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Top 20: The Most Flexible Pornstars (2021)


#1. Brazzers
#2. RealityKings
#3. Chaturbate

Before discovering porn on the internet, which was like a week ago or so, I never thought about bending girls to their limits. Sure, I might have seen flexible pornstars once or twice, but that was it. Well, let me tell you. After finishing this list, not only am I fucking hard, but I refuse to date anyone but the hottest and most flexible girls out there. The reality, on the other hand, says otherwise and it gave me a fat bitch that is as flexible as a pencil.

Anyway, there is no reason not to enjoy these videos or adult actresses. I do think that this is my new fetish, watching women bent over and stretched to the levels that only a piece of gum or wet paper towel could do. I will try to see how good my girl is, but that is likely to result in a broken spine or legs, at the least.

Lara Frost

You must start somewhere, so let’s bring the light guns first. It’s Nikki and that’s her alias. Hasn’t been very active for months, but hey, maybe it’s your type of girl. Since this isn’t a full split (with legs bent), we can’t call her the most flexible pornstar just yet. However, one can see some potential.

What we need however are her hardcore porn scenes. Men will usually push these sluts beyond their limits and that’s how they peak and progress. For now, it’s just a #20 to get your dicks (or pussies) somewhat warm.

Sensi Pearl

This one has it all, amazing brunette hair that is in some sort of toning. Maybe ombre or sombre.

Small perky tits that are okay, I guess but nothing to be proud of. However, we are talking about the flexibility there, and fuck that, she is good. You can see her doing splits while the dick is still inside her and I can imagine that with a little bit of effort, she could even flex these legs even more. The only negative is that green bracelet.

Arya Fae

Arya Fae is not the most flexible girl in porn, but she certainly has some elasticity in her body. The last few seconds do give you a glimpse of her capabilities. Bit into BDSM, slightly into weird sex scenes like this one (with shadows), and then there is a metal cum piercing.

If you have a skinny girlfriend that is somewhat athletic, I believe that you too can fuck her in this position. That’s with legs reaching her head. Now, whether these limbs can be stretched even further to hit the sheets… It is up to you. By the end of this article, you’ll signup your girlfriend for circus training. There’s no way that a regular amateur can top these sluts.

Piper Perri

Having already included Piper in the multiple top 10 lists, we are pushing her as an honorable mention. Yes, she is flexible and yes, petite. However, pretty much everyone has heard of her already and does know these facts.

So, instead of praising her again and again (which is well deserved), let’s focus on the talents that need more exposure and more fans. Also, if you truly love small girls, this list is full of them! For now, we have more scenes, better scenes, and hardcore porn.


Athena Faris

Young pornstars always hit that sweet spot for me. If they don’t speak that is, everything is perfect. Athena Faris is still growing so you won’t be shocked to see her stretch that much. Horizontal splits are cool, but would you look at the vertical ones! Now that’s a new territory of flexibility.

It almost pains my limbs to watch her do shit like that. Her awful ponytail is one of the most bizarre I have seen, but the rest of her body is decent. It also helps that she is a petite pornstar. Good luck flexing and stretching a whale.

Lux Lisbon

The “Under Cover Sluts” channel is dead, so there’s that. However, the most important part is that Lux Lisbon continues to do awesome scenes on PornHub Premium. She is still somewhat of an amateur. I mean, considering that all her scenes are inside her bedroom or hotel. No point to rank her higher than that unless Lux goes full mainstream.

Maybe us mentioning her here will get her a contract with Brazzers, Mofos, or with any other of the big sites. Anyhow, she can look fucking crazy in her videos, especially when sucking black cocks.

Kandie Monaee

The next pornstar on our list is a human yoga fuck-doll, Kandie Monaee. I haven’t seen a black pornstar stretch and be in sex positions like these. Could she lick her pussy? You are free to stack her like a bag of Legos. If you can imagine, Kandie will achieve it.

Sure, we can always try something crazy. For example, she bends to the point to pleasure herself orally while you fuck her at the same time. Even more, she licks your dick as you fuck her in the same position as shown here.


Demi Sutra

As you will soon see, there are far more ebony and women of color pornstars than one would have expected. I mean, you don’t exactly think yoga, cross-fit, or stretching exercises when you picture an Afro chick, right? All I can think of is amazing content from the epic big ass porn sites. Oh, and those tasty pussy lips.

Well, here is Demi Sutra! Bet she can do 99% of the stuff in the Kama Sutra book. Loves to taste men’s cum, enjoys sipping the semen, and swallowing these drops. Also, has one of the prettiest pussies of any girl here.


Vicki Chase

Utilizing every joint on Vicki’s body has never been easier. The GIF starts slowly but does a brilliant job at building the tension while we watch her getting fucked by the golden dick owner, Keiran. Comes from a hard-working class with a good knowledge of the Kamasutra. With the flexibility of raw cookie dough, the stretching limits of this Japanese superstar are yet to be reached.

This girl is among the hottest and sexiest imports coming from Japan! Stop with cheap Chinese knockoffs and experience the original.


