirror Shot

We need more of these! Whoever sent us this photo is an angel. I do wonder if the person took this one specifically for RedBled?

Pink socks, same color facemask, then bam! A surprise! Pink nails along with a pink pussy. What does go well with pink? My dick.

Can’t Touch That

You can’t have a cake and… To be fair, we have plenty of nude selfies, so fuck that saying. This one, however, is playing hard to get. You can look but that’s it. Then it transitions to “you can lick, but only once”.

Next thing you know she tells you to cum all over her face.

Pull Her Finger

Ah, so it happens that her finger is placed directly onto the sacred part. No, it’s just the camera playing tricks with you, but the effect is the same. Not sure what to say about this one? We need another selfie from this secretary.

Clothes On & Off

Yep, her tits do look much better with the clothes on. God bless those push-up bras and other tricks women have learned. On the right, she does not seem that shy, but on the right, it’s like a different individual.

Technically speaking, it’s a photo on the right that counts, so we should not even talk about the nudity part.

Snap Before Sex

How about a Snapchat selfie before her body is stuffed with my cock? Football balls are less curvy than her butt, which makes my jaw drop a little bit. Speaking of sex and social porn, there are over 20 Snapchat porn GIFs floating around on site. All for your viewing pleasure, or education. Whatever floats your boat.

Let’s come back for a second peak at her rear-end… Fucking perfect.

Let’s Play a Game

This selfie is full of surprises, just look around. Can you find a kitten? I do mean the real one and not her pussy. Can you find the difference between her left and right legs?

What about a hidden goblin somewhere in the room? Jacking off to these pics is like playing “Where’s Valdo” and you can cum instead of pointing with your fingers. This amateur knows what’s up.

Emotionless Erotica

When you ask your girlfriend to take a picture of her boobs and she is having a bad day… You want that, my man? Here, take it! Now prepare for a never-ending week of drama.

There’s another theory though, maybe she has a bad bitch-resting face. With tits that epic, I don’t care. Let me plow her.

Busty MILF and iPhone

Yeah, technically you have a “bra”, but who is she trying to fool? There is no bra in this universe to make her natural tits fit. Sending much love to all amateur and professional busty pornstars. These love pillows are perfect for cuddling.

My eyes would shut down if I were to see her bust in real life. No way this shit is not Photoshopped or is it?

A Happy Amateur

That’s one healthy and kinky chick. Her cheeks indicate the age above 30 while her smile makes us forget about all that. Another selfie with a professional camera and flashlight enabled.

Now, what I cannot ignore is the messy room in the background. What the fuck is that? Some paper towels, vitamins, and a filthy sock? It does not get better as you move your eyes to her pillows. It’s all filth.

Partially Nude & Kinky

Fuck nude selfies, that’s much better. How can someone with clothes look so sexy? I mean, we do know why! It’s the ass and pussy that turn any bad photo into a piece of art. In this case, however, it is much better than any awful picture that aristocrats sell for millions of dollars.

Would you rather have a picture of this cutie in your living room or anything from the DaVinci collection? Don’t you lie to me!

Eat the Pussy

Her fingers are pointing in the right direction. Open this selfie with MS Paint and draw a line. It goes straight to the butt, you nasty readers! Should be ashamed of yourself! Women are too saint to take photos like this. It’s a fake one!

Everybody knows that they don’t even burp or have sexy thoughts. Okay, enough fooling around. Let’s fuck this bitch, gangbang style.

It’s Art, Not Nudity

After witnessing a plethora of selfies, our expectations are growing. With the overstimulation taking the place, one will need some artistic shots to color us surprised.

You can take that non-sense of an excuse and throw it out of the window. There is no such thing as nude art. You are doing everything for attention, and everybody knows that. I do not mean this hottie!

Tan lines around the breast and pussy, a random Snapchat filter, and here we go! A perfect selfie, 10/10.

