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Top 50: Sophie Turner Nude Pussy & Sexy Tits Pictures (2022)


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While Sophie Turner isn’t the first British celebrity to be featured on RedBled, she’s among the most beautiful. Born in 1996, Sophie Belinda Jonas (that’s her full name) has had quite a career, and it’s “Game of Thrones” responsibility for the most part! Known for nudity and epic scenes, HBO’s fantasy drama has helped transform Sophie’s life into a celebrity.

You might know her as Sansa Stark or Jean Grey from X-Men, but these are uninteresting details that don’t matter that much.

Left Tit Nip Slip

The casual audience will glance at this photo and move on to the next one, while the true professionals will find something sexy or erotic to stare at. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many intimate areas, and since Sophie’s pussy is not visible, we go straight for that nipple shot.

Spying on Sophie’s Ass

We’re here to appreciate all kinds of nude or semi-naked photos from front to rear. So instead of 9 out of 10 photos being random boob shots, there is an excellent variety of this blond celebrity. Maybe Sophie Turner is far more intimidating from the front?

Can You Top Turner’s Legs?

When obscure clothes or other materials, aka swimsuits, block the greatest naked parts of the body, we must look for something else. Case in point, Sophie Turner’s legs! They aren’t just your fat, hairy sticks of meat. Not at all, and you’re far by quite a margin! Let’s examine the next photo.

From Another Angle

Wearing the same red bikini with a long cut, not only can you appreciate Sophie Turner’s legs but get a good look at the pussy gap or shape too. That’s the magic of flash and a reward for those that didn’t skip the nearly identical picture.

Sophie Turner’s Nipples

Smile all you want, but the nipples are all you’re getting on right now. Sophie is smart enough to figure it out and knows exactly why people are taking photos of her. She’s not wearing anything underneath the shirt and that’s troublemaker behavior right here.

Boobs from the Top

Perhaps a bit more revealing than before, the sexy beach outfit provides us with plenty of eye candy to look at. Be it a white bikini that’s too tight for Turner’s boobs or the rest of the outfit that has plenty of skin showing.

Caught in a Thick Bikini

There have been just a few leaks of Sophie Turner’s nudes that had pussy bits as well as nipples. Those could’ve been ignored if it wasn’t for the unique female tattoo on the right leg. That’s because there were no face shots. So, for now, memorize this piece of art because you’ll need it soon.

A Side Boob Profile

How large are Sophie Turner’s boobs? As explained in Alison nude’s article, I’m not good with cup sizes or any numbers. The best way to measure them is by using your hand. You can tell it’s a stunning pair of “milk-producing” machines, as round as every other part of her stunning and sexy body.

Partying Like it’s the 90s

Word of caution, we’re not entirely convinced that this is our admirable Sophie Turner in all three pictures. Maybe it’s a lookalike, an evil twin, or someone else. Whatever the case is, we still get to see a total of six giant tits.

From Sexy Blond to Ginger

Oh, how I wish to be the white blouse of Sophie Turner’s. Feeling the weight of her large boobs dropping onto my shoulders… If it were possible for the outfits to have an erection, I’d be one hardtop, and no amount of chemically created softeners would make my dick limp.

Sophie’s Hard and Erect Nipples

For some of the sexiest pictures, we’ll use more than a single take. So that you could see Sophie from different angles and takes. While an older picture has given us a great look at the nipples, this one is even better. They’re much more pronounced and harder than steel cock.

I Wish for a Fake Taxi

The virgins of the Internet might not know, but there’s a certain type of porn where a driver pretends to be a taxi driver. But, of course, it’s all staged and the amateur sitting behind is a dirty pornstar. We’re just saying this, so you don’t freak out.

Well, seeing Sophie Turner in a sexy pose and with the taxi-like bikini, I wish for one thing only.

A Cropped Picture of Sophie’s Pussy

No, this isn’t a cam show and Sophie isn’t squirting; at least that’s the implication. Maybe she is a squirter behind closed doors? I don’t know.

With a creamy microphone, Sophie hosted a show of some kind only for her to cross her legs at the wrong moment. That’s how you got a photo taken of her miniature pussy slip.

Naked and Happy

When you’re done milking your dick, think of a millionaire’s life. Sophie Turner is a millionaire, correct? I imagine it goes like this: you spend days at the beach, sipping on cocktails while naked, thinking of nothing but the perfect future… That’s why she’s smiling, folks.

