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Top 20: Curvy & Thick Pornstars (2024)


#01. Brazzers
#02. RealityKings
#03. Chaturbate

Today, we feel like spreading some love to the hottest thick pornstars in the XXX industry. Now, if you were to drop the last X and switch it to L, you’d end up with the BBW pornstars list, which we did too. Some people might confuse thick porn performers with chubby girls, but that is not true. Thick girls usually have much sleeker curves and less fat in the belly area, while plumper girls go another way around. I think it’s one of those top 10 lists that appeal to the broader audience, I am yet to see a man (or a woman) that does not appreciate curvy butts, thick thighs, or both above.

My first experience with a thick girl was many moons ago. When I have picked up a super tall chick from the club, which was as thick and curvy as grapes. We ended up dating and then I’ve dumped her for something hotter, she moved to another country and I have no idea what happened to her. But, she is why I have decided to do this top 10 as nostalgia is one of the best feelings in the world. Hopefully, this list will help you to jerkoff and find some juicy, thick pornstars as much as it helped me to relive the past.

Claire Dames

Woah, now that’s a messy porn scene, and the curvy performer, Claire Dames will take the blame. We should treat Dames and gently guide her into a few more scenes. What do you say? Trust us on this one, this GIF is 1/10 compared to a full scene! The quality itself and audio add to the experience like no other. The typical sounds of a good blowjob and tits smacking to one another.

Despite brilliant curves, Claire doesn’t suffer from poor stamina or arching back. You can catch her in a multitude of positions! It’s a known fact that some performers require special treatment, making videos boring in the long run. Thankfully, this girl is not one of them.


Alura Jenson

There are more curves on Alura’s body than in the entire universe; this is just the introductory period. Bleached blond hair, altered eyelashes, full lips… Not sure at what point we can call these pornstars humanoids due to too many surgical modifications, but the limits are yet to crack.

Sadly, too much of a good thing can ruin sexy proportions and that’s evident on the 40-year old plus actress. Compared to fake tits, thick legs, or gigantic asses, Alura’s pussy looks minuscule, it’s almost comical. Fuck her once and brag for the rest of your life. Nonetheless, don’t skip any sluts based on my description alone because the acrobatic sex skills here are a true jam.

Valentina Jewels

Due to popular demand, I’m dropping this nymphomaniac into the gallery, hoping you can forgive me. Yes, somehow Valentina has slipped under my eye and it wasn’t until today that I’ve re-discovered what a great slut she is.

It’s all about pumpkins, and the angle is perfect. You can’t get any better, especially since Valentina loves to experiment with clothing, sometimes resulting in a less-than-stellar look. If I had to fuck this chick, it would always be a doggy style or reverse cowgirl.

Jaylene Rio

One of the overlooked talents from Los Angeles (just like most pornstars) who tried to fit in the society and failed. The story goes that Jaylene could never keep a job for a few months, always getting fired or quitting herself. Finally, one day she said, “fuck it” and went to a strip club. Big, natural breasts that just can’t stop growing. Is there even such thing as too much of a natural thing?

Loves the taste of male moisturizers (like the video hints), and tasty white cocks. Considering the skin tone, we expected Jaylene to be from Rio, but that proved false. Nonetheless, she is a great dick sucker, and if you enjoy anal porn sites, she does that shit too.


Ivy Lebelle

I found Ivy Lebelle while searching for tattoos with the NSFW filter on, and she is perfect for the curvy pornstars’ top 20. Her asshole can take a lot of damage and even if it’s on fire, Ivy will never stop the male actor from continuing. She just bites her teeth and plows through, like a true warrior. Few more thrusts and you should see smoke coming out of it.

Beautiful face, fantastic booty, and while not as thick as other pornstars, this girl has nice curves, which is why we can’t stop talking about her. As far as tattoos go, they are not my thing, but once Ivy takes off her clothes, it’s not the ink you are looking at.


Dayna Vendetta

Not particularly good at sex, but no newbie either. I’m sure that most of us would be honored to teach Dayna some skills, especially when it comes to cowgirl. Needs more passion, energy, and aggressive slapping from the male pornstar. Even from the side angle, you can see her greatest body qualities. Curvy butt and flat stomach.

Picking some of the curviest pornstars got me thinking if there is even such a thing as “bland pornstars.” We did a flat-chested top 10, but some of those had a great ass. What about truly bland, flat pornstars that are popular? I don’t think there is such a thing.

Sheridan Love

Another thick pornstar with the name “love” in her name. This slut is surely on a thicker side, and while you can’t see all her curves in this cut, I can assure you that Sheridan Love rocks a lovely body! Full of great angles and moist places.

