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Top 20: Foot Fetish Pornstars with Hottest Feet (2023)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. Chaturbate

A new week is now upon us and instead of going all ass, all the time we have decided to explore some of the fetishes, starting with the foot fetishism (also known as podophilia). So, if you are into foot licking or want to see another list of hot pornstars, whip out your cock and begin the journey. Remember, it all starts with a single step, from lesbian and feet massages to straight porn. I fantasize about sleeping with someone who truly appreciates this fetish and does that not because I ask them to, but because they love it too.

I once tried sucking on my ex-girlfriend’s toes during sex and she loved it. It started with giggling and tickling, but once we both got used to it… We never went back to anything else. She was and still is very thankful for helping her to discover yet another fetish. Man, I miss that girl.

Anna Bell Peaks

Holding to her feet and thighs, the wild-looking pornstar, Anna Bell Peaks is one for the books. But, whichever part you focus on looks different from the rest. Starting from two-tone hairstyles, beautiful MILF breasts, and then oily toes… Mmmm, I’d love to suck on those and stroke my dick. But, unfortunately, they almost distract you from the artistic body made of nothing but tattoos, with different styles and colors.

Like with sexual partners in a porn set, Anna changes her ink artist. But, all these things aside, let’s again look at magnificent soft feet! I swear they are softer than men’s hands, just look plush and ready for jerking off action.

Kimmy Granger

With fragile feet as soft as muffins, Kimmy could stroke my dick every day. Pause the video and it’s still as good, even if that sweet little pussy is not showing. Once viewers move their curious gazes below, there’s another surprise, which is manicure. It harmonizes the already perfect look and draws away from the unwanted attention of Kimmy’s tiny boobs. The only part that would benefit from a procedure or two.

Now, just explode all over her feet, ankles, or extend your pleasures with an intense footjob.

Staci Carr

Even farts as old as I remember, if not Staci Carr, then at least this video. It’s as iconic as The Shining’s ax scene or DiCaprio drowning in The Titanic. It’s a miracle! A semi-naked couple with foot fetish kinks in public? Yes, my god, please! And don’t you even dare to think that we’ll leave you hanging with blue balls, it has a happy ending.

Besides a beautiful pedicure and succulent toes, Staci Carr tickles and massages every inch of guy’s shaft. It’s not staged or forced either, her smile dictates that footjobs are more than just a hobby. This snowflake is a passionate cum licker and just like a snake senses environment with its tongue, Staci does it with toes.


Sara Luvv

If you are into rougher play then check out Sara Luvv, she does not shy away from all kinds of scenes, especially the ones that involve feet. Nice, little toes that you can’t help but put in your mouth, great cock riding skills and we have a winner. Unfortunately, the video above is short, but we still have two more whores on our list.

Also, you know where to get a full deal. I won’t have enough stamina to fuck her with legs lifted like that, but that’s why I watch porn. It allows me to get the best of both worlds, including the hottest pornstars and softest feet or ankles. It might be my first video where I appreciate the manicure that went into her toenails. Something so bizarre to say.

Addison Ryder

Addison certainly knows what she is doing. Looking at her clean, soft feet can only get your dick so hard. Oh, wait, not only did she make our dick hard, but it is about to explode and release millions of potential children onto her feet. Nice tits, pussy with low miles, great asshole, and overall, just a pretty good sight to behold.

The ginger pornstars are not everyone’s thing, we get that. However, would you rather fuck an 8/10 ginger or someone who is 6/10 but rocks blond or brunette hair? Unless you are stupid, the answer is obvious. I think that it is also a matter of her involvement in the sex itself. She does not lie around like a starfish, which guarantees a stairway to heaven, full of pleasure and moans.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

Riley Reid

Riley Reid, the name that you saw coming, and you know why. She kisses and licks the feet passionately, without hesitation, and with true love in her eyes. Sure, some women do that for money, but I can guarantee that these two pornstars do it because they are into this amazing fetish. It’s like they are kissing lips instead of feet. I mean, you must love her.

Now, add another name, Elsa Jean to another scene, with a petite body and sexy feet and the party has officially begun. Look at any of these two models and you will know what true love is: dem feet and toes. But, obviously, having beautiful faces does help to get into the mood.

Kristina Rose and Angela White

I swear, mate, if you don’t masturbate to this, we will have a bad time. Australian porn star with a foot fetish is a rare breed you have just discovered. And what better way to celebrate this than with an old-fashioned foot-in-the-ass trick?