A Sexy Sophie without Makeup

Watch out for the sneaky paparazzi pictures and celebrities in their natural habitat. We’ve seen PornHub pornstars without makeup and it was one of the most traumatic experiences. Yet, Turner doesn’t look awful nor ugly. In fact, we prefer the sexy look of a natural Sophie.

Look, No Clothes

On the left, you get a more natural look from her friend, while the right, Sophie’s picture needs no words. Do you, perhaps, want a napkin? It’s from some years ago since I bet the pierced nipples weren’t yet a thing. Just the hidden boobs and areolas, just as nature created them.

Entering the Foreplay Zone

Cuddling with a hot stud, Sophie Turner looks as innocent as a wildflower. However, there’s a bit more to this picture than your eyes can see. You’ll have it all revealed in a couple of photos.

No Bra, Just Boobs

When did it become normal for celebrities to not care about their nudes? Does anyone even remember the 80s when everyone wore three layers of clothes, followed by a bra that could hold two large pineapples? Yeah, forget all that, it’s now all nudes.

A Bad Hair Day

White color isn’t my favorite, be it lingerie, cars, or something else. Now, cum might as well remain of this color, but even Sophie doesn’t look incredibly happy in this picture. So who’s on your mind, babe?

Sophie’s Delicious Butt

From depressing to exciting, it’s Sophie’s ass, again. There are so many great ass shots, and it’s all for the better. You see, most alpha men prefer butts (and anal) over boobs or pussies. Sophie Turner is a gift that keeps on giving.

Caught with Tits Slipping Out

Rumors have it that the was even a better view of Sophie’s boobs, but the photographer failed to capture them. The person who took this picture should’ve seen an actual boob slip!

An Accidental Boob Slip

Speaking of boob slips, here’s another accident in the making. Yes, the photo was taken with a potato from two miles away, and it’s all blurry. However, those with 20-20 vision can see Sophie’s right nipple.

Miss Turner Rides a Big Hard Vehicle

I have an idea! Someone needs to attach a camera onto the car’s seat and adjust it in a way, so it films celebrities’ bouncing butts as they go through the hard pavement. Maybe you’re already getting tired of Sophie, but come on… This is a solid body shot!

Bending Over in Style

Without any traces of fat, cellulite, or other nasties, Sophie Turner has (once again) left us speechless. I’ve seen 20-year-old college students that look far worse than her. Not a single thing is wrong here, it’s just a patch of smooth ass skin.

Pierced Nipples and Boobs Out

Depending on your character type, this might look like a cute photo where Sophie Turner just chills on her tanning beds. That wouldn’t be far from the truth, considering a “no reaction” on his part. However, this is also your wife’s or girlfriend’s exact position if she were to take your dick in a missionary’s position… Just stating the obvious.

An Interesting Take of Fashion

The horizontal stripes are said to make you look fatter, while vertical ones can make a tiny person appear tall. So, what can you do? Go all-black with colorful dots. Are there any fashionistas on our site that could explain the reasoning behind this interesting outfit? What do these patterns achieve?

A Vibrator Inside Sophie’s Pussy?

Nominated as the most controversial picture at my place, this one needs more than just an explanation. Maybe a video? It could be a wrong angle or just the way lingerie works, but… I swear, it looks like Sophie Turner has a vibrator or a butt plug down there!

The Diva of Sexiness and Style

Wearing aviator glasses, old-school headphones, and classy pants, Sophie Turner looked lit in the late 2010s. That’s when this photo was taken. Don’t confuse her with an outdated celebrity who lacks a sense of style or fashion.

Checking Sophie’s Crotch

We’d love to believe in miracles and the stories of karma giving back. I’ve been at my perfect behavior and deserve something in return… So, why not dream of scenarios that can only happen in your head? Comparing side by side, would you rather eat Sophie’s or Iliza Shlesinger’s pussy? I’m a huge fan of Sophie Turner, and it’s a no brainer.

An Afternoon Nap

Enough with the vulgar pictures! I’d rank this classic take even higher if it weren’t for insane nudes and pussy closeups. On paper, it’s just a bland photo, but Sophie’s eyes and the overall scenery make this for a rather sexy spectacle.

Investigating a Pussy Gap

By today’s crazy standards, a female’s pussy must not have a single hair, be as tight as space metal screws, and strong enough to hold you in the middle air. But, judging by a tiny pussy gap, these unrealistic expectations have just been met.

Sophie Turner in Jeans Skirt

Do you guys see the goofy face behind you? That’s my orgasm face from a minute ago. I’ll admit, short dresses might sound better in theory, but they can’t compete with the always sexy yoga pants even if you aren’t showing nudity, like at all.