Lea Lexis

I want to fuck her in the truck, with some luck. If you are confused about the video above, then let me explain. You see, for most women, sucking cock with her legs not bent over ever so slightly is rather impossible.

Try stretching and reaching your toes with your fingers while standing in the 90* position and keeping your back straight. Also, the fact that she is playing with her pussy while doing that shows how much of a muscle development all that flexibility did to her.


Madison Scott

Do not get fooled by the scene, her sills are rather impressive. By that, I, of course, do mean her flexible body and the way she bends her legs. It might not be the best video to represent her, but you already have her name and just watch this whole fucking thing. I love her ass and I adore her pussy! Let’s stick our tongues and lick the nipples.

Oh, I almost forgot about the personality. Do not care about that thing, fuck, and dump! That’s the way to live.


Tiffany Watson

Have you seen a human pretzel that is also a pornstar? You don’t have to be mentally insane to turn any female into a rocking chair if your joints are as flexible as Tiffany’s. I wonder what percentage of individuals can achieve this effect. I’d say the numbers are below 1%. Maybe she was a piece of gum in a previous life? Possibly cherry-flavored one.

Tiffany gets the highest praise from us as far as elasticity ratings are involved. Like pouring water on the paper and bending it in any way you like. Best of all, she doesn’t stop with one talent like few other pornstars. Watson will squirt and suck your dick until it squirts right into her mouth.


Megan Rain

We got you a pretty nice treat for you. It is a scene of two whores getting fucked. Not only that but one is constantly sucking and licking the cock while it is still inside another pornstar’s asshole.

This is a true team player, and bendable. She seems like a nice piece of plastic that you can just play around with. Her personality is easy-going, her butthole is always open for you, and more importantly: she can support herself.


Brooklyn Gray

Just like the rest, Brooklyn is comfortable at keeping her legs behind the head as you pound that cute butthole. You may also Gray’s stretch joints without worrying about the permanent damage because they’re made of glue, or so it seems. It’s no coincidence then that she films for sites like anal acrobats.

Many old-school pornstars are active to this day and who continue to outrank these lazy newcomers. But I’m getting sick of seeing just the old faces that are no longer as exciting! Hence, it’s even more exciting to greet a new woman in town and the one that you can bend like a pillow.

Abella Danger

Oh look, it is the dangerous Abella, climbing mountains and doing other activities. While I do not appreciate the weird position where you can pretty much inspect Sin’s asshole, this pornstar rescues the scene. Really beautiful and big butt, and that should tell you something. There are a lot of stretched joints involved.

To get her to the point where the legs are touching her head is nothing of a miracle, considering her body build.


Elsa Jean

If you have not heard of Elsa Jean already, then you are missing out. She has one of the most beautiful butts in the entire porn industry, at least for me and amazing eyes. Sure, that all means nothing when we are talking about the flexibility and pornstars that are good at stretching their joints.

Fortunately, Elsa is quite flexible, and you can bet your ass off that she could be folded into a suitcase and sent over to the moon.


Kelsi Monroe

In terms of flexibility, she is like most of these sluts at the upper side of the list (wait for the bottom one). So, if you are into women that are not only flexible but also wears glasses, then jerk off to her, and you are welcome. The fact that she does anal bumps her to the scale of wife material from 4 to 8 too.

The ending is rather nasty, with cum covering glasses, which is fun for us and not so much for her, but she has a special place in most of our hearts.


Mia Malkova

At this point, we have already said everything that needs to be said about Mia. She is hot, knows how to suck cock good, and is just perfect. Imagine having her for a wife. You could bend her over into two million different sex positions and just do as you please. Having her finger down her asshole while she is getting fucked is also fucking hot.

Malkova’s Her flexibility shines in the end where you can see lifted legs almost reaching her face.


Jenna J Ross

It just keeps getting better and better. Yes, she can be bent over and stretched over. However, just look at this dude lifting her and doing all kinds of crazy things. You got the bent back and a cock. She is doing a full back bridge exercise while the dick is inside her.

Not only is she flexible, but also rather fit. Being petite, I am sure, helps her a lot in that regard, but some pornstars can’t do 90% of the shit that Jenna Ross is doing.


Staci Silverstone

Okay, now this is the flexible pornstars’ territory that most women will never visit. Where the fuck are her legs? They are behind her back and head. This is the extreme flexibility that this list was created for. Also, good god, her pussy is marvelous. It’s like made of some sort of marshmallow or whatever because I do want to eat it.

It is just so fluffy and tasty looking. A duo of nice tits, great eyes, beautiful face, pretty much a sexy perfection. Please note that she is also not petite, that is quite an achievement.

Source: Free PornHub Premium.

Lucy Doll

The queen of flexible pornstars. The goddess among women and the inspiration behind many things in life. I am not sure if her last name is related to her abilities but fuck me. She is good.

I was somewhat surprised at first and was like: okay, she can do splits, that is fine. Then, fast forward to a few minutes later (if you have a full video), and it is all kinds of crazy shit going on. Extreme flexibility. Bizarre sex positions and a 100% dedication to the art of porn.


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