Have you noticed that most of the curvy pornstars are older? I can understand why thick ones would be older since metabolism slows down, but why so few young performers with awesome curves?


Rachel Love

Dayna Vendetta should watch more of Rachel’s videos. She is a professional cock rider and a pornstar with some of the best curves in the town. Thick butt that rips through clothing, Reverse cowgirl was the only sex position I’d watch when young, and I mean exclusively. I always skipped that part or turned off the video if there was no such thing.

Rachel Love brought me back to the memory lane of great asses, small glimpses of a brown button, dripping wet pussy, bouncy cheeks, and sexy curves.


Julie Cash

After sex, Julie Cash enjoys nurturing her smooth skin under the sun, massaging her bottom, and getting approval. Send her this video if your girlfriend has flat pancakes in the rear end and needs some motivation to hit the gym. You might start a drama, but it’s important to make a point. I cannot tell if these are implants or if Julie Cash squats more frequently than new Internet users Google for free porn.

It is her best “scene”, ignore scenes with glasses (unless you dig ugly hipster look) and focus on the pure beauty that does not add any “fashion” accessories.

Ayda Swinger

Brazzers pornstar Danny is doing ridiculous scenes again, inviting two female performers, including Ayda Swinger (the one with brown hair). While the cut does not do enough justice, I felt like a tease with a glimpse of her curves there, and here is just fine. I did not want to list you 10 or more scenes of same sex positions.

Unless you are a paying member at paid porn sites, Ayda Swinger is not the name you have heard of. She has not reached the prime or mainstream status yet, with mere 10,000 fans on Twitter. However, being less popular does not always mean bad, and that’s how I feel about Ayda. She just needs more fanfare.

Summer Brielle

Since we include all skin colors, ethnicities, and ages, here’s a pro-interracial performer featuring Summer Brielle, a curvy-ass owner from the USA. At first, I wanted to complain about her looks (she is only 31 but looks like 40), but then it dawned on me: what’s the worst thing about milf porn? No energy. So, what if you could combine youthful charm and MILF looks? That’s Summer Brielle for you. Being in her early 30s, we were surprised about her career choices (considering that the industry does not dig interracial pornstars), but today you must chew the black pill to get any kind of approval.

Now, I love big black dicks from time to time, especially if a female pornstar is blond. Blacks and blondes mix like hot water and sugar powder.

Spicy J

Let’s make your wild fantasies a reality! Can you imagine, and would you be okay with drowning in the ocean of thick ass? Especially from those three MILFs? Is this the substitute of drowning in piss for golden shower porn viewers?

Does it even matter which of the three sluts is Spicy J? There are more curves than in the eight ball and once those cheeks touch pale brunette’s face, you end up with the holy trinity of snail trails.

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Sofia Char

You want curvy pornstars with bubble butts? How about Sofia Char? Her bottom is good enough to give older men a stroke, and with all that oil glistening in the sunshine, even the immortals would have a hard time not creaming their pants. I like pornstars with simple names, and this one hits a home run. My theory is that the simpler the name, the higher the fan growth.

It’s easier for new people to remember something like Sofia than long-ass names. It only applies to pornstars with full names as there is nothing worse than googling “June” or “Jesse” and not getting what you want. Kudos to the director of this scene, adding oil on an already hot ass is like putting fuel to a fire.

Source: Free XVideos Premium.

Alison Tyler

Thick lesbians, thin lesbians, what’s the difference? If she is hot and has a pussy, it’s game on. As you might tell by her curves and massive tits, Alison Tyler is a brunette in this scene. The thing about these “full” girls is that they were gifted with curves but are not necessarily fat. It’s like the best of both worlds without any compromise. Alison is a very well-known pornstar that has started building her name in porn in 2013. At 27, she decided to take a quick break; all we can do now is pray for her return.

Alison is your girl if you love lesbian pornstars that do more than just lick and get licked. Look at the video above; behold, it’s full of energy, passion, and sweat.



Hide your wide camera lenses, as LaSirena’s figure barely fits on the big screen, as one of the community favorites who gained traction on PornHub, the anal-loving bimbo has curves out of this world. Chance the Rapper might have been the first famous independent artist, but LaSirena could be proud of herself for becoming a mainstream pornstar. All thanks to a “tiny” porn platform called PornHub.

So, even if you don’t like her looks, character, or political views, it’s worth rubbing one out, just out of respect. Needless to say, we’ve sanded our cocks so many times that they are smoother than freshly melted butter.

Noelle Easton

Don’t get fooled by her fake glasses as it’s only here for cosplay which Noelle is good at. She is the most bizarre pornstar I have ever seen, and this title does not come easy considering my experience in porn. No, it’s not about freakiness or daddy issues, it has nothing to do with hardcore or gape porn. Noelle Easton is not only a pornstar but also a Forex trader. You need a lot of emotional stability and guts to make it in the trading business, so color me surprised. Some might expect pornstars to be waitresses, maybe secretaries but this? Damn.

