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Top 20: Hottest Tattooed (Inked) Pornstars with Tattoos (2022)


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. Chaturbate

What is a better way to define and express your slutty personality than with a tramp stamp tattoo? However, these seem to be going out of the trend and are no longer considered cool. I guess is it just one of the five hundred regrets that these pornstars now have.

However, what if you want to go above and beyond your average tattoo and make something extreme? Just fuck your body up to match the personality. The good news for us is that we love shit like this and the more she looks like a hardcore slut, the harder our dicks become. Surprisingly, little to no piercings on these.

So, gentlemen, these are the best and basically, our favorite pornstars with tattoos.

Bella Bellz

For some of you, she is the hottest pornstar in the world, while others hate her with passion. I do think that her best times have long passed, and Bella no longer brings the sexiness of an epic proportion to the table, like she used to. Now, she is way too trashy, almost like a shemale. That might as well be just my issue as Bellz still have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Let her hair grow back a bit, dye it black, and charm might come back, now it’s almost unimaginable how some of the porn sites still demand her performance. Help me to understand. Are the latest scenes of her still give you a solid hard-on?

Felicity Feline

Smashing pussies together, using strap-ons and basically, there is so much shit happening that I have trouble staying focused. The scenario is of a bride taking a break from the wedding, which is Felicity Feline, our inked pornstar from Los Angeles.

Her choice for tattoos is a bit weird (although inking is generally considered to be a weird thing among older people), including a gecko on her right arm, a few butterflies, eyes near her crotch area, Illuminati-like shapes, and so on.


Raven Bay

You might not even recognize Raven in this scene as she used to be a brunette, but now it is all about that blond hair look. She must be using hair extensions because her hair is way too good.

We have an eagle on her belly and another tattoo or a bunch of these can be found on her back, hard to tell what those are but probably some tasteless shit. Oh, and some text tattooed on the arm too, so these are plentiful?

Karmen Karma

The classics never die, and if you need something a bit more fucked up in your life, Karmen is here to fill any void. Having inked quotes like “beauty is only skin deep” (that’s deeper than most expect from porn performers), multiple skulls, and obviously, flowers. Is this a requirement for every pornstar to have a tattoo of a rose or something?

The other hand has a long poem about roses, combined with more flowers in color. This girl loves quotes and there are so many of them, one hand fingers are no longer enough to count them all. Karmen Karma is kind of cool, like your older sister that is up to date with the world and which everyone wants to bang,

Sarah Jessie

A kickass pornstar, Sarah Jessie has an incredible array of colorful ink all over her body. One arm is fully covered in beautiful vines, a few creepy faces plus butterflies while another has unknown quotes about living life to the fullest, all ingrained forever.

She is like a flower to me, full of beautiful colors and interesting patterns, one of those pornstars that need another look. A truly unique individual and I am usually not the one to say a lot of positive things about fellow performers.


Indigo Augustine

Watch out, guys, it is a whore that does not mind getting fucked by multiple dicks at once. Looks like some sort of ghetto or goth chick, I have no idea, but these tattoos are all about crosses, and other garbage. Maybe some guns too near her tits?

These are probably the worst tattoos I have seen and they look like the ink was bought on AliExpress. Then, some blind amputee guy did the job while getting railed by an angry hippo.


Stevie Shae

Dip your toes inside Stevie once and you’ll be pounding her cheese factory till the yeast runs out. This is a clip form her good days because now, just a few more tattoos will push you into something else. Like you’ll be having sex with a walking piece of art. She already belongs inside a gallery. Let’s just hope that someone doesn’t cum on her by accident like during the episode of Mr. Bean.

One can have as many crosses or angel wings as you like, but these pornstars aren’t going to heaven. At least not until every cock in hell is serviced. So, follow Shae’s lead, get some “inspiring, very unique” tattoos and you can meet her in the afterlife.

Bonnie Rotten

Oh, I am sure you have already heard of Bonnie, as she is one of the biggest sluts out there, who is pretty much your average pornstar with a fucked up body and god knows what personality. However, all that does not matter when you have a body and wait, are these fucking spider webs on her tits?

Jesus, how fucked up can she be? Now I want to find out, so if you have more ideas on her childhood, comment below.


Julia Bond

Julia Bond, my love, and the first pornstar that I jerked off to. Not really, but she is one of the first sluts that drew my attention. We did feature her in the hottest pornstars of all-time list, which is worth checking out and there are multiple reasons for that.

Super-hot body (or used to be), top-notch cock riding skills, the tattoos that everyone recognizes and associates with her (the paws), and of course, a decent face that is now below average.


Christy Mack

Let me tell you, I would hit Mach 5 speed with my cock, drilling her asshole and throat. One of the hottest asses out there with great-looking tattoos that seem to be working for her. Beautiful pussy, pretty hair that is on the shorter side. Also, did I mention that ass? I do wonder sometimes, what is it like to fuck or live with a pornstar?

Are they people too or should they be used only for fucking and nothing else? Oh, and if you want more undiscovered talent, we did a list for that too, which is all about top 10 porn stars that are new and fresh.