Ready to Fuck

Are you new to our site? We did add best amateur porn GIFs recently and this selfie is a perfect “before” shot. Should all women’s clothes have a socket like this by default? I say so!

We had a tiny peek at her asshole while my dick is throbbing hard. Not sure if one can take any more of these hot girls.

In the Locker Room

What happens in the women’s dressing rooms or bathrooms? You can never know! I guess some change their tampons and complain about PMS. When all the filthy girls leave the room, you have wild amateurs like this one.

Is this the only selfie we have today with curly hair? Sexy? Yes! Nude? Partially. Let’s keep on going because there’s so much more to cover.


Screw these uncomfortable clothes, let’s get naked! She was so excited to show off her pussy that the phone did not have any time to charge. This fucking cable does ruin aesthetics a bit, but what can you do about that…

Comfy pillows in the background, half-opened drawers plus a face that is sadly covered.

Upskirt Selfie

Now, we are too excited to even write about this wild party animal. Can’t even imagine what is she like in bed, like seriously. Flexible, with one of the tiniest pussies of any women in this top 40. Oh, then there is her character which I assume is marvelous. Fluffy on the inside but with a hard surface.

That’s when your significant other’s character becomes important. You don’t want a stale slut that will never think of cool shit like that.

Selfie of a Selfie

I heard you like selfies, so we took one while she takes one. Who coined this term anyway? Imagine the early days of photography, the 2000s or so. One would assume you are a complete loser to take a picture on your own. What’s that, you don’t have any friends?

Nowadays, it’s a preferred way to take photos. What kind of joke is that? I guess it’s for the better. We have many more nudes and hot videos in general.

Before the Marriage

Can you guess where was this one taken? It might appear like a bathroom at first, but you are incorrect. These are your kitchen stairs. However, it also appears to be a photo right before her marriage. See that bandage around her ankle? Yeah, someone snagged this one before us.

Why does everyone have massive tits in these selfies anyway? Is this the Z generation?

Fully Nude and Happy

No, it’s not the pussy hair! Don’t be disgusted by the unfortunate placement of a camera. It’s just a wall lamp. See that mirror? She is as clean as my freshly squeezed balls. Who needs clothes? This one is so good…

Like, it’s a single photo, yet you can see her pussy (front and back) as well as a butthole. This shit is magic. A true miracle.

Teasing You

What the actual fuck? What a beautiful pussy! Also, a nice phone, bro! She is taken, which (I guess) is great because this MILF has found her happiness. Dear women, save this photo and learn from it. Stop with boring selfies and go crazy.

We have listed dozens of creative ways to take nude selfies, without appearing like a slut.

Selfie while Fucking

Fuck me, that’s one hot selfie! Never in a billion years did I think about taking a photo in this way. It’s creative, challenging, even daring. If I ever get to fuck another girl in a room next to the mirror, we are doing this.

Try this shit, it looks fun as fuck, especially if your girlfriend is as hot as this brunette.

Appreciating Gigantic Amateur Tits

This is not a Photoshop, it’s just a selfie from inside the tanning bed. One truly creative photo, with the perfect angle and bright lights. Does anyone else think of the 90s pornstars and disco balls now?

Do you know how one must clean all that glass afterward? Yeah, I would demand the staff to leave it all alone!

Stunning Blond

Taking a beautiful photo is an art form! Agree or disagree? This picture is perfect in every way. Not only is the girl itself a 10/10, but her bathroom ideally matches her robe. This is a coincidence, but the way “a bonus can” of hair spray blends with her clothes is marvelous. One of the best and hottest so far.

Perfect Collage

For the desert and to close this post on a high note, enjoy Abella Danger’s (who is one of the top pornstars) collage. If you are about to explode, be sure to hit that bookmark button so you can always revisit your favorites.

The Queen of Selfies

Before you jump to our other articles or visit the “adult-only” sites, here’s a gift from our team! The best selfie video you will ever see, guaranteed. It’s another pornstar that knows how to take a truly epic selfie.

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