Admittedly, we traded currencies, then got screwed by the Swiss National Bank that promised to keep the EUR / CHF floor at 1.20 only to give a middle finger to everyone. Anyway, we are here to talk porn, so I won’t bore you that much more.

Missy Martinez

We can’t talk thick pornstars without adding some Latinas, right? Missy Martinez is your classical thick pornstar with a curvy butt and bleached asshole. At 32, this juicy girl is like a ripe plum, simply perfect. But, leave it too long in the sun, and you will get to see her nasty side. So, you’d better enjoy this bunny while it lasts.

The star of the show in this scene (which is my favorite) is the male pornstar. We all know Lee and all the popular performers, but give this guy a trophy or something. Hardcore without the dirty stuff, just extremely passionate sex without any boundaries or breaks.


Eva Notty

Now that’s a thick and curvy pornstar with enough meat on her butt to feed multiple families. Even the male performer is having some trouble getting inside her. Do you know the joke of how you must push the fat rolls from the chubby slut prior fucking? I guess you could apply the same joke here, except that it’s a pure ass and none of the disgusting shit.

With curves like that, you don’t even need to have a pretty face, but Eva Notty does. How fucking epic can your life be when your whole body is 10/10, top to bottom? Unless you despise MILFS, I recommend checking some of Eva’s work.


Jenna Presley

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do these posts. Jenna Presley, for example, would otherwise have never been discovered by me (and some of you). Her curvy figure reminds me of various trigonometry figures I used to see in the math books with round tits, 45-degree butt, and triangle-shaped pussy.

Jenna is 31-years old which explains her attitude towards sex. Vanilla and softcore shit is something she did plenty of and the only way to progress and maintain healthy sex life is by adding spicy things, including choking and BDSM. She has been happily married since 2016 to a bald dude, which must have a shitload of confidence in his performance to approve her career choice.

Source: ($1).

Assh Lee

This pornstar is both curvy and thick, with jewels top to bottom. You have one of the curviest and round butts we have seen on a white chick, some tramp stamp tattoos (see our inked pornstars list here) and nicely done tits. Sometimes I get lost in her scenes, watching that booty bounce is like starting at the abyss. Now, I won’t get too cocky and can tell you straight away that chances of me fucking her good are close to zero. Her sexy look and thick body would be just too much for me.

She might not have the most creative nickname, but that’s just a minor complaint. If you have seen her before under different names and want to call me out, let me tell you something. She did have multiple names before, including Klara Gold, Clara Gold, and Clarita. Bit of a mess.

Source: ($1).

Jasmine James

That is how most men would react to Jasmine James if she ever entered the class. I’m sure that she was a good student and always scored the top grades. On a more serious note, this fake redhead bunny has the thick figure we all admire, the slutty red lips and seductive eyelashes. The class is about the solar system, so it would be appropriate to explore Uranus or better yet, her anus.

The schoolgirl outfit, gigantic boobs and wet pussy worth dying for. Google her and you will find multiple scenes of Jasmine doing cosplay with a nurse, maid, secretary, teacher, and other outfits. This pornstar can make any occupation hot. She is from the United Kingdom, and for some reason, women from this country always suit such roles best.

Source:, ($1).

Maddy O’Reilly

Not to be confused with another O’Reilly, Maddy is your drop-dead gorgeous pornstar with thick and curved ass. I swear most of you have heard of her already, but if you are one of those lucky people that is only discovering the amazing booty of this US-born pornstar, I envy you. Before selling her soul to the devil, Emily Nicholson (her real name) used to work as a car salesperson. Imagine her acting all slutty and nasty at the dealer, trying to convince you to buy a new car. I’m sure she is not like that in real life, but damn the commissions she could earn with that kind of behavior.

Still in her late 20s, Maddy has been working in adult business since 2011 and it all started with Mofos, which is one of the best porn sites there is. They target the amateur porn crowd as videos have a homemade porn vibe. Like many pornstars, O’Reilly is a bisexual and has won and been nominated for multiple awards as actress and director.


Sam Kingwin

Sam has been working in the adult business since 1997, starting from the bottom of the barrel as the director's assistant, thinking of transitioning to male performer only to resume behind the scenes work, which was the most rewarding creativity wise. As of the 2010s, Sam has been covering top pornstars and best porn sites. Everything I ever say is either a fiction or a joke. Anyway, sharing is caring and there is nothing like helping guys discover hidden talents or porn networks that deserve their attention.

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