Sorry if the video does not show you sex or anything else but just the feet insertion into butthole, but wow. I must try this with my girlfriend and see how that goes. Maybe the thumb is not the perfect fit for anyone but pornstars with stretched butts, but it does not hurt for a man to try.

Emily Willis

If you want names that are less skilled but super-hot, seek out Kyler Quinn. Her best videos come from the same site that has won the top 5 positions below, not to mention this GIF. But for pure skill and acceptable looks, Emily Willis is one of the go-to bitches.

Perfectly maintained, delicious toes that get cum soaked in the end of every scene, footjobs, rubbing through jeans, all part of Emily’s DNA. She’s half Caucasian and half sex freak. Also, did you know that RedBled was the first site (outside porn studios) that featured Emily many years ago? She was an unknown newcomer but we’ve seen potential and believed in her.

Allie Haze

When Allie Haze is not busy juggling her plugged ass, she’s stroking guy’s cocks with feet. This scene has three areas to focus on: feet, gigantic asses bigger than her feet, and a beautifully shaved pussy.

Swings both ways (lesbian and straight), already fucked most of the males in the industry and there is no way to tell what’s next for her. But, the destiny is clear and she will become the best pornstar of all time.

Ariana Marie

We continue our list with a foot threesome if such a thing can exist. And judging by the guy’s reaction, it cannot. There is an ongoing joke how guys name their hands, so why not do the same for feet? One can be former blond while the other is brunette. Two feet, one cock, and now we are talking. Instead of doing CPR, maybe medics should try doing this move, which is guaranteed to raise even the softest cocks, or bodies.

This pornstar and her feet are great lookers, taking turns stroking his dick and then using both feet to jerk off the dick. I haven’t seen this one yet, but you can count on the top porn studio to invent new ways of fucking. A lot of things happening in the video, and it only does get better. Imagine cumming from all this action on their toes and feet.


Phoenix Marie

By the time this post goes live, Phoenix Marie will have sucked twenty more cocks, but this is exactly why she is on the top 10 pornstars list. Thanks to her tremendous experience, you are guaranteed to have a good time watching her perform.

Big tits, nice feet, hard dicks and you have joined the MILF heaven, just take off these fucking glasses, please. Would you prefer feet masturbating with or without her pantyhose? I have never tried the latter. Thankfully, she takes a very good care of that dude and his dick. Slowly massaging, playing, teasing, and just having fun. Phoenix is also on a flexible side, judging by her bent legs.

Source: ($1).

Leila (Blue Angel)

Fucking college sluts is one of the best feelings in the world, but fucking young slut’s feet are on the level of their own. It’s likely her first time and she is not even sure about what is happening there. Other than that it makes her pussy moist. Our girl Leila Blue Angel has a perfect feet-to-hole ratio that ensures hard dick and a good time. I mean, it does not take rocket science to figure out that most people won’t mind tapping their toes or feet unless you are gay. Are you?

Soft as butter skin and feet, touching your dick, slowly making you harder and harder. You are trying to edge and slow down, but her sexiness is just too much, and you explode all over her toes, with no regrets.


Foxi Di

Let’s take a break from essential shots of feet fucking, jerking off, and other related videos, nah. Foxi Di loves foot fetish and knows how to appeal to you, the viewer. Her movement and stuck-out toes did not happen by an accident, it’s all intentional. She sucks dick and you can check two hot things for the price of one. There is a saying that women can focus on two things at once better than men, and watching her, I can confirm this is true.

Beautifully shot video and always classy, feet-loving pornstar from the USA, this is your sexy fox that wants your d.


Daisy Marie and Sunny Leone

I mean, just look at these two kitties’ play, especially the eyes… It’s as clear as day that they are into it. Yes, it is lesbian, yes, no cocks were harmed during the making of this video but when we say that the full scene will make you fantasize about becoming (at least) the operator in the room, we mean it.

One hundred percent cum guarantee or a full refund. You know that she is appreciative of the toe licking and ankle kissing. How do I know that? Notice her hand and how she keeps touching another pornstar’s leg, rubbing slowly and just trying to bring at least a small bump of pleasure. Great pussies, pierced belly buttons, and some tattoos.


Nicole Aniston

I am genuinely hard right now, and it did not take that many spots for me to get horny. Nicole Aniston has been appearing on RedBled for a while, including famous pornstars and boob job posts. Just fucking look at her, the way she moves feed and hands, it’s like the sexiest human spider giving you the orgasm of your life.