Sophia Santi

Meet (or meat) Sophia, who is slowly turning into a fucking tree or a gallery for mandalas. It probably took her four or more full-day sessions to get that tattoo done, so at least she is committed. Nothing too spectacular about her, considering the competition but wow, what a beautiful and curvy ass. I do wonder if the tattoo artist got a boner or two while pushing all that ink down her skin. I would have done that as well.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

Kali Roses

Anal doesn’t count if you “accidentally” slip it in during a locker-room training session while checking tattoos. That’s an honest mistake. Stunning in every aspect from head to toes, even tattoos are stylish. As we’re about to ravish Kali with compliments, let’s balance things out. This pornstar loves trashy merchandise. The soulless “luxury” brands that ghetto sluts buy to feel good about themselves.

Having said that, if you can spare $1 for a full scene, expect the unexpected. No, the guy didn’t use cum to moisturize tattoos, she licked her lips!


Lela Star

A rather tame pornstar as far as a tattoo to body and skin ratio goes. Nothing too extreme and nothing extra-ordinary, just some flowers on her arms. So, if you are getting a handjob, imagine that it is being jerked off by a bush of roses.

We also got some star tattoos on her back it seems, that are way too small. Or maybe those are birds, indicating how she is a free, jungle child, with spiritual values and other non-sense?

Romi Rain

Oh, so it is a shower rain and her last name is Rain too, get it? It is a porn scene with a pun that no one asked, ever. If you love big tits and giant asses, then Romi should work just fine, considering she is into the whole sex thing and is doing a good job at sucking, fucking as well as other porn scene-related things. Regarding tattoos, you have a weird looking back with multiple colors and some ink on her hand. Nothing extreme on the front, but once you fuck that bitch doggy, it’s like having a great trip.


Emma Mae

Yes, how about some lesbian pornstars with tattoos? You got yourself Emma and she does straight sex too, but let’s imagine that this is a true lesbian experience with nothing but pure love and sensual touching.

Nothing too extreme as far as tattoos go on her but they do appear to be rather tasteless. This is the worst angle for art appreciation yet the best for pussy love. Anyhow, get a full video and you will see a rose on her arms and something very weird on the thighs. Can anyone tell me what the fuck that is?

Anna Bell Peaks

Now Anna is wife material unless you do not enjoy fucking beautiful MILFs. Sure, she might cheat on you once or twice per day, but does it matter when you get to fuck her during your anniversary?

Watch these tits bounce, see that pussy getting pounded and observe multiple tattoos all over her body. From ribbons and weird symbols to a fucking cat or something on her belly. I have no idea, honestly but it does not matter.


Joanna Angel

How knowledgeable are you about this pornstar with tattoos? Evenly loving transsexual or regular male cocks as well as pussies, Joanna Angel slipped under our radar and now comes out swinging hard. With a signature quote of “live trash, die young” on her right leg, Michael Jackson tribute tattoo, and many others, there’s no such thing as too much for this slut.

Every ink placement tells a story and Joanna could tell you hundreds of them. From Satan and angels to cancer awareness logos… We wonder if she could name all the tattoos while blindfolded.


Gia Dimarco

This whore is nothing than a fuck toy and should not be used for anything else, even talking. There is something fucked up about her looks and it must be all that makeup. As it looks like she is a man behind that skin? Or just a poor camera job, I have no idea.

I do know that she loves anal, has tattoos and a hairy bush, so it does quality for the top pornstars with tattoos list. I can compliment her flexibility though, good job.


Sadie West

So, for the first minute, you might not even notice her tattoos, but they are here, well, it is one tattoo to be fair and that ink goes on her left thigh, which is fucking invisible in this scene but trust me, she got that body part covered.

So, why add this scene? I mean, look at it, it is fucking hot and she is super into it, hot fucking session and a great looking body, plus an appetite for swallowing cum. What is there not to like about her?

Lily Lane

Back in 2017, we have started the top 10 inked pornstars list without including Lily, mostly because it did not feel fair, everyone knew her already, or at least we thought so. Lane has some of the best tattoos in the porn business. A skull with a pink crown near her shoulder blade, dozens of red roses, a gun on her stomach plus some fucked sayings about her father on the legs. Thankfully, the tits were never touched, and we hope she keeps them that way.

A great fuck, with more ink appearing every other scene. I can honestly say that she is getting better with age and none of the tattoos ruin her body, it’s the opposite. To pull that off when you are a pornstar and it’s all about your body lines, that’s a very welcome exception. Remove her tattoos and the charm will be lost, which makes Lily a perfect pornstar for the list.


Juelz Ventura

Well, you wanted tattoos and you got them, and wow, what a fucking beautiful slut she is. When I think of a hardcore whore that is insane in the bedroom but might be a good wife someday, this is what I like to imagine.

She is pretty as fuck, has tattooed arms that probably mean something to her, and look at these awesome tits. God must have put an amazing package and did have a good time doing so.


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