Let’s Turn Around Now

The invention of yoga pants or dresses caught in the wind are responsible for millions of embarrassing erections for men. How can any straight guy not get turned on by a meaty butt and curves like those of Sophie? Thankfully, people aren’t wearing yoga pants at the funeral.

An Accidental Pussy Slip

Meet our hero of the year, the pool water! This cheeky cunt used his force to push Sophie’s thong to the side, revealing a slightly exposed pussy. It’s just a small bit of flesh and can be classified as an accident.

Sophie’s Accidental Camel Toe

Didn’t celebrity leaks start with pussy camel toes? I clearly remember the phase in the late 90s or early 2000s when all you had were pussy pictures. Also, we’ve no idea why women get offended by them. This stuff is hot!

A Perfectly Shaved Ass

Who’d win in the battle of butts, Cara Delevingne and her round ass or Sophie Turner? Both candidates are strong, and I’ll need a few more pictures. Preferably, fully naked ones…

Adjusting the Thong

Of course, the oh-so-common situation where your thong or trousers get stuck onto your ass crack. That’s just one of those things that everyone experiences but never talks about. Well, here’s Sophie in the middle of it!

Sophie Turner Shaving Naked

Here’s your first juicy bite! There’s more to it than just Sophie Turner’s fully naked body (at least from the director’s view). Have you noticed the large metal rings? Wow! It’s rare for a celebrity to not only tan naked but to have her nipples pierced. It’s getting hot in here!

More Boobs, All Uncensored

Round perky tits, nipples larger than my dick, a dripping wet pussy. Well, the last bit is the fault of water and not sexual stimulation, but I’m just stating the facts. So before the GIFs begin, you now have the best look ad Sophie Rose’s naked body, from boobs to nipples.

Sophie Turner’s Pussy Shot

Thanks to an easy-to-recognize tattoo, this pussy shot will be placed in the history books. There’s no beating around the bush (no pun intended); this is the best picture we have of Sophie Turner’s hypnotizing pussy.

Let’s Go for Some Yoga

The elasticity of Sophie’s body is undeniable. Fortunately, she has been stuck in the 18-year old zone since forever. You know, the time when your skin, pussy, tits, ass, or whatever else are perfect and remain so until you hit your early 20s.

Sophie Turner Half Naked

Sucking on delicious lips and spitting (or swallowing) out the unidentified clear liquid that is saliva, Sophie Turner knows no bounds. Our sexual fantasies run in circles, and there’s only one question on my mind. Why do you need a silly metal hair cover? These things don’t work.

Showing Her Boobs

Sweet Zeus almighty! I wasn’t expecting a bra of all the things! Sure, if it was a random TV series, but we’re talking about the Game of Thrones. A show is known for nudity! Conversely, celebrities don’t lift their blouses that often anyway, which is a turn-on.

The Bouncy Tits of Awesome

Hiccups aren’t the worst thing that could happen to famous females on camera, albeit one with gigantic boobs. But, thanks to Albert Einstein and other physicists who know something about gravity, the epic tit bounces are now a thing.

Doing Body or Ass Shaping Exercises

Who knows if this is a one-time thing for the commercial or a frequent activity…? The going sideways part I can understand, but what’s the point here? Just to have someone jump on Sophie’s rear legs or butt? I mean, I could do it too, just saying.

Sophie Having Fun

You’d get gems like these when TikTok (former Musically) cringeworthy videos were full of awful lip sync bits. Except this isn’t your attention-seeking Instagram influencer but the ass-shaking Sophie herself.

The Excited Orgasm Face

Call me biased or corrupt-minded, but doesn’t that look like an orgasm? If it were the same facial expression just from a pornstar, you’d think that down below, someone is shoving a giant dick or dildo into the pussy, and it feels good!

Caught in the Middle of a Something

Messing up the photoshoot session at the Golden Globe Awards, Sophie Turner made a tedious task much more enjoyable. Not sure if “mess” is how I’d describe it, but two hot babes are always better than one.

A Fully Naked Sophie Turner

Warning to anyone sensitive to fake blood; this erotic scene has some red material. I wonder if Sophie Turner’s pussy was covered with a patch, or she stood there fully naked? This video is safe enough to make it to the mainstream media but hot enough to numb your blue balls.

Sophie Turner Pornstar Lookalike

While celebrity pornstar lookalikes aren’t uncommon, Sophie Turner has a performer that should make her proud. If it weren’t for the recently changed hair colors, we wouldn’t blame you for mixing these two.

The world of deep fakes has already taken over, but we prefer porn that’s filmed in real life.

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