Both hands, both legs, and with a spread-out pussy that is dripping juices on the sheets. A small peak at her asshole for the bonus and nicely grown tits.

I honestly don’t even care how she looks (Nicole is hot, to be fair), her face is irrelevant. That’s how good she is.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

Lexi Belle

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to present you with one of the best (if not the best) foot fetish videos. Miss Lexi Belle adores beautiful feet and will likely convert anyone to a toe believer right after watching this video. I mean, this is not rocket science, guys. This video is fucking hot, like lava.

Too many great things can be dangerous, but we are ready to take that risk, considering Lexi Belle. It begins with the barefoot walking on his back (already very erotic), followed by sucking and licking. I don’t think that there is a better pornstar for the job. Being flexible and with a petite body is such a great benefit too. Sorry, but I can’t get enough of this video, and thankfully, we have identified the producer.


Chloe Scott

If you are going to fuck, go all the way, try all positions and search for more. Chloe Scott not only enjoys feet fetish but pretty much demands guys to suck and lick her toes. She seems to be getting more pleasure from this action than straight fucking. Yet, even there she manages to curl her toes and pose for you all. It’s weird how every angle or position is dominated by her feet, not ass or tits, always the feet. That should tell you something.

Nicely cut hair, solid figure, and beautiful legs that lead to the epitome of Haven. Whichever way you go, up or down, it’s all pleasure and games with Chloe Scott.

Abella Danger

I am getting dangerously close to finishing myself off prior finishing this top 20, but here we have Abella Danger who is also a pornstar escort. Thick ankles, plush skin on her feet, and curled-up fingers. I enjoy these innocent-looking scenes where it’s almost not about the feet yet it’s all we can focus on. I have talked about Abella a million times.

She is one of my favorite pornstars that does have a very big fan base and multiple porn videos across dozens of porn sites. Some of these female performers are only people with a feet fetish love, but Abella has so many great qualities that we should be thankful to have her on our greatest pornstars with feet fetish list. Yes, of all time. Not every hot girl loves feet.

Avi Love

Let’s get not cheesy with her last name and just watch her perform. Magnificent skills and one of the best performances ever. Avi Love shows no hesitation and is so far into the feet fetish world that you need an excavator to dig her out.

How many other pornstars did you see that can stroke your cock with feet as you taste dripping pussy juices? None. She is like a princess with feet that everyone must kiss. Speaking of things to kiss, Avi was also born with one of the most beautiful, almost heart-like assholes I’d love to French kiss with my throbbing cock.


Elsa Jean

You asked for jacking off videos and you got one. This is Elsa Jean, one of the most popular pornstars with a feet fetish that many people have already discovered. She has been doing porn for 3 years and feet were always her thing. Following her in the porn business is like starring at a bullet train.

One minute she is on Chaturbate, then a few minutes later two different guys are fucking her one of the most successful porn sites on the planet. One of the fastest-growing pornstar in popularity.

Elsa has been shooting porn non-stop since her debut in 2015 with almost every new video getting at least 1 million views. This girl is more popular than some of the third-world country presidents.


Jessa Rhodes

This fucking sauna scene is the best thing ever, it must have won multiple awards or something. It’s fucking hot and that’s a pun. I have no idea why the luckiest guy on earth was blurred out but fuck him anyway; it’s all about Jessa Rhodes, our queen of feet fetish, and a pornstar with some of the sexiest toes ever.

You just want to put them inside your mouth and never let go. Better than sucking on hard candy. Well-deserved spot, although the LHF site is competing against itself at this point, with hottest pornstars and videos appearing from them in the top 3.

Is that a coincidence? Maybe. Let me know if you know any other pornstars with juicy toes or feet that make your mouth water, and dick hard.


Naomi Swann

Are you into footjobs? Cumming on the feet and just overall, a fun time? If there is a God, then we believe that Naomi Swann might have been his favorite. A blessing lke no other, a full package. Long, sexy legs, sugary natural tits, and just look at these cock stroking ready feet. I know, she’s your top pick too! So, to celebrate the newly found slut, here’s the best feet GIF you’ll ever see. Naomi is at the very end.

Three, two, one, and the balls are all dry. Please pass the napkins. A perfect match of lingerie and black pantyhose makes it ten times as hot. You can barely see the pussy, but it’s enough to get you horny. One of the best porn scenes out there, hands down.


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